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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantasy Friday, A Toasty Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a very good Thanksgiving Day for me, I hope all of you had a good one too. Last week I was so very happy to receive a brand new Fantasy Friday and I was especially happy to get one that fit right into the season. I hope this add even more fun to your Thanksgiving weekend.

This story is from Mary, she is a 30-something stay-at-home wife and mother with 4 children, under the age of 8. She discovered spanking blogs a little over a year ago and began writing a few fiction stories of her own, but she said that this is the first story she has shared with anyone other than her husband.

Four children under eight?? Really? You have to give Mary some real credit for being able to fine the time to write so much as a grocery list! Thanks Mary, you did a great job.

Please enjoy...

A Toasty Thanksgiving

It was almost 6pm. Liz was waiting for her husband, Rob, to make it in from work. She had dinner ready and their bags packed for their Thanksgiving Holiday at her aunt’s house, three hours away. Liz was almost uncontrollably excited about this trip. She hadn’t seen most of her family since her wedding, ten months earlier, and she had been so busy with preparations and then greeting and visiting with all the guests that she had barely said more than “hello” and “glad you could make it” to her family before she was whisked away on their romantic honeymoon. Liz’s Aunt Jane had invited them and her two sisters up to their mountain home for the holiday. It had been years since Liz had visited up there, but she had always enjoyed the peaceful quiet of the mountains and beautiful sunrises.

As Liz was thinking about snuggling up by the warm fireplace with her love after a huge Thanksgiving feast, her thoughts were interrupted by car lights pulling into the driveway. Liz quickly brought herself back to the task at hand and finished setting the table for dinner.

“Hey babe,” Rob whispered as he embraced her with a passionate kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, honey,” Liz answered. “Dinner’s ready in the kitchen.”

“Good girl,” Rob grinned as he gave her a playful swat on the seat of her jeans when she turned to set out the plates.

During dinner they discussed their plans for the weekend and Liz went through her extended family and reminded Rob of who was who. You know, “Aunt Jane still smokes, but she won’t admit it and Uncle Tom talks politics all day long and Lucy still spends every penny that comes her way, etc. Once dinner was finished and the dishes cleared away, Liz wanted to start loading the bags in the explorer so they could get an early start in the morning.

“Slow down there, young lady!” Rob called as Liz started to pick up a bag and head for the door. “Tomorrow’s not going to get here any faster with those bags in the car, and I want to talk with you for a minute.”

Rob led her to living room and sat down in the middle of the couch. He beckoned for Liz to follow him and then guided her across his knee.

“Honey! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

A firm slap came down across her jeans. “Shush.” Rob stated firmly. He then rested his large hand across the round hump of her bottom and gently rubbed, before he proceeded with his “discussion.”

“You did a wonderful job during dinner bringing me up to date on all the going’s on with your family, but you failed to mention one little detail that you need to prepare yourself for. Dr. (swat) Pepper! (swat, swat!)

“Ow!” Liz squealed, more out of delight than true pain. “I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in over a month and you know it!”

“Yes, I know, and I am very proud of you for sticking to your guns on this issue. Besides, I would wear you out if I found out you had one. You have lost 6 of the 15 pounds that you asked me to help you with. I have only had to spank you twice since you asked for my help, but this is going to be a reminder spanking tonight because I know that between your sisters and your Aunt Jane, that house is going to be fully stocked with Dr. Pepper, on every countertop and at every seat at the table, morning, noon and night. I also know your history with drinking Dr. Pepper night and day during college and the cravings that you have shared with me over the past few months. It would not be fair to you for me to throw you out to the wolves without being right behind you (literally) to support you. It’s not going to be easy to stay strong, but I would rather give you this spanking tonight than have to wear you out during our vacation, so, this is my attempt to prepare you for what lies ahead this weekend.”

With the end of his discussion, he proceeded to let his hands do the talking. He started with a long, slow warm-up that actually felt quite nice and Liz was hoping that he might just end right there and take her straight to the bedroom….no such luck. He then stood her up and unbuttoned her jeans, removing them and her panties, before continuing to pepper her bottom with harder spanks all across her bottom. She was starting to squirm from the pain and began pleading her promises of not drinking any Dr. Pepper all weekend. Rob continued to spank up and down her cheeks, as well as just underneath her cheeks, until they were rosy red. After several minutes he suddenly started to rub and squeeze. Liz let out a gasp of relief from the end of the spanking as well as a gasp of pain at the friction on her very warm, tender bottom.

When Rob let her up, Liz turned to him, sat on his lap and smiled. “Thank you. That was just what I needed. I didn’t even realize it, but I needed to know that you are going to keep me accountable, even while on vacation. You’re right. I will be tempted, but knowing that you are serious about helping me with this decision will help me refrain.”

“Good, because if I find out you’ve had one, I will wear you out!”

She knew the seriousness of Rob’s voice and did not want to question his authority, but in the back of her mind she wondered just how he would manage that when they would be guests in somebody else’s home, full of other people, without the privacy of their own home. But, at the same time, she really did not want to find out.

The next morning, they awoke early, got the explorer loaded and set out for the mountains. Rob noticed the occasional grimace or change in position as Liz tried to find a comfortable way to sit on a still tender backside. He smiled his devilish grin and asked, “What’s the matter, babe? Can’t get comfortable?”

“You know exactly what the matter is!” Liz almost laughed.

“Just be thankful that was only a reminder…”

Three hours later they were greeting family with warm embraces and constant chatter about the latest events in each other’s lives. Liz’s Aunt Jane led her and Rob out to the garage, separated from the house, that had a small apartment upstairs.

“We thought you newlyweds would probably like to have a little privacy away from the hustle and bustle in the house all weekend,” Aunt Jane explained.

“Well, that was very thoughtful of you,” Rob answered, with the same evil grin directed back at Liz.

Once their bags were unloaded and they got settled in their accommodations, Rob and Liz went down to the main house to visit with the rest of the family. Liz’s eyes immediately fixated on the kitchen countertop. Eight cases of Dr. Pepper were stacked up and about 6 more cans were sitting out around the table. Everyone she saw was holding a Dr. Pepper in their hands. Liz felt her knees getting weak as she suddenly realized how hard this weekend was going to be, until she felt Rob’s strong arms wrap around her from behind and he gently whispered in her ear, “You can do this. You are strong and I am here to help you.”

“Hey Liz, grab a cold Dr. Pepper and come play pool with us!” her sister Lucy called from the game room. Just then Uncle Tom opened the fridge and Liz’s eyes widened once again when she saw what seemed to be 30 more Dr. Peppers stacked up in the fridge. “This is going to be a looong weekend,” Liz thought to herself.

Rob’s hand firmly squeezed Liz’s shoulder and she weakly replied, “Uh, no thanks. I’m not really thirsty. We stopped on the road not too long ago.”

Overhearing the conversation, Aunt Jane piped in, “Well, just make yourself at home, sweetie. We made sure we stocked up on all y’alls favorites, so just help yourself to anything you want.”

“Thank you.” Liz replied as she tried to find a corner to hide in without Dr. Pepper staring back at her.

After spending a few hours playing games and visiting with family, Liz and Rob retreated to their bedroom above the garage before dinner that night.

“This is going to be SO HARD!! It’s not fair! They’re practically shoving Dr. Pepper down my throat! It’s everywhere! It’s a conspiracy to get me spanked!” Liz wailed into Rob’s shoulder when they were in their room.

“Now calm down. You know very well that no one out there knows what will happen if you decide to give in to temptation. And you need to remember that you are the one who asked me to hold you accountable.” Rob’s voice was slow and controlled, but it had the sound of a warning to it. “We are going to enjoy our Thanksgiving tomorrow and there is just as much water and juice available as there is Dr. Pepper. You’ve got to get control of yourself, before I do it for you.” The warning was now very clear.

Liz composed herself and later that night, when she was offered Dr. Pepper once again, she politely explained that she had stopped drinking it several months ago to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though surprised, everyone respected her wishes and didn’t bring it up again.

Thanksgiving Day was just wonderful with plenty of good food and old family stories shared across the table. Liz was feeling good and proud of herself for standing up to the temptation and enjoying spending the time with her family. Thursday night all the guys started talking about going hunting in the morning. Aunt Jane then suggested that the girls spend the day shopping the Black Friday sales. So, it was decided. The next morning everyone woke up at 4am….the guys dressed for hunting deer….the girls dressed for hunting bargains.

“Have a good day, babe. Remember our budget in the checking account. I’m not planning on eating beans and rice for the rest of my life.” Rob finished his mini-lecture with a pop to Liz’s backside. Liz instinctively rubbed her bottom and stuck out her bottom lip until Rob embraced her in another one of his passionate kisses that always brought a smile to her face.

The girls started their shopping trip early, with lots of excitement and energy. By 8am, however, the crowds and lack of sleep were taking a toll on their energy. Liz’s middle sister, Leah, suggested they stop for a “pick-me-up.” Of course, her idea of a pick-me-up was a Dr. Pepper. The three sisters sat down and Aunt Jane soon brought four large Dr. Peppers to the table. Liz almost gasped at the sight of the drink. She could hear two different voices whispering in her ears.

“Go ahead, it’s just one and you’ve done so much walking today you’ve already burned the calories in it. How can you turn it down after your Aunt Jane was nice enough to buy it for you?”

“Water! Order water! You know Rob will wear out your butt if he finds out!”

“He won’t find out. Besides, he’s too busy hanging out with the guys. He obviously doesn’t even care.”

Liz decided she just couldn’t turn away the Dr. Pepper staring her in the face and began to slowly drink it. Before she knew it, the large Dr. Pepper was empty, and suddenly she felt sick to her stomach. She felt horrible for letting herself down and for letting down Rob. She also knew that somehow or another Rob would find out and her backside would be toast.

While they were still resting, Aunt Jane and Leah left for a few minutes to take a walk. “Gotta get their smokes,” Lucy whispered.

“What? Since when does Leah smoke?” Liz asked, confused.

“Whenever she can get away with it from what I understand. Mike doesn’t like it one bit.”

The girls finished some more shopping and decided to call it a day. They carried in all their packages, Lucy carrying the most, and crashed in the living room for a short nap until the men made it back home. Liz woke up even more nervous than before. As soon as the truck pulled up to the house, she rushed out to greet Rob.

“Hey babe! How was your trip?” she managed to squeak out.

“Eh, it was alright. No deer for supper, but we had a good time talking, just us guys. What’s the matter, babe. You seem nervous.”

Ughh! He saw right through her! “Nothing, nothing’s the matter. Come inside for some cocoa.” Liz turned and headed to the house with Rob shaking his head, knowing that something was wrong.

Sitting at the table, everyone began talking about their day. The guys seemed to have really bonded during their hunting trip and were still cracking jokes with each other. The laughter took some of the edge away for Liz, until Aunt Jane offered her another Dr. Pepper.

“Oh, uh, no thanks. Remember, I’m not drinking those anymore,” Liz barely managed to stammer and tried to think of a way to escape.

“Oh yeah, but I just thought since you had one this morning maybe you had changed your mind. No problem.”

Liz could feel Rob’s eyes digging into her, waiting for an explanation, but she couldn’t manage to look at him. Soon, the conversation changed to the girls’ purchases and Aunt Jane started going on and on about all the bargains Lucy had found and how Lucy almost bought out an entire store! Lucy’s husband, Chris, sat quietly, but was obviously upset by his wife’s uncontrollable spending habits. Soon, Leah started coughing and Aunt Jane commented, “Oh, it was so cold and windy outside today. We probably shouldn’t have been smoking out there.” Mike, as well as the other men, suddenly turned all eyes to Leah. She looked like she wanted to crawl under the table just as much as Liz. Just as an uncomfortable silence crept around the table, Mike politely excused himself and Leah to their bedroom in the basement. Chris quickly followed suit as he practically pushed Lucy up the stairs. Rob then excused himself and Liz out to their room above the garage.

“Was it something I said?” Aunt Jane asked, looking around and seeing only her husband at the table.

“I think it was more something you did. Tell me, whose idea was it to take the girls, including “spend-a-lot Lucy,” shopping today? And let me guess, who ordered Dr. Pepper for Liz today after she had told you that she stopped drinking them? And, pray tell, who did Leah bum a cigarette off of today? And since when do you think it's ok to offer cigarettes to your young nieces? You know very well that we are trying to get you to quit. There's no sense in getting any of those sweet girls caught up in that nastiness!” Uncle Tom’s eyes were now staring expectantly at his wife.

“Well….I didn’t mean any harm. I just wanted the girls to have a good time.”

“I know you didn’t, but I had a nice long chat with the guys earlier today, and let’s just say that they take care of business with their wives the same way that I take care of business around here. And I think we need to go have a little talk down at the barn.” Uncle Tom pulled Aunt Jane up from the table and led her outside.

“Tom! You don’t mean…..”

“Yes, I do!”

Meanwhile, Rob and Liz had just reached the door to their room.

“Honey! It was just one little Dr. Pepper. Aunt Jane bought it for me and I couldn’t turn it down. That would have been rude. And we did so much walking today that I’m sure I’ve already burned all the calories!! It’s been so long…just one’s not gonna make any difference!” Rob did not respond, but continued to pull her into the bedroom. He put his hand up, signaling for Liz to stop arguing and to listen. She did so, but was already crying quietly.

“Go get the paddle out of the green bag.”

“But I didn’t pack the paddle.” She sure as heck wouldn’t have done anything that foolish! If he was going to spank her, then he would just have to use his hand.

“I know you didn’t pack it. That’s why I did. Now go get it.”

Feeling defeated, Liz slowly walked to the green bag and found the paddle in the outside pocket. She returned to him and he quietly unbuttoned her jeans and positioned her across his lap.

“I’m very disappointed in you babe.” Just that statement alone was punishment enough and Liz’s tears became uncontrollable. She was already sobbing how sorry she was and Rob hadn’t even administered the first swat.

“Do you know why we are here?”

“Yes” she managed to whisper.

“Good. Do I need to know anything else, other than you drank a Dr. Pepper today, even though you knew it was forbidden?”

“No, except that I am so sorry!” Liz continued to cry softly.

“I know you are, babe. And I am a man of my word.” With that final statement, Rob began to spank with his hand, harder than he had ever spanked her before. Liz was crying out loudly now and trying to get away, but Rob had her legs pinned between his own. After a very brief “warm-up” that had Liz ready to jump out of her skin, he picked up the paddle and applied deliberate strokes all over her already sore bottom. The pain was greater than Liz remembered any previous spanking, and Rob was determined to make an impression because he did not want to have to do this again. After about 40 strokes, he laid the paddle down beside him on the bed and started rubbing Liz’s back. She continued to cry as Rob leaned down and whispered “It’s over, babe. All over. I love you.” Liz continued to cry as Rob rubbed her back and then gently laid her down in the bed. He got some lotion out of the bag and began to massage her tender bottom. The cool lotion made Liz jump at first, but then it was soothing to feel his large hands that had just recently been so hard and firm, become soft and gentle as he massaged.

“Come on, babe. Time to get up. We need to go down and help get dinner ready.”

Liz looked at the clock. 5 o’clock already? She must have slept for over an hour.

“What have you been doing all this time?” Liz asked.

“Just rubbing your back and watching you sleep. You are beautiful, even with a red backside!” They both laughed and then Liz started to get up, only to be quickly reminded how sore her bottom was. She grimaced and opted for a comfy pair of sweats rather than pulling her jeans back on. She washed her face and did her best to conceal her swollen eyes and runny nose.

Back in the house, Liz found her sisters and Aunt Jane working quietly in the kitchen getting some leftovers heated up for dinner. Surprisingly, all four women had changed into sweatpants and tried to avoid direct eye contact with each other. The four men were all sitting in the living room, with a football game on in the background, watching their wives, admiring their handiwork, and smiling.

“All in a day’s work, boys. All in a day’s work,” Uncle Tom proclaimed.


Mary, thank you so much for your contribution. It's wonderful to have a new story. I hope you will keep writing and share more with us. If anyone else has a story for Fantasy Friday please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Very good story! Thanks for sharing it

  2. PK, the family that spanks together, stays together.
    Mary, excellent story, how you find the time with four children under eight.
    Ask a busy woman. :)
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Mary, thank you for sending PK your story. Really enjoyed it. Love to read more of your stories.

    Thanks PK.


  4. Very nice work. I'm looking forward to more from Mary and hopefully this cast of characters from this interesting family.