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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The gym challenge

I haven’t been saying much about the diet lately. You know I joined the fall challenge at my gym. It was officially over on the 18th and I had my assessment yesterday, back to that in a minute.

Some people have natural talents, some are good cooks, some can sing, some are artist; I too have a natural talent – I can gain weigh with little to no effort. Nick saw this first hand when we went on our first trip with Eva and Adam. Eva had had the gastric bypass a few months earlier so healthy eating was on everyone’s mind. Nick and I ate nearly identically on the trip. We would even ordered one meal for dinner and shared it. So no one over ate and we did a lot of walking. When we got home we weighed, Nick had stayed exactly the same and I had gained 5 pounds! Not fair, not fair at all but I’m talking facts, not fair.

So this fall challenge at my gym began on October 18 during that time we have had three ‘teacher feeds’. That’s where one grade level brings in enough food to feed a small country.

We had one for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas – they were delicious! We had Thanksgiving itself in there. I had my birthday and several nice dinners to celebrate, candy and desserts from my kids at school, and eating out with friends for Christmas – so you get the pictures.

Now back to the assessment. I would love to tell you I lost 10 pounds and my abs and butt are tight and firm. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen but… I can tell you that during all those weeks and extra eating I managed to keep my weight gain to less than one pound!! And I lost an inch in my waist. Nope it’s not spectacular but for real life at my age – I’m not disappointed. I know myself, and I know if I hadn’t been exercising as much as I did I could have easily put on 10 pounds. I’m really happy I avoided that.

Now all that’s fine but I do need to keep working. The little bit I gained threw me into another middle number – one I never wanted to see again. So there is work to be done. After the holidays I hope Nick will continue to help. Maybe we could revisit some of the things that helped me originally. We don’t need tons of rules – that’s not Nick’s style. But if he will pick some that he feels are important and be willing to enforce them – well that helps me more than he will ever know. I can’t say that I am much of a submissive but when Nick makes and enforces a few rules the whole ‘diet thing’ becomes an interesting challenge rather than drudgery. When he makes ‘suggestions’ and then doesn’t really seem to care if I go by them or not I just lose interest. We'll see how things go. I know we both want the same results.

Well I’m looking forward to restarting the weight loss early in the new year! But right now I am relaxing, looking forward to seeing family over the holidays and trying not to go crazy on the extra meals and treats! I’ll have something up for Fantasy Friday this week but I hope everyone will spend the day with the people they love!


  1. Hi PK,
    I sure can relate to your weight problem.
    the past 6 months I have had the same problem, but mine is more than 10 lbs. But hopefully after the holidays I to can do something about it as well.
    Looking forward to your next Fantasy Friday, I really enjoy them.
    Lil Sam

  2. Less than one pound weight gain with all that food in front of you is fantastic! I'm up above a number I hoped never to see on my scale again, too. 2010 will be better to all of us, I hope! Enjoy your Holidays!! Meow

  3. PK, well I reckon that is well done.
    I know that you will get a grip on it in the new year.
    Have fun dear girl and enjoy.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. PK, That is great considering all the fattening holidays. I hope you have continued success this coming year. Happy Holidays.

  5. I think it sounds like you did pretty darn good. You know, good for women our age!

    I eat the same foods Will eats, and I eat about a quarter the amount. Well that's not totally true. Actually Will cheats about once a week!

    I lose an ounce for every pound he loses!

    Maybe what you and I need is testosterone!


  6. Lil Sam,
    I know we can do this. Keep in touch, maybe we can encourage each other!

    I just have to change directions on this. I know I can do it but I'm lazy and I don't really want to do the hard work.

    I hope to get that handle on the whole thing again. Thank you for being such a loyal friend!

    I was really happy that I hadn't gone up more. I guess the new year isn't a bad time for a new start.

    It's Nicks fault - everyone is supposed to gain about 50 pounds after marriage. Nick only gained one!! That left 99 for me to gain so I did. Better now but it was bad for a while.

  7. Starting fresh in the new year sounds good...I will be doing the same...and I too can gain weight just by looking at it... :-)