I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Calm weekend

I had a peaceful weekend. Nick was off golfing and I stayed home to write. I’m getting used to the lovely boot and hobbling around. I saw the orthopedist last week and he says I should be able go to a much smaller boot in a couple of weeks. And that I may be able to lose it all together by the end of June when I have an important trip planned.

I’ve been doing well in my weight loss efforts. I’m down just over seventeen pounds since they said I had diabetes. But this foot thing is not great for the exercise part of the program. I guess if the truth be told this weekend hasn’t been so great for it either. I tend to slip a little with what I should be eating when Nick’s not home. But my sugar is still hovering around 110 so I haven’t been too bad.

I managed to do one thing I’d promised myself I’d do this weekend
 I finished another book! This is my first non-Cassie book and it’s a whole different process. Cassie’s easy, all I have to do is type. This one I had to write.  I like it and I hope those of you who read it will too. I just sent it to a dear beta reader yesterday and then I’ll be sending it to my personal editors – Nick and my sister, before I ever send it to Blushing Books to see if they’ll accept it. Cross your fingers for me.

End-of-grade testing begins this week. Not my favorite time of year but since I can say to myself it’s the last time I’ll have to do them, they aren’t really bothering me. It’s been very interesting watching Mollie during her first year. I’m amazed that she can tell me so much about each and every one of her students. It’s like hearing a mother talk about them and their achievements. Listening to her makes me doubly sure it’s time to retire. I still enjoy my students, I truly want them to do well, but there is no way I can pretend to match the enthusiasm she shows for each of her students. I think teachers do get to a point when they should hang in up and I'm there.

Sorry there wasn’t anything on topic to share – though I guess there shouldn’t be if Nick’s not home. Hopefully there will be something soon.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fantasy Friday - OTK

Nick is heading off or a golf weekend later today and I'm hoping to prop my foot up and write all weekend.

As for today isn't it great to have a good story to look forward to on Friday mornings? I think it is a wonderful start to a great weekend. Today's story is written by a guy, a good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy...


They had been High School sweethearts and now Donna was minutes away from getting married to the man of her dreams. Jim was already dressed in his tuxedo thinking of what his bride would look like standing at the alter next to him. He had visions of what his wedding night would be like with this beautiful woman. Jim did not know it but Donna had the same thoughts running thru her head.

Donna had told Jim years ago what those playful swats he gave her on her butt did to her. They were not really into spanking but he had promised her on there wedding night he would do whatever she wanted to please his new bride. The thoughts of what she wanted him to do was making her moist between her legs. Jim had been on the computer reading up on spankings and had actually found a chat room on the subject. For the last several months and had learned a great deal he thought on how he could please the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

The ceremony was about to start and he watched his bride to be being escorted to him by her father. It was beautiful an outdoor wedding and the weather could not have been better. As the minister finished the ceremony and he told Jim he may kiss his new bride. He smiled at Donna, told her he loved her and they kissed passionately. He then whispered in her ear "You will receive you first spanking tonight". Donna then gave Jim another kiss and they turned to walk away as man and wife.

The wedding reception was just as wonderful as the ceremony itself. The happy couples were dancing and Donna whispered to Jim I have a surprise for you but not until this evening. She asked Jim what kind of spanking she was going to receive and Jim just kissed her and told her one that she would remember always.

The drive to the hotel had taken a couple of hours and when they reached the door of there suite they kissed each other with hunger for each other. Jim opened the door and picked her up and carried her to the bed. The bed was covered in rose petals. There were vases of dozens of roses thru out the room and a table with champagne being chilled and a box.

Jim was sitting on the edge of the bed as Donna came out of the bathroom. He stood up and could not believe how beautiful she was. She was wearing nothing but a orange G-string panty. They only took two steps to each other and there mouths met. Jim's hands were slowly massaging Donna's back and then down to her butt as they continued to kiss Donna let out a little moan. Jim's mouth then found her nipple and then the other. He slipped down to his knees as his mouth continued to explore her body and his hands massaging her butt. Donna thru her head back and her breathing was labored as the feelings raced thru her body and ended between each leg.

Jim grabbed each side of her panties and pulled it down as Donna stepped out of it. Jim's eyes met hers as she told him, I told you I had a surprise for you. She had shaved clean her pubic area and as his mouth kissed her there her knees buckled. Jim got up and led he to the bed reached down and picked up the box and gave it to her. Inside was a leather paddle and etched into it "forever my love". Jim reached for Donna and put her over his knee and started to rub her butt all over and then his hand came down on her with the first swat and the another. He continued for several minutes with his hand and then picked up the leather paddle.

Donna was in another world. She had no idea what she had wanted for so long was making her feel like this. As the paddle came down again on her red marks were beginning to show on her butt and Jim stopped to massage her and ask her if she was ok. Her response to him was not to stop "please don't stop". Jim continued and with each swat the leather made her moan. Jim took his other hand and found out how wet she was, him not knowing she had already had the first of many orgasms to come that evening.

Jim could wait no longer and laid her on the bed and entered her. As they made love together as man and wife they both exploded together and then they held each other and told each other how much they loved each other.

That was ten years ago today. The paddle is well worn and is kept in the night stand next to the bed. Donna is waiting for the love of her life to return from work and all she has thought about today is how Jim makes her feel when he takes her over his knee. As the door opens she gets up to greet Jim with her panties soaked with the thoughts in her mind of the evening that was to come.


I don't know how many of you might remember Mthc - a friend who was active on the blogs many, many years age. Her husband David wrote this story. Sadly David passed away a few years ago, but I still exchange emails each morning with Mthc. She is a grandma now and her grandsons bring her much joy.  If there is anyone who would like to share a story here please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, May 16, 2016

Saturday wasn't perfect

I told you about the good part of my Saturday yesterday – now for the not so great.

Yep, I broke my foot. Fifty-nine years old and this it the first bone I’ve broken. Nick and I were opening the pool and with my natural grace and ninja like moves I managed to catch my foot in part of the plastic cover and trying not to fall I guess all my weight went on the side of my foot and I broke a little bone.

I can’t decide my favorite thing about the boot – it’s beautiful fashion statement, it’s over all comfort or the way it keep my foot and lower leg simmering at about 200 degrees? I'll probably have about six weeks to decide.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thank heavens for bond fires

It’s a busy time on year. School is stressful as we head for the end and I feel drained when I get home each day. Nick has been working outside more and so we look to the weekend to find a some private time when we both have a little energy. I know some people love making love when they go to bed, others are morning lovers, but Nick and I do love to make love during a lazy afternoon. That worked out fine when Mollie was in college, but now she often come home on Saturday afternoons. She was home again yesterday, and while we love her to death, she was cramping our style.

But then she told us she wouldn’t be around long. A friend graduated and folks were getting together for a big bond fire party and she’s be there all afternoon and evening.  Her car was barely out of sight before we took advantage of her absence. Such a nice afternoon!

So I’m curious, I know many of us are empty nesters, do you have a favorite time of day to make love and why is it your favorite?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fantasy Friday - A game of charades; Whipped on St. Andrew's Cross

I'm here, I'm here. I haven't been out and about in the land this week. There's nothing wrong, but there is also nothing on topic to blog about and school is just rough these days. Nothing horrible, just end of the year normal. Just keeping order as the day goes on drains your energy. Not much longer now, though.

The good news today - we have a brand-new story! This wonderful story is from Any - as in Eric51Amy49  she is a great writer and I really appreciate her help.  You'll find a little background to this story at the end. I hope you'll enjoy...

A Game of Charades;
Whipped on St. Andrew's Cross

Alone in our room, I wait, this single moment in time engulfing the quiet stillness when I finally stop running, stop moving.

The front door opens and shuts quickly, breaking the silence like the unexpected shattering of glass. This is not unexpected and even so, the sound pulses through the air and causes my heart to race.

Eric's footsteps on Mexican tile mimic shards falling to the ground and the quickness of his pace announce that there is no hesitation in his purpose. He enters our room and finds me, seated on a bench, fully dressed in jeans and a long blue flowing shirt.  We stare, frozen, into each others eyes like two cats preparing to brawl. We are desperate to release the stress of changing careers and undo the struggles of things gone wrong.

Beside me there are two implements. Sir Strap, the largest and most intense leather item we own, is the closest to my thigh. It was purchased at a time when we discovered I was routinely putting words in Eric's mouth, leading us down a path of confusion and misunderstandings. He had only used it twice and the habit was corrected.

This time was different in mood and in purpose. This time I needed a strong bite to reset my mind and push me forward another week and Eric, infused with too many demands and no time to sift through and manage them effectively, needed it just as badly as I.

Eric grabbed the handle and nodded toward the closet.  Hands outstretched and fingers laced through the metal shelving between hangers and material, I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

"You know I do this because I love you," he said and the leather flew through the air and crossed both of my cheeks in a long even swat.

The crack of the whip echoed in our tiny chamber and the space instantly warmed. My bottom tingled under the protection of thick denim and I smiled knowing Eric would be able to put real power to his swing without truly hurting me.

The next strike aimed more for the right side and the tip of such a long sheet of leather wrapped around and clawed at the skin on my hip.  Like the end of a towel snapped in a gym locker room, it bounced back and even the jeans did not stop the sting.

"Oh that felt so good," the words were spoken but I really don't know if they were mine or his. We were in sync, the intensity of each strike clearing my mind and releasing his tension.

Soundly whipped; the sixth and seventh strikes enough to have me leave my post and dance around, catch my breath and set the nerve endings throughout my body on fire.

"You need more, don't you?" This time it was Eric speaking for sure and though he posed it as a question, it was more a statement of fact.

Back to the shelf, fingers holding on tight, Eric let three consecutive swats reign hard upon my seat.  The wrap around bit fiercely and I knew there would be a long lasting mark.

We exited the closet and Eric ordered me to undress. There was one more small leather strap remaining on the bench.  

I removed my jeans and thong, facing him and wondering with such a harsh warm-up if the little auburn strap would even make a dent or if instead, it would land on my flesh like a mosquito in summer; unseen and felt by no one.

"All of it," he commanded and I scrambled to get my top off, sensing his impatience with me for not completely following his initial request.

Over to the corner, Eric took each of my wrists and placed them high on the wall.  My nipples rested against the cold plaster and a chill ran down my spine contradicting the heat that was still radiating off my bottom.  Using his foot, Eric tapped at my ankles until my legs were spread wide and I stood in our game of Charades as though I were strapped to St. Andrew's Cross.

Eric's body was so close to mine, I felt as though we were one. His hand kept me still with sturdy fingers tangled in my hair and his mouth breathed heavy words into my ear; bringing all of my senses to life as I drank in the image he portrayed.

"This is it, Amy. This is you, on St. Andrew's Cross at the Citadel in San Francisco.  You can't move, your hands and ankles tied down and you know you need this, know you want it and know I'm the right guy to give it to you."

I realized at some point Eric had picked up the implement and as he continued to whisper into the nape of neck, he released my hair and lightly ran the leather up and down my back, butt and thighs alerting all of the cells in my body to wake up and pay attention.

"The crowd is gathering to see the beautiful girl tied to the cross," he crooned seductively, "and they all want to know what he's going to do to her."

My nipples hardened and licked at the wall in anticipation as sweat built along my back and I grew wet below the small patch of hair casting a shadow upon my clit.

"You've been a very bad girl, Amy" he announces to the invisible on-lookers and the strap goes from stroking to tapping against my cheek.

This small leather strap, the width of a dress belt doubled up by a fold in the middle strikes my back and thighs igniting a passion between my lover, my mind and the wall.

"You need to be disciplined, Sweetheart," he says and the strap crashes down, ten times in number, a thousand times in sensation while Eric continues to stand with me for my entire stay on the cross.

When he finishes, Eric leads me over to our bed and I am bent over wondering if there is more to come.  He has switched gears and instead of punishing me, gently kisses each of the angry red rows of welts and the deep purple patch from the whipping.  Eric draws a pretty little heart on my right battered cheek and then using both hands, he caresses my body with cool soothing lotion. The nerves of pleasure set off fireworks while the heat from the spanking cools down.

A phone rings and we ignore the distraction, letting it go to voicemail. Then a second phone rings and another one buzzes; playtime has abruptly been brought to an end.

I dress as Eric runs out the door, a jaw full of mouthwash and a body primed and ready to take on the world.

I am ready too.


Thank-you, thank-you Amy. This was really great. And here's a little background I promised.  Eric and I are both struggling with work and issues outside of our marriage.  We were taking the stress out on each other until this week, when we realized that ttwd is a way we can release some of the stress without putting a wedge between us, but bring us closer instead.  I've always wanted to go to San Francisco and explore not only the city but the Citadel as well. Maybe this is Eric's way of telling me he might be ready for the whole idea. Come on everyone, dig out that story in you and give it voice! You can send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Party Time!

Guess who’s have a birthday –
So it’s time to party!

Yep, Lindy from Downunder Dreaming is turning the big ?0. I’m not sure which 0 this is but I’m sure she’s rocking it! Now this is a surprise until she reads here, but we’ll all traveling to Australia for her virtual party! Lindy has already invited us to come by, but she didn't know we were all coming load with food and ready to have a spanking good time for a couple of days!

We’re starting a little early, her birthday is the 10th. But with the time difference, I thought it would be a good idea to start early. I’d hate for all of us to wreck her lovely home, so let’s take over a virtual resort close by – pool, ocean, party room, koalas in the trees and kangaroos hopping by – if we’re heading all the way to Australia we should get the whole experience.

How does one attend and what do you do at a virtual party you might ask? Well, here’s the deal. Go by Lindy’s place and leave a comment – maybe about something you’re bringing for refreshments, maybe a spanking implement you have as a gift, just anything you want to talk about. We’ll party for about 48 hours so please come by every time you have a few minutes and read the comments and add another for yourself. It’s really a good way for us all to get to know one another and the conversation takes turns and twist. Remember, everyone’s invited!

Also this resort is only opened to spanko during this party, so anything goes! We are truly limited only by our imagination! And one of the best parts, no matter what we eat or drink the calories and the carbs don’t count!

Lindy I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope you don’t mind sharing it with us.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Fantasy Friday - The New House, part 4

I'm still trying to realize that it's May. Am I the only one stunned? I'm happy summer is coming but the speed is overwhelming. 

Today is the last installment of Catie's story. I haven't heard from her so I guess she has moved on, but I'm thankful she shared her story when she did. Remember we have a brand new story for next week. But for today, please enjoy...

Life in the Burbs

Jade and Liam were settled into the new house now. They had gotten to know their neighbors and had even gone to some parties. No one in the area would have ever dreamed that this nice almost ready for retirement couple had the kind of playroom they did in their basement.

They had slowed how often they were using the room, since some of the newness had worn off. They both were still very happy with it, but Jades butt could only take so much spanking. She had also been very good the last few months. Unfortunately for her, she was about to be in for a session in the P room, which was code for punishment. She hated being sent to the room she had designed for that. She loved being sent there when it was use as the F room, for fun.

It was a beautiful day outside and Liam was at work. Jade decide to go out and read outside next to the pool. She was in her swim suit relaxing in the lounge chair enjoying the weather and the pool. She thought that getting a little tan would make her look even better in the new dress she had bought for a young friend’s upcoming wedding. She was thinking of the cut of the dress and realized that she would have a tan line from her suit. Looking around and listening, she could not hear or see any neighbors outside right now, so she decided to take her top off to get a more even tan. Once she was comfortable with that she thought she might as well go all the way and removed her bottoms too.

She jumped in the pool to cool off and was really enjoy the freedom of a private backyard. While still in the water, she did not hear Bill, the owner of the house next door, drive up. Bill’s house was uphill from theirs and from their second story windows; they would be able to see into Jade and Liam’s backyard.

Bill enters his house and starts looking around for his teenage boys who were home by themselves today, since his wife was out shopping with friends. He hears them talking and giggling upstairs and goes up quietly to see what they are up to. When he reaches them they quickly move away from the window and look guilty. Asking them what they are up to he walks over and looks out the window. Right about this time, Jade is getting out of the pool. He is shocked to see her standing there nude arranging a towel on her lounge chair. He turns away from the window and asks the boys how long have they been watching. The oldest says he had just noticed that the lady next door was in her pool and had asked his brother to come look, since they were trying to decide if she had a swimsuit on or not. She was in the water and they really could not tell.

He tells the boys to go do something else and it is not polite to be spying on the neighbors. Once they are out of the room, he tries to figure out how to handle this situation. He has become pretty good friends with Liam, since they had moved next door. They thought a lot alike and had a lot in common. He did not want to tell someone else how to live, but with young men in the house, he could not let this go. He also thought that if his wife were swimming nude in the middle of the day while he was away, he would blister her backside. Bill loved his wife dearly, but he had spanked her whenever he thought she needed it.

He had made up his mind, pulling out his phone he called Lith. “I hate to bother you at work, but we have a situation at your house. No, Jade is fine. Well, she is swimming nude in your back yard and I just happened to come home and found my boys watching. She was in the pool and they were not sure if she was naked. I really don’t want to be a bad neighbor, but it is the middle of the day and the kids are home.” Hanging up the phone he was pleased that Liam made sure he knew that he did the right thing by calling him. He said he would leave the office right now and have a long hard talk with Jade about this and it would never happen again. The way he had said long, hard and “talk” made him think that maybe he was not the only man in the area that spanked their wife.

Jade was reading, relaxing and enjoy her late afternoon, when she heard a car pull up into the driveway. She wasn’t expecting anyone, but quickly pulled on her suit. She was walking over to the fence to see who was at the house. She was surprised to see Liam getting out of the car. He shouldn’t be home for another 2 hours. He did not look happy; now Jade was worried that something bad had happened.

She walks out smiling to see what is going on and if everything is okay, but when he sees her, his face lets her know that for some reason he is not happy with her. She tries to stay positive and asks in a happy voice, “Hey hon, what are you doing home so early?”

Liam tells her, “You need to go right now to the P room and I will explain it all to you very shortly.”

Jade hates it when she is not for sure why she is about to have her backside tanned when she is not sure what is the reason until he has already started spanking. Liam has also learned that it is a much better lesson for her if she has some time to think about it before he spanks her. So when Jade asks, “Can you please tell me why?”

Liam, while directing her into the house says, “The boys next door were watching you swim in the nude.”

“Oh no, I didn’t think they were home today. All the cars were gone. I didn’t know.”

“We will talk about it in a min, now get downstairs and be in the bathroom.”

Jade slowly walks to the hidden door and proceeds downstairs. She is very embarrassed that the kids next door were watching her, but they would not have called Lith. OMG, one of their parents must have seen her too. If it was Carol, she would have just called or come into the backyard. They had become very good friends. That means it was Bill. Liam must be totally embarrassed, having the neighbor call to tell him his wife was swimming nude and the kids were watching. She didn’t know how she was ever going to be able to face them. Maybe they would have to move. She loved this house and had worked so hard on getting everything just the way she wanted it.

By now she had reached the back of the basement where the big wonderful bathroom was, she took off her swimsuit and waited for Lith. She knew she was in big trouble, but she also knew this was all her own doing. She actually didn’t need to be spanked for punishment. She was already beating herself up for her lack of discretion, but she needed to be spanked to relieve some of the guilt she was feeling. Why did she not just take the shoulder straps off? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now she was going to pay for this mistake big time. Liam must think this deserved a harsher punishment or he would not have come home early from work. Jeez, this is not the end result to the beautiful day she had been having.

She heard him close the door at the bottom of the stairs; she was really getting nervous now. She could hear him opening the cabinet on the wall in the other room where all the implements were stored. She used the word implement in her mind and not toy, since she knew it would not be used as a toy this afternoon.

She was almost already in tears when Liam walked into the room. He could tell that she had figured out how he knew to come home and could tell that she was remorseful already. That would not get her out of this discipline session though.  He needed to make sure this never happened again. He liked this new house and area and would not be put into a situation that caused them to be uncomfortable in their own house again.

“Guess who I got a call from today.” He asked.

“I think it must have been Bill”.

“Yep, do you know how embarrassing that call was for both of us? What were you thinking? You don’t act like that, especially if I am not around. What if the meter guy would have come this afternoon? What if some of those workmen down the street saw you and knew you were home alone. They could have come and raped you and no one would be here to protect you. You weren’t thinking how unsafe it is for a woman to flaunt their naked body is. I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to you because you exposed yourself to danger.” Jade had not thought of the safety issue. Now she knew he would not go easy on her. He did not tolerate her being unsafe. It really scared him when he thought of anything bad happening to her. And he always showed his concern with a hard spanking.

“Now, we also have to make this situation right with Bill and Carol. I am thinking that they will have to know about our life style. I can’t live here if the neighbors think that we don’t care that their kids saw you naked. It was not like they were looking in our windows. No, you went outside for the whole world to see. Bill needs to know that I took care of the situation and it will not be repeated. I have a feeling from some of our conversations that he might actually spank Carol too. If that is true, then I am sure that this situation might even make us better friends in the long run. If he doesn’t spank her, at least he will know that we feel your actions today were inappropriate and you will not be sunbathing nude again. Do you agree?”

Jade was almost panicked now. She had never told anyone about this part of their lives. Now Liam wanted to tell the neighbor that he has blistered her butt. “Can’t we just apologize and let them know I will not do this again? They don’t need to know you spanked me.”

“Honey, I think Bill is very much like me. If he knows I took action about this difficult situation, he will feel more comfortable about having to have made that difficult call to me. Men don’t like to deal with situations like that, but he had to think of his kids. Plus if he does spank Carol, we can be even more ourselves around them. We have never had spanking friends before. It might actually be better for us all. Now let’s get on with this.”

Jade knew she could not change his mind. Their secrete life style would be known. Liam must trust Bill, maybe Bill had already alluded to spanking Carol. He seemed to think Bill would not find it out of the ordinary or uncalled for. Carol had made a few comments of having to get something’s done for Bill or he would not be happy with her. It would actually be kind of nice to have someone to talk to about this with. Jade took a deep breath and remember she was required to ask for any spankings and said” “Please sir, I have been naughty and Deserve to be punished.”

This was not how she usually asked for a spanking. Liam could tell she knew she had messed up big time. He would have to not disappoint her and take his time and do a good job of letting her know she had been a very bad girl today and would pay for her actions. She needed this.

He told her to get into the shower. It was a very large open front shower. When Jade designed it she had the builders install handles on the walls in various places. Liam turned on the water and tested the temperature when it was good he had Jade take hold of a set of handles. He then cuffed her to the handles so she would not be able to leave the shower or use her hands. Next, he told her to step a couple steps back and bend over. He sprayed her with water and washed off all the sweat and sun block. Now he produced the rubber paddle. She had not seen what he had brought back to the bathroom with him. This paddle hurt like the dickens anyway, but he now had her backside wet knowing that the sting of this paddle would double if her bottom was wet.

“I thought this would be appropriate since you wanted to be naughty in the water then you should be wet when you are paying the price for that behavior. Don’t you agree? Now tell me why you deserve this.”

He knows she hates having to ask for and admit she needs to be spanked. “I was did not think about my safety, I corrupted minors, and I embarrassed myself and the family.”

He was surprised again that she really was taking this all so to heart. He knew this would never happen again even before the spanking started. “Very good, since you know that you have been so bad and deserve this I will not let you down. You will never want to behave without thinking about the consequences again.”

With that said he brought the rubber paddle down with a good solid blow. Jade screamed and tried to move away out of pure instinct. Man that paddle stung. Liam applied it again with another solid stroke. Jade knew what to expect this time, but she still yelled out and tried to move out of the way. Liam stopped and reminded her that she has asked for and deserved this. He told her to stay still because they were just getting started. He turned off the water before drying her mid section. Then he left the room. She was wondering what he could be doing. When he came back he had a waist belt that had places to attach restraints to. He then put the belt on her and tied the front to a handle near the floor of the shower and the sides to handles that were waist high on both sides of the shower. She had some wiggle room but not much now.

“Since you are having trouble holding still, I thought this would help you get through this. Good thing the neighbors can’t hear you. We have just started and you have already been making a lot of noise. Try to hold it down, or I might have to add some more on to this punishment and we have just began a long session. Do you understand?” Jade could not bring herself to say anything, but nodded her head that she understood.

Liam began spank her hard with the rubber paddle. After every 5 swats he would run it under the water to rewet her bottom. Her backside was turning a bright shade of red. She was squirming, yelping and stomping her feet the whole time. This appeared to be a very painful punishment.

After he had thought she had been thoroughly punished, he started to free her from the ropes. Once freed she went over and hugged Lith. She was crying and saying she should have never gone nude. Liam could not help but hug her back, but then he took her by the hand and said, “That was only the first part of your punishment. If you are good and take your medicine there will only be two more parts. Your behavior will determine when we are done. That wet spanking was for going skinny dipping in the middle of the day. This next punishment will be for showing your girly parts to the neighbors.”

With that he walked her to the middle of the wooden floor where the U bolts were in the floor and had her spread her legs apart while he attached an ankle to each. He had already run a rope through the I-bolts in the ceiling. He tied them to the wrist bands he had placed on her and started pulling the ropes until she was spread eagle standing in the middle of the room. After tying them into place, he went to the cabinet and got out several items. Jade could only see that he had the riding crop.

“Now we need to talk. Whose breasts and nipples are these?” he asked, lightly tapping them with the tip of the crop.

Jade looked at him questioningly. He had never asked her that before. She thought a moment and said. “Ours, yours and mine”

Liam smiled at that and said, “That’s right. Only we are allowed to touch, see, and play with them, so today did someone else see them.”

“Yes sir.” She murmured.

“And whose pussy is this? He asks as he softly drags the tip of the crop over that area.

“Just ours sir.”

“Well I think they deserve to be punished for being exposed to someone other than ourselves. Don’t you agree?” Liam says as he runs the crop from her breasts to her nether parts.

Jade knows he will do it anyway, but if she does not agree the punishment will be worst. She nods her head.

“Ask for it and tell me why you need this.”

Jade was not expecting this form of punishment. She does not know if she can ask for it, then she feels the sharp bite of the crop across her still tender and aching bottom. “Ask for it now” she hears Liam say.

“Please sir, I should have never allowed another man to see my privates. Please help me learn not to let that happen again.”

“Very good, I will be glad to help you with that.” Liam knows that her privates are very sensitive and that he will have to take care not to be too rough. He starts out lightly tapping her nipples with the leather tip and increases the impact until he can tell she is uncomfortable. Her nipples harden and stand out as her body reacts to this stimulation. This is what Liam was hoping for and reaches into his pocket for the clamps he had gotten for the cabinet earlier. Placing them on each nipple he adjusts them until Jade whimpers as they pinch.

He then moves the crop to her lower regions and runs it along her inter thighs and privates, since her legs are spread he has easy access to the whole area. He lightly taps his target and asks again. “Whose is this?”

“Just ours”

“Don’t ever forget that again.” He says as he gives a sharp flick of the crop tip to her pussy. She cries out at the shock of the blow. Even though it was not a hard blow, the area is very sensitive and cannot take much. Liam is not trying to harm these areas, just make her uncomfortable.

He reaches for his light flogger now. On the first application to her breast, she whines and tries to move her body out of the way. Normally, this would have little effect, but the clamps make the blows painful. He also flogs her between her legs. Even though none of the blows are hard Jade is whining and whimpering trying to get away from the lashes. Liam always is aroused when he is spanking Jade be it for fun or discipline, but this bit of play (play for him that is) has aroused him more than usual.

He decides to satisfy his needs before finishing her punishment. He releases her from her bonds and leads her to his chair. He sits and has her kneel before him. He touches her tender breasts and lightly runs his hands over her clamped nipples. This causes her to intake a quick breath and yelp. He tells her to show her appreciation for him taking the time to make sure she behaves. Jade unbuttons his pants and helps him out of them. He tugs gently on the clamps, so she lowers her body. The result is her face is right at his crotch. She gives him a blow job and right before he comes; he pushes her back onto the carpet and finishes satisfying his needs.

Jade is hugging him and rubbing his back as he stands up are moves over to the straight back chair. She watches him and wonders why he got up. She has assumed that the session is over. He tells her, “Go get the small wood paddle. We need to address the third issue. You endangered yourself by your actions today. You know that is always addressed with a sound paddling.”

Jade’s shoulders drop. She knows he will paddle her no matter what she says and will just add more to the punishment if she does. She also knows she actually did misbehave today and deserves this session, but that does not make getting that dreaded paddle any easier. She carries it back to him and hands it to him as obediently as she can.

“You have taken everything in this session very well. I am proud of you, but you know how reckless you were today. I am going to give you 20 with the paddle. You will count them. Is that understood?” She nods. “Now ask one more time today, so we can finish with the punishment phase and move on to you correcting this situation with Bill and Carol.”

Oh man, he is going to make her apologize to them this evening. She sees him getting ready to speak, which can only be bad for her, so she quickly says, “I realize that if the wrong man would have seen me this afternoon, I might have been raped or worst. I am sorry for everything. Please spank me sir.”

She then places herself over his lap. Her bottom is still red from the shower. It will soon be throbbing and bruised. She can barely make it through the 20 swats, but does everything in her power to count all 20 as soon as they are given. She did not get the number out in time after 2 extremely hard swats, so she ended up receiving 22 with the paddle. She rolls onto the floor after the last swat. Lith helps her up and holds her for a few moments, then he tells her to go stand in the corner until he is ready for her.

As she is in the corner, he lets down the bed and puts up the toys. He calls her over and has her lay down on her stomach. He rubs lotion on her very red and bruising bottom. “Don’t you have something to tell me? I can’t believe you would want more right now.”

Jade stiffens and quickly sits up and hugs him. “Thank you sir, for reminding me to be good”. He tells her that he loves her and she is forgiven, but she still has to make it right with the neighbors tonight. Giving her a kiss he tells her to take a nap.

When Jade wakes up Liam is no longer downstairs, she reads a note that tells her to get cleaned up and to put back on her swimsuit. She follows his instructions and looks in the mirror at her bottom. It is still very red and the bruises are turning darker. Liam had concentrated must of his efforts to her lower bottom, her sit spot, right where her thighs meet her bottom. Her swimsuit did not cover most of her marks. If anyone saw her from the back, they would have no doubt that she had just received a very hard spanking. Surely Liam would let her wear shorts when the neighbors came over for her apology. She grabbed a pair and put them on and a tank top feeling exposed in just her bathing suit.

She heard voices out back as you reached the main part of the house. Looking outside she could see Liam and Bill talking by the pool. Maybe she would just go to bed. She did not want to face Bill right now, but as she was turning to go to the bedroom she hears Liam call her name. Dang, now she has to go out there.
“Bill and I have been discussing what happened this afternoon. I let him know that I took actions that would insure that this behavior from you would never be repeated again. Do you have anything to say to him?”

“Oh Bill, I am very sorry that the boys saw me. I would have never done this if I knew they were home. I didn’t see any cars at your house and thought they would be out with Carol. I promise I will never skinny dip again.” Jade says sincerely.

“Well they didn’t see anything. They just thought you were naked, but they weren’t for sure. You were in the pool when they saw you. Liam told me he wore you out pretty good for this. I can’t blame him for that, when I called him to ask him to have you put on some clothes, I thought if that was Carol I would make sure she wouldn’t sit down for a week. Or at least not be wearing a swimsuit for that long to hide her marks. With all this new construction there are a lot of men around here now during the day and you never know, they might just be looking for someone to victimize.”

Jade blushes, “I was reminded of that already today.” She unconsciously rubs her hand over her tender bottom.

“Let me get you another beer Bill. Is Carol coming over for a swim too?” Liam asks now as if nothing out of the ordinary has just taken place. Both men seem perfectly ok with everything and even closer to each other, like a closer bond of friendship has just formed.

“Let me call her and remind her to wear her swimsuit. When I told her you had asked us over tonight she said she didn’t to swim, but I think she will actually enjoy the cool water tonight.”

While Bill is on the phone, Liam step close to Jade and holds her. “See it is all better now. Once he heard I busted your butt, he was no longer upset about this afternoon. He now knows you paid for your bad behavior and you are forgiven. Did you see my note when you woke up?”


“Then why are you not in your swimsuit?”

Jade says, “I have it on under my clothes”

“I wanted you to be only in your suit, now remove those clothes”

Jade protests, “But you can tell I have been spanked. I don’t want them to see that.”

“After this one last thing, we will be finished with this whole situation. It is a man thing honey. He won’t say anything to you, but after seeing your bottom he will know that we really did take care of the situation.”

About this time, Bill is walking Carol over to the pool having just let her into the fence. “Hey girls why don’t you go cool off, while Liam and I talk.”

Both of them seem very reluctant about removing their clothes. Liam walks over to Jade and whispers, “Surely you are not ready to go back to the P room tonight? I might have to get the horse out.”

She gives him a smirk, but complies. The thought of another punishment right now is not on her agenda. She removes her top and hesitantly takes her shorts off. She turns and quickly jumps into the water. Bill was trying to make it look as if he was not paying attention, but he saw a well spanked butt and is now completely satisfied and knows that he and Liam are about to become great friends. They are two peas in a pod.

Carol, who still does not know that Jade was spanked for skinny dipping this afternoon, notices Jades bottom too. She is surprised at the sight. She has never known anyone else who got spanked by their husband. She is relieved to know this and understands now why Bill promised her another spanking tonight if she did not come swimming right now. Bill wants the neighbors to know she was just spanked before he came over to talk to Liam for buying 3 pairs of new shoes. She thinks it might be nice to have friends that you don’t have to hide this part of their lives from. She sees Bill watching her. He signals her to get in the pool too.

She removes her clothes and Jade can see that her bottom is not as red or bruised as her own, but has definitely been spanked in the last couple of hours. Carol turns to enter the water and both men see another spanked butt before them. The guys clank their beer bottles together as if congratulating each other on a job well done.

The girls become involved into a long conversation about their, up to now, secret lives. This is now the beginning of a great friendship for all involved, and you can bet that the ladies will be sharing many adventures that will have them needing a good strapping. The men will be more than happy to help them not get into too much trouble, and if they do get into trouble you can be sure the guys will help them realize they don't want to make the same mistakes again.


I've enjoyed re-reading Catis'e story, she was a real life saver with a four part story - I'm hoping there is someone else writing as we speak. If you're willing to share your story please send it to  elisspeaks@yahoo.com