I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty nest, day one

It’s been quite a weekend. Mollie is moved in safe and sound at school. And I did it without shedding a tear in her presents, a few later, but not many really. It’s not like when I went off to college at 18. I was over three hours away (not really that far, but it felt like it), back then any calls made were long distance, and we had been taught from birth that long distance was expensive!! Anymore than a call a week was too extravagant. Writing letters was time consuming and slow. Although I really wasn’t, I felt cut off. Contrast that with today, cell calls, text, email, facebook, skype… Mollie and I may have communicated more since she left than we normally did when she was home! LOL! I know she won’t keep in such regular touch as time goes on but it has really eased these first few days for me.

I know, I know you all want to know about the empty nest. Well I can’t tell you. We haven’t really experienced it long enough to tell yet. But celebrating your youngest heading off to school – well now that we did! I hope you mothers of younger children don’t think me awful for celebrating. Understand she’s happy as a clam and doing what she wants in the college of her choice. So now it time for mom and dad to enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

Saturday began our first full day on our own. Saturday was quite a day! Nick let me sleep late after snuggling during the night. I got up, made my morning computer check and had a little breakfast. We worked together cleaning house for a while and I got some stuff ready for work next weeks. After lunch was our time. Nick invited me to join him in the pool. I guess there isn’t too many pool days left. We floated and talked a while but when we came up the fun really began.

He had come up a bit before me and when I later walked into the bedroom he had everything set up to give me a shave. I would have never thought of shaving the kitty in years pasted but when we started all this a few years ago and read some about it we decided to try it – I liked it, it made me feel sexy. I especially love it when Nick shaves me, a very erotic – not to mention submissive encounter. I have to tell you the mentholated shaving cream was a real hit with me too – but I love hot creams, again very erotic for me.

After a quick shower together I came back in the bedroom to see Nick getting out the blindfold and cuffs. Okay, deep breath. First the blindfold and then I was handcuffed and secured to the headboard. Nothing will give you butterflies than to be in this position and have your husband remind you of your safeword! Did that mean I was going to need it? My mind rushed back to an email Nick had recently sent -

While we are contemplating the many potential impacts of an empty nest; reread Gift of Submission/ "What a girl wants" (particularly paragraph 2 and the first comment.)

Thanks Audra (I think). Other than giving me a hint of what might be coming it told me volumes. Nick had been reading blogs. He’d been reading Gift of Submission for sure, who else has he been reading? And I feel like he must have been reading mine too. Much food for thought. Back to our afternoon.

He gave me a good warm-up. I don’t know what all he used. I can’t say he lectured but he was talking, joking, more to himself than to me. “Hmm… I don’t spank you enough, I’m not consistent, I don’t hold you accountable…wouldn’t want that.” And then he told me he was going to give me a little break and he left the room. That an interesting feeling to be left tied to the bed blindfolded and wondering what you husband’s up to. He was soon back and it wasn’t long until I knew exactly what he’d been up to – preparing the ginger! If you don’t know about figging, google it! We had tried it before and I like it. Nick had gone out of his way to make sure this was a special day for me.

He uses many different implements – some I recognized other I had to ask about. I didn’t have any problem identifying when the cane came into play! It was a long wonderful afternoon – spanking, nice long breaks for rubbing and loving and then more spanking. Toys and vibrators and lotions and making love just about every way it can be done. It was a wonderful afternoon, the perfect way to start off our new journey together.

We did talk a little about dd, we’ve been emailing some. I’ll tell you about that soon. I’m still very much in the ‘wait and see’ mode. Work starts this week in earnest so I don’t know how much blogging time I’ll have but I’ll write when I can.


  1. im so glad mollie got settled well - and that you didnt shed too many tears - well done you :)
    As for your afteroon way to go - sounds wonderful - and what did you think of the cane?????
    Im looking forward to reading more :)
    good luck with the start of school :)
    kiwi xx

  2. PK, I'm glad Mollie is happy and settling.
    Sounds like a great start, lets hope that it continues.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Happy to hear Mollie all settled in.

    It sounds like Mom and Dad had a lovely celebration. I think Nick likes his cane:)

    Hope the start of school goes well.


  4. Aw! Sounds like a great start! :D

  5. PK: Well, he certainly didn't wait long for you to start enjoying your empty nest years. And how nice that he has been reading blogs and knows what you long for and need and now appears ready to give it to you. Let's hope he keeps it up.

    And how interesting that you and Mollie are communicating so much. Sounds like she misses dear old Mom.


  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Sounds like the empty nest years will be great fun!

    Congrats on Mollie getting settled in and doing well with the separation.


  7. So glad the two of you had such a wonderful day together! :-)

    And glad Mollie is all settled happily at school :-)

    good luck with the start of school, too. I am not ready for the summer days to be over...

  8. I'm glad you two had such a wonderful afternoon! And since he may be reading your blog... Discipline is where it's at. Peer pressure is cool - live the DD lifestyle, just like everyone else!

  9. Kiwi,
    Mollie is doing great. And I hope to have many more afternoons like that. And I HATE the cane!

    I hope it continues too.

    Yes Ronnie,
    Nick love his cane, but I'M your friend, not him!! Oh well we have to let him have his fun too I suppose.

    It beat sitting home and crying like I'm sure some mom's do. I'm glad everyone was happy.

    It's been on our minds for quite a while. And talking to Mollie several times kept me from worrying about her - we could just have fun.

    It's hard to send your baby off but we raised her for this. And now we have time to remember why we married in the first place.

    Thanks Terps,
    I'm sure not happy about summer being over. Teaching is great but summer vacation is awesome!

    I was stunned to find out he had been reading around. I didn't even think he was reading me but I guess he is.

  10. Empty nest, day one was a hit! Way to go, Nick, for making it so special. :)