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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fantsay Friday, Just for Fun - part 3

This one nearly slipped by me! Mollie and I have been at her college orientation these past two days. Sitting around listening for hours is more tiring than working for a living!

Thankfully we have then next part of Antoinette's wonderful story. Today we have part three. Part four will be up tomorrow. You can go back and pick up parts one and two here if you missed them.

A big thanks to Antoinette, don't forget to go by her blog and check it out for yourself. Now enjoy...

Just for Fun
Part 3

“Baby, please…” Jess whispered, so not wanting to get paddled. Her bottom already hurts, she doesn’t want it worse.

“Would you rather I use my belt on you?” Shawn asked knowing damn well that Jess hates leather and would rather get paddled. Well *chuckle* she’d rather not get anything at all but a good girl spanking and loving.

“No! Not the belt… Please baby.” Tears were gathering in Jess’s eyes, a little fear gripping her heart, some spilling over.

Shawn reached up and wiped away the raindrops rolling down his love’s cheeks. “Shhh baby girl. I’m not going to whip you.” Relief washed over Jess’s features and she wrapped her arms around his neck making sure to kiss him as deeply as she could. She felt one of Shawn’s hands reach up and caress her breast while he kissed her. Shawn moved and started to kiss up and down Jess’s neck nipping the soft skin as he started towards her ear. Biting it, Jess moaned and collapsed into him her knees falling between his legs. As she started to go into a delicious passion state Shawn whispered in her ear, “You’re still getting paddled, little one.” He said as he bit her ear lobe again. Jess whimpered then moaned as she started to turn in, to what it looked like, a puddle.

Hauling Jess back to her feet, but keeping her steady with strong hands on her hips, Shawn smiled at his passionate love. His love is so responsive to his touch; he can turn her into a bundle of nerves in a matter of minutes. It makes him smile every time.

“Go get the paddle and bring it to me, baby.” Shawn commanded softly. He took his wife’s left hand and kissed her wedding ring.

Jess’s lower lip trembled a little, “B-but we have two…” She stammered, loving that Shawn was trying to comfort her.

“Hmm… That we do.” Shawn thought for a moment. There was the leather paddle that was for sensory play, and it always brought a beautiful color to Jess’s lower cheeks. Then there was the wooden paddle that Shawn had bought when the hand spankings weren’t teaching her a lesson. So instead of belting her, because that should be used for serious cases, he bought a paddle. The wooden paddle was only used for punishments. “Get the leather paddle baby. You’ve been naughty but not that naughty to receive the wooden paddle.” Shawn smiled when Jess’s shoulders relaxed and she tried to quiet her sigh of relief.

Jess walked to the dresser and squatted down to the one of the last drawers where all the toys were. The flogger, both paddles, vibrators (that Jess wasn’t allowed to use by herself, only Shawn was allowed to give her pleasure with those.) and other toys that shall remain nameless for the time being.

She reached in and grabbed the leather paddle pulling it out. She closed the drawer and stood, keeping her back to Shawn as she stared at the heart-shaped paddle. It’s beautiful… you have to admit it. She thought. It was smooth as silk and buttery black with red hearts stitched into it, outlining the shape of it. She kept wandering how Shawn was able to find a heart-shaped paddle.

“I’m losing patience little girl.” Shawn muttered. Jess turned around and laughed at the exasperated look her husband had.

“Acquire some patience baby. You’ll need it.” Jess sassed with a naughty grin spreading across her lips.

Shawn arched an eyebrow, trying for a stern tone and barley making it, “Is that right little girl?” Shawn questioned in a low growl, “Come ‘ere and I’ll show you who needs to acquire some patience.”

Jess’s sharp intake of breath made the big guy on the bed smile evilly. Her legs quivered and she felt her sex dripping slightly. Jess walked over to her husband slowly and gave him the paddle. Shawn took it from Jess’s slightly shaking hand and put it on the bed next to him. Shawn stood up in front of his love and looked down into her beautiful dark brown pools. Jess sucked in a breath when she saw her love stand and get taller and taller until he was standing at his full height, his eyes sparking, and a very naughty grin on his lips.

Shawn slid his hands up Jess’s sides and slid to her back, his fingers working the clasps on her bra, and freeing her breasts. He slid the bra straps off her arms and took the lacey and silky material with her other clothes.

Now completely naked Jess wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, and pressed her body into his, her breasts crushing into his chest, as she stood up on her tip toes and kissed Shawn’s delicious lips.

Shawn kissed Jess back and cupped her bottom lifting her just a little bit more, till she was off her toes and he felt her wrap her legs around his.

“Trying to distract me, wife?” Shawn murmured against her lips, sucking in her bottom lip and nibbling it.

“Mmmhmm… is it working, husband?” Jess mumbled as she moved her pelvis against Shawn’s groin. His groan was as delightful as his body’s immediate response.

“Naughty, naughty imp,” Shawn growled and sat on the bed with Jess straddling his lap, her wet heat right next to his throbbing guy. One of Shawn’s hand on her breasts and one hand cupping her full bottom. He teased her nipple, squeezing and rolling, then pinching hard enough to make Jess moan in his ear when she tried to nip his earlobe.

“Gonna warm your bottom little one. Gonna make it nice and sore, and a beautiful shade of rosy red.” Shawn whispered and then with a little struggle (she wouldn’t let go of his neck) he flipped his naked and vulnerable wife face down on his lap. He moved her slightly so her bottom was lifted and where he liked it. It was a soft rose now, probably doesn’t feel even the slightest of sting now… he’ll help with that.

Whimpering when Shawn put her back over his knee, Jess tried to get comfortable, wiggling a little and grabbing a pillow laying her head on it. Grabbing the paddle near her feet, Shawn rubbed the leather up and down his wife’s cheeks and on her thighs. Jess shivered slightly from the sensations he was creating.

“Why are you getting paddled Jessica?” Shawn questioned, starting to spank her, softly making it sting but not enough to make her yelp.

“Uh… um…” Jess stammered, not going to admit that she was naughty. You never admit that… especially when you’re being spanked!

“You don’t know?” Shawn asked, packing a little more sting into his spanks. He’s not particularly following a rhythm but making sure every ounce of her bottom is the same shade of tinting to dark pink.

Jess moaned. The light spanks on her sit spots, going straight to her libido, fueling her arousal. She started to rub herself using Shawn’s thigh, trying to get some kind of satisfaction.

“Stop that young lady. You aren’t to cum until I tell you to. Understand?” Shawn growled holding her still with an arm around her waist and pulling her body closer to his.

Jess whimpered and tried to still her movements. The paddle still kissing her skin but sharper now that she had been naughty again.

“Has it really been that long since your last spanking little one? You’re being awfully naughty.” Shawn taunted starting to spank the tanned thighs that stared up at him.

“You-ou spanked me-e just a-a couple days ago-o.” Jess breathed trying to catch her breath, her heart beating quickly and sex is needy and she still hasn’t been granted her orgasm yet.

“So it has been a while. Maybe I should start spanking you every day…” Shawn teased spanking a little more quickly and going back up to her bottom, making sure that the rosy hue stays put.

“What?!” Jess shouted as she started to buck and twist under the hand that was holding her. She twisted around and stared at the handsome face that was smirking at her. She didn’t read any hint of joking or anything that would tell her he’s kidding. “If you even think about spanking me every day, you overgrown lummox, I’ll make your life a living hell!” She swore glaring at her husband, making him chuckle.

“Really now?” Shawn taunted flipping over his sputtering wife. “Just what exactly do you plan on doing?”

“Well for starters I’m going to… OH!” Jess cried out when she felt two fingers invade her hot core. Shawn plunged deep inside his beautiful spitfire, rubbing her clit with one of his other fingers then pinching slightly making Jess whimper and moan, her back arched and her hips moving, trying to get Shawn to create some movement with his fingers.

Shawn bent forward and kissed his wife, mid-moan and invaded her mouth with his tongue, tasting her, sampling her sweet taste, taking what he already claimed as his. His fingers continued to thrust and twist, making Jess arch even more, as she started to reach climax once more. He felt her hands weave into his hair and grip him, pushing his head down as they continued to kiss.

Shawn decided to give his wife what she wanted so he stopped kissing her, and moved to her neck, kissing and sucking gently, while her hands tried to grip his hair, his fingers down south plunged once more and pinched her clit as the same time. Her throaty cry was pure music to his ears and she rang it out into one of them. As she climaxed her body bucked and her fingers tensed, her inner walls trying to suck his fingers in deeper, and his mouth continuing to bite and suck on her neck.


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