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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Now this made me happy!

I was very excited and pleased the other day when the town manager gave me a call. Of course you should keep in mind that my ‘town’ is a small one. But we do have six buildings on main street and one of these building is two stories! So we do think of ourselves as a up and coming city. 

Anyway, I did get the call from the lady who manages bustling metropolis. They are having an arts festival. Not, I was told, to be mistaken for a craft show. And she asked if I would come and participate with my books. Can you say flattered? Now I’m not letting it go to my head too much. I’m sure she has never read one of my books, and I know they hope to get a lot of people to participate, but I was still pleased to be asked.

However, something did happen the other day that I was truly thrilled about.  I’m so very proud of my books and I’m most grateful for those of you out here that buy then and let me know you like them. Honestly, that’s more than many writers get. But with the exception of the lovely bloggers I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person, no one I know in real life has ever had much to say about my books. That’s not a problem, I write to a specific genre, and that genre is seldom talked about outside the blogging world. 

If a real life friend reads my book and is horrified and disgusted by it, few (none actually) have come to tell me so face to face. And if my books sparked a dormant interest in spanking or any form of domestic discipline – if the books excite them, well then they certainly aren’t going to tell me! It’s something I’ve learned to accept.

But back in the spring I was in a craft show in town – selling my bookmarks. I did have a some of my books with me and I even sold a few. One little old lady from my church was looking at one. She’s a sweet thing. She was a school teacher for forty years, never married and lived with her mother until her mother passed away. She’s close to eighty now. She ask me what I wrote and I gave her my standard answer. “I write romance novels for the older crowd. I’m tired of only reading about twenty and thirty-year-olds. My characters are in their sixties.”

I could tell she was intrigued, but I wanted to be forthcoming with her. So I added, “To be honest it’s like a lovely older couple meets
Fifty Shades of Gray.” Her eyes widen a bit and she said, “Oh… well let me think about it.” And she moved on. Okay, so I’d lost a sale. I still hadn’t wanted to shock her.

Jump ahead two weeks and she stopped me at church and told me she wanted to read one and I agreed to bring it to her the next Sunday. I never expected to hear one more word about it. But last Sunday she stopped me to say, “I loved your book! I couldn’t put it down. I love Cassie and all the things she gets into. Are all your books like that?” I told her yes, all the books in that series were about Cassie and Tom and their friends. “Well,” she told me, “I want them all!” 

I was dumbfounded. She never mentioned spanking, which, of course is very prominent in all the books. I wonder if she enjoyed those parts or just skipped over them the way I sometimes skip over sex scenes if a book has too many. I don’t have the guts to ask, but I’ll always wonder.

I do have the occasional heart palpitations when I think of people in my home town reading my books. I know at this arts festival a few of my former teachers will be there, including my first grade teacher, the lady who literally taught me how to write. I had thought she was a hundred way back then, but she’s recently turned ninety-three.  There will be former students and colleagues, these student's parents and various other friends and acquaintances. When I think back to the fierce way I guarded my secret for nearly fifty years this seems amazing.

I’ll be sure to let you all know how things go.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Fantasy Friday Revival - The Business Woman, part three

Today we have the final part of Caryagal's story, The Business Woman. You can find part one and two by clicking on the link. Please enjoy...

The Business Woman, part three

After about an hour, he felt she was ready for the second part of her punishment. “Honey, it is time. I want you to get up, put the shirt back on, and go into that corner. Raise the shirt up above your butt, so I can see it and wait for me.”

She looked up, knowing her time was up and did as he said. Boy, her butt was still sore she thought. This time she moved quickly she didn’t want any more than she was already in for. She wasn’t sure how she’d take it on her freshly punished butt, but she knew somehow she’d make it through. She trusted him and knew he wouldn’t push her beyond her limit. She leaned her head against the wall. It felt cool. She felt hurt already. Sad she had hurt him, hurt John, and she hurt from the guilt inside.

“I want you to re-run the things you said in that office. I want you to think about how John, your ‘right hand guy’, the one you ‘couldn’t live without’ must have felt. What would you have done if you were in his place? I want you to think about that for a while. Think about how badly you treated him. Think about how this isn’t, apparently, the first time. Do you really want the type of reputation you must have at the office? Or, is there another way to handle it. You think, I’ll be back in a little while.” With that, Kent left her to ponder. How long he was gone she didn’t know, but she did think about it. The tears she was sure she was out of restarted. She wanted to be the top person, but she wanted friends, and wanted to do it right. She resolved to herself to change things starting tomorrow.

While he was gone, he set up the bedroom for her. He knew she would be too exhausted to play tonight, but he had a great plan for the morning! He smiled to himself, in the morning he knew she would be fine, and very ready to play. He knew that he would wake her with breakfast in bed, followed by a wonderful shower together. He could almost feel her wet sensual body against his. He would follow that up by whisking her off her feet, and into their bedroom for a long, erotic morning of kissing, rubbing, hugging, light spanking, and more. “Mmmmm,” he sighed to himself, “but we have to get through tonight first.” He carefully turned down the bed, got out the cooling cream he would rub on her, and lit candles throughout the room. He set up some quiet soothing music. Her favorite DVD was ready to start when he carried her in the room. Then he sighed again and headed downstairs. He hated to punish her, and had never had to do it twice in a row. It hurt him so much, but he knew she needed, wanted, and craved the lifestyle they had. It kept her balanced and calm. He would do anything for her, and this was no exception. Squaring his shoulders, prepared to be strong again, he spoke to her.

“Ok honey, come here.”

She did as she was asked and once again, stood before him, feeling small and embarrassed.

“Take off that shirt please and hand it to me.” She complied quickly and he realized how sore she must still be to be this compliant. He’d have to take it easy, yet still make his point.

“Do you know why you’re here young lady?”

“Yes sir. I lost my temper and I took all my frustration out on my best employee.”

“I was proud that you made a very good apology to him… after a little persuasion. I was afraid I was going to need to spank you at work, or worse, in front of him. You wouldn’t make me do that would you?”

“No Sir!”

“Good. Because I have half a mind to do it in front of who ever you do this to the next time.

“Oh please sir. Don’t do that. I promise I’ll try my best. Honest”

“Hmmm. Ok, maybe I’ll give you one more punishment at home if it happens again, but I’d suggest you do your best to avoid it. It will be much worse than you’ll endure tonight I assure you.” He saw her sigh in relief. He smiled to himself realizing that his point had been made. He wouldn’t hesitate to spank her in front of someone if necessary, but he didn’t want to do that and embarrass any of her employees. He knew somehow that he would never actually do it, but it didn’t hurt to have her think it was a possibility.

“Did you also think about what you want your reputation to be in the office?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you think that what you want it to be and what it is now are one in the same?”

“No sir.”

“Do you have a plan to correct it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. I am glad to hear it. I have decided how I’m going to punish you tonight. I’m afraid you won’t like it because you won’t be up against me. I want you to come over here and lay over the arm of the couch.”

“Yes Sir.” She said as she lay over the arm of the couch. He pushed her torso down making her back arch.

“Please take your shirt in your hands and put them in front of your head. I expect you to hold on to that shirt, and not let it go. If a hand comes back, I will add 10 lashes, and will tie your hands in front of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir” she said.

“Ok. Now, you will spread your legs slightly, so that only your toes are touching the floor. You will not move or kick. You will submit to these, and thank me afterwards. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She said. Lori was scared. He had never asked her to hold still and keep a position like this. He had always helped her, restrained her in some way. She was afraid she couldn’t do it.
“Please sir. Please help me keep in position. I need help.”

“No, Lori, you have done this to your self. You are in charge at work, and that comes with responsibility. You now need to be in charge of your body. It is your responsibility. "

“Yes sir.” She sighed. She resolved to do her absolute best, knowing that arguing from this position would not help her at all.

Kent slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops. He could see her shiver. He knew it would have this affect on her, though he used it rarely. He dragged it gently over her butt, letting it drape over her very exposed most private areas. He could hear her inhale.

“Lori, you know the safe word. I am going to only give you 20 lashes this time because you have just endured quite a punishment spanking. If I feel your butt can take no more, I will move to your thighs. You may cry, but I want no begging. I expect you to hold position and thank me for each lash. I expect you to think about how you lashed out at an innocent employee, and how now the belt is lashing out at you.”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then ask please,” he said, quietly.

This was new. She had to ask for it? She panicked, and paused, trying to form the proper words in her mind. He waited patiently with the belt doubled over and casually hanging at his side. He knew this would be especially hard for her.

“Sir? May I please have my punishment?” he waited. She realized he wanted more and frantically tried to figure out what more to say. “May I please have twenty lashes with your belt? I will hold position and thank you for each one. I know I deserve this.” Apparently, this was what he was waiting for because before she knew it she heard the swish of the belt through the air and the first stroke landed. She cringed at the pain, but somehow held position.

“Thank you, sir,” she managed to muster. As soon as that escaped her lips she heard the next swish and the pain was blinding.

“aaaahh… “ she screamed, but she managed to hold position. She would never make it through she thought. “Thank you sir,” she cried.

Swish came the next one. As if he had read her mind, this one was a little less intense. “Thank you sir,” she cried, wanting to show him she may be able to make it at this intensity.

Swish. “AHHHH…” It burned so badly. She couldn’t think. She was loosing control, her body was fighting submission, but her mind was determined to submit to it and not move. After a longer pause she managed… “Thank you sir.”

Not waiting another second, Kent let the next one fly. Her reaction was the same. He knew he had the right intensity. It was almost more than she could bear, but yet, she was holding position. He knew her mind was fighting her body hard to keep position. She managed to make it through the next 11 strokes. Then, sobbing, she started to beg.

“Kent please sir, I can’t,“ he cut her off.

“No, Lori, You can make it, don’t blow it. Let yourself go. You can do it. You are smart, you are strong, let go.” He pushed her.

She took a deep breath. “God this was so hard” she thought. “Worse than anything she had ever done. How could she control herself and take it? Tears flowing, she resolved herself once more, grasped the shirt harder, and tried to let go. She had to let go of the guilt, let go of the control. I can do it, She thought through her tears. She felt herself relax. Kent saw it too. “Thank you, sir.”
Kent needed to know she was truly ready for the last five. That she had truly submitted. “Are you ready for the last five? They won’t be any easier. Can you ask for them?”

“Yes sir,” she said immediately and slightly stronger. He sighed in relief. This was what he needed to hear. “Please give them to me. I am ready for my last five. I can make it, Sir,” she said with determination.

He gave her the last five. She screamed after each one, but remained relaxed. She choked through saying thank you sir, and there were long pauses, but she made it. He pulled her into his arms immediately and hugged her tightly. He was so proud. She was too. She didn’t know she could make herself submit. He carried her up to bed, leaving the shirt behind. He flipped on the quiet music, and carried her to the bed. He gently put her on her side and tucked her in. He stripped off his clothes, and snuggled in behind her.

“Kent, I’m really sorry.”

“Shhh… it’s over, I forgave you long ago, not another word now. Just relax, and I’ll help to quell the fire on your butt. Just relax, and we’ll go to sleep. I have quite the morning planned for you”
Lori sighed. “God I love you. Thank you” she whispered. Gently rubbing her behind with cool lotion he whispered how proud he was, how sure he was he wouldn’t have to do this again, and how much he cherished and loved her. Soon they drifted off to sleep together, connected now more than ever.


I hope you enjoyed Caryagal's story. I really hope you're writing one of your own. If you are please share it with us by sending it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, July 08, 2019

The best way

I love writing. I love it when a book flows. I love sitting and listening to dialogue between my characters and then capturing it on my screen. What does not come as natural, is writing sex scenes. I think I manage it better than it used to, but it’s still not exactly easy. 

There are two different ways I try to write a good scene. I’ve done it both ways, either works, but to tell the truth, one way works a little better than the other. See which seems easier to you.

First option 

Plan A

·      Wait until you have privacy to write.

·      Turn off the TV

·      Fix your coffee.

·      Settle in your writing room.

·      Let your mind drift to fantasy mode

·      Close your eyes and visualize what is happening to your characters.

·      Let the words flow.

Second option

Plan B

·      Have a full house – husband, daughter, sister, your cat, grand cat, grand dog.

·      Have TV on constantly.

·      Have someone come visit you in your writing room approximately every ten to fifteen minutes or less. They may want to talk about teaching strategies, politics, dog training, what to have for dinner, what the neighbors are doing or someone needs me to find something.

·      Have cats squabble over the prime spot to sleep.

·      When you get everyone settled down and out of you writing room, find the grand dog a golf ball or something equally as noisy to drop repeatedly on your wood floor.

·      Give up and play Candy Crush.

In your mind, which might more conducive for writing a good sex scene? Of course, I don’t always have the choice. So I have to learn to work through either.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - The Business Woman, part two

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday. The Business Woman is a three part story by Caryagal. You can find part one here. And today I hope you enjoy...

The Business Woman, part two

The trip home was quiet and uneventful. Small talk seemed to dominate the forty-five minute drive. When they arrived home Lori’s mind was set. She knew there was no way out of being punished, and waiting made things harder. She had never had to wait long, but she thought maybe she should go ahead and ask for it now.

“Um.. Kent?” she said looking at her nails to avoid his gaze. “Would it be.. um.. all right if we … um… took care of things … now?”

“No, that will need to wait a while. I want you to go up and grab one of my t-shirts. Lose all your clothes and just put on my shirt. Nothing underneath please. I just love that look. And please let that beautiful hair down and take your make-up and jewelry off. I love you just the way you are without all the fancy stuff.”

“Ok.” She smiled at his compliment. She loved that he told her she was beautiful. He even would say it first thing in the morning. It always made her warm inside.

After changing she could smell dinner starting. They were having lasagna that had been prepared and just needed put in the oven. Already it smelled heavenly. She realized she was hungry. She’d waited enough she decided. So, with some determination she said. “Ok, I’m ready for my punishment.”

Kent glanced up realizing she really was having a hard time waiting and smiled to himself. “Sorry honey, but I’m not. I think you need to learn what it feels like to be left waiting. Apparently, last weeks little lesson wasn’t objective enough. So, I figure, I had to wait, so you shall too. Just relax. If you’re good, and don’t ask again, I might even be kind and punish you tonight.”

“You Wou…” She stopped. Yes, he would. She knew better than to spout that off. More humbly she replied “Ok, I’ll not ask again. I love you and I trust you.”

Kent went up to her and gave her a big hug and deep kiss as he wrapped his arms around her and felt her body against his under her t-shirt. He lifted it ever so slightly to rub her butt and lower back. God he loved how soft and wonderful her skin felt. He felt her respond and took a deep breath, and one more kiss, and stepping back said. “We better check the lasagna.”
After dinner had been enjoyed, and they had cleaned up, Kent led her to the couch. Oh Good! She thought. No more waiting. I can’t stand it anymore. Kent however had other ideas. “Let’s relax, and watch some TV. Here come sit on my lap.”

Somewhat frustrated, she nevertheless complied. After all she loved relaxing on his lap and cuddling up with him to watch TV on their comfy couch. Kent took the opportunity to hug, kiss, and caress his beautiful wife. He whispered in her ear, “You know you really were terrible today… You’re making me punish you and I just hate hurting you. It hurts me so much to have to. I love you and that beautiful body so much. I wish I could just give you a wonderful erotic spanking instead.” He emphasized this by carefully slipping a finger down to her most private parts.

Lori groaned in pleasure. She wanted him so much, but knew that until she took her punishment he was off limits. “Please, I’m so sorry. I won’t let it happen again. I won’t take our private time away. Honest. I’ll treat people nicely. I’ll even call if I find myself losing it. Please honey…”

Kent sighed. He was aroused too and he knew she wanted some fun before her punishment. But he knew better. He’d tried that once, and they never got around to the spanking. “Ok, since you ask so nicely..” he paused. Her hopes rose for a second until “Go get the hairbrush and bring it to me. You know what you need to do.” As he said it he pushed her up and started her off his lap.

“Please…” she looked back piteously.

“Don’t wait, wait, don’t wait, wait. You still think you’re in control young lady? I do not work for you, and after hearing how you treat those who do, you’re lucky I don’t. Now go.” Lori didn’t wait a second. She knew better. She still wasn’t fast enough to avoid a swat as she ran up stairs. She grabbed the hairbrush and headed back down.

Taking a deep breath, she walked up to him, stood before him, and handed him the brush. He took it, stood up and looked down at his beautiful wife. “Ok, now,” he said softly, “please take off that shirt, and fold it up and put it over on the chair. I don’t think you’ll need it for a while”

Blushing, she did as she was told. She wanted to scream no, please no, but knew she must not talk until she was asked a question, or it would be worse. She shyly returned to him. It was so hard to stand before him naked, when he was fully clothed. She shivered a little.
“Now, young lady, do you know why you’re getting this punishment?”

“Yes Sir”

“Tell me.”

“Because I didn’t call you and made you wait outside after I promised not to, sir.”

“Good. And how do you plan on avoiding this next time. You know each time it will get worse.”

“I’ll call you. I think maybe I’ll set my watch alarm so I don’t forget. I promise. It won’t happen again. Honest, Sir,” she said, almost in a whisper. It was so hard to look at him through this, but it was what he required. She almost thought this was worse than the spanking itself. She could feel the tears welling up inside her. She truly felt bad she had let him down. Let them down.

“Do you think you deserve being spanked with a hairbrush? You know, it won’t be easy”

“Yes Sir,” she answered butterflies leaping in her stomach.

“Ok, come here then, lay over my lap. Put one hand behind my back please.” He calmly sat and guided her down onto his lap. He put one hand behind his back and snuggled her in close.

Restraining her legs with one of his, he gently took her other hand and put it in the small of her back. “Comfortable?” he asked as he rubbed the cool hairbrush over her ivory skin.

“Yes sir. I’m so very sorry I let you down.”

“I know sweetie. I hope you now know how it feels to wait. Next time, you’ll have to wait at least over night, and it won’t be just the hair brush. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Thinking of this just brought her tears closer. She didn’t want to spend a night knowing she was to be punished. Knowing that she had let him down. Feeling so disconnected. She was sure she wouldn’t let that happen again. And then all thought stopped as the hairbrush hit her right cheek hard. “OUCH!” she yelled.

Kent didn’t wait for her response. He smacked the left cheek just as hard, and then began alternating fast and furious. He was feeling the frustration melting away, and feeling determined to ensure it didn’t happen again. He paused for a minute and listened to her crying. “Are you going to stand me up again?” he said with a hard smack to the left side.

“No SIR!” she cried.

“Are you going to sacrifice our time together for your job? Is it more important to you than us? Are you going to treat me like someone you can just stand up and brush off at will?”

“No sir! I promise I won’t.”

“Your promise only seems to work about six days. I think perhaps a little longer spanking may get it to last longer. Don’t you? Lets try.”

With that he resumed, but this time slightly less intense but with ten strikes on a cheek before changing over to the other one. He knew she couldn’t take this very long before she would let go and stop fighting.

Lori struggled. This was worse than anything. She hated when he spanked this way. She fought it as long as she could, but finally, sobbing uncontrollably, she just laid there and took it. Kent stopped almost immediately.

“You’re doing great honey. We’re almost through I promise,” he said as he rubbed her tender bottom gently. It was on fire and he knew she couldn’t take much more. “Five more on each side, then we’ll be done.” As he rubbed he tried to decide if he would make her count. “Nope,” he thought, “she has had enough and she still has another spanking coming.” With that he resumed. Slowly and determinedly he alternated the last ten these were the hardest yet as she knew they would be. He let her lay there sobbing for a minute or two, then gently pulled her into his arms. He felt her melt into his chest. Now this part he loved. He loved holding her, calming her, reassuring her, kissing away her tears. He always felt so reconnected to her. So close. She was the most precious thing on earth to him and he told her that as he reassured her he was proud of how well she had done with her punishment. How brave she had been, and how much he loved her and never wanted to have to punish her like this again.

Lori too loved this part. She felt closer to him than anything she had ever felt before. Her butt was on fire, but she didn’t care. She could have stayed there forever. He always said the sweetest things to her. She felt so loved and cherished in his arms. She would do this anytime for him. It hurt like hell, but the firestorm of love it released in her heart and sole was worth every second of the pain.

Kent wanted this moment to last forever, but reminded himself they weren’t done. “Honey” he said quietly. “You know I want to hold you forever. I wish I could just tuck you in to sleep, watch you sleep, and when you awaken make sweet love to you, but… we’re not quite done.”

“Oh please, Kent, I can’t take another right now. I need you.”

“Ok, honey, lets cuddle another few minutes at least. I am not ready yet either.”

I hope you'll come back next week for the final installment. And I hope you are thinking of writing a story yourself. If you'd like to join us send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Another meme I stole from somewhere

I grabbed this meme off Facebook. It's always fun doing these and I hope some of you will play along. 

Do you like blue cheese? 
Not at all. I’m not really a cheese fan at all.

Coke or Pepsi? 
Sundrop is still my favorite, and it’s bottled by Coke

Do you own a gun? 

What flavor of Kool-Aid? 
I’m not a big Kool-Aid fan, but grape I guess.

Hot Dogs? 
Every once and a while.

Favorite tv show? 
I watch mostly old reruns, but I loved The Big Bang Theory. So now I’ll say Young Sheldon.

Believe in ghosts? 
That would be a big yes. 

What do you drink in the morning? 
A sip of Sundrop with my morning meds. Ice water with breakfast, then coffee when I start writing.

Can you do a push-up? 
Probably not. And I ain’t trying.

Favorite jewelry? 
I have two silver rings with my children’s names engraved on them.

Favorite Hobby?
Writing – that a big shock, right?

Do you have ADD? 
No, I’m able to concentrate pretty wel… Oh look! A squirrel!

Do you wear glasses? 
Only when I’m awake.

Favorite cartoon character? 
Mighty Mouse!

Three things you did this morning? 
Ate breakfast, watched Good Morning America, finished next to last chapter of newest book.

Three things you drink? 
Ice water, coffee, diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

Current worries? 
No big ones.

Do you believe in magic?
Nope, not at all. 

Favorite place to be? 
In my writing room.

How did you ring in the New Year? 
Nodding off in front of the TV, waiting for the ball to drop.

Name five people who would do this? 
I hope any bloggers who read this.

Favorite color? 

Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
No, they are very hot. And too slippery.

Can you whistle? 
I sure can.

What are you doing right now? 
This meme and listening to TV in the background.

Where would you rather be right now? 
Right where I am.

Favorite food? 
Chicken and rice and gravy (that may be more than one, but I like them together.)

Favorite sex toy or spanking implement.
A blindfold.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Fantasy revival - The Business Woman, part one

Welcome to Fantasy Friday! This story first ran in 2007. It came from my friend Caryagal. This is what I wrote back then. 

A few of us, lucky enough to correspond with Carye often, know how well she can write. She doesn’t have her own blog and I have no idea why. She gives some excuse about having four kids under nine years old, working, taking care of her beloved Papa Shrek who has to working out of town occasionally (although sometimes he marches her to the garage, ‘the mistake’ strap in hand and takes pretty good care of her too). But gee, she could blog in her spare time! What else is she going to do with those five minutes every six months or so?

But now all those kids should be close to twenty-one and maybe, just maybe, if she's still reading here, she could join us now. This is a three part story, so you'll have to come back next week. Please enjoy...

The Business Woman, part one

As Kent sat double parked with his blinkers on he sighed an exasperated sigh. Where was she? They had just discussed this last week with her over his lap. He thought that would take care of it. As he looked out his rear view window he saw a police officer driving his way in the next block down, sighed, and threw the car into drive and started around the block. After two more rounds, he finally found a parking place, parked, and slamming the door, headed for the thirty story high rise that held his beautiful wife hostage. As he passed the guard the guard smiled at him and said, “Hey Kent! How you doing? Rescuing your wife again?” Kent just nodded glumly and headed for the 27th floor. As the elevator rose, he thought about his wife. She was so successful. A top executive with a corner office, yet at home she needed his guidance, and lately with work too. She had started the bad habit of staying until all hours of the night. They rarely saw each other. She often set him up with him waiting in the car, then finally trudging up and finding her only to find out she was planning on staying several more hours. He’d finally had enough last week and they had discussed it. They agreed that she would always call if she needed to stay late, and never stay past eight unless it was an emergency. It was working too. They had really enjoyed the last week together. She was much happier and relaxed and despite being a little sore for a few days afterwards she was all smiles. They’d agreed that if it happened again, she would be punished, this time with the hairbrush that he’d gotten that last weekend on an enjoyable getaway.

Kent stepped out of the elevator and immediately froze. He could hear his wife’s loud shouting from all the way down the hall. She was really laying into someone for something. He couldn’t believe his ears. She just wasn’t like that around him. She definitely had a temper, but he didn’t think with all her success it had come with her to work. He didn’t know who was on the receiving end, but no one deserved to be called the things that they were being called. Whoever it was was very calm and trying to appease her. Kent waited for about five minutes and out came a gentleman he knew well. It was Lori’s right-hand man. She relied on him heavily and always had great things to say about him. What could he have done to make her so mad? As they passed in the hall, John stopped and said hi but looked rather embarrassed. “Boy” he said “sometimes I wonder how you put up with her! She has the temper of a Tasmanian devil!” Kent was shocked. “Is she like this often John?”

“Well, only when we have short deadlines, and unreasonable goals. Today was one of those. Our best efforts were good, but not good enough for her liking. I guess I’ll be here most of the night revising everything so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. Well, I better get at it! I don’t want her more ticked than she already is! See ya later!”

“Bye, John” was about all Kent could muster. He was shocked. It sounded like Lori did this regularly. He was going to get to the bottom of this somehow and it was going to happen tonight.

Kent walked to her door, and knocked. Without waiting he swung open the door and leaned against the door jab crossing his arms. Lori looked up about to give someone a piece of her mind for just walking in on her. She saw Kent and immediately stopped and furtively looked at the clock. “Oh sorry” she said. “I was in a meeting until a few minutes ago. I’ll get my stuff and we’ll be out of here.”

“Yes” Kent said calmly but coldly. “So I heard. Do you always treat your employees like this? ”

Lori’s heart stopped. She knew that look, and a pit in her stomach suddenly grew. “Um, how much did you hear sweetie?” she smiled…

“Enough to know I’m going to ensure it doesn’t happen again” he said dryly. “I guess we’ll be discussing two things tonight. How to use a phone when one is running late, and how to treat people with respect.”

She knew better than to argue here. He wouldn’t care where he spanked her, and she certainly didn’t want it to be in her own office! Someone might hear. “Ok, let’s get out of here. Let me just pack up my briefcase.”

“I believe you have something to do prior to us leaving,” Kent prompted.

“I do? What would that be?” she asked indignantly.

“Apologize to John, and give him the night off, or else offer to stay to help him until it is done. Now don’t you think that would be a good idea?” Kent said raising his voice slightly.

“Certainly NOT,” she retorted. “I am not going to have you tell me what to do or how to run my staff without any idea of the day I’ve had.”

As the last words came out, she realized she’d made another grave mistake. He was around the desk in a flash and had her arm dragging her up and pushing her into the corner as he swatted her butt hard. “You can’t put me in the corner in my own office” She whined piteously.

“Wanna bet?” he retorted quietly in her ear. “You’ll stand there until you decide how you’re going to handle this. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to tell you how to run your business. So, I’ll let you decide young lady, you can be spanked here and now for all to hear, apologize, and then be spanked at home, or you can loose the attitude, apologize, and then deal with the consequences of your actions later at home.”

“I…” she sighed and stopped herself. She knew better than to anger him any more. Instead she used the time to reflect as she was supposed to. Yes, she hadn’t treated John the way she should have. She was just frustrated with the day and the deadlines. He was her best employee, and she relied upon him heavily. He had worked many long hours in the last few months and sacrificed precious family time. The stress was getting to him and she knew it. She had probably just made it worse.

After a few minutes, she sighed and said “Sir? I think I’ve made my decision.”

Kent smiled to himself. She sounded much more like herself already. “Ok honey, come here, what have you decided?”

“I’ll go talk to him. I think if we work together tomorrow we can get back on schedule. I’ll tell him to go home and offer to buy his family some dinner too. Ok?” she offered.

“Ok, let's go,” he said as he grabbed her briefcase and headed out the door.

“Um, Kent?” She paused.. “I can do this alone. I’ll just meet you outside.”

“Wrong answer honey. I want to make sure you appropriately show your remorse. You will do that,” returning her pause. “Won’t you?” He smiled to himself. He knew she wouldn’t want a demonstration on attitude adjustment in front of John.

Exasperated she rolled her eyes, earning another swat, as she headed down to find John. She worked very hard at a good apology, but John was not helping the situation by acting so surprised at her change in demeanor. There wasn’t much to do about that with Kent there though. John even joked with Kent on the way out about how quickly she had changed! What in the world had Kent done, and could he learn somehow? 

Kent wouldn’t tell him, but did reply “Well, if you get any of that type of attitude again, just give me a call. I’m sure I can turn it around in about two minutes flat.        See ya later John and say hi to the family!”

“How could you guys joke about that? That was very uncomfortable for me you know.” 

She said as they headed for his car.“Not nearly as uncomfortable as it is going to be when I get around to punishing you. I plan on ensuring that you never let a temper tantrum like that come out in your office again. I figure between that and forgetting last week’s session, you have a really long night ahead m’dear.”


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