I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Well I used to be Elis, but...

Kay pointed out yesterday that I didn't really tell you where the name PK came from. It is a kinda funny story and I've posted it before but it was several years ago. So if you've been reading here for a while this isn't new. But if you started reading within the last two years here's how it all came about.

The original Fantasy Friday was a guessing game. The idea at the time was for several of us that had become friends to write fantasy stories and send them in. Then everyone could guess who wrote it. Many of us had begun to recognize each others writing styles so we worked hard to try to fool each other.

I had become close friends with several bloggers at the time. Friday morning as soon as I got to school Eva – my best buddy mind you, emailed me about the Fantasy Friday story. Her first words were “It’s got to be Grace!” I had to agree it did sound like Grace so when I got home that night Grace got my vote. Eve and I talked about it a couple of times over the weekend and then Monday morning I got to read the reveal. The author wasn't Grace – it was that sneaky Eva herself!!

So… well I’ll let you read what Eva posted later that day. (Her words are in red and she is quoting my emails and comments in blue.)


I was so excited to wake up and see my story. And yes, I definitely had some fun with Elis over it. Guilty as charged. I saw Ellis' comment on the reveal post. It said:
"I'll tell you what Elis' face looks like right now! Pissed!

(Really? Kinda like this mean little kitty?)

I'll get her! LOL! What kind of friend intentionally leads someone to the wrong
(One who wants to mess with your mind a bit??)
The first email I got from her last Friday said "It's got to be Grace!" It was
Nick that said "I don't know it could be Eva"
(That Nick, he's a wise fella~ you ought to pay more mind to him)

Just wait, just wait. I'm plotting now!!"
(Should I be skeered ??)
And actually, I was the first one to post on the Fantasy Friday reveal this morning:

"Yes, I too would love to
see Elis face when she sees this today.....

I suppose I should ask her to forgive me cuz I did mess with her head a b
it on Friday, pretending it HAD to be Grace and all.....

Forgive me, Elis?"

Oh, but wa
it. There's more. I got to work this morning and sent her a "Good grief, is it Monday already, Have a nice day" kind of email. It was really nice and all but what do I get in return? Have a look.....

"I'll get you."

(As in "I'll get you, my pretty?" Oh, dear.)

Its one thing to jump to the wrong conclusion, but you PUSHED me!
(Yes, but I'm a good guy. It was for your own good. Yeah, that's it. It was for your own good.)

And what really makes me mad is that Nick said he thought it might be you.

(Told ya, he's a very wise man that Nick)


(Yes, dog gone it... isn't Elis cute when she's "pissed?") And if I seriously thought for one second that Elis was REALLY upset with me, I'd be on my knees apologizing. We'll see what her response to this post is though. ROFL

LOL! It was all in fun and we got a big kick out of that day. Several of my friends started calling me 'Pissed Kitty' - even Nick when I got on a roll, so it ended up sticking. I got a kick out of it and eventually the PK became permanent. I felt like I had been re-christened by my buddies. So now when I hear Elis it sounds like a stranger. I never intended to be PK but for better or worse I feel that's who I am.


  1. That is funny, PK -- thanks for sharing! I can't get the pissed kitty's face out of my mind now...LOL...

  2. PK: Thanks for retelling the story of how you became PK. The emails also must bring back memories of what it was like when you were new to this and getting to know your friends.

    And is there a story on which you were Elis at the beginning.


  3. That picture is priceless!! PK it is then...not such a stretch for me since that's the only way I've ever known you. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. ..I never know what PK stood for...now I will always picture that kitty. Great read to start my morning!

  5. I barely remember Elis but think of you as PK. Now I'll laugh whenever I type it!

  6. PK, would you believe I know this story. LOL
    My wife has been in and out of hospital these last three days, or I might have had something to say about your last post. :D
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. "Pissed Kitty" funny when I first read it, thanks for the re-post.

    I was just thinking the same as FD. Is there a story behind Elis?


  8. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I LOVE the picture of the real "Pissed Kitty"! You seem so good natured, though. Can't imagine you giving that expression, lol!

  9. i love the picture of the pissed kitty - thank you for sharing how you got your name - its cool :)

  10. That is hilarious! I'll never look at that picture the same way again!

  11. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I think you're still bitter about me messin' with your mind... hehehehe

  12. Katherine,
    That pissed kitty picture has always been one of my favorites. I probably should have it on my site somewhere!

    It was a golden time of blogging, at least for me. There was so much joking and teasing and talking back and forth to each other in comments. I’m luck to still be in touch with all those people even thought they are not all out here much these days. But I miss the time when we were all blogging together.

    K’s Sweetie,
    Some picture! Not many reading out here these day that do remember Elis.

    Not sure this is a good thing if everyone sees that picture in their mind when they think of me.

    I love getting a name I never planned on.

    LOL! Paul,
    Yep you were there! I hope your wife is feeling better soon. I always miss you when you don’t drop by.

    Not a very interesting one I’m afraid. I’ll email you.

    You’ve obviously never been one of my students who came in without their homework! I bet they would recognize the look! LOL!

    It is a wonderful picture.

    So now you can picture the real me!

    I’m bitter about ALL the times you messed with my mind!

  13. Anonymous10:26 PM

    See I knew everyone would love this story. =-) lol


  14. Kay,
    LOL! See what you started! Glad you suggested it.

  15. I remember this well. LOL

    I had no problem taking credit for that story...it was really good!!!!!

    Ah, the good ole' days!