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Friday, May 08, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Training Lisa - part III

Is it Friday? Oh, please tell me it’s Friday. I sure can use a good story about now. And I am delighted to tell you Florida Dom has written another part of his story for us today. His series ‘Training Lisa’ caught my imagination right away and I know from comments that I am not alone. If you haven’t gotten to read them yet you can click on part one and part two to go back and read or to refresh your memory (which is something I often have to do).


Training Lisa Chapter Three

Lisa had a fitful night of sleep. She did a lot of tossing and turning because her mind was going a thousand miles an hour. There was so much to think about because she was entering a new phase in her life.

She was still thinking about last night when she met the dominant man of her dreams, the man who would control her life outside the boardroom, a man who made her submit to his will. He had shaved her pussy and had brought her close to orgasm time and time again without letting her come. And he wouldn't even let her see him. She wore a hood. And then there was her right arm that was tied to the headboard because he didn't want her touching herself in the night. But her arm was cramping and it was uncomfortable. That added to the mixture of pain and pleasure that had her so discombobulated. She had never felt this way.

It had all happened so quickly. She had answered an online ad by a dom looking for a professional woman who was in charge in the boardroom but wanted to submit in the bedroom. After exchanging emails and phone calls, they had their first meeting last night and it was everything she expected. She was ready for more. But he then told her that she had to take at least one hour after he left to decide if she wanted to continue this journey.

Once she typed, "I will obey, Sir,'' when her Sir asked if she was ready to live this lifestyle, she knew she had given up control of her life outside the bedroom. It was a scary moment for yet but yet one she craved. She felt a mixture of love and hate. She loved the idea of submitting but yet she feared it. She was feeling so many conflicting emotions.

From now on, she would obey. No questions asked. His wishes were her desires. Yet she was scared and wondered where this would all lead. She had already violated one rule and knew she was going to be punished. She had to self spank herself last night. But she knew he was going to bring her to her place for the formal punishment. She wondered what that meant. Why was he going to take her to his place at a time of his choosing. Did he have his own dungeon? What would he do to her there? All those questions swirled in her mind. And because she had violated a rule she still wouldn't be able to see him. She knew she would be blindfolded. She hadn't even seen this man who had taken over her life.

He had quickly put his rules in place. He would decide what she would wear, what she would eat (no sweets or caffeine unless she had permission), when she would eat (no snacks between meals) and what TV shows she could watch. He would decide when she went to sleep and when she would get up. She even had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. If he wasn't online when the request was made, she only had to wait five minutes. If he were online, he would tell her how long she had to wait, usually between 10 and 15 minutes. It was all part of his control.

She already had a full growth of hair under her arms because he no longer allowed her to shave under her arms. That was his mark on her to symbolize she was His. And even though she now had a freshly shaved pussy, she was no longer allowed to shave it herself. He had reserved that for himself and had done it during their first session last night. She liked it when she was all smooth like that, but she knew she wasn't allowed to touch her pussy and she knew the consequences if she disobeyed. And, sure, he wouldn't know unless she reported herself, but she knew that she couldn't not tell him if she slipped up. That was part of his control over her. She had to report herself. That made her even more anxious. She knew she'd be tempted to try to get away with something, but she knew she didn't dare to. That was one more thing to worry about.

And, most of all, he would decide when she was allowed to have an orgasm. And right now, she wasn't allowed to either touch herself or have an orgasm. She was on orgasm restriction until further notice. He would decide when she would be allowed to come. And last night, he had taken her to the brink of orgasm several times, but then stopped before she could push herself over the top. He would take his hands off of her and just watch as her panting finally subsided as he smiled at her frustration. That was part of his control. And then when she stopped panting, he would start again. She craved being under his control and yet she was so frustrated that she no longer decided when she could enjoy pleasure. And that fact just increased her craving.

The fact that she had an arm tied to the headboard was another reminder of her submission as she kept looking at the clock. The alarm wasn't set to go off for 15 minutes and she wasn't allowed to get out of bed until the time he had set. That's one of his rules. Her Sir likes his rules. Although she did find one loophole to give her pleasure. With her left hand she started squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples. Oh, that felt so good so she did it several times. It wasn't as good as touching herself between her legs, but it gave her some pleasure as she waited for the alarm to go off.

Meanwhile, Sir was also watching his clock. He had told her that she had to check in within five minutes after her alarm rang. It was one of the many ways she was controlled and he was convinced that she wanted to be controlled. He liked the fact that he had met a smart, beautiful accomplished woman who craved control and he knew how to provide it. He would make sure that "I will obey, Sir'' would become her mantra and she would obey because she wound know the consequences if she didn't. The biggest one he knew was that she didn't want to disappoint him. She wanted to be controlled and he was giving her the message that she had to obey.

Granted, she had a minor slipup when she had a bathrobe on and didn't sit her bare butt on the sandpaper at her computer. But he knew he couldn't be lax. He had to give her the message that there was a price to pay for his control. If he were going to show enough interest in her to give her rules to follow, she would follow them or suffer the consequences. That's why he made her self spank herself and told her she was now facing a punishment session in which she would be blindfolded the entire time just like she was last night and would have to wait longer for her first orgasm with him. Orgasm denial was an effective tool for him to control her. The longer the denial, the more she would crave it and need it. And when he finally gave her one, it was sure to be explosive.

Sure, enough, just two minutes after she was allowed untie her wrist from the headboard and get out of bed, there was an email from her saying that she was checking in, waiting for her instructions for the day. And then she added, "I will obey, Sir.'' She had to include that phrase in every email to re-enforce the message that she was serious about obeying.

He also knew she was naked sitting at the computer, which meant her bare butt was on the sandpaper. He had told her she was to sleep naked last night for being disobedient. And if she was naked, it meant that her bare butt was on the sandpaper.

He smiled, leaned back in his chair and was satisfied with the progress he was making with her. He knew he was very good at bringing out the submissive side of a woman. He then got on his treadmill and got in a good workout. He could give himself a chance to relax. Making a submissive woman bow to his will gave him a lot of satisfaction.

And the truth of the matter is that for Lisa, even sitting on the sandpaper had become soothing. Granted, it wasn't comfortable, but there was a soothing quality because she knew it meant that she was being controlled and submitting to his will.

She then clicked on the instructions email. She knew that each day he would send her instructions for the day and she had to follow his instructions. It was part of her submitting to him. Each night, she would send him a list of what she planned to wear the next day at work for his approval. And she had to tell him what she planned to have for breakfast and lunch. He also controlled her diet. And she was not allowed to snack between meals. Any infraction must be reported and she would face punishment. It was a reminder whenever she was tempted to each a cookie between meals.

He approved the suit she planned to wear, but she had written panties out of habit and he reminded her that she was no longer allowed to wear panties. She has to wear thongs because he wanted her butt mostly bare. And he changed her breakfast menu. She was planning on having a poached egg. He told her to eat fruit and yogurt. He wanted to keep her in the best of shape.

And there was one more instruction. He told her to stand naked in front of her mirror in her bedroom with her arms locked behind her head. That way she could admire her body that she was presenting to him. She was to spend five minutes thinking about how much she enjoys being under his control and how it brings out her submissive side.

After reading the instructions, she typed, "I will obey, Sir,'' and headed towards the bedroom. During her five minutes in front of the mirror, she felt the hunger build between her legs. She wanted to touch herself but she knew that wasn't allowed. As she looked into the mirror, she thought about how much she had wanted this all of her life. She started to breathe heavily as she felt herself getting wetter, but she kept herself under control. She knows her Sir would expect that. Still, she felt so many conflicting emotions. Was she really ready for this? Could she submit the way he wanted her to? This was difficult, but there was only one answer. She would do it.

After the five minutes were up, she headed to the shower where she was careful to use a washcloth when she rubbed between her legs. She knew she wasn't allowed to do any skin to skin touching between her legs.

After showering, she put on her thong, her bra and her business suit and was ready to go out and face the world. She simply had to send an email to Sir to notify she was heading into work. Of course, she added, "I will obey, Sir.''

When she got into work, she sent him a friendly, "Hi, I'm here'' email. Since it was a company computer, she couldn't mention obeying. But she had to check in. The rest of the day, she was a businesswoman. Sir didn't want to interfere with her business career. She was now free to be the successful businesswomen that all her colleagues knew. She would again be the one in charge. She would make major decisions. She did not suffer fools gladly. To her colleagues, there was no difference in her demeanor. She was still career minded and appeared to put her career above all else. If her subordinates didn't perform up to expectations, they knew they'd be making a trip to her office and it wouldn't be pleasant. She was on the fast track on her way to the top of the corporate world and wasn't going to let incompetent executives slow her down. Her employees were rewarded, but they were expected to be at the top of their game at all times.

What they didn't know was now she had to work at being in charge. Her mind kept wandering back to those moments of fulfillment when she was being dominated, brought close to orgasm, but not allowed to go all the way. She'd think about following his rules. She was now living two different lives. She still liked being in charge in the boardroom, but now she looked forward to coming home and being dominated.

They also didn't know that even at work, she had rules to follow. No snacking between meals, no sweets, no caffeine and she still had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. She had to use code and email him, "I'm ready,'' because she was on a company computer. He would then send the number of minutes she had to wait before heading to the bathroom. The emails would look routine except to the two of them.

But she got so immersed in her work that she forgot the rules. When somebody brought in some doughnuts to work, she absentmindedly picked one up. She had it half-eaten before she was horror stuck. She had violated a rule. She quickly tossed the other half in the trash. But she knew it was too late. She would have to report herself and she knew that would mean a punishment. Even worse in the afternoon, she just routinely went to the bathroom without asking for permission. She didn't realize her mistake until she was brushing her hair before she left the bathroom. She was in a state of mild panic. This was all so new to her and she wanted to do what she was supposed to do but she was almost overwhelmed by the rules. As she held the brush in her hair, she wondered if he would be pounding her butt with that hairbrush for her mistakes. She had failed twice in one day and she would have to report herself and suffer the consequences. She knew she still needed more training. As she left work, she sent a two word message, "going home.'' She couldn't say, "I will obey, Sir'' on a company computer. Even worse she hadn't obeyed. Twice. Driving home, she had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she had failed him and she knew there would be consequences.

As soon as she got home, she went to the bedroom and took off her clothes. She still had to be naked at home for not following the bare butt rule on the sandpaper last night. She shuddered to think what the consequences would be for failing today. With much trepidation, she went to her computer, sat down on the sandpaper and fired it up. She still had that feeling in the pit of her stomach as the computer booted up.

Once she got to her email to check for instructions, she found he had approved her dinner menu and the TV show she wanted to watch. She only had to do five minutes before the mirror and then tie her wrist to the headboard as a reminder that she couldn't touch herself. Then she hesitated before she started typing with the bad news. She confessed she had broken two rules. She apologized pofusely and said it wouldn't happen again.

He wasn't surprised by the email. He knew that training takes time. Old habits are hard to break. For a take charge woman to let herself be in total control of another person wasn't easy. But he couldn't let her know that. He had to be stern to let her know that disobeying was not an option.

He then told her the punishment. She was to tie her tits tightly with a rope that went around her back until they stuck out nice and tight so he would have a good target when he struck them. And then he was to tie herself in a crotch rope that tied around her belly, went between her legs and tied tightly in the back so it pulled tightly on her pussy. And she had to put a clothespin on each nipple and three on each side of her pussy lips.

He then told her there wouldn't be a delay on this punishment. He would be over within half an hour. She was to prepare herself and when he knocked on the door, she was to unlock it, blindfold herself and kneel with her forehead on the floor as he entered. She had to wear the blindfold because she hadn't earned the right to see her Sir yet. He also told her that she would be allowed to speak only four words in his presence. She knew what they were: "I will obey, Sir.''

She quickly started to prepare herself for his arrival, starting with tying her tits tightly. She knew he would not tolerate them being loose so she tied them as tightly as she could and she noticed how they stood out like headlights. She knew he would be pleased.

Then she tied the rope tightly around her belly, pulled it down between her legs and pulled it up tightly in her crotch. She kept pulling it because she knew he wanted it tight and she could tell it was getting drenched in her crotch because she was so wet. And then she pulled it up behind her back and tied it off. She felt that she had met his requirements and she took advantage of the extra time she had to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples. They felt so good and he hadn't ruled she couldn't do that. Then she put the clothespins on each nipple and six more on her pussy lips, three on each side. She had to touch her pussy lips to put them on and that felt so good. She could tell how wet she was and what a strong scent she had. She had to calm herself down because she was still on orgasm restriction.

Now all that was left was the waiting for the knock on the door. She was excited and apprehensive at the same time. She knew she was to be punished but she knew she deserved it and this was the lifestyle she had chosen. She liked the fact he cared enough to punish her.

And then it came, the knock on the door. She quickly unlocked the door and stepped back to put the blindfold on and got down on her knees with her forehead on the floor. Her Sir would be pleased with her.

The wait was almost over. As the heard the door starting to open, she knew she would submit. She knew she craved his punishment and control. As she heard him enter, she spoke the only four words she was allowed to say, "I will obey, Sir.''


Florida Dom – thank you! You have shared with me that you don’t think of yourself as a fiction writer. I think there are some people who might disagree with you out here. I hope you will leave him a comment and encourage him to write and more parts of this story.

I have a great story to post for you next week but I really need more stories – as always. If you have a story you are willing to share or if I can talk you into trying to write one please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Bloody hell. And he dosen't think he's any good!?
    Dude this is great! Please please please keep writing.
    Phew, is it me or is it hot in here?
    Hugs Jay

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh... this is a real great fantasy friday story... I would be in so much trouble with a Master like the one in the story... my colleague and I just love our yummie stuff... when we are both in the whole day like yesterday... there is real hand made choclate... we have cappucino... and no man is gonna stop us from eating those... lol...

    ehhhh a mean give away... we can have orgasms without touching ourselves... muscle practioning and a great imagination can do a lot for a girl... *winks*

    PK... have a wonderfull weekend... sun is shining here... so I am gonna enjoy...

    love, Lessa

  3. WOwww Florida Dom, thank you so much, that was really, really very good. I went back to read 1&2 and it just gets better.

    Please write more for us to read.

    Thanks PK.

    Have a lovely weekend both.


  4. PK, a good story and a very strict Sir.
    Will he be consistent?
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Ok I'm ready for part four. Now I must find my Mthc hehehe

  6. Jay,
    I agree completely - Florida Dom is one great writer!

    I couldn't do it either (but I love reading about it)!

    FD assures me he will keep writing for us. I love where this story is taking us.

    Good question Paul!

    Always good to see you here brother! I'm ready too! So did you find Mthc?

  7. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Wow, this is a really good story. I wanna know what happens.


  8. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Dear PK and "Dom"

    I love the building suspense!!! This story makes me feel like I'm on my tippy toes just waiting for the door knob to open. Love the part about a loophole (My kind of bratty girl strickly by nature - totally not my fault!) Keep Keep writing!!! KayLynn ;)

  9. Fantastic....I'm really enjoying your writing Florida Dom!! M will too.

    PK....sorry to be late getting to this. Hope you and the family are having a wonderful weekend.

    love and hugs xxx