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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Just for Fun - part 2

Graduation day went great. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! But for now, as promised, more of Antoinette wonderful story!

Just for Fun

Part 2

“Damn you Shawn. I hate when you do that shit!” Jess exclaimed, her temper starting to boil over. Shawn smiled at her and used his other hand to give her three sharp spanks on her panties.

“Owww! What the hell?” Jess exclaimed. She was pissed and on edge, her temper flaring, making her face a darker color than her natural tan.

“Naughty girl, very naughty girl.” Shawn told Jess as he began to rub where he spanked her. “You know better than to swear at me, don’t you baby girl?”

Jess wasn’t going to answer that question. Even though she does know better and she knows she has to answer him but her stubbornness mixed with her hot head, especially now, she won’t answer for a while yet. She moved away from his inviting arms, and stood in front of him, her bristling anger raging through her.

Shawn just smiled at Jess’s disobedience. He knew she wouldn’t say anything. Even though disobedience and him don’t get along, at all, it’s awfully adorable on his girl. Her narrowed eyes, and crossed arms. Head held high and a slight pout to her lips. She’s gorgeous when she’s disobeying, in play at least.

“I didn’t hear you little girl. You know better than to swear at me, don’t you?” He asked again. She continued to defy him, not answering and still glaring at him. Is there anything more beautiful?

Jess was just looking at him like he was crazy. If he thinks that she’s going to even answer him the way he wants then he has a another thing coming to him.

Bad move baby girl… Shawn thought.

“Are you going to answer me little girl? Or do I need to give you a good spanking?” Shawn threatened.

Jess scoffed audibly, and continued to disobey. She knew he would and that he’d enjoy it too. He’ll probably pry it out of her mouth too. Jess walked a little farther away from Shawn, hoping to get out of his reach just in case he decided to suddenly grab her.

Shawn saw the little movement Jess made, which it’s signally that she’s starting to regret being defiant. Good… she thinks I’m going to spank her, which I am.

“That’s it little girl.” Shawn went and grabbed Jess’s arm and hauled her over to the bed, as he sat down and flipped her onto his lap. She started to wiggle and kick trying to get loose. Shawn pushed her legs off of his for a moment then moved them back clamping his right leg on her thighs to keep her in place. “Look at what you’re disobeying is earning you my sweet baby girl. A very good spanking across my knee.”

Jess struggled for a moment still trying to get loose. Why do I always have to disobey? That was so stupid… and in my bra and panties! What the hell? Jess thought. She started to feel Shawn’s fingers by the waistband of her panties and he slowly started to peel them down, over her plump bottom and down her thighs. He got the lacey material so it was underneath the leg that was holding hers down and rested his warm hand on her bottom.

Shawn started to rake his finger nails over the arch of Jess’s butt, and over the sides, to the underneath part and down her thighs. He heard a little moan escape her lips and he smiled. His hand wondered over to her inner thighs and started to go up and down them, making Jess shiver with delight. His hand wondered to her womanhood and started to stroke a small fire down south. Jess moaned again and tried to spread her thighs wider. Shawn started to rub her clit in gentle circles putting the right amount of pressure to drive her crazy.

“Oh God… Baby, please?” Jess begged, wanting to be pushed over the edge, and ride the waves of ecstasy.

“Please what?” Shawn asked, teasing her, probing slightly into her hot, moist core.

Jess moaned once again and pushed back against Shawn’s wondering fingers. He smiled at Jess’s movement and moved away making her whimper in frustration.

“Please what, Jessica?” Shawn asked starting to pepper her bottom with soft spanks. Interrupting them with deep caresses and soft squeezes, eliciting moans deep in Jess’s throat. Shawn knew Jess was slipping into the subspace, he also knew that she wouldn’t respond to him if he didn’t get her out of it.

Pressing a little harder on the small of her back, Shawn lifted his hand in the air and gave Jess’s bottom a couple sharp spanks.

Jess jumped a little at the intensity of the spanks and cried out, her hand flying back to protect her bottom from further assault.

“Owww!” Jess yelped. “That hurt, Shawn!”

“That’s why it’s called a spanking, baby.” Shawn chuckled, rubbing where the pink hand print was, taking away some of the sting. “It’s supposed to.”

Shawn grabbed the little (well little compared to his) feminine hand that flew back and locked it in his left hand on the small of Jess’s back. Jess squirmed a little, not liking the fact that she’s immobilized.

Shawn started to spank Jess mildly, starting in one spot and waiting till it was a sufficient color of pink then moving to a different spot and turning that spot the same color pink.

Jess hates it when Shawn concentrates on only one spot… It hurts more and packs a bigger sting! “Owie! Baby, not so hard!” She complained, wanting her hand to be released.

Shawn chuckled; he wasn’t spanking hard at all. “That’s not hard baby girl, this is hard.” He said as he started to spank harder, turning each splotch of pink he made to a darker shade.

“Ow, ow, ow owwww! Shawn! Damn you…” Jess shrieked as the fire in her bottom elevated from a pleasant burn to an uncomfortable burn.

“Isn’t swearing at me what got you in this position in the first place, young lady?” Shawn asked still spanking Jess at a moderate force, not bothering to soothe her aching bum with rubs and squeezes, just making sure she gets a sufficient amount of sting packed to last a few days.

“No!” Jess yelped trying to catch her breath. “What OW got me OWIE in this ouch position was… you Oww… being a bullyyy!” Jess tried to retort as Shawn continued to spank her… her bottom starting to tint to a shade of red.

“Tsk, tsk.” Shawn clicked his tongue. He stopped spanking Jess and started to rub her bottom, feeling the heat radiating off of it. “So defiant,”

Jess relaxed a little as she felt her guy’s hand starting soothe her aching bottom.

Shawn started to add squeezes to his rubs and tickling her thighs getting deliriously close to the dewy softness nestled between her legs. Jess pushed her bottom up to his hand, wanting that hand to wander low and help her satisfaction. A low purr escaped her lips as Shawn’s nails raked along her thighs and on her bottom.

His hand wondered to her upper thighs and pressed down, his fingers finding his baby girl’s hidden secret hot and wet. He rubbed her soft lips, the skin feeling like forbidden silk in China. A finger decided to worry her pressure nub with gentle circles and beautifully applied pressure as two other fingers entered her core, all hot and desperately wanting. Jess’s inner walls closed around his fingers wanting them in deeper but wanting his fingers to be replaced with his stiff member.

Jess could feel Shawn’s erection pushing into her stomach… She reached behind her with her other hand and grabs his member squeezing gently. His gasp and groan pure music to her ears. If he’s going to torture me, might as well do a little torturing of my own. Jess was trying to get her hand into the slit of the boxers, trying to distract her guy so he wouldn’t spank her again, when he let go of the hand at the small of her back and grabbed her wondering hand, his fingers still probing inside of her, shoving just a little deeper, and a little harder every time.

“Oh God!” She moaned as her mind went blank and Shawn grabbed her hand. Jess was so close, just a few more thrusts, just a few more and she could float into that wonderful place she so loves to go to.

Shawn could tell Jess was about to climax so he brought her right to the edge with two good thrusts and then took his fingers out and his hand away.

Jess whimpered in frustration again, a burning, irritating, non-satisfying ache and need between her legs bringing fresh tears to her eyes, a few rolling down her cheeks.

Shawn kept hold of his naughty wife’s hand. Taking slow deep breathes, trying to breath down his arousal, getting his mind clear. Once that happened he gazed at the squirming woman on his lap. What a naughty girl she’s being tonight, trying to use her talented hands to distract him.

“You’re being exceptionally naughty tonight, little girl. You need to be disciplined more thoroughly than I thought.” Shawn remarked. “I think a dose of the paddle would benefit you tremendously.”

“Shawn, no!” Jess shouted as she twisted back to look at her husband’s face. She didn’t see any anger in him, just determination, love and hunger. Jess pouted a little as she looked at her husband. She’s trying to give him the puppy dog look.

Shawn bent down and kissed his wife’s pouty lips. Then he smiled at her and whispered in ear, “Nice try baby girl.” He said as he unlocked her legs and stood her up in front of him.


  1. PK, very nice, and this is only play.
    Thanks Antoinette, great stuff.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Antoinette, loved your story, thank you.

    Thanks PK. Look forward to hearing about Mollie's Graduation.


  3. I'm glad you liked it!! :D

  4. Can't wait for the next part!


  5. Hey PK - enjoying the story and looking forward to hearing about graduation :) hope all is well your side of the world :) xx