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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Let's Party, part 2

I'm lounging here around the pool, looking at the ocean and hoping Nick will have the kitchen done by the time I get home.  But I'm not holding my breath. 

As promised the conclusion to Minelle's great story. You can find the first part here. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am enjoying mine.  A little sun and surf never hurt anyone.  Please enjoy...

Let's Party

Thursday morning Nora, Myrna and Maureen looked into the large mirror in front of them. Jenna a friend, and the best darn hair dresser this town had ever seen, gawked at them.  “Wow you ‘Dolls’ look great,” she breathed, using 20s slang, “If I don’t say so myself!”

“This is our dress rehearsal, hope we can do it ourselves on Saturday,” laughed Myrna. “Well…I am not sure everyone will believe that we cut off all our hair for a party, but it really works doesn’t it?” The dark bob framed Nora’s face and highlighted her beautiful blue eyes. Myrna wore her hair in gorgeous finger waves that lay close to her head. And her bangs were swept off to the right side. Maureen sported pin curls parted in the middle and coming down on both sides of her face in rolls.  "Now we're pretty well set, and we still have two whole days to get the house all finished for Saturday’s 1920s Speakeasy, and Hollywood 1930s glamour theme!"

Just then Nora’s cell rang….  “You are kidding me? How does that happen? You cannot tell the difference between the ‘Black Bottom’ and ‘The Cat’s Meow’? The names and addresses are vastly different you ‘goof’!"

 Suspiciously, Maureen said, "What the heck happened now?"

 “We have to drive out to the Cat’s Meow today and pick up our delivery they sent to the wrong party company. The art deco buffet is part of that order.”

 Both Maureen and Myrna physically moved back from Nora.

“No way you are ‘dingy?” said Myrna firmly. “If you think I am going there after the guys said no-- it was dangerous, I’m not stupid darling.”

Maureen’s memory of her discussion with William, in the forefront of her memory, blanched to think what would happen if they disobeyed the guys.

“Come on they are just overreacting!” Nora continued trying to convince the girls to ride along with her. "It’s still early enough in the day; we can be back before they even realize we are gone! The man we need to talk to is Mr. Thinner.”

Jenna walked away taking care of the next customer, letting them hash out the problem. It looked like Nora convinced the girls. She watched them exit the shop and walk to the large van, sporting the logo of their party company.

The girls pulled up into a gravel parking lot and what looked to be large abandoned factory. “Nora? Maureen questioned, "Who called us about the messed up order?”

 “Jim at the ‘Black Bottom', why?"

“I wonder if anyone is expecting us,” muttered Myrna. The Cat’s Meow was not impressive.

“Is it even open for business?" Maureen looked up in disgust. "Let’s hurry; this place gives me the ‘heeby Jeebies!”

They walked around trying to find an office. Finally after walking around to the back they saw someone standing behind a large counter holding an opened pouch.

Nora shouted, “Hi Mr. Thinner?” 

All three women immediately stopped pulling up short when they realized the guy had a mask on his face! Uh oh, they thought at once, and in unison they shrieked, "Let’s get out of here. That pouch held white powder.”

Behind them they heard a soft laugh, “not so fast ladies…”

Turning slowly around all three ladies saw three men, all sporting masks. Only one guy had a gun - but it was directed at them very meaningfully. “Now let’s not be rash gentlemen, we can’t see your faces and we have no idea what you are doing here, we will just leave.” Myrna raised her left hand and pulled Nora’s shoulder. She then clasped Maureen’s hand to move them slowly away from the men…staying close together.

Mr. Thinners eyes glommed on to Myrna’s ring like a beacon, “Give me the ring, lady.”

Nora screamed, “No way you smarmy creep!” 

“Stop Nora." Myrna whispered, "I would rather get us out of here than worry about my ring."

The men shuffled the women into a locked room in the rear near the office. Cautioning them to stay out of trouble or they may find themselves dead.

Back to the present:

“Ok so let’s go over this once more and make sure we know what each of us is doing. We know that there are four men outside for sure. We're going to flood this room by turning on that industrial sized spigot over on that wall whispered Maureen.  All three of us will start screaming like we are dying. Hopefully they will freak out and run in to find out what’s going on."

"Nora you are going to sit by the door and when it opens--- kick your legs out to trip whoever comes in.  Myrna and I will take the broken pieces of the radiator and slam it on top of any creep we can. When we are all safe we run behind the counter to regroup. Next, we will quietly and carefully make our way back to the car.”

After about twenty minutes the water was flooding the room and the girls began screaming like banshees. Mr. Thinners was the first to open the door; he actually slid in the water, fell on the ground and cracked his head on the floor. The ladies were quietly high fiving each other when he stayed unconscious.

The husbands were anxious. Earlier in the day when none of them could reach their spouses they retraced their wives steps realizing Jenna was the last person to see them.

“Well, when they left they were arguing because something had gotten mixed up with an order. It seemed like Nora was trying to convince Myrna and Maureen that they needed to go pick the missing things up at some place called Cat’s or Meow, I'm not sure. They did leave together in the company van.”

At that very instant William received Maureen’s text, with the words Cat’s Meow! His skin turned cold.

“What is it?” Lloyd and Nicky asked. “The girls are in trouble!” Instantly they went into action, running to their car.

Please, please let them be ok! The guys couldn’t believe this was happening. It was surreal. They had been almost completely ready to bust up ‘The Cat’s Meow’ operation and were set to call the Feds in. The organization was big and full of nasty criminals not afraid of violence and murder.

Lloyd and Nicky quickly started making calls to the local police and the Feds urging them to race out to ‘The Cat’s Meow’.

The car was silent, each of the men praying quietly. Lloyd broke every law there was getting them out to where the girls were. They pulled up next to the party van, momentarily confused as to where the office could be. Each of them just spread out around the building ending up at a door near the rear. They heard yelling and banging. The commotion was deafening. Guns drawn they ran into the building prepared for any eventuality to save their wives. They were brought up short by the scene in front of them.

Nora was on the back of some mammoth man with a mask on his face. He was screaming and twisting around deflecting the blows Maureen and Myrna were raining down with pipes, on the man’s every extremity except where Nora was attached. Another man was lying on the concrete floor surrounded by moving water. From the corner of the factory a small mob of men in masks moved to end the battery of their co-criminal by the women.

Sirens screaming and doors slamming had the smugglers running fast for their freedom!

The anniversary Party:

The party was a consummate Success! Duke Ellington, Billie Holliday, and Ella Fitzgerald played. People danced The Charleston, The Cakewalk, The Flea hop and even The Black Bottom. All though Nora, Myrna, and Maureen were heard to mysteriously refer to that dance sarcastically, as the 'Red Bottom!'

The girls did not sit the entire evening as was predicted. During the night they were seen escaping with their husbands upstairs. Nobody thought anything amiss about that, the ladies acted as if they were happy to take that break. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This same scene was played out with each of the three couples, “Come on Nicky, haven’t you clarified your message thoroughly enough? Why can’t you give me a break?”

“Nope, he was resolute. Come on over you go.”  Her flapper dress pulled over her back, silk knickers pulled down, he began. "We are going to..." His hand found her nether cheeks without missing a beat, "keep this lovely bottom a cherry red all night!" He wasn’t really spanking hard, he didn’t have to he’d already completed that mission with absolute precision, prior to tonight. “You - smack -  lost sight about what- smack- should be important- smack!"

 “Ouch, Nicky please!”

"We told you that the company was dangerous, not- smack -maybe- smack- dangerous- smack-smack-smack-smack! We’re finished, that was your last reminder.”

 “Come on Love, you look ‘spiffy’ let’s go ‘Egg Harbor’ since I am not big on the formal dance steps!"

Tears were dried and the walked arm and arm out of the room.

When Maureen and William joined Nora and Nicky back in the ballroom, Myrna and Lloyd were dancing surrounded by all. The music stopped and Lloyd placed her anniversary ring back on her hand.

“How? I thought the Feds needed it for evidence.”

“I talked to the ‘big Cheese’ and called in a few favors!”

Everyone said the anniversary party was the ‘Bees Knees'.

The ladies couldn’t have agreed more!


I hope everyone enjoyed this story as much as I did.  Minelle, you did a great job.  I hope you will continue to write and share with us.  Now all the rest of you reading here.  It's summer - it's time to try something new!  Write that story that's been rolling around in your head.  You know you've been wanting to.  Give it a try and let us read it.  Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Minelle,
    very well done, thanks a lot.
    PK. enjoy your break, hope that the kitchen is ready when you return.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Loved your story Minelle. Waited till today to read so I didn't have to wait for the second part.

    Hope you are enjoying the beach, PK.

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thanks PK, for all your encouragement!
    Thanks for reading and commenting, Paul and Sunnygirl!

  4. Minelle,

    Thanks so much really enjoyed your story.

    PK. I hope your having fun.


  5. Minelle,

    Thanks so much really enjoyed your story.

    PK. I hope your having fun.


  6. Great story. This would be a super start for a series.
    Thank you for writing.

  7. Hi Minelle, I'm a bit late getting to read the last part of the sory, but it was great. I look forward to reading more of your stories :)

    Hi Pk, Hope you are having fun at the beach :)

  8. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Thanks Ronnie, Patty and faerie!