I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Nick’s new project.

We’ve done a lot of redecorating over the past few years. We redid a bathroom and a kitchen, taking them both down to the studs and starting from scratch. More recently we redid the living room. The last big project we have to do it our master bedroom and bath. Nick says that’s going to have to wait until he retires. Suits me. I didn’t really like having to talk with all the workmen and make decisions while Nick was at work. But Nick just did a little decorating project on his own and to say I was surprised to see it would be an understatement! 

Nick is a great photographer. If fact the mutual friends that brought us together met him in a photography group. At that time he had a darkroom in one of his baths, and one of the bedrooms was set up as a small portrait studio.

We took a lot of day trips back then and he got some wonderful shots. But something I’d almost forgotten is that we took a few ‘evening shots’ as well. Actually they are barely risqué. But you can imagine my surprise to walk in our bedroom to find these, and a few others, enlarged, matted and framed. 

 I really had nearly forgotten them. I wish we’d taken more. And I wish I still looked like that. Well wait, most of you have never seen me and you never will. In that case, yes! I still look exactly like this! I’m very happy Nick took on this little project.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - 'I said you be sorry...'

Happy Friday! I love today's story and I love the writer - it's one of our favorites, Ronnie from Heart and SoulI love Ronnie's real life accounts of her spankings and I love her fiction too. Be sure and drop by her place for more of her great writing. For now please enjoy...

"I said you'd be sorry..."

He laid his hand lightly on her buttocks. Then raised it and brought it down with a loud smack. The print of his hand appeared quickly against her pale skin. Again and again, alternating sides, he brought down his palm. The smacks echoing loudly in the silent room. Occasionally one spank would overlap or hit a particularly sensitive spot, and Rebecca would let out a small gasp. He worked over both buttocks, spanking hard and even, then moved down to her upper thighs. The first smack brought a gasp from his wife, the second, a low groan. Another smack, and another. She was shifting uncomfortably. Two hard smacks to the upper right thigh, and she let out a soft "ow". Three smacks to the left thigh and she let out a slight whimper and more squirming. Renewing his hold around her waist, he moved his hand up to her buttocks once more, spanking in an even pattern. Then he paused, resting his burning hand on her hot skin. She was breathing hard. The silence in the room was broken only by the sound of a dog barking.

Her entire backside was burning terribly, the spanks had finally stopped and she took the opportunity to catch her breath, she hadn't realized how shallow her breathing had been during the spanking, but now, she found herself panting for air. She shifted on his lap, moving against his thighs. She was so absorbed that she was caught unaware when a searing pain shot through her.

"You didn't think I was through, did you. I said you'd be real sorry for clever-mouthing off in front of your friends and it's not the first time you've done it. If they could see you when I'm finished and you're sobbing your apologies I doubt if they'd think you were quite so clever.''

He raised the paddle he'd been keeping at his side, bringing it down with a thunderous crack. Rebecca yelped, her legs stiffening and kicking, her body twisting. Another crack brought a choking cry. He wielded the paddle raising it sufficiently, then bringing it down with sharp flicks of his wrist. He peppered her backside with stinging blows until her cries became hoarse. Then he moved to the tops of her thighs, lightening the blow, but still delivering a loud Crack! with each one. She struggled, but he held her firmly in place. Finally, he delivered four extra hard swats to the underside of each cheek which left her kicking and sobbing, then laid the paddle aside.

Rebecca's mind was overflowing with pain. She couldn't think further than the blistering heat radiating through her backside. She sobbed, then her husband's hand struck the underside of her bottom, already medium rare from the paddling, and pain exploded through her again as her husband's hand finished her off. Heaving and sobbing, she was vaguely aware of the spanking ending, and a less savage hand caressing her flaming cheeks.

He took her in his arms and held her close, comforting her gently against him, letting her know it was all right. Later when the sobbing stopped, he would kiss her cheeks where the tears had dried, whisper softly that is was all over now and she was his good girl again and he would feel her body respond and hear the tiny murmur from her throat, and he would relish the gratitude he knew his punished wife would eagerly to bestow on him.


Thank you so much Ronnie! I love your writing and I love having it here for Fantasy Friday. 

And come on everyone! I'm sure some of your imaginations have been working overtime these days.  Please, write your story. Do it for you and then if you're willing share it with us. elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

What I really think about spanking

Years ago very soon after I opened my blog Bonnie put up a post asking a very interesting question. She asked, 

What are the 10 things, thoughts, or ideas you would most like readers to take away from your blog?

I gave the question a lot of thought and what I said way back then is still true today, so I’m reposting them. Not only do I hope it speaks to some of you, I needed to hear some of them again myself. Here goes…

1.    If you are turned on by spanking (and you know who you are) tell your partner today! Do not waste one more minute. The worse he could say is – not interested, and you have lost nothing.

2.    People who love spanking are very normal people. We are nurses, teachers, secretaries, lawyers. We look after our kids and sometimes our parents. We teach Sunday school and bake cookies for school parties, the list goes on and on. We are NORMAL!

3.    Being spanked by someone you love and trust make you feel cherished, safe and loved in a way that nothing else can.

4.    In a spanking relationship, the relationship becomes the core of your life. Other things like work, neighbors, chores, errands, etc. are just things you do. Real life is you and your partner.

5.    If this has always be a fantasy and you are just getting ready to try it for real you need to know: Spankings hurt! They can hurt like hell. But you will still love the experience and the feeling afterwards money can’t buy!

6.    Sex after a spanking is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s your birthday, it’s Christmas morning, it’s winning the lottery. This is coming from someone who simply hated sex, I loved my husband, but I hated sex. Now I can’t get enough. I have the most happy, stunned husband on the planet.

7.    Be understanding of other people’s chosen lifestyle. People are different, that’s a good thing. Some would say I’m a pervert for this kink. I’m not. My husband and I love each other and hurt no one. Be understanding of other and live and let live.

8.    Look for toys where ever you can find them. Kitchen supply stores, hardware stores, pet supply stores. Always be on the lookout for items that would not attract attention in the bedroom. Fly swatters, belts, slippers, back scratchers. Remember your kids are everywhere, many toys can’t be left out but these can.

9.    Men, if you are reading here please don’t let us down. If we have finally told you that this is what we want and need, understand that we have probably been thinking about this, dreaming about this for years. It’s not a spur of the moment request. We want it, we yearn for it, and we need it. You are the only one we trusted with this embarrassing secret. If you try it once and then stop, we may never have the courage to bring it up again and we are going to feel a bit rejected, a bit lonely and a bit sad.

10. Men can’t read our minds. I know that's a terrible lacking on their part, but they are only men, so cut them some slack. We can’t give up either. Talk with them, explain things to them, tell them which blogs to read. I can’t look at my husband and talk to him about this yet but I email him a lot! I can get going with words. He seems to love it. If it’s not working out like you expected – keep working at it, it’s worth it. Don’t give up!

Monday, July 06, 2020

It's time to ask for a spanking

I’m not sure of the age range of those reading my blog these days. For most of the time it’s been up I’m guessing the majority of readers are women between thirty and seventy to eighty. For those of you on the younger end who are saying, “People in their eighties? Is she crazy?” Yes, I said eighties. You see if you’re a spanko, a true spanko, you’re born that way and you’ll die that way. You may not be indulging through out your life, but you’ll never  completely lose you interest, your desire, your draw to the lifestyle.

So though I’m rarely on topic these days I want to take this time – this time of quarantine, this time of forced togetherness to say some things I haven’t said in a long time. Some of you need to hear it… again.

If you began reading this blog I’m guessing it’s because you have some interest in spanking and the idea of a spanking relationship. But if you began reading like I did, that’s where it stopped at interest, curiosity maybe a little longing. I knew I had the interest but I never, NEVER planned on sharing that fact with Nick. But I began in the hay-day of blogging and there were so many here leading, encouraging, pushing me to share this with Nick. So I finally did.

I was so nervous – would he see me as weird, perverted, would it change our relationship and ruin what we had? For every spanko I’m in contact with, and there have been a lot over the years, the answer is a resounding NO!

Nick was thrilled, excited, amazed, stunned, curious, and lastly a little hesitant. He didn’t really know what I was asking for but, wow, was he willing to give it a try. I’ve come to believe that there are few men out there who would say no to the idea of the woman he loves offering to drape her naked body over his lap and ask him to spank her until her cheeks are red and stinging.

My willingness to share this part of myself with Nick was a turning point in our marriage. I love being spanked more than I  thought I would, and the improvement in our sex life knew no bounds. 

If you have spanking in your head and you’ve never shared these thoughts with your significant other, you are robbing yourselves of what could be the best things to ever happen to your relationship.

It’s worth the risk!

And I can’t say that strongly enough! 

There are many different types of spankings. Playful, erotic/sexy, stress relief, maintenance, discipline, the list goes on. But I’d say if your man is a newbie, start with playful, erotic/sexy. That may be enough for you both. If you want more, the discipline/punishment, that will take more talking. But I won’t go there today. 

I will say that Nick has expressed only one complaint about this whole ‘spanking thing.’ And I’ve heard other woman say that their husbands have expressed the same complaint, and that is – Why did you wait so long?

So if I may borrow from Nike, 

Just do it!

Friday, July 03, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - N.O. No!

 I really enjoyed getting this brand new Fantasy Friday from a friend and fellow blogger this week. This story comes from Minelle, who writes My Breath. If you have read her blog, or emailed with her you will see that this story is so much 'her' I laughed when I read it! 
She is going to try to have some pictures on her site to go along with this story, but well... we'll see. Minelle is a busy lady, LOL! Anyway you can hop on over to My Breath and see. Minelle is a fantastic artist, look back at some of her work while you're there. This is a lovely long story so grab you a cup of coffee and sit back. Or if you don't have time right now, don't forget to come back.
Please enjoy...

N.O. No!

My eyes pop open as my Alarm rings loudly. 7:30 AM. I quickly jump out of bed to shower.  I think about the day ahead of me and my stomach begins to hurt. My head feels like a band is tightening around it. The list of commitments and obligations I need to accomplish today grows ever longer! I strip out of my t-shirt and panties and I turn the shower on. While the water warms I brush my teeth and begin to think. Already I have more obligations than is humanly possible to complete. Replacing my tooth brush and jumping in the shower I wash and plan out my day. Almost every part of my time until 9:00 PM this night is accounted for. I grimace thinking I may be able to eat lunch. Despite the tension I feel, I call up a smile on my face. I am dripping water as I step out of the shower onto the fluffy blue bath rug. I reach for the towel and dry myself quickly. Taking the body oil from the bathroom shelf I apply scented oil all over. Faintly I hear Gabe in the kitchen singing happily. The clinking of the silverware as he sets the table for our breakfast, adds a nice touch to his deeply melodic voice. Gosh, I love that man!
The phone rings, interrupting my romantic musing and I quickly run to get the call while grabbing my t- shirt to cover most of my nakedness. Slipping the shirt over my head as I answer the phone a smile breaks across my face when I realize who is on the line. “Hello hon.” Listening to my close friend Sherry, my expression becomes sympathetic and thoughtful. I glance at myself in the hallway mirror and barely acknowledge the change in my posture, and the returning headache. Thinking Gabe may walk upstairs and notice I look like I am about to take off running, I purposely calm myself, breathing slowly. Putting my shoulders back and straightening up to my 5 ft. almost 3 inch height, I fluff my curly hair. Turning sideways to critically analyze my recent weight loss, my hand skims over my always round belly and I frown. Forcing myself to focus I say,
“What do you need me to do?” biting my lip I cut into Sherry’s fevered plea for help.
“Sure I can pick up Timmy at day care. No, it isn’t any problem to keep him until you get here. Yes, of course I will give him a snack. I can bake my cookies for the desert table tomorrow while he is watching a program.” 
Stomach churning, my mind starts re arranging the multitude of other duties and errands I have committed myself to undertake that day. There goes lunch!
 I was feeling slightly guilty about deceiving Gabe since I purposely arranged to have the day off while he worked. The man is too concerned about my health. I was glad he was oblivious to my crazy commitments, otherwise he would be busting my butt! The health of my bottom was of great concern to me these days! He’d recently taken to being overly vigilant about how I managed my stress and health. Lately he reminded me with a firm but not hard spanking. I didn’t want that to change. The firm ones were nice, and stress relieving!
Hanging up the phone, I sigh and whisper out loud…., “Why do I continue to overextend myself? At 50 years old I should have perfected the word N. O.” I worked all yesterday afternoon making Christmas decorations….They are hidden to be delivered to the church later. Now I have one more obligation.
“Excuse me?” Questions my darling husband of 25 years. Unbeknownst to me Gabe had quietly walked up behind me. I slowly turn and look up. He leaned close and kissed my neck savoring the scent on my skin. His hand absent mindedly reaches down to caress my bottom. Shivering at his touch even as I think about evading his question. I can’t help appreciating what I feel and see as I turn toward him. He’s tall, a good 6ft 2 inches. His hair is receding so he has taken to shaving it all off. It looks great on him. Gabe is oblivious to his appearance but has always looked very handsome to me no matter what. I silently continue to appraise his physique. He is strong and most days I appreciate that physical and mental strength, except when he gets that stern countenance looking pointedly at me.
“What darling?” I feign an innocence about what he is asking.
However, knowing him I try and answer quickly….making an effort not to squirm I look at him stating, “Oh that was Sherry.” 
I was hoping he wouldn’t push me to explain my comment as my pulse jumped at his keen look. He squints his eyes.
“I heard your comment Jenna! What are you overdoing?”
My darling man knows how I try to accomplish too much and please everyone.  Unfortunately, he is often dragged into my crazy, scattered, schemes and that makes him a frequent sometimes unwilling participant. I can never say no. Many times he happily jumps in to help me, even when he warms my bottom for my stubborn refusal to heed his advice. Today he has a busy day at work and can’t join me as I run myself ragged. I planned this day purposely knowing he couldn’t take off work. 
Usually, I am honest to a fault.  However, there may be times, I have evaded his questions only until I can build up a sure fire defense. Most of the time if I let him assume something it is only so he won’t worry.  I laughed to myself, who am I trying to fool?  Gabe usually reads me and my actions easily. Most times, I Inevitably end up across my sweet man’s knee, pants and panties at my ankles. I hate those spankings! His large hand smacking away at my rapidly reddening bottom is often a direct result of omitting the truth about my health, safety or well-being! I cringe as I picture my bottom getting blistered, at this days end! 
“Jenna? What is creating that panicked look you are trying to hide from me?” Gabe says quietly, “I know that look, so please share what’s happening.”
Blushing, I am actually relieved to utter, “You will be upset to hear that I have done it again. A frustrated breath begins my confession. I took the day off to work on the Church festival tomorrow. My day is completely booked from the moment I leave here until nine tonight. As if that wasn’t bad enough I agreed to watch little Jack for an hour and a half for Sherry.
“JENNA!” Gabe responds in an exasperated manner. Lifting my T-shirt he smacks my bare bottom hard! Escaping his hand I quickly skip down the stairs with him right behind me. Not allowing me to get away with my fast escape, he takes my hand and pulls me into the kitchen. “Jenna explain, what have you done?” Bending me over the counter in our kitchen, he places several more hard smacks to my bare behind. “Ouch! Stop in now Gabe!  I try and escape his firm hand so I will be able to sit down later today. Unfortunately, Gabe continues the impromptu spanking. He is frustrated and I feel him smacking firmly. After at least 24 hard smacks I feel him pull me up to stand. I ruefully rub my pink behind. Gosh, darn that man’s hand is hard! I needed to pacify him, and in short order.
 Looking up with stormy eyes I reach for the pot pouring Gabe and I coffee. I try stonewalling. “Things are just busy at this time of year.” I see Gabe raise his eyebrows and his hands tightly grip his coffee cup. Reading the signs of his mounting exasperation, I am convinced to stop dodging his questions. I sigh loudly, dragging out my words “Well…. I am now chairwoman of the Holiday festival at church…. 
“WHAT? Tomorrows event?” Gabe clenches his teeth. The event you said you couldn’t help with since work was too busy?” His eyes were wide open in shock. I flushed because I knew he wasn’t going to like my response. “Um…..Maryanne called the other day and Dave’s mother is in the hospital so he needed to step down. Gabe raises his eyebrows in consternation.
Unfortunately they needed me to finish the recruitment of some more volunteers and set up for the entertainment.” I stop, looking at him with trepidation.
 Gabe let out a slowly expelled breath and asked me quietly, “Who is helping you set up?” I toy with my toast feeling the dreaded stress again. 
“Um…”I turned red and said.... “I didn’t want to ask anyone this late…….. I was going to set up the food line myself after I ran to buy the supplies. Later on the band will set up their equipment.” 
“Why do you need to set up and buy the supplies?” I cough to cover my irritation at the mess everyone left me.  Anne’s kids got sick and Jeff decided to go out to lunch with his boss, the Church director has his finger stuckuphis…. “JENNA!!” I blush and say, “Well it’s true! He sits twiddling his thumbs and has everyone running ragged to accomplish his work! People do it since we want the plans to run smoothly. He makes up excuses to look busy.
Gabe is not happy. I know he worries about me since I had my doctor express concern at my last elevated blood pressure. He rubs his hand across his face and over his head. Sigh, I am stressing him out with my decisions. That is the last thing I want to do! “Alright he says in a determined manner, I am going to take a long lunch and I will gather some guys to help set up the tables. Meet me at the recreation building at noon. Someone else can decorate and put the tablecloths on tomorrow. Let’s finish eating.”
“And Jenna? He looks at me with resignation, “Yes honey?” I quickly reply. 
“You and I have a date with my hand and your bottom tonight!”
Ugh! That will not be fun. I get kind of mad at his high-handed declaration! I am a grown ass woman, I think. However I know….I deserve it!
Oh well if I can manage to keep it all together, it will be over quickly! I smile thinking we may be able to have some loving too!
Enough daydreaming, I scold myself. I run upstairs and begin dressing. 
I hear Gabe loading the dishwasher and start the cycle. He comes up the stairs shouting for me. “Jenna! You didn’t finish eating. I left your toast and some peanut butter so you can avoid any stomach issues. And drink some water!”
Minutes later I hear Gabe talking on the phone. He enters our room and begins explaining how “WE” can manage this day!
 Hmmph, seriously?! I’ve got this I think! Gosh he irritates me sometimes! Yet, I lecture myself…..I feel selfish letting him and yours truly down by over extending myself!
I am trying to look eager for his directions, but already planning my own course of action. In my tangential stressed out thought process, I wasn’t really paying attention. Frankly my stress is so high I am in panic flight mode and I am unable to think or process his words at all!
I absentmindedly answer, “Sure honey. I can do it that way.”
 “Clearly that is an easier way to get things done dear.  Although secretly I am miffed that he feels he knows all! Although if I am honest I think maybe I should stop trying to do everything for everyone?
Gabe continues to talk. “What time will you be there? Hmmmmm…. Oh? Call who? Oh- Thom?….Mmmmm can you zip me up? His voice breaks into my fog! Jenna?! Yep, I heard what you said. What did he say about Dave….or was it Tom? I think he’s calling him. Did he say 1:00?
After Gabe zips up my black dress I grab a red sweater, and I pull on my black boots.
I kissed Gabe as he ran out the door. 
My mind went blank at first and I couldn’t remember what I needed to accomplish this day. 
Sheesh Jenna, I scolded myself, stop and think. 
Passing through the kitchen I looked at the toast and peanut butter…..slugged a sip of my coffee and walked out the door! Hmmmm….Was I supposed to make some calls? 
The early morning passed swiftly. Some supplies packed in the car, I went and picked up Timmy and brought him back to my house. We had a great time together. I wrote a list for the grocery store and thought about eating and drinking water. But, I felt like I was making headway. After 90 minutes babysitting and baking cookies, Sherry came and retrieved Timmy.
 Grabbing the somewhat cooled cookies I closed the door looking at stormy rain clouds above. The cookies got wet and ruined as I dumped them by running to the car too fast. I quickly ran back to the house for the broom, “damn,” I quietly snarked! Ughhh, when can I make more cookies I stressed! At the grocery store things took another turn south. Some lady walked up to me asking if I was aware my sweater was inside out? Ugh…..I’ve had this on all morning! Not a good sign of my stress!
My stomach was very nauseous as I went through the meat section…..I felt like I was going to throw-up. Darn I should have eaten the toast and peanut butter! Oooops I better find a bathroom before I lose my stomach contents. I went into the stall and promptly threw –up. Eeeeewwww. Now I need to run home and brush my teeth.  I thought, first I need to finish getting everything I need for the second batch of cookies I am baking. I popped a piece of gum into my mouth! 
I see Tom in the checkout line. I remember then that I was supposed to call and ask if he can help Gabe and I set up at the church. 
Tom waves and says that Gabe called him a bit ago and thought he knew what was going on……? “Oh Tom, I forgot to call you. Sorry.” I have told you many times I am able to gather the crowds and help you.” Then he looks at me in concern and says, “What is wrong Jenna? You’ve gone white as a ghost?”
I feel the room spin and I start to pass out! I do not have time for this! Tom and another gentleman catch me. I become aware that everyone is helping me to sit up. We slowly moved to a bench at the front of the store.
Tom dials Gabe before I can say a word. I groan out loud! I am never going to live this down. I worry my lip, still feeling wonky.
Tom tells me Gabe is on his way and he will take over all the church set-up and decorations! He called in the troops! Tom’s boss just let everyone go home early since he had a family emergency. Tom happily assured me it would get finished in record time with all the helpers!
I am drinking a bottle of water when Gabe walks through the door.
I see such worry and love in his eyes. He hugs me whispering in my ear, “Once we go to the doctors and he says you are ok…..I am going to use the hairbrush on you!
I am too exhausted to react. But I do smile a bit.
We drive to the docs and after a few tests the doc says I am dehydrated. He asks when I last ate. Oooops. “Ummmmm…..maybe yesterday at lunch.”  The doctor states, “I think you’re dehydrated., and possibly a bit hypoglycemic.” As the doctor hooks me up to an IV in the office……..I lay back and close my eyes.
Gabe practically growled. “Jenna I told you to eat this morning!” My eyes pop open and I grimace. “Iiiiii……have nothing to say. I screwed up big time!”
Good gosh, after the IV finished I was absolutely famished! However I asked for a toothbrush and toothpaste first thing!
Gabe and I quietly walked to his car. He suggested we go pick up my car back at the grocery store if I felt okay now. . I said, “you better drive, I am not sure I have enough gas in the car. Gabe turned to me and said….. “hand, hairbrush and maybe even the belt!
 My face went beet red! No way Gabe! That is too much!
I am a GROWN ASS woman! He looked at me and said, “Is this how you want to play this?”
I am fuming. First, I am mad at myself. However, I am dealing with the consequences of my decisions. Having to ask others for help goes against the grain for me. Still in a state of denial I decide I am not getting spanked tonight!
No way, no how! 
With a great deal of restraint Gabe said we needed to go get an early dinnerWe drive to our favorite diner, walk in, and sit at our booth. 
We place our order with the waitress then Gabe starts talking, “Why do you keep doing this stuff? You are brilliant. Every day at work and home you manage more than I think is possible. Yet there are times you get into superwoman mode and try to please everyone!” When that occurs you inevitably make mistakes. Often you end up ill or skating the line of safety! Getting Gas, eating, drinking liquid, neglecting these often cause serious repercussions for your safety.” I try and defend my actions…….“but I want to be there for my friends and family!”
The waitress brought our food and we dug in.
Then Gabe says something Quietly but fiercely that goes directly to my heart.  “What about us Jenna? I am your family. Lately we do not get time for each other. Since the doctor cautioned you about your blood pressure its like you are doing everything to prove her wrong, that you are invincible! You are taking my Jenna away from me! I want to grow happily old together!” 
I sat there a few minutes pensively thinking. “I am sorry Gabe. I feel like I am old and falling apart now.”
“Well Jenna he said, I am going to spank you when we get home. Afterwards I will show you how young and sexy you are!” He smiled and reached for my hand. Kissing my fingers softly he looked down to his meal again.
We finished eating, talking a bit, and then we quietly walked out to the car.
The drive was silent. I tried to shore up my defense against the multi implement spanking coming. Gabe recognized my anger and anxiety laying his hand on my thigh. In my mind I saw myself saying, “No Gabe, I am not getting spanked.” And Gabe would say, “Alright sweetie, I know you will never over-do anything again and put your health at risk. Let’s make love!”
We walked in the house as Gabe locked the door I ran up the stairs to jump in the shower….As the temperature became perfect I stripped and stepped in the shower. I felt Gabe’s presence as he opened the bathroom door and stripping down, he joined me.
We love showering together. 
Gabe dried me off and I did the same to him. At least I dried as high as I could reach! I was beginning to think we were going to make sweet love. Not me getting spanked.
We walked into our bedroom him grabbing boxers out of the drawer while I grabbed a t-shirt and panties.  “Jenna leave the panties in the drawer,” Gabe stated firmly. I thought oooh yea…but I looked at his face. He looked determined.
“No Gabe! I am not getting spanked!” I started to bend to slip on my panties, and they were taken right out of my hand. That husband of mine pulled me over to our bed. Sitting on the edge he placed me across his lap anchoring both my legs with one of his. Outraged, I began to struggle. “Not happening bucko!” I shouted. He did not respond verbally.
I reached back but it was a fruitless pursuit since I felt him secure my hands in his.
He slowly started spanking me, not hard at first. He was warming me up. “Damn it Gabe this isn’t fair!”  Really Jenna, do you realize all the craziness you created -how terrified I was today coming to get you? All you needed to utter when called was one word with two letters! “N.O. NO!  I am not able to take over the committee with such a small amount of time! Please call as many people as you can gather, and I may be able to join in helping!”  Spank after hard spank rained , down on my cheeks. I realized he was right but was not completely giving in. “Okay, okay honey, stop now, it’s enough!”
He started to pick up the pace spanking harder and a bit faster. Hmmm… nice and pink he murmured.  Let’s practice Jenna. Then out from under my hair I saw him reach for the wooden hairbrush. “NO! I shouted not the brush too!”  
“I promised you Jenna!” He said, matter of factly. 
Groaning I screamed, “that stings” as the hairbrush made contact 5 times on my fastly reddening bottom. I know sweetie now let’s get to the practicing part. After each spank I want you to say N.O. NO. 
I quickly responded “That is F-ing ridiculous! I am not a child Gabe!” He answered by rapidly bringing that hairbrush down again and again. “Listen honey, if I ever ignored my health the way you do, wouldn’t you feel betrayed and upset?”
I looked back at him with tears forming for the first time, “You are right honey?” My anger at being spanked drained away completely.
“So, let’s begin,” he said raising his hand with the hairbrush grasped firmly! I am not sure how many spanks he finished with, but I felt relaxed, sore and loved.
We sat together cuddling for a long time. Gabe went into the bathroom grabbing a tube of arnica, lovingly applying it to my delight. Thank goodness he did not use the belt!
Lovingly beginning some gentle caresses, Gabe said, “well honey, are you ready for our age defying loving!”
The cheeky lady I am I said……”N.O, NO!” Gabe’s eyes widened in shock. Then realizing my joke, we had a good laugh and proceeded to the amazing and youth filled  energetic loving! 

Monday, June 29, 2020

It was not horrible

I know everyone is put off by the idea of a colonoscopy. But for me this is one test I’m not skipping. No one ever wants cancer of any kind, but this one is a particular fear of mine. So I’m all for prevention. 

I couldn’t eat for a day and a half. Not fun, but no big deal. The prep I had to drink didn’t taste bad, through I wouldn’t recommend it as something to sip on. I never felt sick on my stomach, I never had cramps, I just needed to go and I went. By the morning of the test I was as relaxed as could be. The hard part was completely over for me. I went in, put on the lovely hospital gown, spoke with the doctor and the anesthesiologist and they rolled me into the procedure room and told me to get comfortable on my left side.

The next thing I knew it was over and the nurse was offering me some apple juice. That’s it. They found two small polyps, removed them and a half hour later the nurse walked me down to Nick and we came home. I spent the afternoon napping and eating anything I wanted.

For goodness sakes don’t fear this test. It was a piece of cake. Most people only have to have it once every ten years. With our family history I take it ever five and it does feel good to know I’m good for now! Next month is my mammogram! See I’m getting out of the house – go me!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Reunion

Happy Friday everyone. I think you will really like today's story. It from one of the best writers out here in blogland. So have a good read and let this story get you in a great mood for your weekend.  Please enjoy...


As he approached the old lodge hall, Wes could clearly see the huge green and white banner hanging from the front of the building.

- - - Welcome Jefferson HS Class of 1982 - - -

The parking lot was full of every imaginable make and model of vehicle. Some of his classmates had clearly done well. Others, it appeared, were still struggling to establish themselves.

After finding a vacant parking spot in the back of the lot, Wes took a deep breath and reflected for a moment before joining the party. This would be his first class reunion without Beth. He was technically a free man. Unfortunately, this group was pretty well paired up and had been so for years. Wes might well be odd man out. Regardless, he knew it would be great to reconnect with old friends.

Moments later, Wes found himself walking beneath the giant banner and into a swarm of classmates.

“Wesley, my man!” shouted Biff Jenkins. Biff was practically a legend in town for his basketball prowess. He led the Fighting Eagles to the district finals in his senior year. His wife, cute, petite, and reserved, seemed almost his opposite.

“Hi Wes!” Wes knew that voice immediately. When he spun around, there before him stood Mandy Miller. Although normally outgoing and a capable conversationalist, Wes felt momentarily tongue-tied.

“Oh. Hi, Mandy. How are you?” He felt strangely nervous greeting someone he had once known so well. Because her maiden name started with the same letter as his, they seemed to sit together in many of their classes.

“I’m doing great. Bruce and I split up three years ago and it’s been a rebirth for me.” She looked great, Wes thought. Mandy was no longer the lanky girl in the sparkling majorette uniform. No, time and life had sculpted her into a beautifully mature woman.

“How about you? Is Beth here?”

“No,” Wes related slowly, “We’re divorced now.”

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” With that, Mandy took Wes’ hand and squeezed it.

“Please don’t be. Like you, I’m building a new life.” Wes recalled that he would have given anything in high school just to hold Mandy’s hand. He gently returned her squeeze.

Just then, the DJ started a favorite Cars song. Wes gestured toward the dance floor in the center of the big hall and asked, “Shall we?” Mandy nodded her agreement.

As they danced through two or three new wave classics, Wes learned that Mandy still lived in town and that her younger daughter was just finishing college. He shared how his dedication to his career had driven a wedge between him and Beth. He had learned from this experience and vowed to be a dedicated partner in his next relationship.

Mandy explained to Wes that her ex-husband was very conventional and wasn’t interested in meeting her needs. She lived with this frustration for years until she learned that he had been unfaithful. The split, when it came, merely formalized what had already happened long before.

Mandy and Wes stuck together for most of the evening. They were even asked once if they were a couple.

“No,” Wes replied, “We’re just really good friends who’ve been apart way too long.” And so they were.

It was enjoyable to walk around to each of the tables and become reacquainted with so many old friends. The turnout was excellent and the stories were remarkably varied. Some classmates had joyous achievements. Others had tragically lost loved ones. Some beamed about their children’s accomplishments. A few had chosen less traditional paths.

With each chance they had to talk, Wes found himself more enchanted with Mandy. She had been beyond his imagination in high school. A mere geek could never compete with a stud football player like Bruce. He was just her study buddy. Yet, she had always been so sweet and so friendly. And now, here she was, holding his hand and shining that lovely smile.

Later, Wes and Mandy shared a slow dance. The song was Sweet Love by the Commodores. Embracing Mandy felt like the fulfillment of a dream that Wes never realized he held. When she snuggled closer, he knew he had to find out whether they could have a future together.

By eleven thirty, the party began to wind down. It would soon be breaking up. How, he wondered, could Wes freeze this moment in time, or better still, allow it to continue. Mandy beat him to it.

“Would you like to stop over at my place for a drink?”

“Yes, I’d love to…”

As he drove across town, Wes could hardly believe his good fortune. He wanted to demonstrate his enthusiasm, but without scaring her off. In the end, he decided to act natural and see what transpired.

Mandy’s house was small, but decorated in a colorful, imaginative fashion that reflected the woman herself. When she offered Wes the promised drink, he opted for water because of the lateness of the hour and his long drive home. He thought he spotted a gleam in her eye when she nonchalantly said, “Oh yeah, right.”

The two talked for the next hour exchanging personal experiences, remembrances, and perspectives. Finally, Mandy fell silent.

“What?” Wes inquired. “Is everything OK?”

“Yes,” she muttered slowly, “I just need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it?” They had talked about everything from parenthood to politics. Wes couldn’t imagine what could make her pause like this.

“I hope you don’t think I’m weird…” Mandy drew a long, slow breath as if to muster her courage before starting again. “OK, once, a long time ago, Beth and I were at a club with some girlfriends. We were all really tipsy. Maybe I’m insane, but I distinctly remember Beth telling me that you spanked her.”

Wes wasn’t sure how to respond. “Well, I…”

“She told me that it was absolutely delicious and that she loved it.”

“Well, yes, we did…”

“Ah, so it is true! I have to tell you that from that moment until this one, I’ve envied Beth. I’ve had an interest in spanking since I was in grade school. I even looked up words in the dictionary.”

“So, you’re a spanking enthusiast too?”
“Yes! But Bruce had zero interest in spanking me. I felt totally rejected.”

“So,” Wes observed with a wry smile, “I guess that brings us to tonight.”

“Would you…?”

“It will be a genuine pleasure.”

“OK, that’s great. I need to go and get something.” With that, Mandy zipped upstairs. As she departed, Wes couldn’t help admiring her curved derrière wiggling beneath her skirt. It had been the inspiration for more than one teenage fantasy.

Mandy was almost sprinting when she returned to the living room. She carried a thick wooden paddle.

“I bought this last year at the fraternity/sorority store for the day I finally get my spanking. I’ve even tried spanking myself with it, but it didn’t work very well.

Wes placed his arms around her. He brushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes. Then he kissed her softly on the lips.

“I want tonight to be an event to remember. I have no desire to beat you black and blue with that paddle. For what you need, my hand will serve nicely.”

Wes set the paddle aside and slid over to the center of the couch.

“I’ve never done this before, Wes.”

“I know. It’ll be fine. I promise.”

“OK, good. Shall I get undressed?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. Just drape yourself across my lap and I’ll lift your skirt.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea…” Mandy positioned herself face down with her torso on Wes’ lap.

“Is this where you dreamed you would be?”

“Oh my, yes. Let’s start.”

“For this first time, I will stop spanking if you ask me to stop. If you don’t ask, I will assume that it’s all right to continue. This will hurt a bit, but I doubt it will be anything you can’t handle.”


Wes lifted the hem of Mandy’s skirt. There, before his eyes was the rounded bottom he had admired so many times – swimming and sunning at the pool in an orange bikini, twirling a baton at football games in her green sequined leotard, or dancing at sock hops in tight fitting blue jeans. Now, clad in lacy aqua panties, it was his to spank.

The first swat was barely more than a tap, but it elicited a shiver of anticipatory joy from Mandy. The second was firmer, but not hard. Wes could tell from the tautness of her bottom that Mandy had been working out. Successive spanks increased in intensity. Wes noted little squeals of happiness escaping from between Mandy’s lips. Soon, he was delivering solid blows to both cheeks. She responded by grinding her hips against his leg.

Wes interpreted this motion as a signal to continue. He pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. He grinned when Mandy lifted her pelvis to aid in his unveiling. Again he spanked, but this time, each strike was accompanied by the distinctive sound of flesh impacting against flesh. Mandy’s utterances were closer to moans of passion than cries of pain.

After a few minutes, Wes slowed his pace and began to intersperse rubs with the swats. At first, he caressed her pleasantly reddened bottom. Finding an appreciative reception, his attention moved to her feminine folds. Mandy’s panting grew more urgent until she exclaimed, “I can’t wait any longer. I need you to please, please make love to me.”

And so began a whole new story…


Now if this doesn't get you in the mood to go to your next high school reunion I guess nothing will. This story was written by probably the best known spanko blogger we have, Bonnie! If you haven't read many of Bonnie's stories I think it is well worth the time to dive into her archives. She has many great ones. Thank you Bonnie,  for sharing this story with Fantasy Friday.

Most of you seem to be enjoying the old Fantasy Friday stories but I am still hoping for new one to be submitted. If you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com