I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Just another Day in the Neighborhood

Today is the last day with kids.  If you don't teach you have no idea what that means.  And I can't begin to explain it.  It's like I've been held underwater for a long period and I've finally struggle to the surface for a deep gulp of air!  

Today is also the day they are coming to rip out my kitchen! Yeah!! I just hope and pray that everything is lined up to get things put back together in a reasonable amount of time.  I'll keep you informed.  

Now if you have paid really close attention you may have realized that I made a mistake on Fantasy Friday last week.  I put up what I said was part 5 when it was actually a second posting of part 4.  Sorry folks, lets just chalk it up to end of year stress or computer problems rather than just the fact that I'm probably losing it.  

But today, a truly new story and also from Sunnygirl.   I have no doubt you'll enjoy...

Just Another Day in the Neighborhood 

Brad walked in the door, grabbed Cindy by the arm and headed over to the couch.  Before she even had a chance to open her mouth she was over his knee, her slacks were down and he was pounding her butt.  He was spanking her fast and furious.  She was kicking and screaming at him to stop, to no avail.  He just kept spanking.  Then he heard a sound from upstairs.  He turned to look and saw Edie looking at them over the banister.  He promptly stopped spanking Cindy and righted her.  Cindy was desperately trying to pull up her slacks, not that she could possibly be any more embarrassed.

Brad said hello to Edie and walked out of the room, leaving Cindy to make any explanations she felt she needed to make.  Cindy’s nose was running and the tears that had streamed down her face had made her mascara run so that she looked awful.  She tried to talk to Edie but the words just wouldn’t come out.  A few seconds later, a horn beeped and Edie went out to meet her husband Jack, who had just come to pick her up. 

Cindy ran through the living room and kitchen looking for Brad.  She spotted him in the backyard talking to their neighbor over the fence.  She was going to give him a piece of her mind.  She stormed out to where he was and before she reached him he put his hand up in a stop position.  She took no notice and just kept coming at him.  She literally head butted him.  He grabbed her shoulders and she started swinging.  He told her to calm down – she never even slowed down.  

He finally grabbed her up and threw her over his shoulder, said goodbye to the neighbor and headed toward the house.  Cindy continued to carry on kicking and screaming and when one kick landed squarely on Brad’s back he gave her a hard swat.  He told her to knock it off unless she wanted another spanking right then and there.  She ignored the warning.  He reached the deck, put his foot on the rung of a chair and hauled her across his hip.  He gave her ten or twelve hard swats before she finally calmed down.

Are you finished now, because if you’re not I can keep this up?”

When there was no response Brad held her there a few more minutes.  He heard clapping and looked up to see the neighbor’s on either side cheering him on.  Cindy heard too and was much too angry to be embarrassed.  She was literally hissing at Brad as he let her up and she ran into the house.
Brad decided that the better part of valor would be to let her calm down before he approached her.  He wanted to give her a chance to regroup.  He went out to the garage and started tinkering. About thirty minutes later he heard a loud noise and went out to investigate.  What he found was a large duffle bag that had been thrown out the window. 

What are you doing?” He asked.

What does it look like?  I don’t want you back in this house tonight.   I don’t care where you sleep but it won’t be here.”

Then the car keys came flying out the back door.  She slammed and locked the door. He could hear her locking the windows and the front door.
Brad had never seen her so angry.  He had warned her though.  She had a habit of volunteering him to drive home some of the club ladies after their meeting.  He had told her time and again he didn’t like walking in the door after a long day’s work to find he had to chauffeur a bunch of her friends’ home.  The last time the meeting was at their house he told her that if she did it again he would spank her.  He was sorry that Edie had witnessed the spanking but he felt justified in his actions.  Maybe the next time she would remember.

He wasn’t sure what to do.  He could wait her out or go over to his buddy’s house to camp out on his couch.  He decided to go over to his buddy’s.  Jim wasn’t home so he left and went to the nearest Mickey D’s for supper.  He would come back later.

Meanwhile, Cindy was trying to think of how she was going to face her club members.  Of all people to still be there, it had to be Edie.  She was the biggest gossip of the group and Cindy was sure she wouldn’t waste any time calling everybody to tell them what she saw.  Plus the neighbors had seen her getting spanked too.  Maybe she should just leave town.  She could go visit her sister for a few days until the gossip died down.  She was just about to call her sister when the phone rang.  She looked at the caller ID and saw it was from Sara, one of the club ladies.  Oh well, I guess I might as well face the music.  She picked up and Sara asked if it was true what she had just heard from Jane.  Apparently, Edie had called Jane from her cell phone before she even arrived home.

What exactly did you hear, Sara?”

Sara explained Jane told her that Edie had seen you getting a bare bottomed spanking.

Yes, it’s true.  I suppose by now Edie has broadcast the event to everyone else.  Maybe she took a personal ad in the paper.  I am so embarrassed I don’t think I will ever be able to attend another club meeting.”

Oh, Cindy, just lay low for a while and by the time we meet again everybody will have forgotten about the incident” Sara said.

I hope you are right.”

She no sooner hung up the phone when it rang again.  This time is was Jill asking if it were true. When she said it was, Jill asked if this was something Brad always did.  Cindy responded that it had been the first time and then told her about being spanked again a short time later.  Jill was quiet for a moment and then quietly said that Chas had spanked her a few times when she had crossed the line.  Cindy couldn’t believe it.  Chas had seemed so mild mannered she never would have believed it if Jill hadn’t told her.

After she got off the phone, she thought about it.  She wondered how many other wives and girlfriends were spanked by their significant others.  She went to the computer and put spanking into the search line.  She was astounded by how many sites dealt with this subject. 

After reading for hours, she decided that rather than hide she would face it head on.  At the next club meeting she would bring up the subject and see how many other members were or knew ladies that were spanked by their husbands.

She went to bed to read for a while and started thinking about Brad.  He really had told her many times that he didn’t appreciate having to go back out to get her friends home.  Why couldn’t their husbands come pick them up, or why couldn’t they carpool.  She wouldn’t have been so angry at the spanking if they had just been alone.  The second spanking was totally her fault too.   He had tried to get her to calm down and she just ignored him.  She had nobody to blame but herself for the embarrassing situation.  She was sure he wasn’t embarrassed – he probably felt all macho. 

Just then she heard a tinkling noise coming from the kitchen area.  She grabbed her cell phone, dialed in 911, grabbed the baseball bat and crept down to the kitchen.  She saw someone’s hand trying to unlock the door through the broken window.   She punched send on the 911 call and raised the baseball bat over her head and down on the hand reaching through the window.

Ow!” she heard.  She brought the bat down again.  Another “ouch – stop it.  It’s only me.”  It was then she realized it was Brad trying to break into his own house.  She heard the 911 operator asking if this was an emergency.  She thought about really teaching Brad a lesson by having the police come out but she thought better of it.  She told the operator it had been a mistake and hung up.  She turned on the light and unlocked the door.  Brad stood there looking just like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. 

Come on in.  I think we have provided enough entertainment for the neighbors today, don’t you?”
                                                                                                                                   At the next club meeting, Cindy brought up the topic of spanking.  She was surprised how many of the women came clean saying they had either been spanked by their husbands or had been threatened with a spanking.  The biggest surprise came from Edie who said that Jack had spanked her the minute they got home from the last meeting.  She said he had warned her about gossiping countless times and when he heard her on the phone to Jill relating Cindy’s story that was the last straw.  He carried out his threat.


Thanks Sunnygirl, glad I was able to put up a real new story this week.  Sorry about no pictures again this week.  Still playing with the new computer.  So I'm on the brink of freedom I will try to learn all the tricks with my new machine.  While I'm learning that I hope some of you will be writing.  I do have one more new story to post, but you know I can always use more.  Please send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Sunnygirl,
    Nice story, thanks!
    PK, I've said it before and I'll say it again you're a star!!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Thanks for your story Sunnygirl!!
    PK, Congrats on making it to the last day of school. Hope kitchen remodel is all you want it to be.
    I bet Mollie will also enjoy the new kitchen when she is home, too:)

  3. Wonderful story! Thanks Sunnygirl!!

    PK - have a great summer break.


  4. Great story Sunnygirl :)

    PK - Freedom, at last!

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Sunnygirl I love your story! I love the way you began- bang on in. The ending was cute too.
    PK, Last Day Whooo Hoooo!I know how that is."course" we love the end- but get excited at the start again.
    Good luck with the kitchen.

  6. Patty5:57 PM

    Great story Sunnygirl, please write again soon.
    Have a wonderful summer P.K., we need more teachers like you.

  7. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Awesome story. so when do we get the the 5th installment of the other story!!!!

    Have a great summer break. Hope kitchen remodel goes well.


  8. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Loved the story and glad to see you back PK.

  9. Anonymous5:48 PM

    wow sunnygirl, excellent story, i loved it.
    thanks pk for posting it.
    love and hugs kiwi xxxx
    p.s. excited to hear about your new kitchen, its a stressful time but it woll be worth it, and its amazing how fast they will get it in