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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Love Will Find a Way, part 2

This Friday is one of the sweetest of the year.  My second day of freedom.  Thursday was my day - reading, writing, and being lazy.  Now today I have a doctor's appointment and then Nick and I are tackling the kitchen floor, ripping it up and getting it ready for the new one.

This is a continuation of a story Sunnygirl wrote for us (and I think I have it right this time).  You can find the first part here.  Now please enjoy...

Love Will Find a Way

Ginni and Sean had been married nine months before their first serious quarrel as a married couple. It started on Thursday night when Sean reminded Ginni about his nephew’s confirmation on Saturday. Ginni told him she might not be able to attend. The Children’s Foundation had called a special board meeting and she could not miss it. Sean said his family expected them both to be in attendance and he had no intention of showing up alone.

“The Children’s Foundation is a volunteer organization. It’s not as if it’s your job. You can miss the meeting.”

“You know how important the Children’s Foundation is to me. They wouldn’t have called a special meeting if it wasn’t important.”

The argument went on like this for the rest of the evening. Finally exhausted, Ginni just went up to bed. Sean was still fuming as he followed her up the stairs. Looking at the gorgeous tush as he climbed the stairs almost made him forget how upset he was with her attitude. By the time they got into bed they were so tired they just rolled over and went to sleep leaving the issue unresolved.

The following morning Ginni was up first. She had a rough night. She kept tossing and turning thinking about their argument. She knew Sean’s family was important and she felt bad that she had forgotten all about James’ confirmation. Not that it would have mattered. This board meeting was an emergency meeting regarding the purchase of the building that would house the new children’s center. The building’s owner had thrown a wrench into the negotiations and the matter had to be resolved prior to closing or the deal would be dead in the water. Saturday was the only day everyone could get together. It was a conundrum. She would try to work something out so that everyone was happy.

She dressed and left for the office before Sean got up. Once in the office she called her sister-in-law to find out the details of Saturday’s big event. Since the confirmation wasn’t scheduled until 4:00 pm she could still attend the morning board meeting. The meeting should last no longer than two hours giving them plenty of time to drive to Lancaster and be there in time for the ceremony.

She checked her messages after lunch and there was a text message from Sean. The message was very curt and basically said that they WOULD be going to the confirmation and that was the end of that. Ginni was fuming as she read the message. Capitalizing words were like yelling at her. How dare he be so dictatorial? When she acted like that he had her over his knee in a flash.

She was so angry with him she decided she would just ignore the text message. When 5:30 rolled around instead of going home she decided she would go to the mall to pick up a gift for James. By the time she found what she was looking for it was 8:15. She was surprised she hadn’t heard anything further from Sean. When she looked at her phone she realized she had muted it after his last text and had forgotten to turn it back on. When she did, she saw that she had 6 phone messages and 6 text messages from him asking, “Where in the hell are you?” She knew how she would feel if she had been unable to get in touch with him. Ginni knew she was in big trouble. Her butt cheeks actually clinched. She considered not calling him at all but then thought better of it. Rather than call, she texted him the following message:

Sorry, forgot to turn my phone back on. Am at the mall picking up a gift for James. Will be home soon. Was able to work out the details for tomorrow.

It wasn’t seconds later her phone rang. She saw it was Sean – should she answer it or not. After all he knew where she was and that everything was alright. He would probably just yell at her and she wasn’t ready for that. She didn’t answer. As she passed the café, she decided to stop in and get a glass of wine and a bite to eat before heading home. She was hungry and the glass of wine would mellow her out. The mall café closed at 10:00 and Ginni was the last patron out the door. Her phone had been beeping all night and she was afraid to look at the messages. When she looked at the last message, it read:

”Well Miss CEO you are in so much trouble. I am not one of your employees that you can just put off when it suits you. Be warned I will not be treated that way. It’s a lesson you will learn over my knee.”

Sean was walking the floor all evening. He couldn’t decide if he should just go to the mall, find her and drag her home or just wait til she finally decided to come home. He opted for waiting because he didn’t trust himself if he found her at the mall. His first instinct would probably be to throw her over his shoulder and spank her butt all the way to the car. He didn’t want to create a public disturbance and he had no doubt that Ginni would not go quietly. Relief washed over him when he finally heard the garage door open. He went to the door and waited.

Ginni walked in and saw Sean standing at the kitchen counter. She wasn’t sure how or what to do. He just stared at her. When she put the packages down he finally spoke.

“What do you have to say for yourself? You had better talk fast. Not that I think it’s going to help your cause any. That opportunity went out the window when you didn’t answer my call after you texted me.”

“I am sorry but I was so angry at you for that text you sent this afternoon. It was very bossy and if I had sent you something like that you would have spanked me. I just wanted to get back at you. I actually didn’t realize my phone had been turned off.”

“And what about after you did realize? Instead of calling you texted me and then didn’t take any of my calls.”

“I knew you were angry and that I was in big trouble”.

“I am glad you are home. I was really worried when I hadn’t heard from you. I am sorry about the “bossy” text. I was upset that you would choose an organization over family. I really didn’t get angry until you ignored me. I am not angry any more but that doesn’t mean you are off the hook.”

Sean told Ginni to go upstairs, get undressed and he would meet her in the bedroom. Ginni climbed the stairs and did as she was told. Sean made her wait a good twenty minutes before he climbed the stairs. When he entered the bedroom Ginni was sitting on the bed. He took one look at her and his heart melted. She looked so forlorn – like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar. He called her over, took her over his knee and began spanking her. He lectured as he spanked. She was so contrite. He told her to get up it was over. She couldn’t believe he had taken it so easy on her. She thanked him and climbed onto his lap.

The next day Ginni attended her board meeting and was home by 11:30. When she got home Sean suggested she relax a little before getting ready for the drive to Lancaster. One thing led to another and they just made it to the church in time to see James confirmed.


Sunnygirl, you are the best!  Thank you for all the stories you share with us. I hope summer time will give some other the time and inspiration to write for us.  If you do send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Great story Sunnygirl! Things really snowballed out of control for Ginni.
    I enjoyed how you captured their emotions and love. Hope we see more of them in future stories.
    PK I hope you are able to get something from the docs to make you feel better today.

  2. Thank you for bringing back Ginni. She sure knows how to get herself in trouble.


  3. Sunnygirl, very nice, this reads very real, thanks.
    PK, Attagirl!
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Thanks Sunnygirl! PK, Good luck the floor project and hope all is well at Doc Appt, too.

  5. Thanks so much SunnyGirl. I hope we hear more from Ginnni and Sean.

    Hope you got some some meds from the doc PK.


  6. Another good one Sunny!~abby