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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Carl and Betty

It's Friday, it's summer, and we have a brand new Fantasy Friday! What could be better than that - well the new story could be written by Annie, and this one is!!

Nick is abandoning me this weekend to go play golf so I think I'll spend my weekend reading and writing.

For now, enjoy this wonderful story...

Carl and Betty

Carlton Brewster Howell, Jr. slammed down the phone receiver and swore loudly. Normally a quiet, soft spoken man, he had reached his wits end with his new bride. Betty was out of control, spending money like a demon, and refusing to listen to reason. He was well off and certainly able to provide a more than comfortable lifestyle but at the rate she was going he would be dipping into his stock portfolio soon, just to pay the mortgage. It wasn’t as if they needed the things she was buying, she simply shopped until she was tired, every day.

The arguments over money were escalating into all out warfare that no longer ended in steamy sessions of lovemaking. Now this, a store manager had called to inform him that Betty had charged over $3000.00 worth of dresses, left without signing the slip, and refused to return when he called her about it.

Telling his secretary he was leaving early he headed downtown to take care of her latest mess. Fuming the whole way over her inconsiderate behavior, and angry at himself for impulsively marrying a girl young enough to be his daughter.

Park Avenue Dress Shop was a small, exclusive boutique that catered to the younger crowd. Carlton wandered through the shop as he waited for the manager to see him, their merchandise was lovely and the price tags reflected their uptown location.

Mr. Lee, the manager, was quite apologetic for the misunderstanding, assuring Carlton that he felt it was the sales clerk’s fault for not completing the paperwork before Mrs. Howell left the store. Carlton couldn’t bear the thought of a clerk being fired and explained to Mr. Lee his wife’s somewhat unusual approach to finances. Mr. Lee, seeing the pain this was causing hastened to assure Carlton that no one would be fired.
This was a family business, the clerk was one of his nieces. She would be disciplined, not fired.

“Just how does one go about “disciplining” a woman that doesn’t listen to a word you say, that’s what I’d like to know.” Carlton mumbled, almost to himself.

“Perhaps you speak to the wrong end.” Mr. Lee ventured. “I do not allow my wife, my daughters, or my nieces to ignore my requests, it would be disrespectful of me to ignore my duty to them.”

“Well, you seem to be doing much better at it than I am, maybe you’d like to tell me your secret for getting them to listen. My wife says, yes, dear, and does as she damn well pleases the minute my back is turned.”

“Forgive me if I offend, sir, but when was the last time you disciplined her?”

Carlton sighed, “I’ve scolded her, put her on a budget, even taken her credit cards away, nothing seems to work, it doesn’t even slow her down.”

“Ah, I begin to see your problem. You treat her like an adult, she behaves like a child and you do nothing to control her. Mrs. Howell, she is slightly younger than yourself, is she not?”

“You don’t have to be so tactful, she’s half my age and we both know it, but what does that have to do with her spending money?”

“Perhaps you would care to join me in my office, I must speak to my niece about this very problem. I think you will understand more by observing. Please follow me.”

Carlton was ensconced in a comfortable chair, served coffee, and beginning to relax when a young woman entered the office, her head hung low. She went to stand in front of her uncle’s desk, looking like a school girl.

“My niece, how is it that I find myself speaking to you again? Did I not make myself clear the last time?”

“Oh no, please, Uncle, I am very sorry. I will do better, this will never happen again, I promise.” The girl was pleading and almost in tears.

“I have told you what would happen if I had to speak to you about sloppy work, please try to listen this time.”

With that Mr. Lee walked to the center of the room, dragging a straight backed chair. He then removed an old fashioned, wooden paddle from a drawer, seated himself and drew his niece to his side. She jerked violently at his touch.

“Please, Uncle, not in front of a stranger, you can’t, please.”

“You are the one who has made this necessary. Mr. Howell was inconvenienced by a trip to undo your mistake. I have warned you that you would be punished if your work did not improve.”

With that Mr. Lee drew the young woman over his lap and raised her skirt above her waist. Drawing her panties and tights down to mid-thigh he began scolding in a low, quiet, almost sad voice. Explaining again why this punishment was being delivered.

With no warning the paddle descended with a sharp crack, causing a muffled sob. Soon the room was filled with resounding blows as the paddle was briskly applied to the squirming bottom. Carlton was frozen in place, he had a clear view of the rapidly reddening backside and he was both embarrassed and fascinated by the way the paddle flattened her buttocks leaving a red, fiery mark in it’s wake.

All through the spanking Mr. Lee continued to explain, over and over, why she was being punished, as he continued to paddle, over and over. By this time the poor girl was screaming, promising to be good, and begging him to stop, but he calmly spanked, covering every inch of her bottom until it glowed.

Suddenly the girl stopped begging and slumped over her uncle’s lap, crying loudly and gulping for air as the paddle played it’s burning song. This seemed to be what Mr. Lee was waiting for, he stopped spanking, explained again why this punishment had been given, then gave her several, very hard whacks, “to help her remember this”. He then helped her replace her clothing, ignoring her wince at the touch on her sore backside, hugged her tightly, told her he loved her and sent her to freshen up and return to work.

‘Mr. Howell, you seem shocked. I assure you this method clears the air, prevents issues from escalating and provides a very real deterrent to repeat behavior.”

“Do you spank your whole staff?”

“Actually, I do, but only when it is deserved. They are all daughters and nieces, it is my job to help them learn. I also spank my wife, but she is smarter than the young ones, it doesn’t happen very often.”

Carlton was confused, part of him was too much a gentleman to even think of striking his wife, the other part was already seeing her lovely white ass turning red across his lap. Seeing his conflict Mr. Lee offered to share his experiences over dinner.

Several hours later a much enlightened and very determined husband returned home, carrying several surprise packages for his new bride. He found her in her usual spot, lounging in the bedroom gloating over her days purchases.

Pausing for a moment before she saw him he was struck again by how sweet and lovely she was. Only five feet tall and perfectly proportioned, she looked like a china doll curled up on that big bed, her hair falling in her face as she leaned over, stroking a new dress like a kitten.

“Betty, I’m home.”

“Oh sugar, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Elizabeth, it just isn’t right for a Howell to have a common old name like Betty. Now come see what I got today, isn’t it beautiful?”

“Is that the dress you stole from Park Avenue?” he asked coldly.

“What, why what are you talking about, sugar, we’re rich, I don’t have to steal anything.” In spite of her answer she looked a little worried.

“You must have had a long day, come over here and let me rub your shoulders and you can tell me all about it.”

“You would be surprised at my day I am sure. But I want an answer, is that the dress you stole today?”

“Now, Carl, that’s enough I’m just not going to talk to you at all if you keep this silliness up.”

“So you say you did not steal that dress?”

“Who accused me of stealing, we’ll sue them for all they’re worth, especially after all the money I’ve spent in that store. Why I ought to just call our lawyer right now.” Betty worked herself up into a righteous indignation and he let her go on for a moment. Any doubts he might have had about his plan were dispelled by her attitude.

“I brought you a present, two, in fact, don’t you want to know what they are?”

“Well why didn’t you say so, I just love presents.”

“Before you open them I want you to come sit with me on the couch for a minute. I have something to say to you.”

“I love you, Betty, more than you know, but I can not go on as we have been. I have tried talking, begging even ignoring in the hope that things would improve. It is time that we made some changes. I will not have this kind of turmoil in my home. I am in charge, you will obey my rules or suffer the consequences. If you do not care enough for me to do so, then I will help you pack and we will end this farce of a marriage right now.”

Betty was stunned, then angry, certain there was someone else. He allowed her to scream and accuse for a minute then took her arm.

“I will not tolerate disrespect for me, or anyone else, in my home, do you understand? You are acting like a spoiled brat and I intend to treat you like one.”

Carlton ripped open the package and laid the new paddle and strap out.

“From now on, when you disobey me I will take you across my lap, pull down your pants and spank you until I have your attention, then you will be punished for your behavior with this paddle until I feel you have learned a lesson. If you lie to me, if you steal or sneak behind my back, you will then get the strap. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Betty sat, staring at him, he had never spoken to her in such a stern manner, it reminded her of her father.


“Yes, yes sir.” Betty stammered, unsure what had upset him so.

With that Carlton grabbed his young bride, pulled her across his lap and had her nightgown up and her panties down before she knew what had happened.

“What do you think you are doing? This has gone far enough, I won’t put up with this, I’ll call my lawyer. I’ll call the police, I’ll OW, STOP, HEY, NOOOOOOO”

Carlton’s hand kept a steady rhythm covering her wiggling butt with large red hand prints, ignoring her struggles, threats, and screams for help, he simply spanked harder and harder. After several minutes of steady spanking the threats gave way to promises to be good.

“Okay, okay, you can stop now, I’ll be good, I promise, I’ll be good, please stop,....”

“Now that I have your attention we can get to the problem at hand, so to speak.”

With that he picked up the paddle and began explaining, carefully and slowly, a swat for each word, how unhappy he was with her behavior and how things were going to change.

SWAT “I asked you not to go on shopping sprees.” SWAT SWAT SWAT

CRACK “I am ashamed at your behavior today.” CRACK SWAT WHAP

YEOW “I’m sorry honey.” OUCH “I won’t do it again.” YIKES “Stop, please STOP”

But Carlton could feel how much better this was than fighting. He ignored her begging and waited for her bottom to tell him that she was learning her lesson. Her butt was bright red and fiery hot but he knew he wasn’t done yet.

He stopped paddling for a moment and rested his hand on her , feeling the heat.

“Let’s try again, is that the dress you stole from Park Avenue today?”

No answer, so he started paddling again, a little harder this time.


“Is that the dress you took today?”

He aimed a little lower, raining blows to the tender spot right at the crease between her thighs and buttocks, causing her to howl and blubber. Another flurry of spanks alternating cheeks and she collapsed, sobbing, all resistance gone. Just a little girl crying her heart out, all defiance long gone, enduring a blistering that would guarantee she would be sleeping on her stomach and standing up for breakfast, at least.

“Is that the dress you took without paying today?”


He landed several hard swats to each cheek, just to let her know who was in charge, and set the paddle aside, stroking her hot bottom and holding her securely as she hung limp and sobbing over his knees.

“What did I tell you would happen if you lied to me?” he asked gently.

She just cried, refusing to believe he could be so cruel, surely he couldn’t mean there was more. Her sobbing and wailing reached new heights when he picked up the strap.


Betty screamed and bucked, as much as the paddle hurt it was nothing compared to the fire of the strap.


Betty’s whole body convulsed with each stroke across her already raw and sore flesh.

“Are you sorry for lying to me?”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please stop, I’ll be good.”

“Just three more, one for each thousand that you stole.”

“NO!!! PLEASE!!!!! NO MORE!!!!

THWACK!!!!! AIEEEE!!!! NO!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“That’s all over now. Come lay on the bed and let me put a cool rag on your bottom.”

Carlton helped his still sobbing wife out of her panties and onto the bed, fetching a wet towel, holding her and soothing her as she cried.

“I’m sorry, Carl. I’ll be good, I’ll even stick to my budget. I don’t know why I’m so mean sometimes. Please don’t make me leave, I love you, I promise I’ll be good from now on.”

Carlton listened to Betty’s promises, soothing her fears and holding her tight until she cried herself to sleep. Watching her tear stained face he wrestled with his own emotions. There was no doubt this was more effective than fighting and shouting. He felt a little guilty at how good it felt to have his wife squirming over his lap as he punished her.

Part of him hoped that she had learned her lesson, part of him hoped that she would steal another dress tomorrow so he could spank her all over again.


Annie, thank you once again. We love your stories and anytime you do have time to write we'd love to read it!

There are so many good new bloggers out here. Please remember that Fantasy Friday is opened to
everyone! Even if you don't fancy yourself a writer why not give it a try? Write the story of your perfect spanking. We would love to hear what you have to say. Please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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  3. Annie, I do love your stories. Please keep them coming. Thanks.

    PK, reading, writing and exercising:)


    Sorry PK deleted comment was mine.

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    An excellent story, thank you.
    Love and warm hugs,

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