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Monday, June 27, 2022

Those Millennials are messing me up

Times, they are a changin’. If you’ve been reading here for long you might remember that I host our family reunion every year. I’ve hosted it all but two years in the past thirty-eight. One year we went somewhere else and in 2020… well, you know all about that. We held it last year and I sighed with relief that the break hadn’t ended it. But we’re not having it this year and I’m blaming the millennials.


Despite great physical distances, our family is close. We usually have people come from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia and often California. Nearly all the attendees are of my generation. Most driver, except the Californians, so for many it’s a long drive. Now we come to the millennials.


They’re getting married and messing up the reunion. The reunion is usually the first weekend of August.  We have one wedding scheduled near the end of September and another the second week of October. None in my generation want to miss a big family wedding and asking them to drive to NC three times in three months just seemed a little excessive.

We’re skipping the reunion at our house, but all is not lost. The wonderful trip to the lake that we do after the reunion is still on! That for the few of us who live close. That lake house is magical for me and the inside sitting for Cassie’s house, so I really enjoy going. 


Next year, who knows? Nick’s fine with all this except he’s missed the chance to have me clean the whole house at once this year. That’s the part I’m really happy about.

*update: Collin's leg is healing well. Still painful and there is some swelling, but it's improving. No new information on the job front.


  1. Hi PK, that is such a shame your family reunion won't be going ahead, especially on top of the disruptions the last couple of years. Happy to hear the trip to the lake is still on though.

    Glad to hear Colin is recovering well. Sending positive healing thoughts for a speedy full recovery.


    1. Thanks Roz. I just hate to have them do all that driving, but I don't mind the four hour drive to the lake!