I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big worries, little worries

As I asked some friends on Facebook, does God not think I have enough to worry about with LJ and Collin just living in New York City – now we have to throw in an earthquake and a hurricane? Come on! They don’t live in an area that was evacuated but they have been told to make plans to be without power and possibly water for several days. LJ says that while everyone else in the country prepare for a hurricane by boarding up and packing the car New Yorkers prepare by going out for booze and a French press to be able to make coffee without electricity. All that and complain a lot. He’s looking for it as an adventure, but one he says he is very willing to watch from his apartment. The mayor asked everyone to stay in their homes and the boys seem quite content to do just that. But I'm praying for them and my other friends and relatives in harm's way.

We’re still feeling our way through the empty nest. It didn’t stay empty this weekend; our little bird flew back in for a short visit. She forgot a few things and she wanted to eat at her grandmother’s later today. No problem, we were happy to see her. But I got the following email from Nick –

Looks like a little backsliding on weight. Eating out at lunch this week, maybe. A little backsliding on the clothes at the foot of the bed also. I guess you just love the cane and the tawse, maybe the backscratcher as well! Mollie may be around for a couple of days, but....then.

I wrote back telling him “You would be shocked to know how very wrong you are on your guesses!” So there's another worry - but one of a completely different nature. I can’t say the man hasn’t been paying attention. He knows exactly what few implements I truly dislike. I might not hate a real tawse but ours feels like plastic rather than good leather. Whatever, it doesn’t sound like he’s looking for something I’d like.

I’m getting a handle on school for this year so hopefully I’ll be back to mind-blogging soon.


  1. PK: I'm sure we are all curious what he has in mind when your daughter leaves.

    And now that your son is a New Yorker, you will soon know that New Yorkers manage to cope with all sorts of things. Complain but cope.


  2. PK, sometimes we need to be careful what we wish for.
    I too am concerned for my friends on the East Coast, that obstreperous bag of wind can do quite a bit of damage, I hope everybody stays safe.
    I'm sure that Nick knows what he is doing.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK - That hurricane sounds terrifying! I hope it misses us. Good thoughts for your boys and all New Yorkers, as well as everyone in its path.

    Nick is on the right track! Keep us posted.


  4. Well I feel your pain, but we just had the Hurricane pass over us and it wasn't super terrible. Lots of wind, the biggest issue is flooding, and it sounds like your boys are up high! Funny I bought a couple of packs of the instant coffee incase we lost power! We didn't... but still. I was so peppered!

    The good news is it is now downgraded to a tropical storm! It will be something they can tell their kids about someday!

    Sounds like Nick is really paying attention! Its such a catch 22 isn't it? Craig loves picking the worst implements and I want to scream!!!! NOT THOSE!!!!!

    Hang in there!

  5. Thinking of you and yours! And, wow, when Mollie leaves... YIKES!!! :)

  6. Hi! Hope your son magaged ok through the storm. As someone on the east coast...lots of rain and wind...lots of little branches fallen...electricity flickering here and there...but otherwise uneventful in my part of the woods and just a quiet peaceful day at home. Hope the same for your family. Enjoy the visit with Molly. And afterwards...well, ouch! Not spoken from experience but I am guessing the cane to be an intense sensation.
    Hugs, Terps

    PS - did I mention - sex is good! I think my husband and I are on the right path to a fun and healthy relationship...no canes but there was a hand spanking and pink spatula involved - Yay! :-)

  7. ohhh hope the boys are ok PK...thinking of you all.
    Hmmmm you certainly cant say that Nick isnt paying attention can you hehehe ;) way to go Nick....will be looking forward to reading more posts from you - keep us updated :) love and hugs kiwi xx

  8. FD,
    Boys are fine and I think they do make good New Yorkers. They can complain with the best of them!

    I don't think I really have anything to fear from nature or husband.

    I hope Irene is all rung out before she reaches you.

    Seems like those who love their coffee MUST HAVE their coffee! I will say that Nick is the master of the erotic spanking.

    It was fun - no yikes - but lots of fun.

    Good for you! Trust me no one needs a cane! You can't beat a hand and a pink spatula. I'm really happy for you. Keep me informed - I feel this story will continue.

    We had a lovely afternoon. And many more days to practice.

  9. I'm glad the boys are okay. The east coast was sure rocked this weekend!

  10. Emily,
    It sure did capture everyone attention. I still haven't heard from all my family but I hope it's just phone problems.