I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sensual Saturday

I know that my posts sometimes lean a little to the vanilla-mom type pretty often these days but I want to let you know that there is still a little wildness left that Nick and I tap into occasionally.

Mollie was scheduled to baby sit from 2 until about 9 Saturday. I left about the same time she did to go to the gym (see, I’m still trying!) I got home a little after 3. Nick and I talked a while, watched a little TV and then Nick suggested we shower and then maybe he would give me message since I had worked so hard at the gym! LOL!

We soaped each other up nicely – truly we left no spots untouched. So I was feeling very nice and relaxed as we got out and headed to the bedroom. Nick already had the toy box out and opened. I lay down and nestled in. He began by massaging my legs and my feet. Now I have to tell you having my feet massaged is almost as good as spanking. So I was floating nicely as the massage continued. He continued up to my butt and farther up on my back and shoulders.

But of course soon enough the massage became even more fun and he decided to bring some color to my cheeks. He began with some good hand spanking and then brought out a few toys – the leather paddle, the tawse and the flogger. Now here is where my remembering the exact order of things gets fuzzy but I remember the sensations. Nick got out one of our vibrating plugs. For someone who refused to acknowledge she was anal erotic for the first 20 years or so of her marriage I got to say I do love it now.

Next Nick handed me our sample pact of karma sutra oils and had me pick one. I asked him if I was to put it on him or me. He said for me to put it on any thing that needed kissing or any attention. So I did! And all I can say is he sure must have liked the flavor that I picked! I got all the attention I could stand, and mixed into that he used a small soft leather bookmark that I had found as a, sweet, stinging strap on my most tender spot. All this was drowning me in sensations.

In the next few minutes Nick blindfolded me and took the cuff and secured my hands to the headboard. I love the feeling of pulling against the cuffs but as I pulled against them one came loose and Nick scolded me for trying to get lose and I was spanked again. Next he tied my feet to the bed – which he rarely does. Whooooo! Good head space!

He changed to a larger plug and then started spanking with both the tawse – which I hate and the belt – which I love, strange how the two feel so different. While he was doing this he pulled out the Hitachi Magic Wand and let me tell you that if words were coming to my head at that time one word would have been ‘multiple’!!

Somewhere in there he untied me and I was able to show him some appreciation too. We do love our karma sutra oils!! We ended up making love the olde way which I have really come to love when I am feeling very submissive and especially after we have used the plugs. All I can say about the whole encounter was that I was a very, very satisfied woman.

One last thing that that was different about this time, I had asked Nick to Carly site, Brambleberry Blush, because she finds such beautiful images. But even more than that I love the pictures Ben takes of Carly. She explained in one of her recent posts that she often set up the pictures. Whoever set them up they are just lovely. More so, I think, because it’s not a twenty something year old spanking model – but a real woman. It makes me wonder what Nick is seeing when he spanks. He and I talked about it a bit. So during our afternoon he was quietly taking pictures. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for and I erased them from the camera immediately – really before I looked at them well. But it’s something I might want to play around with in the future, as long as they were as artsy and classy as Carly’s. If we do I’ll tell you about it – I won’t show you, but I’ll tell you!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our afternoon – thanks Nick for letting me use your computer. And thanks for the wonderful afternoon!!


  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    OooooHhhhhh PK (and Nick),

    Thank you so much for the vicarious sighs I am feeling for your Saturday. I'm so happy for you. It makes me want to shop on line for the sutra oils (not the tripod)! :) KayLynn

  2. PK, such fun, thanks for sharing.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Mmmmm, lovely delicious Saturday afternoon PK.

    I do like the sound of those Karma Sutra oils, I want some, did you order them on line?


  4. PK - That was lovely. Good for you for being brave enough to allow Nick to take the pictures. I also wonder what Ron sees when he's spanking me, but I'm not sure I want to see it in living digital colour!


  5. PK, you're going to burnout Nick's computer with those HOT reports. LOL.

  6. Wow, wonderful Saturday!

    Nicely done Nick! ;)


  7. Wow, Wow, Wow, PK! Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments. I say go for it--jump in there, you might be pleasantly surprised.


  8. Kaylynn,
    I did get the oil on line. I got the 6 pack of different flavors. Here is one site


    Of you can just google Karma sutra oils of love.

    It almost harder sharing now that I feel like I really know people than when we were all strangers. So thank you for still wanting to hear.

    Ronnie and Hermione,
    Yep we got them on line and really they are great for BJ! See the address above.

    Florida Dom,
    LOL! It was pretty hot but I'll keep a fan on the computer!

    We old folks sure have our moments!

    we might try some just for us - I wish I was your size! We did get a great hand print though. You have been a good inspiration.

  9. Wow..that's hot...!

  10. Sounds like a lovely afternoon :-)