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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Safety Matters, II

Here we go, I'll be back at work by next Friday. Today's Fantasy Friday was the first story from Lillian. She sent this to me almost exactly 2 years ago today. Lillian is a few decades younger than I am and while she has been reading spanking stories for a while this was her first attempt at writing one. I think you'll be as impressed as I was.

So please enjoy...

Safety Matters

“Unbelievable,” Joe muttered under his breath.

“You ok?” Sean asked around a mouthful of pizza.

“Yeah, I’m fine” but she’s not gonna be when I get done with her, Joe thought. He couldn’t believe she would run in the park. Alone. AGAIN! Oh just wait, he thought.

“Hey, I know we haven’t had lunch together in forever, but I have to cut this short, and I won’t be back at the office the rest of the day either, tell Paul I got sick or something k?”

“Yeah sure, but Paul isn’t going to like it. Where are you going anyway? We finally escape the office to have lunch in the great outdoors and now you’re running off? What gives?” Sean complained.

Joe knew it was true, every since he had gotten married eight months ago he hadn’t been a very good friend. But now was not the time to deal with Sean.

“Tell you what,” Joe said getting to his feet “pick a weekend this month and we will go fishing. No matter what I will make it work, just name the date. Right now though, I really have to go. Enjoy the rest of the pizza.”

Taking off at a slow jog, Joe left the river bank and headed for the parking lot. As he slid into his car he started looking for Becky’s. How could she do this again? He thought outraged. She was running in the park alone. Hadn’t he told her before he would run with her, she just had to wait for him to get home from work. How would he feel if someone hurt her just because she couldn’t wait to go running? And how often was she running here without telling him? The park was too dense with trees for it to be safe for a woman to run alone. It was too easy for someone to hide.

This was the one and only fight they had had while dating. When he discovered she ran alone he had made her swear not to do it anymore. And when he found out a month later that she had indeed started running alone again, it had been the start to their discipline relationship.

He smiled briefly at the thought of that day. Finding her sweat dampened running suit. Racing through the house to find her reading on the couch. Turning her over his knee and laying in with the hardest swats he could muster.

He smiled again. Her surprise. His surprise. Sure he had thought about it in the past with other women, but never had he spanked anyone. Never had he loved someone enough that he would do anything to keep her safe, including discipline her.

She had yelled, then finally given in to his harsh treatment. When the anger was gone, and she just cried, he let her up and just held her. When the tears stopped, she apologized and once again promised to never do it again.

She never questioned the fact I had just turned her bottom red. She never asked if it would happen again. Somehow they both just knew it would.

And it did. Once for a bounced check and another for not going to the doctor before her bronchitis turned to pneumonia (though she had had to wait till she was better for that spanking). And even once again for running alone. There had been other times too. Spankings had started to add up over the course of their two year relationship. He smiled again at the thought of some of the more fun ones. Then he sighed as he finally spotted her car.

He parked a ways away. He didn’t want her to see his car before he was ready. He sighed again as he took in where she parked. Directly next to a thick set of trees, a perfect place for someone to hide, he thought miserably.


Wiping her neck Becky sighed. I guess I had better get home before Joe does. I need to make sure to throw these cloths in the wash and take a shower, She thought. She enjoyed running, it was one of her favorite activities outside of… well let’s be honest… sex. Both got her blood pumping and her adrenaline going. She smiled; maybe she would do something “bad” tonight….

Her thoughts trailed off as one of her favorite songs came on her IPod. She turned it up just a little louder and sped up for the last quarter mile of her run. With her car in sight and the music blaring she ran thoughtlessly.

Suddenly and without warning, hot hands grasped her. One on her upper arm, then before she could turn, another over her mouth. She was off her feet in an instant. The hands that grasped her were strong. Bruising her arm as they lifted her.

She tried to fight. Tried to scream. Tried to get away. Then it hit her. She was going to die. Someone was really going to drag her off in the woods and kill her. Or at the very least rape her. Oh gosh, Joe! He would never forgive her. Never get over this.

As soon as she stopped fighting, she was placed back on her feet. Gradually, the hand on her arm started to loosen. And the one on her mouth released her. She opened her mouth to scream and found herself being spun around and lips catching hers. Pulling, biting, seeking. She tried to pull away but the force of the man’s (she knew it was a man now from the hardness that pressed against her thigh) hands keep her tightly against him. She opened her eyes, if she lived through this she wanted to be able to tell the police everything.

“OOOOOUU,” came out as she saw who held her for the first time.

Joe looked down at her half scared, half relieved face as she realized she was safe. He released her mouth but not her body. The tremors were sudden then, just like the tears. She shook and cried into his shirt as he held her.

“I love you. I love you more than anything” he whispered as she shook. She was trying to say something in reply but it was lost in her sobs, so he just held her until she was reduced to sniffles.

“What were you thinking?” he murmured into her hair. “Becky, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she cried with a fresh wave of tears.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” he yelled with renewed anger. “Do you know how easily it could have been someone else who grabbed you? Someone else who kissed you? Someone else who….” He shook with fear and anger. He couldn’t even think the last one.

“I’m sorry. I swear I’m sorry and it will never happen again!”

“I know it won’t I am gonna make sure of that. I think this little incident may have scared you straight but I think I will take you home and give myself some insurance that you will never even THINK about running alone again.”

“Joe, NO, I’m sorry. I swear this set me straight, I will never let it happen again! Never!”

“Hun, you know I love you, but you are going to get spanked for this one. And it’s not up for discussion. So let’s go home and get it over with.” He held her as he half carried – half walked her to her car.

“But where’s your car?” She complained as he slid her into the passenger seat of her own car.

“It’s locked; we can come back for it later after we have taken care of some business.” He gave her a quick peck then rounded the car to climb in the driver’s seat.

The ride home was a quiet one. He never wanted to have to repeat this lesson again, and he hoped that his actions in the park had finally proved to her why running alone was such a bad idea.

They got home quickly, too quickly for Becky’s liking. She knew what would come next.

“I want you to go upstairs switch into PJ bottoms, lower them and be waiting in the corner in 3 minutes.”

“Yes sir,” She replied as she climbed out of the car and hurried upstairs.

She wondered how he would spank her. The first time he had just used his hand in his hast. The next time she had been caught running alone he had used a wooden spoon on her, which stung like heck. But those were a while ago and since then many new “toys” had been added to their collection. She shuttered at the thought of what she would feel.


He entered the house resolved to make her feel her lesson. He was almost sure he would never have to worry about her running alone again, but he wanted to be positive.

When he entered their room she was in the corner with her PJ’s around her ankles just as he had instructed.

He sat down on the bed and called her over. She shuffled over and immediately lay over his knees.

“I’m sorry” is all she whispered as his hand cracked down for the first of many times. Over and over his hand came down. He was holding nothing back. He wanted her to feel the sting in her bottom. He wanted her to remember today forever.

Harder his swats came as he thought about the danger she had placed herself in. faster they came as he realized how easy it was to grab her.

He spanked her butt until she began to wiggle and kick, then he laid into the top of her thighs none to gently. Her butt and thighs were turning a light red color. She was crying softly and apologizing, while his hand was beginning to sting. He gave her a few more hard smacks on both her thighs and butt. Then let her up.

“Stand right there and don’t even think about touching your red ass.” He said with a little more anger than he meant. He left the room and quickly returned with their bath brush.

That thing hurts! She thought. I’m never going to sit after he gets done with me! “Please not that,” she begged aloud.

“You should thank me for giving you a nice warm-up before using it on you! Maybe you won’t bruise since I don’t plan to be gentle.”

Warm-up? Bruise? Oh gosh…

“Now bend over, hands on the mattress, ass in the air.”

She did so immediately and within seconds the first blazing strike hit. “Owww,” she cried.

Two more landed on top of the first. She stood up and grabbed her butt. “Please,” she said tears rolling down her cheeks now.

“Bend back over” he told her, “and that’s three for the hands” he added without regret.

She quickly bent back over and Joe once again started swinging without mercy. She was going to learn her lesson, even if it killed him to teach it to her. He was glad she didn’t see his face as it contorted with every stroke as she yelled out.

When he was satisfied and her butt was sore, he slowed his strikes and landed each swat with extra force and precision. When he land ten extra hard over there the course of 2 minutes and her crying and screaming became sobs, he finally stopped.

He knew he had never spanked her this hard before. But he also knew her pretty little ass had never deserved it so much before. He let her cry herself out and when her sobs reduced to sniffles he told her stand, left palm up.

Her crying became heavy again but she did as she was asked. He quickly landed three strokes across her open hand.

“Right hand now please.”

She submitted her right hand for the same punishment crying out as the sting of each stroke hit her.

“Almost done now, it’s almost over. Lay across the bed for me sweetie.” His voice was soft again. He knew she would be sore and likely even bruised. Not something he liked to do and had only happened on one occasion before.

Almost? She thought scared. But it hurts. I’m on fire. My hands hurt. I’m never going to get into trouble again. “Pleeeeease nooooo mmmmore, pleassssssse.” She begged.

“Almost done, just lay down on the bed for me.” He said almost sadly.

He left the room and returned empty handed as he entered the closet. When he came out her breath caught.


“Yes, six of the best with the cane and then its over, its all over.” He had never really caned her. Once he gave her a medium hard stroke and she almost came out of her skin. Now he expected her to take SIX??

“It will be ok,” he reassured her, “but you need this, so grab a pillow and it will be over in a minute.”

She did as he said tucking her into the pillow and within a second the first stripe was on her butt.

She screamed but it was muffled in the pillow. Joe cringed as he watched the stripe go from white to an angry red welt. Before he talked himself out of the other 5 he laid them on her so fast he barely had time to breath.

He could hear her screaming even through the pillow as the last one landed.

He threw the cane down and climbed in bed next to her as she screamed and sobbed. Even without the cane hitting her she continued to scream as the pain from the last five grew.

“I love you” he said when he thought she could hear him. “I love you so much; I never want ANYTHING to happen to you.”

She was quiet for a few moments before she replied, “I love you too and I promise never to run without you. I promise. I really am sorry.” She gave him a small smile.

“I’m sure you’re sorry. And I’m sorry you’re going to be sore for the next few days, but at least I know you won’t be running.”

She smiled at him and he leaned into to kiss his thoroughly beautiful, thoroughly lovely, thoroughly spanked, wife.


Lillian, you did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for sending this. Lillian said that although she enjoys reading stories both reading and writing still feels a little taboo. She shared, "I knew if I didn't send it the second the last word was down I would have deleted it." I am sooooo glad you decided to send it!

If you are willing to try a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

If you should ever send a story and don't hear from me within 24 hours please send it again. I always worry that something may end up in the span file. I try to check but something could slip by me. If you don't hear from me - I didn't get it!!!

Lillian, thanks again and please keep writing!


  1. wow that was awesome - well done Lillian....i know how that cane feels. Great story. LOL Evertime I think of something to write about someone beats me to it hehehe....

  2. Enjoyed that Lillian, great story. Thank you.

    Thanks PK.


  3. PK, a great story.
    Lillian, what an awesome spanking, I hope that you have never been on the receiving end of such a spanking.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Great story Lillian! Made me almost regret all the times I have walked alone outside. ;)

    Thanks PK for posting!!

  5. Lillian and PK!

    You girls rock! Thanks, Lillian, and I hope you write something soon!

    Thanks so much for posting, PK, and I hope everything is going great for you!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM


    As a runner, I could really relate to that story. I'm afraid I'd be furious if Daddy forbid me to not run without him.

    Thankfully, we live in a relatively safe community.

    It was a great story, even if the runner got spanked something awful!


  7. Great story! I can almost feel it in my own bottom