I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I need to paint a picture here for you. I’m writing this on Tuesday morning – my first day of summer vacation. LJ and Colin flew back to NYC this morning and arrived safe and sound by 7:30. Mollie is off with her friends in the mountains for a picnic and hiking. Nick’s working. I’m in our sun room, ceiling fan on, fresh cup of coffee by my side. The cats are on the sofa and the kitten (Hank) is dancing around the room chasing the sunbeams from the prisms in the windows. I’m looking out over the pool and contemplating my day of doing anything in the world I feel like doing. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Graduation weekend was great! I worked my last day with the kids on Friday, a half day. At home I got to sit and visit with LJ for a long time. Later Nick caught me alone and pointed out that LJ and Collin would be staying at Collin’s mom's that night. That Mollie would be at the school sponsored graduation party until 3:00 AM and that we would have an opportunity to be alone. “Consider yourself warned.” was his message. Hmmmm…

When Mollie was ready to leave she couldn’t find the shoes she had bought for graduation. She was feeling rushed and frustrated and worried that they wouldn’t let her walk with the gray shoes she had grabbed as a last resort. But despite our turning the house upside down they were nowhere to be found. Of course 5 minutes after she left Nick did find them. I called Mollie and told her to stop where she was and I’d bring them to her (What are mothers for? While I fuss often I know when she is really stressed or upset that’s the time to just back off and do what you can to help – without comment.) As I handed them off she said “I feel like a rotten daughter, but you’re the best mom in the world!” What more could I ask for?

The ceremony was great. We had been dealing with 90 + degree heat and evening thunderstorms all week and we were worried the graduation would have to be held inside but the weather really cooperated. Low 80’s with a slight breeze. My baby graduated with honors and was the very best looking of the 380 some graduates, at least in my opinion.

Soon after the graduation, when pictures were taken and the last good-by said, our children headed off in their own directions and Nick and I headed home to our empty nest – at least for the moment. It didn’t take Nick long to get down to the spanking part of the evening. I was asked to join him in the bedroom and to get comfortable. The toy box was beside the bed and I snuggled down wearing only a pair of panties (a girl has her modesty you know). He started off nice and easy with his hand and some lighter implements. I was curious as he explained his reasons for not spanking much lately. I had been especially tired and busy with school ending, I understood that part. But he also said, in answer to the post I wrote, that I really wasn’t doing much about the things he asked me to work on. And since I wasn’t doing anything then I wasn’t backsliding – so there was no reason to spank. Sorry, but he lost me there. Stormy, see if this works for you – don’t do anything he ask and don’t follow any ruled he makes. If you aren’t trying and failing then these is no reason to spank! Yep, very one out here give that a try, see how that'll work for you!

Like I said I was confused by this logic but I didn’t really care at the moment because I was getting a nice spanking. He used the paddle ball paddle, the light leather paddle, the flogger, a small wooded implement that give a really sharp sting and finally the heavy leather paddle and the cane. Those last two had me squirming for sure! This was a great spanking that lead into some fantastic loving so whether I understood him or not it was a fun evening. Later we lying there in each other’s arms, among our toys and implements, Nick and I talked. “Can you imagine how many parents, mostly moms, went home and cried tonight? Our grown son is settled and happy in the big city, our beautiful, brilliant daughter is headed for the college of her choice in a few months and we have each other. Somehow I can’t think of anything to cry about.”

We could have missed this you know. It was introducing spanking into our lives that brought us close. Without this still fairly new-found closeness I could easily have been the mom coming home and crying. We still haven’t gotten it down perfect (and I’m sure we probably won’t) but we’re still trying and talking. He does have one thing he wants me to work on – it’s not the one I wished he would have picked but I’ll give it a shot, more about that soon.


  1. PK: Oh what a wonderful way to begin the empty nest years.

    I think a wise old man -- oh, maybe that was me -- said you would enjoy the empty next years.

    And don't worry about the logic. Enjoy the spankings.


  2. Sounds like a great start to your summer vacation! abby

  3. Congrats to Mollie and I'm so excited for you two empty nesters. How wonderful to send your children out with smiles instead of tears!

    Since Nick isn't worrying too much about your backsliding, I guess you can leave forks all over the house now, huh? ;)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. It's great to hear how well things are going for your marriage and your family. I'm glad you said what you did about spanking bringing you closer. I used to feel so embarrased about what I wanted, but now I feel like the honesty in my marriage is really doing great things for us, too. So I hope you enjoy your closeness. Without the kids at home, that should be anytime and anywhere, right?

  5. i dont get the logic either but perhaps not something to worry about if its getting you what you want - way to go.
    Sounds like a lovely start to your summer holidays - enjoy :)

  6. FD,
    I never doubted you - well maybe a little bit. But I think it is going to be fun!

    Sweet, sweet summer!

    I'm glad we could enjoy ourselves too. Forks huh... maybe one in his chair, his bed, maybe his shoe. Hmmm... it's a thought.

    Marine's wife,
    It amazes me how something like this can bring the closeness to a marriage. Most of us felt so embarrassed, I still do sometimes, but we know it works.

    Yep I don't understand his thinking at all but if I can get spanked occasionally I'm going to go with it.

  7. PK, this makes very good reading.
    Hope that your summer continues as good.
    Love and warm hugs,

  8. Why worry about the logic. Sounds wonderful, I was smiling reading it. A perfect start to your summer holiday.


  9. what a lovely way to start summer vacation...enjoy...

  10. Thanks Paul,
    That would make a wonderful summer for sure.

    You're right. I still don't get the logic but who cares.

    I do plan to enjoy!