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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Let's Party

I'm off at the beach while you all read this. I'm not one who has to 'do' a lot on vacation. Laying by the pool, walking on the beach, eating well... now that's a vacation.  Getting to see family is just a bonus.  

I like our story today.  This story is by Minelle, she is a new friend who wrote Into the Alley for us.  I've been very happy to see that she has been reading and commenting out here some now.  Of course the next step is to get her to think about blogging... but all in good time I suppose.  I'm just happy she is willing to share her writing with us.

So let me give you a little vacation here.  Please enjoy...

Let's Party


“How the heck did we get into this predicament?” Nora, Myrna and Maureen were locked in a dirty dank back room that smelled like mold. “I can’t believe we let you talk us into coming out here and not let the guys know. I thought it was a simple matter of picking up the art deco buffet that they delivered to the wrong place! Seriously I didn’t realize we’d stumble into a smuggling operation!”

“Maybe we won’t die since everyone had masks on their faces.” Maureen sarcastically, albeit worriedly, spoke the thought foremost in all their minds.

Nora had tears in her eyes when she looked at Myrna, “I am so sorry they took your ring.”

“Screw that, I am just glad my two dearest friends are alive, even if we are not quite sure how to get out of here. Before they took our phones I typed a quick text to William -  I just said ‘Cat’s Meow’, maybe they'll figure it out when we are nowhere to be found. They’re smart ex FBI men, but we really didn’t leave them much to go on. I say we start using our brains and try and escape.” Said Myrna in gutsy spirited voice.

Ugh, Nora’s thoughts mirrored her friends - realizing when the guys found out they disobeyed their orders, they may not sit for the duration of the anniversary party if they were rescued. “Well, I guess a sore butt is in our futures no matter how happy they'll be to see us ladies, so let’s get going and figure out our next actions.”

Weeks earlier:

Ex FBI agents, Nicky Charles, Lloyd Powell and William O’Sullivan, looked at the transmittal sent to their office. They were being asked to consult on a case involving a party company called the Cat’s Meow, there was a strong suspicion they were involved in smuggling, and robberies of very wealthy clients who rented the party supplies. The last wealthy socialite who used them turned up dead. The police were trying to connect the dots and make an arrest, but so far were unable to do so.

“Do you want to take the case?” Nicky asked, looking at each of his partners.  All three men were well over 6 feet and built like mac trucks, courtesy of their past FBI training. They all thought it was a good idea to take this case; it was an area they were experts in. However, each was worrying how this could impact their wives professional party planning business.

“Gentleman, the warehouse for the company is about an hour away.” Nicky let them know. We should take a trip out there this week to understand the operation. We may not need to let the wives know about the danger involved with this company; they may not even use them.” In each of their heads they all thought basically the same thing, that with their wives - it was a forgone conclusion that trouble found them. They continued their day, organizing and dividing their talents for investigation of the new case. They were very aware that this company could have connections to organized crime, and that if their wives propensity to involve themselves in dangerous situations manifested itself they may have to call in the big guns.

Nora, Myrna and Maureen were having coffee out on the Patio of Myrna’s beautiful home. Myrna was showing off her beautiful antique ring Lloyd had given her for their 35th wedding anniversary. It was a vintage platinum ring with a huge diamond set in the art deco style. Maureen smiled, “Oh darling- that man spent a lot of his inheritance on that piece!" Maureen was their resident expert on antiques.

"He won’t tell me how much he spent." Myrna sighed. "Not that it will break us by any means. It’s just that I don’t need anything.  He told me I am his life, his love, and his heart, and if I tried to find out the cost of the ring he’d spank me the number of dollars it really cost. Romantic huh?" She laughed warmly with a blush on her cheeks. They all understood her plight since each of them was married to a husband who spanked on occasion. “I for one would not like a five figure spanking with his five fingers!”

Maureen laughingly let them know what she thought the ring cost. “So quit investigating.”

“Now ladies for the real reason I wanted to meet." Myrna said excitedly. "Lloyd and I are having an anniversary party, however not your ordinary boring kind of party. Were either of you aware that our ‘Queen Anne’ home was a Speakeasy in the 1920s?”

“NO Way! How fun is that?" Nora and Maureen leaned in closely to hear Myrna explain how during prohibition, this home became a Speakeasy or Blind Pig to support the family. "They were most likely connected to the Mob! How cool is that? Well," she continued, "Lloyd and I want to set up the ballroom as a Roaring 20s and early Hollywood Glamour 30s party. You know cover all of prohibition from 1920 -1933! We plan on inviting everyone, at least 150 people! I want our company to do the party; we are the best event planners this town has… and we’ll pay us.”

They were all opposites in looks; Nora the fair skinned, dark haired pixie, Myrna the olive skinned brown eyed sophisticate, and Maureen the tall voluptuous red head. When it came to planning events there was no company that was their equal, they used each of their own talents and specialties weaving a remarkable client list from Hollywood who’s who list, to graduation home parties. They travelled some but preferred being home with their loved ones.

Nora got right into the mood saying, “Let’s go into the house office to get on the computer and printout slang used in the 20s and 30s to include in the invitation. Costumes are a must, but let them choose whether to be a flapper a gangster or come Hollywood glamour.  We could give flasks as party favors.” They were off to a great start meticulously working out every detail, every possibility to make it the bang all party of the year.


Nicky waved good-by to the guys, "I’ll see you both soon.” He needed to hurry home to pick up his lovely wife Nora, and dress for the evening. The three men and their wives often socialized together and tonight they were having dinner at Lloyd and Myrna’s home. He looked forward to the evening enjoying the time with his wife and good friends. He was thinking about what he could say to warn his wife off the new party company. She always minimized danger.

He had been married to Nora for a year now and life was great even if their beginning wasn’t a bit auspicious, her attraction to trouble apparent even then. Nora was teaching at the time, he lived next door in the same apartment complex. He had just left the FBI and began working with Lloyd and William in their new agency. Since Nora was good friends with Maureen and Myrna who were married to William and Lloyd, they were often thrown together socially. Man could those girls get tied up in crazy schemes! 

Nora was a gorgeous woman - tiny but mighty in personality. They were crazy about each other, but everything was not always rosy in the garden. She was often impulsive and stubborn regarding her safety. He remembered the first time he ran smack up against her lack of self-preservation. There had been a rash of violent crimes near her school so Nicky said, “Honey do not stay late at school and call if you have to walk alone to your car I don’t trust the creep. Safety in these situations is a must.” What happened the very next night still rankled him.

Nora had gotten caught up in a project and didn’t realize how late it had gotten. “Ugh” she groaned. “Nicky is going to worry." And she forgot her cell phone. Nora would call him when she got home - she just started down the stairs and it was kind of scary, so she didn’t want to walk back up to make a call. He was working late tonight so maybe he wouldn’t notice she wasn’t home at her regular time since they didn’t live together yet.

She walked outside and hurried to her car, quickly locking the doors and windows. She put the key in the ignition turned it and…nothing. She tried again…nothing. Grrrrr! Now I have to walk home, she thought. Holding her keys pointing them out through her fingers she began walking the two miles home. For a fleeting moment she considered walking the half block to the all night fast food place and call Nicky. Nah, she didn’t want to put Nicky out.

Just then a creep drove up next to her and asked if something was wrong with her car, and did she need a ride home. “No thank you I am waiting for my boyfriend." she lied. He drove off calling her a few choice names mostly drowned out by the screeching tires.

Nicky had driven by the school searching for her when she wasn’t home at the normal time. He was nearly frantic when he saw her car still in the lot. Just then his cell phone rang. “Thank you,” he whispered as he noticed the caller id. She began telling him about her crazy night and he got madder and madder that she didn’t call him. “I am sorry I didn’t call honey, I didn’t realize you would come looking and find a deserted school and car.”

“You were so foolish to take your life for granted, and just so you know how I feel about this, when I get home I am going to spank your bottom silly,” he stated in a calm matter of fact way.

Nora answered the door in her bathrobe, looking adorable and contrite. She thought, there is no way he is going to spank me, he was just spouting because he was upset. He asked her if she was all right and when she answered affirmatively, he lifted her off her feet like a sack of potatoes, sat on the couch and pulled her over his knee.

“No way Nicky, I'm sorry I didn’t call, but nothing happened!"

“I am not spanking you because of the things you couldn’t control; I am going to spank you for not calling me to help you!” Then he lifted her robe and began to spank hard and fast. "We worked out safety guidelines to keep you safe. So, let’s go over every bad decision you made tonight and how lucky you are just to have a warmed behind!"

That night as they cuddled on the couch, they talked about their future; she learned that night her boyfriend was a spanker. Nicky said that he would always spank in certain situations, but he was a fair man and would listen first (most of the time). As it turned out the police think Mr. Creepo put water in her gas tank to disable her car, he must have believed her lie about a boyfriend being nearby and took off. Things could have been so bad. He would take this memory with him so he could be prepared to help impart the new information if necessary, to keep the ladies safe.


That night began in a very lighthearted manner; conversation flowed between the couples, clearly indicating how well everyone enjoyed being together. The ladies shared the work they had already finalized on planning the party. “And," Maureen went on saying, "We will put jars of daffodils, bowls of tulips and hyacinths." she went on excitedly. 

Here the guys drifted off half listening and frankly not interested in the minute details.  “Oh, we can rent stuff from either The Black bottom, a company that has upscale furnishings to stage exclusive party events. Wasn’t that a Dance during the 20s? Or  we could use The Cat’s Meow!" All of a sudden Nicky who had had a relaxed look on his face listening to the women’s  conversation, whipped his head around at the reference to The Cat’s Meow.

“No! You cannot use the Cat’s Meow!”

 “Why not?” the three women answered back.

What Lloyd wanted to say was, 'Because we said so that’s why.' However he modified his aggravation and said, “We are not at liberty to discuss the reason ladies, but it could be very dangerous.”   All three men were in agreement as they asserted their opinions agreeing with Nicky.

“The company is into some shady dealings ladies.” The men looked at each other realizing the woman would not make this easy.

The ladies were perturbed with the men’s highhanded announcement and continued the conversation planning the party out on Myrna’s wrap around porch, excluding the men pointedly.  All three women wanted to shout and stomp their feet at the men and their bossiness.

After their company left, Myrna quarreled with her husband about using whichever company they wanted! “We need to purchase furniture and equipment best suited for the party.”

“Look darling, I do not want to spar with you on this, I want you to obey me without question,” Lloyd tried to reason. 

“Well,  if you'll not give a good reason than I will use which ever company works best!" She said snottily.

“Excuse me?” Lloyd queried sternly. “Am I a reasonable husband Myrna?” she had the grace to blush at her temerity.

“Mm mm, yes.” she answered prudently.

“Then you are aware that I have made up my mind regarding this issue?” Myrna nodded her head stiffly. "If you or any of the ladies do anything to involve yourselves with the Cat’s Meow, I predict sitting to become a distant memory for each of you!” He looked at her calmly and earnestly. “Honey I am serious about this. Like it or not I am an expert here and if I tell you something is too dangerous you need to trust my judgment.”   Lloyd clasped her hand in his as they walked into the hallway. Turning to the left of the large open entryway, he suggested, “Let’s sit over by the fireplace honey and cuddle on the couch.”

She was really trying to get over her aggravation, knowing that Lloyd’s patience could wear thin. It is just that his work always interfered with her life in some way or another. She also was honest to admit, if only to herself, that sometimes she just wanted to be contrary with him. He was so bossy.

He set a romantic scene by making a fire, and turning on some Pink Martini. Then surprised her when he pulled her over his knees lifted the back of her dress up and placed his right hand caressingly on her lace panties, enjoying the view of her thigh high hose.

 “Honey? What’s going on?”

“Just a tiny exclamation point to make sure you heed my warning of earlier.”

“If you do this don’t expect me to get all lovey dovey upstairs!”

 “Really?” He brought his hand down in a blasting smack, smack, smack, smack, and smack all over her bottom. “Exclamation point over...you were saying?" He asked, as he started to rub and smack in an entirely different... erotically pleasing manner.

“Maybe I spoke too rashly." she whispered huskily.  The mood definitely was much altered and after a while he drew her off the couch and led her upstairs.

"Common my little “chickadee” my back is too old for this couch.”

 “Oh Lloyd you're going to have fun with this 20s slang aren’t you?” 

His answer was to smack her bottom and say, “come on “bearcat” let’s go tear up the sheets!” She smacked him on the arm and raced past him up the stairs.


Maureen was involved in a much more spirited debate with her husband William. They were both red heads and had the fiery tempers to match the stereotype. “You are absolutely unreasonable and I am doing whatever I want!” She walked over to the sink for a drink of water.

“Don’t bet on it brat." Her six foot five husband said behind her.

Here is where her sanity left her and an alien took over. She watched her hands reach for the hose in the sink telling him he needed to cool off.  Next, she turned the water on her husband spraying him in the face and up and down his body! The look on his face would have been comical if she didn’t see the red infuse his face up through the top of his head. She thought she may have even seen steam burning the water off his head.

Maureen turned to run, but as fate would have it she stumbled sliding in the water on the floor, and he grasped her body to his. “That was a BIG mistake darling!” He dragged her to a chair in the kitchen turned her over his knees, and wailed away on her backside. “We are about to get a few things straight dear, firstly, we will deal with the water since I am so freshly aware of my discomfort!”  He pulled her pants and panties down and off.

“No…!” Spank, spank, spank, spank  “I AM sorry I was just so peeved at you! You acted like a bratty child not an intelligent adult woman!” More smacks followed until he felt she understood all that needed to be ‘discussed’ that evening and continuing for the foreseeable future party planning process!
William pulled her up to sit astride his lap, since she absolutely would not be sitting any time soon. Soon forgiveness and passion became the next delightful activity.


Don't worry, part two will be up tomorrow.  Minelle, thank you so much for sharing your writing with us. Now you want to think about that blog...


  1. PK, hope you are a lady of leisure today and enjoy your vacation time!
    Minelle, thanks for another story and I'll tune in tomorrow for Part II. Yay-FF and it's the weekend almost!

  2. Great story Minelle, I second PK's sentiment. How about that blog? LOL.

    Have a great time at the beach PK :)

  3. PK,
    sometimes I worry about you, this is cruel!
    Still, I'll be back tomorrow.
    Thanks Minelle, great start.
    PK, enjoy your vacation, see how American I'm becoming.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Great story so far, really looking forward to part two. :) Thanks!

  5. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Thanks PK, For hosting my story! Thank you all for your nice comments!