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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Just For Fun

Graduation day! LJ and Colin made it in. We went to Baccalaureate last night and then had an impromptu pool party with a dozen or so. I love visiting with my kids! If you are reading this Friday morning I'll be finishing up my last day with my students. WOOPIE!! It's hard for the kids to realize that we teachers are more excited about getting out than they are.

I'm so happy to tell you that a friend has sent us a brand new Fantasy Friday story. This story is from Antoinette. You can read her first contribution here. Antoinette (I fixed the link, just click on Antoinette's name) also has her own blog now so be sure to go by and check it out! For now you can begin her new story. I am putting up the second part tomorrow and then the last two parts next weekend. Please enjoy...

Just For Fun
Part 1

“Come here little girl.” Shawn ordered. Jess was standing in the corner until she heard Shawn coming. Her heart beat rose and she just continued thinking why me?

Jess turned around and saw her man sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a white under t-shirt. The under shirt making his arms and tan more pronounced. He stared at her skeptically with a slight grin. She slowly started walking to him and stopping when she was in front.

“Nervous little girl?” Shawn asked grabbing her hands in his and pulling her closer. Shawn isn’t mad at Jess. He just loves taking his girl across his knee, peppering her bottom with smacks and spanks, caresses and squeezes, eliciting moans from her soft, pink lips.

“Yes sir.” Jess answered. She knows Shawn is just playing. Just the thought of it, is nerve racking.

“Naughty girls should always be a little nervous.” Shawn stated. He let go of Jess’s hands and went to the button of her jeans. He unbuttoned them, and then went to her zipper, zipping it down. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her jeans and slowly he began to take them down. Shawn knows that this anticipation of taking her jeans down this slow will increasingly get on her nerves. Her attitude will start to burn up along with her temper. It’ll just be another reason to spank her lovely bottom.

Jess hates it when Shawn takes his time when he’s undressing her. He’ll do this just to make her irritated. Oh yeah she knows why he does this. He always says that he loves her temper and attitude; it gives him a reason to spank her. That gets on Jess’s nerves all the time.

Jess’s temper is starting to rise along with her irritation. The really irritating thing is Shawn is doing this on purpose. Ugh… he’s so annoying sometimes.

Shawn knew Jess’s irritation was rising. He could see it in her flushed face. Especially since she started wiggling her hips to make him move faster. Her jeans were almost to her knees now. He’s taking his sweet ass time. He knows if he keeps this up Jess will say something or do something and it’ll just give him one more reason to tan her beautiful bottom, instead of his wanting to.

Stay calm Jess. You know he does this just to spank you. Come on now. Simmer down. Jess thought, as she kept repeating and repeating this in her head. Shawn was particularly getting on her nerves and her swaying hips weren’t doing anything to help. Jess started to shake her legs a little bit, trying to get the tight material down father and faster than Shawn would allow. This only earned her a stinging spank on her black lace string bikini panties.

“Be still naughty girl.” Shawn growled and continued to ease her jeans down past her knees, to her calves.

Jess glared at her guy and stood still, with a pouty lip staring hard at him. Shawn smiled at her and leaned forward kissing her stomach right under the belly button. Jess glared even more at him, at his thought of an apology. Jess was still so irritated at him, and keeping her temper in check isn’t exactly easy.

Jess was starting to move her legs again, tempting Shawn to move faster and hurry up and get her jeans down. This anticipation is making her irritable. Shawn had her jeans to her ankles now and was lifting up her leg getting the pants off, then lifting the other one.

Finally! Jess thought. She just then remembered that they were playing. So technically she was getting a good girl spanking. Damn it!

Shawn stood up and tossed her jeans towards the dresser. She was about a head shorter than he was. Shawn tilted up Jess’s chin till her brown eyes met hazel ones.

Jess saw that Shawn’s eyes were leaning more towards green. Great, She thought, He’s up to something.

Shawn gave his girl a sly grin, before leaning down and pressing his lips onto hers. He kissed Jess fully, and completely. His tongue demanding entrance and taking what was his. Shawn gave his girl a soul melting kiss before letting go and watching as passion and desire crossed over her face. She was leaning on him slightly, her knees buckling, and her eyes cloudy from the sensation.

“That’s my good girl.” Shawn murmured, teasing Jess with light kisses and gentle nips to her bottom lip. “Come on little girl. Let’s see if we can get rid of this blouse.”

Jess reached her hands to the bottom of her shirt and grasped the hem. She gently started to pull it up and over her head. She started wiggling and giggling softly as Shawn’s fingers gently tickled up and down her sides. Once she finally got the shirt up and off her head. Shawn noticed she was wearing the matching black lace bra. It fit her perfectly. Her breasts are filling it completely and spilling over a little, giving her a gentle lift.

Shawn smiled at her undergarments. He loved her in this lace. He also loved her in the red lace as well. It sets her tan off beautifully. Shawn tenderly started to tease the soft skin covered with the silky material. Pinching and squeezing until Jess let out a small moan. Shawn stepped back a little, pushing Jess away from him and looked at her beautiful body. Her curves and long legs, high cheek bones and a heart shaped face. Her beautiful dark brown eyes, that shimmers in the sunlight. Her smile that lights up the room every time it shows. Jess is a Greek goddess.

God she’s beautiful. Shawn thought. He reached out for her hand and took it pulling Jess closer to his body. Shawn had Jess wrap her arms around his neck as his hands slid over her stomach, to her sides, finally finding her lower back. Shawn started to nip on Jess’s ear and planting soft kisses on it as he moved down to her neck.

Jess was panting now, and starting to intertwine her fingers in her guy’s hair. God why does he do this to me? I look like a sexual mess.

Shawn’s lips were moving back up to her ear and Jess just couldn’t stand it and moved her head so he kissed her lips instead of her jaw line. Shawn smiled to himself. His girl just couldn’t wait could she? As he kissed her deeply his hands slipped to her panties, sliding his hand into them and cupping the warm, soft skin that they were incasing. He rubbed and squeezed Jess’s bottom, eliciting soft moans deep in her throat since his mouth wouldn’t let her have hers back. Shawn moved one of his hands to the front of her lower body and sliding his fingers low finding her wet and wanting. Jess moaned again, moving her hips making Shawn move to her clit.

“Oh God,” Jess moaned. She stopped kissing Shawn and paid more attention to nibbling his ear lobe and nipping at his neck.

“Naughty baby girl,” Shawn growled. His hand is still continuing its stroke and rubbing her very sensitive clit.

Jess moaned loudly as her man’s fingers became bolder, demanding entrance, stroking a fire so strong, so hot that she just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Shawn!” She shouted as he slowly started to rub her little pressure nub. She’s almost over the edge. She’s almost there. Then just as quick as they started he stopped and pulled his hand out of her panties resting it on her stomach.

Jess groaned in frustration, after being so close to orgasm. Shawn always does to her. He starts to make her hot and so goddamn desirable and wanting then all of a sudden he stops.


I realize that just like Jess said, this is a bad place to leave you so don't forget to come back tomorrow.


  1. Oh, my, please do hurry!

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  3. the link to her blog is messed up! you might want to fix that!


  4. Yay PK! Yay Antoinette!

    Great story, keep 'em coming!

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  5. I'm glad all of you liked the first part. Hopefully you'll like the next ones!!

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