I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Hodgepodge of Happiness

Joy, joy, joy!  I'm free and the feeling is just beginning to sink in. I think if you tied a string around my toe I could just float down the street with you. I have a minor complaint. I caught a spring cold a few days ago – hasn't seemed all that bad, but less than an hour after school got out yesterday, I had lost my voice completely. But all and all, I'd compare it to being told you have won the lottery and the down side is you have to go to the bank and sign papers, I think I can live with it.

Friday afternoon my kitchen was indeed ripped out. I had adjusted to the thought of being without a stove top, oven, even to the refrigerator being on the carport, but I don't think I realized the significance of being without a sink for an extended period, a bit of a hassle. But there is no backing out now. I staggered out of bed Saturday morning and came into the kitchen to find Nick already hot, tired and sweaty as he worked to pull down the molding, the old paneling, ripping up the floor. Seeing him in such a state I simply asked “What, you haven't made any breakfast?”

His reply was “I do have a hammer in my hand.” A hammer, what the hell kind of spanking implement is that? Oh well, I thought it might be best to get out of his hair so I made a little breakfast on the grill. He took a break and we ate peacefully down by the pool.

More happiness, Mollie did decide to come home for the weekend. I hadn't seen her in three weeks. That's probably our longest time and I was a happy mama to see her. She looks so good and seems so happy at camp. This past week she was on kitchen staff and next week she will have kids for the first time. She is so excited! I don't guess anything makes me happier than seeing my kids happy. And it's a real joy to have someone to answer a few mac questions for me.

The whole family is planning on going out tonight to celebrate my FIL birthday. He and my MIL are really something. They were putting flea medicine on their cat the other day when my FIL stepped back and realized he had stepped off the poach. Not wanting to fall down the steps he kinda jumped backwards and landed so that he scrubbed his arm a bit, but he was fine. Nick told him yesterday that now that he was a year older – 91, he'd have to quit jumping off the porch. But they still tend three small gardens and provide produce and Sunday lunches to the rest of the family. Amazing people.

I sure hope to be here more now that I'm out, there are three workdays next week, but with the kids gone they should be a breeze. I have blog ideas and several questions I want to ask here. And maybe as Mollie heads back to camp and I recover from my cold then I just might have some spankings to report – keep your fingers crossed.


  1. PK,
    I hope that your cold leaves soon.
    That your kitchen is completed soon without a hitch.
    And that all you needs are met this summer.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK: It is wonderful to see you so happy. Maybe you have a wonderful summer and hope the kitchen renovation isn't too much of a hassle and you get plenty of summer spankings. And how is your new computer. And nice that Molly is coming home, too. You life certainly seems to be so good right now. May it continue that way all summer.


  3. Hoorah for summer vacations! May you rest, play and survive the kitchen renovation. Of course, lots of spanks too! abby

  4. All sounds good PK. I enjoyed your update. Hope the cold will go away real soon.
    Enjoy your family time this weekend. Nick sounds like he is working hard. Glad things are well for Mollie. Look forward to your new post ideas and fingers crossed for spankings in your future:)

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Hi PK, Sounds like summer is going to be such a welcome relief from the crazy stress of the last few weeks. I am sure the testing stress didn't help your cold any. Hopefully you can take care of yourself and get precisely what you wish this vacation. Great that Mollie is home to visit.
    Are you washing dishes in the bathtub? Ugh!

  6. Paul,
    I’d like the cold to move on too. The kitchen is overwhelming at the moment but it will eventually be done.

    Summer is the best time in the world! The kitchen will eventually come together. I’ll give the cold another day or so to be gone then I’ll be pestering Nick for a good spanking to get things started right.

    You know just how good this all feels. It’s almost worth teaching just to feel this good when summer gets here.

    Thanks, and I am really looking forward to writing in general – emailing, blogging, fiction, everything.

    Mollie’s visit was fun, but very short. Wish I could have talked above a whisper. We redid out main bathroom 2 years ago and we don’t have a bathtub. I foresee many paper plates in our future.

    You said it, friend!

  7. PK, I can sense the big smile in your writing. Made me smile thinking about how happy you are right now. I hope you have an awesome summer and have lots of alone time with Nick.

  8. I hope your cold is nearly gone. I think your going to have a wonderful summer so enjoy.
    Let us know know the kitchen renovation is going.


  9. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Sounds like an all around wonderful time.