I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

More questions...

The boys are here and I'm really enjoying my mommie time with my oldest. Christmas and Christmas dinner will be Friday night.

Meanwhile, more questions today! I have some from Baker, Ronnie, Sue-B, and Amy.

Question: okay, I would like to know what kind of spankings you desire most and why? What part of the spanking process most appeals to you ie...the lecture, the implement used...etc. is there an aspect you do not enjoy?

This one took me deep into my thoughts. The spanking I desire the most would be a real one. Not teasing, not a lead into sex, not one I can laugh off. I desire something with meaning and realism behind it. Something that makes it not just a game.

What appeals to me the most/least?

I can’t remember.

Questions: Sorry if you have already answered this. Are you very strict with your writing, like setting aside 1, 2 3 hours a day to write? 
What book are you reading at the moment?
What's your favourite meal Nick cooks for you.

Hey Ronnie,
To your first question I can answer a definite yes and no! I go to my writing room about 9:00 AM intending to write for about four to five hour or so. But I’m afraid there is a lot of wandering during that time. A little blog reading, a little Facebook cruising. I’ll write a post. I jot down ideas for a book that will be written in the future. I’ll make a grocery list. At the moment, I’m doing a lot of editing on various things. I’m afraid making progress on a WIP doesn’t get the focus it often needs.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I just finished The Good House, by Ann Leary. Loved it! And later today I’m starting Children of Blood and Bone, by Tori Adeymi don’t know quite what to expect, but I saw the author interview on GMA and like her.

What's your favourite meal Nick cooks for you.

Nick doesn’t really fix meal. He just makes sure we have something to eat. We often work on it together. I like it when he fixes Salmon and I’ll make a spinach sauce to go with it. Yes, I said it – I cooked a vegetable

My question, has Cassie ever met with her brother since her first husband and parents died? 

Thanks for the question Sue,
No, Cassie never saw her brother after that day. He sided with her parents and fully brought into the idea that Cassie was a horrible black sheep of the family.  He had a son, but Cassie never met him. She did eventually meet his wife and they developed a friendship for a time, but Cassie never met his children.

Question: Do you ever find that you write the thing you miss or wish you had in your own life and does your husband read your writing to get a better understanding of where you are in your head? Or, are the stories all separate from you and your real life?

Open a can of worms, why don’t you! LOL. Let’s take these one at a time.

Do you ever find that you write the thing you miss or wish you had in your own life?

Ever hears of Cassie? I guess writing what I want is all I do. Now the relationships in my stories are more intense than I’d want in real life, so you might say I’m compensating. But writing what I want and don’t have is what I’ve done for fifty years. And in the past twelve it’s actually moved from my head to the computer as writing.

Does your husband read your writing to get a better understanding of where you are in your head?

Short answer here, no. He used to. When we first began TTWD he read my blog, he read my friends blogs, he wrote stories for me for Fantasy Friday. We traveled across country to meet blogging friends. We were the closes and happiest we’d ever been in our marriage. But he stopped. He stopped reading, stop writing and I guess stopped wondering what’s in my head. He does help me edit the books when I ask him to. But the only comments are like, “Are you sure this tense is right?’ Our marriage is smooth and tranquil and I think he’s content with that.

Are the stories all separate from you and your real life?

The DD in the stories are all separate from me, but much of the flavor comes from memories I have of my parents travels – Mom’s friends had to buy prostitution license in Mexico. I remember couples I watched when I attended conventions with my folks. And in the most recent book, where I tell about a mountain lodge and Al’s Hardware – those place are real and Nick and I were there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Let's answer some questions

Today's the day - I hope! The boys are supposed to be flying out of NYC this morning. I guess it's all up to the weather. 

I do love questions! Today I have answers for Jan, Roz, Gill and Lindy.

My questions: When shopping do you choose your clothes according to things you know Nick will like or do you just wear whatever you want regardless? Is there anywhere in the world you particularly would love to visit?
love Jan, xx
Thanks for the question, Jan. I don’t think about Nick preferences when I buy clothes. He’s never voiced any preferences that I can remember. As long as I’m not naked as we walk out of the house heading somewhere, I don’t think he’s ever noticed what I’m wearing.

Where to visit?  Hmm… I’m a definite home body. There are people I’d like to visit, some in NYC, some in England and in Australia and New Zealand even. And I do travel to see friends sometime. But given my druthers, I’d probably stay home. Now Nick wants to see the Grand Canyon, the coast of Maine and many other places. And I’d be happy to go with him.

Questions: What is your favourite movie? Favourite place you have visited? 

At my age, you have to know I’ve seen and loved lots of movies. Cactus in the Snow is one no one’s heard of, but I loved it as a teen. I guess Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes are near the top. I like movies that show strong friendships. 

Dolly Bag
I have a question - how did Cassie and Sue originally meet, I would imagine there would be plenty of fireworks before they became the friends they are.
Regards Gill

Hey Gill,
Most of the fireworks came after they became friends. Cassie’s first husband was a large investor in the company Steve worked for. There were many social functions and that’s where Cassie and Sue first met. Cassie was living in a world of terror at the time and was very quiet and subdued. But Sue realized that there was a special person hidden in there and she gained Cassie’s trust. Not an easy feat at that time.

My questions for both you and Nick.... What's one thing you always pack when travelling? If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Hugs Lindy xx

I won’t say my Kindle because it’s rarely out of my hands when I leave the house for any reason. After reaching a certain age I rarely travel without my little fan that I keep on my bed side table. Most people don’t want the room as cool as I do at night and my little fan has been a life saver. I’d say Nick always takes his Kindle on a trip.

I’d live not far from where I do now. I want a cabin in the mountains where I have a beautiful view down into the valley. I think Nick would be happy there with me.

I'll have more answers up later in the week. If anyone has anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

So excited!

I'm not sure how much I'll be around this next week. It’s finally Christmas time and LJ and Collin will be coming in Tuesday! I haven’t been with my boys for almost a year. Can you imagine not seeing your child, not getting to hug him, for eleven months? I’m so very grateful for his weekly calls, but it’s not the same.

They won’t be here the whole time. Collin's family lives about forty-five minutes from us and they split their time between the two families. They also have a few friends from around here to catch up with. I don’t mind sharing – well, not too much.

They will be seeing Mollie’s house for the first time and she’s in a tizzy. She wants them to like it and she’s afraid they'll feel it’s to ‘country’. I know they'll love it. They have often spoken with admiration that she is the only one in their generation, within group  their group of friends, to actually be buying her own place. They’re impressed. But that ‘little sister’ feeling is rearing its head within her. These imagined problems wouldn’t bother me except she wants me to come over and help her clean! Good Grief, I don’t even like to clean my own house.

I’ll be putting up some of the questions you were kind enough to ask. And you know I’ll be back to answer comments, but if I don’t get around to all the blogs this week, you’ll know what I'll be doing.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Fantasy Friday - Corner Time Blues

I’m so happy to be able to bring you another Fantasy Friday today! For those of you who may be new, Fantasy Friday is your chance to write a story for all of us to enjoy and I’ll post it here for you if you’re willing. Everyone is invited to participate and I personally feel everyone reading here has at least one Fantasy Friday story in them.

Rosie Jones is writing for us again today. She was inspired to write another for us because her husband really enjoyed her writing and encouraged her to go for it. She did a great job! Please enjoy…

Corner Time Blues

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the waterspout
Down came the rain and washed poor Wincy out
Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain
So Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again...

The childhood rhyme ran through Lauren’s head as she watched the spider crawl up and down the space between the ceiling and picture rail, scuttling back up to safety every time she blinked. Stupid thing, she wasn’t in a position to do it any harm, standing there in the corner with her hands on her head. It had been a welcome distraction, allowing her to avoid thinking about why she was actually standing there, jeans around her ankles and knickers round her thighs. She’d tried playing a game, awarding herself points each time she’d managed to move a tiny bit away from the wall without being caught. It helped that she had good hearing, timing her movements with the clicks on Dominic’s keyboard, knowing his eyes would be on his screen. She had done pretty well until a bare toe caught in the hem of her jeans, causing her belt buckle to jingle and give her away. That accounted for the bright red handprint on her right buttock.

Her arms ached and she brought them down to her sides. She knew that wouldn’t pass without notice but they felt as if they were about to fall off and she was willing to risk another smack to gain a small respite.

“Lauren, hands back on your head.”

“Oh, but sir, my arms are tired...”

“No buts, I told you the corner time clock re-started when you played your silly game. Do we need to start over a second time?”

“No, sir.”

Sir! She had baulked at that at first. It made her want to click her heels and say, “Yes, sir, no sir, three bags full, sir!”  She wasn’t that foolish and had given in to his demand, which he had insisted upon during discipline to reinforce his authority and define their respective roles.

Sighing, she replaced her hands on her head. The spider had disappeared and she made a mental note to clear away the cobwebs it had left behind. With nothing else to distract her she had no excuse to avoid thinking about what brought her to the corner. The truth was, she didn’t want to think about why she was going to be spanked. She was so ashamed and knew she deserved the punishment she was going to get.

It had all started so well, with an invitation to the annual summer ball held by the company Dominic worked for. It was a black tie affair in a swanky hotel, no expense spared. Lauren had bought a new outfit and was a picture of elegance when she entered the lobby on Dominic’s arm. Guests were greeted by the senior partner and directed to an anteroom, where champagne and canap├ęs awaited them. Dinner was exquisite, with a different wine to accompany each course. A well-known band provided the music to dance to and Lauren was in her element; she loved to dance. Dominic was not a keen dancer, so they went back to their table after a while. He soon got into conversation with a colleague, whose wife suggested she and Lauren should take a stroll round the grounds as they were all lit up and looked spectacular. Gina picked up a bottle of champagne from the table and told Lauren to bring the glasses. And that’s where it all went wrong.

Lauren and Gina sat on a bench in front of a magnificent fountain, chatting away like old friends and quaffing the wine, until they
realised they both needed to visit the powder room. There was a queue and Lauren leant against a wall to wait her turn. She wasn’t used to champagne, it seemed innocuous to her, like lemonade with a bit of a kick, so she wasn’t prepared to find herself sliding slowly onto the floor, feeling quite sick as the alcohol finally hit her. She didn’t remember much after that. She knew Gina had helped her into a cubicle but had rebuffed her offer of further aid, locking the door behind her and refusing all appeals to come out. At her wit’s end, Gina had no option but to fetch Dominic to get his wife out. He knocked on the cubicle door and asked if Lauren was okay and she answered, “Ye-es,” in a singsong voice. He told her to open the door, to which her response was, “No-oh,” in the same tone. Watched by a curious throng of women, he got her out by climbing over the partition and unlocking the door from the inside.

The next hurdle had been getting Lauren out of the building without it being obvious what state she was in. Gina fetched Lauren’s wrap and, between them, she and Dominic led Lauren down the stairs, Gina hissing at her to smile at another of the partners, who was seeing the revellers off.

The hangover lasted the whole of the next day. Dominic was solicitous but made it quite clear that she was in for the spanking of her life when she recovered and now it was time for the reckoning.

Closing his laptop, Dominic told Lauren to remove her jeans and knickers and come over to him. He stood her between his knees and asked her why she was being punished.

“I’m so sorry I made such a fool of myself, I didn’t realise how much I’d had to drink. I let you down, Dom, and I let myself down too. I’m so ashamed.”

Dominic led her over to the sofa, leaning her over the back, with her hands on the seat. She heard him pulling off his belt and wondered how she was ever going to get through this. She had been punished before but knew this was going to be a barnburner. There was no lecture; he’d already said all he needed to say and he started straight in, with no warm up. In no time, her bottom and thighs were a fiery red and she was wracked with hiccupping sobs. Dominic helped her up, holding her until her tears subsided, then sent her back to the corner, forbidden to rub the sting from her blazing bottom.

Lauren made no protest at being sent back to the corner, she wasn’t going to be able to sit for a long time anyway. She had some company; the stupid spider was back.

Rosie, thank you again. You did a great job! Now it's time for everyone else to give it a shot. I'm talking to you lurkers too! I've met many of my good friends out here when they sent me a FF story. You can send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com