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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Snapshot of a Spanking Marriage

Happy Friday all.  I'm heading off again today.  Nick and I are going to the mountains with some friends. We're hoping it's a little cooler there and it's way back in the boonies. Our friends say the view from the hotel balcony is amazing - they also mentions that where the hotel is located you can be out on the balcony nude and no one will ever know. We may just have to try that out.

But I would never run off and leave you without a great Fantasy Friday story.  Today's story is by SNP.  She has written for us before and she's really good, this story is no exception.  To read more of her work be sure and go by her site, Slightly Naughty Princess. For now, please enjoy...

Snapshot of a Spanking Marriage 

Haley tapped the steering wheel impatiently.  She needed to get home to start dinner and traffic was really backed up today. Russ was going to work out and then be home.   They had a small disagreement this morning.  Haley snapped at Russ when he asked her about her plans.  Russ knew that work had been stressful for Haley.  He noticed that her attitude and demeanor were not great last night, but he hoped getting a good night’s sleep would help.  But, when she snapped at him this morning he sadly knew nothing had changed.

They were standing in the kitchen and when he asked about her plans she replied curtly that she really didn’t know and walked away.  Russ put the milk back in the frig and put his cereal bowl on the table.  Food would have to wait for now.   He took off towards their room and found Haley in their closet.

“Hey, babe, when I asked about your plans today I was not expecting you to blow me off and walk out of the room.”

“Oh, come on.  I said I didn’t know and I need to get ready to go, Russ.  I think it is a little bit of an exaggeration to say I was blowing you off.”

Haley cringed on the inside.  She knew that is exactly what she had done, but she was not ready to admit this to Russ.

“Haley, I know work has really been stressful.  I get that.  I thought if you got some rest last night that my sweet girl I love would greet me this morning.  If I asked you to run a lot of errands or added many requests to your day then I can see where you could be annoyed.  But, I just asked about your schedule.”

“Okay, you are right.   I have been stressed and I could have answered differently.”

“And, what about just walking away, Haley?”

“Okay, you are right about that, too.  I should have answered better and not walked away like I was dismissing your question.”

“Well, I am glad we agree on this at least.  I know you need to get going so you can be on time.  I plan to go work out after work.  We’ll meet back here for dinner at home.  But, be assured Haley.  Tonight you are getting spanked.  You need it for stress relief, but also your bratty attitude.”

Haley did not know what to say.  She thought about asking him if he could just do it now.  But, she needed to get dressed and get going soon and really did not have time.
It would be hard to work with a sore bottom, but it was going to be uncomfortable thinking about the pending spanking all day.   All these thoughts were swirling around in her head.  She did not speak them out loud.  Instead, she half smiled at Russ.

     “Okay, then.  I’ll start dinner and hopefully that will be finished by the time you get home from your work out.  I better get ready now.”

Russ stepped closer and kissed the top of her head.  She reached out to hug him.  They both seemed to be trying, but it was a strained embrace.  Haley got ready and she and Russ were out the door soon after.

Russ thought about Haley on the drive to work.  He loved his wife.  He really did.  She was beautiful and he was proud of her for her success at work.  Haley did not spend over their budget.  She did not even demand a lot of material things.  They had a friendship in their marriage.  Russ knew he was fortunate to be married to Haley.  He just needed to help her get back to her sweet, submissive self.   He should have read the signs before now.  Maybe if he had spanked her last night then they would be making fun plans for the night.  Now Russ had to follow through and spank Haley when they got home.  He was glad to have work out plans.   He would sweat and get out some frustrations so when he got home he would be calm. His mind could concentrate on giving Haley the spanking she needed and he would be in control.  Russ reached for the dial, turned on Sports Talk, and listened to the commentary for the rest of the drive.

Haley parked her car and walked into work.  She thought about the conversation in the closet with Russ.  Darn!  Why did she have to be so flippant this morning and walk away?  All she had to do was answer the question and smile and go on.  Now Russ had all day to think about this, too.  She got to her desk and the phone rang. Suddenly her memory of the closet and conversation with Russ pushed to the back burner.  She was in work mode and needed to get the report to the meeting room right away.

Haley decided to eat lunch at her desk.   She sent Russ a text and said “Just thinking of you, Russ.  Hope U R having a good day.”  Haley waited for a reply.  It did not come right away, but Russ did reply with “love you”.  Haley stared at the screen.  It was short, but she knew Russ loved her.  Slowly the bridge was being built back between them.

Haley left work, stopped to get gas, and then went to the grocery story.  She thought she would make pasta.  That was fast and easy.  She could get the bagged salad and some bread and they would be set.  But, she left work later than planned.  She talked to a girl friend on the phone in the grocery store parking lot. The conversation just kept going between them.  Finally, Haley said she had to go.   Shopping took longer than expected and now traffic seemed to be back up only because she was running late.  To top it off she left her phone charger at home and now her phone had no charge.  She could not call Russ to let him know she was running late!

She pulled into the drive way and her heart sank.  Russ’s car was already there.  How long had he been home?  Had he tried to call?  She punched the garage door opener and pulled inside.  She grabbed a sack of groceries and opened the door to go inside.

Russ got up from his chair with the phone in his hand.  He looked at Haley and shook his head.  Thank goodness everything was okay.

“I’m sorry honey.  My cell died and I could not call to let you know I was in traffic.”

“Haley, right now I’m just glad to see you and that you are okay!”

“I’m okay.  I’ve got more groceries.  I was going to make some pasta for us.  I’ll get it started and we’ll eat in about 30 minutes or so.”

“I’ll help you Haley.  I’ll get the rest of the groceries.”

Haley was glad Russ did not seem to be too mad about the phone and that she was late.  She knew he promised to spank her and so she did not want to add to her pending discipline.  They turned on some music and worked together on dinner.  Russ asked about her day and she got caught up on his day, too.   They ate in the kitchen and then cleaned up.  They went to the living room and turned on the TV.  Haley picked up her People and starting flipping through the pages and Russ tuned into ESPN.  They needed a little time to let dinner settle and unwind. After an hour or so then Russ decided it was time.

“Haley, it’s time.  I told you this morning that you were going to get a spanking.  Your attitude has been mediocre at best.  If you are tired or stressed you need to do a better job of communicating that to me.  If I ask you a question then I expect a respectful answer from you.  Then on top of those issues you were late getting home and could not even call to let me know.   You have a car charger and a regular charger.  There is no excuse for not having your phone charged.  I was really worried Haley.  It is inconsiderate of you to let this happen.  I know you are not perfect and I don’t expect that.   But, I expect you to be responsible and respectful.”

“I’m really sorry, Russ.  It was forgetful of me to not take my charger or look at my phone.  The traffic being backed up is not really my fault.  I already told you I should have answered differently and should not have walked away this morning.  I am sorry.”

Russ nodded his head.  He was not fully convinced by Haley’s words, but he wanted to think the best of his wife.  He spanked her because he loved her.  They were a team.  He wanted his team mate back.  He paused for just a moment.  He needed to remember his role. His mind was clear and he knew what needed to happen.

“Haley, I want you to head back to our room.  Get undressed and wait for me.  I’ll be there in just a minute.’

Haley thought for a moment it might be a good sign he wanted her to get undressed.  Maybe he would not spank her and they could move on to other pleasures.  A girl could hope.  

Haley got undressed and sat on the bench at the end of their bed.  She put her hands on her knees and stared at the wallpaper in front of her. 

“Alright, Haley, go get our Lexan paddle and bring it to me.”

Haley hated hearing that, but she got up and went to drawer where they kept their spanking implements.  She pulled out the paddle and turned to take it to Russ. Russ was now sitting on the bench where she had been.  She reached out to hand him the paddle.

“Come on, Haley, over my lap.”

Haley placed herself over his lap.  She tensed up and squeezed her buttocks together.

Russ slapped her butt hard.

“Stop tensing up, Haley.  You’ll only make this worse.”

Russ started spanking again with his hand and did not pause to give any relief.  The hand spanking went on for a long time. Haley felt her resolve melting away and she let out verbal noises...not quite words...with each spank.  Finally Russ stopped.  Haley was glad, but then he turned to grab the paddle.

“Russ, I don’t think I can take much with the paddle.  I am pretty sore.”

“Haley, I am not going to hurt you more than you can stand. But, the spanking is not over.  Besides it is not up to you about when this is over.  I am sorry you are sore, but a spanking is supposed to hurt.  Hopefully, you will think about how you are going to behave and how you are not going to behave.  Do you think you can do that?

“Yes, Russ.  I can do that.”

“Good girl.”

And, with that the paddling began.  Russ brought the paddle down hard and Haley yelped. 


“Haley, you will not walk away when I ask you something.  You will check your phone and take your charger with you.   And, I expect you to get some rest this weekend.  Your attitude stinks.”


 “Ouch, Russ, That......hurts!”

 “It’s supposed to hurt.  You will stay in place Haley until we are finished.”

Russ paddled her good.  He could see midway through that she was starting to give in to the spanking.  He could see her body relax and except the paddling.  He could tell she was crying a little bit.  He wanted to finish this so he could hold her.  Just a little bit more and they would be done.


 “Okay, last five Haley and then we are done.”

Haley thought she could not take one more, but she stayed in place and felt every hard smack of the paddle.  Then it was over.   Russ gently rubbed his wife’s behind. He caressed her and said he loved her.  His fingers moved a little lower and began to touch her elsewhere.  Haley perked up just a little.   Soon she was squirming and sat up.  She sat on his leg to the side and snuggled under his chin.  Russ whispered in her ear.  He used the pet name he called when they were dating.  She giggled.

It did not take too long and they moved from the bench to the bed.  Russ was out of his clothes in a few seconds flat.  He reached for Haley and pulled her on top of him.  He reached and caressed her heated back side.  Haley felt the hands of love.  Those same hands had just caused her pain, but she knew he spanked her because he loved her.  Those same hands now caressed her and made her feel loved.  The Haley that walked away from this man this morning was a crazy lady.  How fortunate Russ loved them both.

Saturday was the next day and so Russ and Haley slept in.  They decided to go see a movie later. Russ said he wanted to work in the yard a little while and they would go to an afternoon show.  Haley said she wanted to run a quick errand and get some cash from the ATM.  She got in her car and something caught her eye.   In the passenger seat was her car charger with a “Post It” note on top.  It read “Saving you from one spanking at a time. Love, Russ.  P.S. Sexual favors accepted and appreciated for services rendered.”  Haley laughed.  She loved her husband. But, this gesture told her Russ loved her and did not enjoy punishing her.   Haley returned and met Russ inside.  They never made it to the movie. Haley showed Russ her gratitude and Russ in turn warmed her backside once again.  This time, however, it was for pure pleasure and love.


I told you I was leaving you with a good one.  SNP, thank you for writing for Fantasy Friday.  You're helped here before and I hope you will again.  Remember everyone, it's summer! I think everyone should celebrate by writing a Fantasy Friday story of your own and then send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Great story SNP! It flowed so nicely. Loved the ending it brought a smile to my face! Thank you.
    Pk enjoy your weekend! You are very lucky to get away together!

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    Sounds like your both going to have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.


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    PK, you spoil us all, have a wonderful week-end.
    Love and warm hugs,

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