I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another fun Saturday

We had another wonderful Saturday afternoon. Sometimes I can’t believe we are getting all this time to ourselves and Mollie’s getting paid to boot. I feel like we should be paying the folks she is babysitting for.

The weather this weekend has been fabulous! I love being able to sleep with the window opened and at we are waking up its cool enough to snuggle. We enjoyed a little preliminary as we woke up Saturday morning but decided to wait until Mollie was out of the house for the main event.

Not long after she left Nick invited me to join him in the shower. And then it was off to the playroom or bedroom – whatever you want to call it. Nick decided to give me a shave and I’ll admit I like it when he keeps me clean shaven. He started this shortly after I came out to him and I like it as a tangible sign of the very real change in our marriage.

After the shave Nick came up with a small twist in our play time. We each got 5 minutes to be catered to, after 5 minutes we would switch. Sometimes it was maddening! I mean things were feeling so good and then my turn would be over. So I did my best to torment him just to the edge and then it was my turn again! It really was a lot of fun. I even got to show him how a good warm up feels!

Soon enough it became a little hard to tell whose turn it was – everything was feeling pretty good. At one point Nick had me stand with my hands on the bed and used the belt. I swear I do love the feel of that thing!! Many toys came into play by the time we were finished it was almost like we were trying more bondage – we were so tangled in cords and toys we could barely move. Not such a bad problem really!

Now there is one thing I noticed that comes from our more active afternoons – I often come away from these encounters with skinned elbows. Certainly not too high a price to pay for such a good afternoon but occasionally Mollie will notice my slight abrasions and ask about them. I always act surprised that they are there and feint complete ignorance of how it might have happened. It’s no problem now but I did have a chuckle – can’t you just picture Mollie in the future, happily married to a man as wonderful as her dad and after a fun afternoon discovering she has the same tiny scrapes. I picture her making up a story for my grandchildren and suddenly remembering… I can see her saying to herself ‘Could that be how mom got her elbows scrapped? Can’t be – I know Mom and Dad never did that!!”


  1. PK, it's good to see you so contented.
    Children can be too damn observant. :)
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK, I remember rug burns from doing it on the floor. Hard to explain but fun to remember!! Sounds like a wonderful Saturday!! Meow

  3. Sounds like a truly lovely Saturdays afternoon PK. Lucky you.

    LOL about the skinned elbows, I come away with bruises and not just on my bottom and wonder how on earth I got them.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  4. PK, When you chronicled your exploits of last Saturday, I joked you were in danger of burning out your computer and you said you'd put a fan on it. Well, to paraphrase the bigger boat comment in "Jaws,'' I think you're going to need a bigger fan. LOL.

    Seriously, glad that you and Nick are getting a sneak preview of the joys of the empty nest syndrome in coming years. It's your turn for more couple time.

    You may even need to get some elbow pads and Nick is going to need to keep his razor sharp. LOL.

  5. I had to smile at Florida Dom's comment. If you start walking around the house in elbow and knee pads, could you say you'd taken up rollerblading?

    love and hugs xxx

  6. Poor PK. Wounded in action.

    I often have bruises on my thighs, caused by the dogs' bouncing. So you could try telling her the dog did it.


  7. Thanks Paul. Mollie sees everything! It drives me nuts sometimes.

    I can remember that too. But I must have very sensitive elbows because our sheets are soft but it keeps happening.

    It was great. I love the occasional bruise but I could do without the scrapes.

    LOL I'm trying to keep the computer from melting. I do know I'll miss Mollie when she heads to college but I no longer fear it like I used to. We are beginning to realize that there is life after children.

    Mollie may not believe Nick and I really have sex but she would believe that before she would believe I have taken up rollerblading!

    That might work, the dog weighs 110 pounds!

  8. Anonymous11:05 AM

    OH PK,

    You make me smile! I'm so happy for you both!! I bought a double knee pad for cleaning my tile floors(It looks like an inverse butt) and gardening and my astute (much older) daughter asked me about the purchase with a big grin on her face!! What's wrong with that picture!!! Give Mollie about 2 more years, you'll be smiling wryly & she'll stop asking. ;)