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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bragging, just a little

I haven’t stopped thinking but unfortunately work is cutting into my blogging time – go figure. I know what that must say about my priorities! LOL! This weekend I’m going to visit my sister for a little shopping. She lives two hours away. I do my best mind blogging in the car so maybe I can get some good posts sorted out. I haven’t visited with her in a long time so this should be a fun weekend.

And if you don’t mind a little name dropping … I got a call from LJ the other day. He had gotten a call from a director he met when he was at governor’s school. The director told LJ that they were having a small screening of his latest movie and a small cocktail party afterwards. He said he had two extra tickets and asked if LJ and Colin would like to come. Well of course LJ wasn’t about to pass an invitation like that up so he happily accepted. As they ended the conversation the direction mentioned that Nicole would be there – since she was the star of the movie. Yep, Nicole, as in Kidman! The kid was pumped!

They did go and they were able to meet her. I was impressed and happy for him. Now if you want to see me really thrilled let one of these people give the boy a job! I was laughing with Nick and said “Can you imagine the salary range at that party?” He laughed too “Yep I’m pretty sure the two extremes were LJ and Nicole herself.” I know this isn’t LJ’s time to be rich but it is definitely his time to completely enjoy everything that comes his way. I’m really happy for him. The movie was “Rabbit Hole” he said it was great but that if I saw it I would need to see it alone. That means it’s sad. Okay that my closest thing to hobnobbing with the rich and famous – living through my kid.

I’ll be back when I’ve had time to do more thinking and get it typed up. Mean while the second part of a great Fantasy Friday will be up Friday.


  1. PK, good for them, isn't it great when you meet a household name, specially if you admire them.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Have a great shopping trip! Great therapy. hugs abby

  3. How lovely of the Director to think of LJ and Colin. Did LJ say what Nicole was like, was she nice?

    Enjoy the weekend with your sister.


  4. Paul,
    LJ has been able to meet many people he admires while living in the big city. It sure is fun for him.

    I do enjoy shopping - on my terms that is. I don't like crowds!

    He said that she was lovely and very kind to both Colin and LJ both.

  5. PK: There is no joy like seeing your kids out in the world and doing well. And don't feel shy about bragging. We're happy for you that they are doing well.


  6. Sorry I didn't answer your email about this but....

    YAY! I'm so impressed and frankly a little jealous!

    Did he manage to sneak any pictures?

  7. FD,
    You are so right! Parents are at their happiest when the kids are happy!

    I was a little jealous myself. No pictures - he's way too cool for that! LOL!

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