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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Let's talk.

Sorry I didn’t mean to mislead anyone but I wanted to get everyone’s attention and I want to talk about Fantasy Friday. I always love reading a good fantasy about spanking. When Tiggr first created the idea for Fantasy Friday she originally set it up so that all of us that were blogging together could write and have the fun of guessing who wrote the story. It was a wonderful idea and she did a super job with it before allowing me the privilege of continuing the series.

Since then many of the bloggers out here have change and we are not as familiar with each others work so I dropped the guessing part. And I have tried to encourage everyone to try their hand at writing. This has led me to meet some wonderful people here. Most recently Kaylyn and Florida Dom have started writing for us. You have no idea how grateful I am to these two for all their work. Lately they have really kept FF going when I was down to a bare cupboard. But friends I need more help! I am going to burn these two friends out if I can’t talk more of you into helping. So I am going to extend some personal invitations.

First and foremost I am inviting everyone – EVERYONE, to please contribute. I know it’s dangerous to name names so I am saying right here – if you are reading this I really want you to think of writing for us. But I want to ask some folks personally.

Diana you wrote a great story just a few weeks ago. I hope you are going to write more. Terps, Jess and Yaya you guys are friends that have written FF before would you think of trying another? Three friends that I haven’t heard from lately and I miss them are Scout, Sally and Fanny. I know your lives are hectic but should things slow down would you consider trying a story? Hey if not, how about an email!!! And guys you are not getting off the hook Nick honey, you have written a few for me how about trying again? And Paul I would love to have a story from you.

Jam you have commented some and Kari and Jean, how about a story? Come on, you know you have one in you. (Jean I know you may have to wait until you get another computer, but that gives you a lot of time to think. LOL!) Carye – I’m not forgetting you. You have written some wonderful stories for me in the past so how about it girl? Do you have another idea in there?

But I don’t want my blogger friends to think that they are off the hook. I am asking you guys to contribute too. I know what many of you must be thinking – ‘I have my own blog, why would I write for anyone else?’ I know that’s not in a mean way but I know it’s hard enough to come up with posts for our own sites sometimes – but still I’m asking. I will be most happy to plug your blogs in the FF forward. Now I know many of you get more hits daily than I do but still I would be honored to have a contribution.

Ronnie I know you are working on one for me and I thank you. Now maybe you can help me talk some others into it, Hermione would you consider it? Debbie I know you are taking a break right now but that should give you some time for fiction! Todd and Suzy, Bonnie, Jay, Italian Gal, Andrea’s Girl and Elaine – all of you have helped in the past – would you consider it again? Purple Angel and Mina both of you are fantastic writers you could really give us a treat! What about you Tracy would you try a story? Our real life thoughts have run parallel lately (well except that I’m not pregnant!) so I would be very interested in what you might write.

Theresa I know you are private but you are such a good writer would you give it a shot again? Reesa and Michelle and my helpful anonymous friend I know you guys are professionals at this but should you have an unused story around I would welcome it!! Lessa and M:e I would love to have you share too if you’re willing. Carly not only can you write but you find some of the best pictures ever I would love a story from you.

There are several wonderful bloggers that I have just gotten to know Meow and Lash, N and K, , Recidavist, Na, Maryann, löthianne, K, Daisy and Davey to all of you please consider writing a Fantasy Friday and letting us enjoy your fiction.

And of course Eva, Grace, CeeCi, Val and David, I hope it goes with out saying how much I would like stories from you guys.

There are many, many others that I am sure I will think of as soon as I post this. So again, even if I haven’t mentioned you by name I’m asking you – lurker, commenter and blogger to join in the fun. I think this is a way to bring many of us in this community together. Reading each other’s stories and encouraging each other makes for strong friendships.

If by chance you are saying you just don’t possibly have time or that you can’t think of a story I’ll just say go back and think of all the stories that were in your head growing up – when you thought you were the only one who craved spanking. Write down some of them. And about the not having time, well I do understand that but if you do find the time … You can send any stories or questions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Meanwhile once again to Kaylyn and Florida Dom my sincere thanks for all you have done for Fantasy Friday. Tomorrow is Florida Dom’s next chapter. Its intense folks, you won’t want to miss it.


  1. You had me confused there for a minute PK :)

    I love FF, it's a great start to my weekend so come on friends please send PK a story. I would love to read them.


  2. Hi PK,
    I have been meaning to write a story for Fantasy Friday for a while and havn't gotten around to it. I will try to make an effort to get that done for you soon. I enjoy reading the stories a lot. It's a great series and I'm glad you continued it.

  3. Soon Pk Soon I promise if you promise to tell my life to slow down a bit. =-)

  4. Hey Ronnie,
    I sure hope people are going to be willing to help out.

    I would love to have a story for you, anytime you want. That would be wonderful!!

    I do know you have your hands full but if a story comes to mind - well sometimes writing can be relaxing.

  5. Thank-you to those who have contributed such wonderful stories recently...