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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Reunion time!

Hey everyone! Just a quick note here. We are in the middle of our two day family reunion. Nick and I have hosted this for 26 of the past 27 years. One cousin brings in all the food for Saturday night and I cook Sunday lunch. I’ve spent the last few days really cleaning for all my guest. If you’ve been reading here for very long you know I am not very domestic and cleaning is not one of my favorite pastimes. But it was coming along.

Until Friday afternoon, I stepped out into the sun room to bring in some can drinks from their box and put them in the refrigerator. It was cherry Dr. Pepper (Why couldn’t it have been Sprite?) I dropped a can. It ruptured and begin spewing bright red drink everywhere. I mean this thing was spinning like a top! All over the floor, the cream color sofa, the pale rose colored walls, the one brick wall. I made a grab for it hoping to throw it in the kitchen sink just on the other side of the wall. That meant it continued to spray coating the kitchen floor, the refrigerator, the wall behind the sink and, of course, me – I was wearing my new white shirt.

I should have thrown myself on the damn thing like a grenade! At least then it would have been just me and the floor destroyed. What a mess!

On a TTWD note, I didn’t make the goal Nick sat for me this week. I did try. Not as hard as I could have, but I did try some. I got the following email from him Friday afternoon:

You didn't lose the amount of weight we agreed on. We will deal with this when time permits. At least glad to see you lost some weight since we talked. Between now and next Fri NO GAIN! May have to bear down after this weekend.

It’s going to be tough. The reunion and all the food that brings, plus I’m going with my cousins to one cousin’s lake house until Wednesday. She and her husband both are wonderful cooks. Grrrrrrr… but I’m going to try. I really appreciate that Nick is willing to help and I want him to know I’m trying.

The computer is coming with me but I won’t be on as much. Talk with you all later.


  1. When they finally decide to get serious... it's serious.

    Good luck, my friend! Hope the reunion is awesome!!!!

  2. Happy to see Nick following up PK.

    Have fun at the lakes. See you when you get back.


  3. PK, oh dear, what a disaster, no doubt you'll laugh about it later.
    Glad to hear that Nick id backing you on the weight loss effort.
    Have a great time.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. PK: Sorry about the mess. And tough to diet when you are hosting a reunion and visiting friends.

    But how nice that he is taking notice and it sounds like he will hold you accountable. That should give you more incentive.

    And enjoy the reunion and the visit and will look forward to hearing from you when you can post again.


  5. Family reunions, at out last one we had over 200..we now have to rent out a place! Sounds like you will be doing better at your diet! Enjoy the lake...but no too much!

  6. hope you managed to get the sticky stain out of everything - not good :( poor you. Id have been so mad and upset.
    Other than that i hope the renunion went well - it can be fun but hard work.
    Happy to see Nick stepping up - good for him...:) its time and patience - time i have patience i sadly lack LOL
    have fun on holiday and talk to you soon
    love and hugs xx

  7. OH man exploding soda can! NOT GOOD!!!!!

    Sounds like Nick is going to be on top of you! ;-0 Maybe you can go for a few extra hikes around the lake house so you can eat more? Hope you really get to relax and enjoy yourself.

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  9. Ofcourse, stuff like that NEVER happens when it's just some random Tuesday and there is no company...YUCK!! Good luck on the weight loss...and have FUN!!!

  10. Good luck and have fun!