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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for me to step up

I said I’d share an email Nick sent me not long ago. Nick’s emails are short and to the point. I go on forever and he’s kind enough to read through the maze of my thoughts (at least I think he reads it, LOL). I guess I’ve gone on about discipline on and off for 5 years now. I often complain about the lack of spanking around here. I’ve tried to talk Nick into making rules and enforcing them. I tried to talk him into being consistent. I’ve wanted him to take all this seriously. I’ve written a lot. And then the other day, I get this email after we had talked about my attempts to work on a healthier weight.

I promised consequences, and you are frequently complaining about my lack of following through rather than your failure to complete objectives, I guess I need to do better, (longer, harder etc). With privacy will come more opportunity to do as needed. So don't add to the account by gaining!

I don’t think when he wrote it he meant for it to be as significant as it sounded to me when I read it. But the truth of that one line really got to me.

“You are frequently complaining about my lack of following through rather than your failure to complete objectives”

I hate like hell to admit it, but he’s absolute right. What can I say? He called me on it and he was right. I’m trying to make him think – I wasn’t planning on him making me think. But that’s what he did. After our wonderful weekend celebrating our new status as empty-nesters I talked to him. I told him that the email had me thinking. I told him that if he told me the things he was really serious about I would really try to do better.

He wasn’t willing to play my game. He just smiled said I was a grown up and I knew what I needed to be doing. Hmmm… yeah, I guess, sorta. But, I complained, “That means you can pick anything you want to at any time and start spanking for it?” He kept grinning and said “Yeah, I know.”

Well, well maybe the man is thinking. I’ve said before we have no big issues that I’ve hears other being spanked for. Mine are laundry at the foot of the bed, blowing off exercise and snacking to excess, leaving on the fan, not closing windows. All little things, but things he’d like me to change.

So shortly after he had sent this email, Mollie moved, I started back to work and I’ve had my mind on other things. I gained a little this week and he had threatened with the cane and other things I dislike but by the time we had the privacy Sunday he had relented a little. There was some spanking and threats about the upcoming week but, it was a wonderful erotic romp, not a deterrent. No complaints! It was a great afternoon.

As I’ve gotten started at school discipline and rules for me have been the farther thing from my mind. I haven’t thought much about what I should be doing here – I’m planning on doing better, but I really hadn’t started yet. Today I had to stop by the house for something for a minute before running out again. Nick and I had talked on the phone and he was home before I got back. He greeted me with a kiss and asked me if I’d been at the house long before I left again. I told him no I was just in and out.

“So you didn’t have time to run back and open the windows and turn on the fan?”

Oh crap! I completely forgot this morning. I didn’t have much time to protest. He had me over a chair in a flash and he already had the wooden spatula out and handy. I did have time to say “I remembered Friday!” before he started swatting me with that thing. Somehow he wasn’t impressed that I had remembered for one whole day. It was interesting. He got my attention and I have no doubt the windows will be shut and lights the lights and fans will be off tomorrow! I need to get my act together. I think the ball’s in my court. I hope I don’t drop it. I’ll let you know.


  1. Mine is closing his office door..can you believe it's actually a rule? I usually remember it..I try!

  2. Be careful what you wish for! It looks like Nick is finally stepping up to the plate.


  3. Pk this is so exciting! Nick seems to be really stepping up, and is ready to give you what you need! Better be on your toes...by the way, I hate the whole "you know what you should be doing," thing. It would be so much better if they could pinpoint a few important things.

  4. PK, this what you wished for, so grin and bear it; but hopefully not too often. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. for my husband it is that I am a messy cook (I do clean up afterwards though)- usually I tell him he should be grateful that I feed him... :-) Probably good we don't do the dd thing in our house or I would be in trouble :-) take care...remember those windows...

  6. What may seem little to us may not be to them. It's great to see the dynamic changing here!! If you accidentally drop the ball, bend from the knees to pick it up. He may be right behind you... :)

  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I feel for you. I'd like a little more direction, too, but I get the line, "I don't want to micromanage you. You're an adult. Just do the things you know need doing!"

    It will be interesting to see how this works out for you, PK!


  8. Looks like your going to get what your wished for PK. Good for Nick.


  9. way to go Nick - im happy for you PK good things come to those who wait and you have been so patient - Im glad he took charge immediately too - it makes such a difference ;)
    Im still getting threats over exercise but no action (on the exercise front anyways) lol....

  10. Stormy,
    They sure can come up with the strangest things.

    It just could be what I’ve been wishing for. Time will tell!

    Isn’t that aggravating? Of course I know what I should be doing but it’s hard to do it on my own. That’s why rules would help. Sigh… I guess we’ll do it his way.

    LOL Paul!
    That’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Nick would be thrilled if I’d feed him, messy or not! Your husband IS lucky. And who knows, maybe someday you will be in this kinda trouble.

    If I use this method of bending down I will be good exercise! But then what fun would that be?

    You, me and Heather… not enough rules to suit us and other feel that they have too many. I guess we’ll keep trying.

    It’s fun wondering what’s going to happen.

    I not only got the lights turned off and the fans and the windows shut – I actually went to the gym today. I have a feeling that comes under the ‘do what you know you’re supposed to’.

  11. way to go PK - you may even get a good girl spanking eh? hehehe
    I got another threat this morning about no exercise - its getting to be on a daily basis now.....one of these days he will stop the threat and make good on his word - i really need to get started....he keeps threatening to cane me so i get up out of bed - not at the end of the day because I didnt - if you know waht i mean....

  12. PK: Sounds like Nick to ready to step up. Let's hope he keeps it up and you don't drop the ball. Sounds like you really have to do what he
    tells you now when with no excuses.


  13. I loved your post! I too complain about inconsistency. And your hubbys comment hit home with me too. I want to follow the "rules" but somehow I can't do it all. But in my defense- and yours, LOL why does it matter if they don't care enough about the rule to back it up? That is not why I am commenting though really I was convicted... maybe i should spend my time concentrating my side of things than I do on his. BTW I would like to borrow his comment for my blog (with a link to your post.) good luck stepping up and maybe you should put some throw pillows in the freezer for... um .. well you know...

  14. Pooky,
    Isn't it irritating! I'll leave the rest of my comment over at your place. You're welcome to use anything I have on my site if you like, I'd be honored.