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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colonoscopy - the inside story

No good spanking story today but very important post none the less. No one wants to go for their colonoscopy. I put it off for about 5 years. But one thing I can tell you for sure now is that dreading it was much worse than the actual test. So for those of you putting it off I want to tell you it wasn’t bad at all. I only had one real problem and I know now how I could have made that much better. So here is what to expect.

I had to be on a liquid diet for a day and a half. I had a delicious meal at my MIL’s on Sunday and then I could only have clear liquids, apple juice, white grape, broths, jello, black coffee or tea and soft drinks, diet or regular (nothing with red coloring). Actually it ended up that I didn’t have anything to eat for about 48 hours but I really didn’t feel hungry. I guess the fluids filled me up pretty well.

Now of course everyone dreads the prep more than anything but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I had to talk two laxative pills to start, then I had to mix the powder stuff in 64 oz of Crystal Lite or Gaterade. I was most dreading the taste of drinking that much yuck. But I can tell you the powder did not taste at all!! All I tasted was the Crystal lite and I found a white grape flavor that was really good. I started drinking this at 5:30 and had to have it finished by 7:30. That’s a glass full about ever 15 to 20 minutes. I was expecting to spend hours on the pot – that didn’t happen. When I needed to go I went then I came back and watched TV and drank more of the mixture.

The whole process seemed pretty steady. There was no cramping, no pain. But I did run into one bad time. I got nauseated. I hate and despise that feeling and I also despise throwing up!! But that was the only bad time really. Now if you do this I think I know how you can avoid this problem. Even though they tell you to drink all that mixture in two hours, don’t push it. You just can’t take that much liquid at once. Maybe start your prep a little earlier than they say and take a little longer with the mixture. The results are going to be the same and you can skip the nausea part.

I did get up a few times during the night to go but still there was no cramping or hurting at all, just a little lack of sleep. By the next morning I felt normal. Still wasn’t very hungry but ready to get it all over with. Nick and I arrived at the office at 12:15. I put on a gown, they put in an IV and I rested quietly until my turn. They rolled me into the procedure room and asked me to lie on my left side and breathe normally.

Two seconds later it seemed I could hear the doctor telling Nick that everything went great. He found two small polyps which is fairly normal at my age. He removed them and they will be tested but the doctor thought everything was perfectly normal. Nick helped me dress and went for the car and with only slightly wobbly legs the nurse led me to the door and we were homeward bound before 2:30. That is after a stop at Wendy’s for a delicious hamburger and fries.

I've written all this to encourage those of you that should have this test but you’ve been putting it off to have it. It wasn’t awful at all. Had I avoided that period of nausea I would have said the whole thing was a piece of cake. You have to know it pales in comparison to the realization of colon cancer and everything surrounding that. As my doctor said, even though not every polyp becomes cancer, all colon cancer begins as a small polyp. This was so much simpler than I thought it would be. And I don’t even want to think of having let those two little polyps develop into something with serious, possibly deadly results. I swear this isn’t bad, get it done folks!


  1. Pk, I am so happy for you that things turned out okay. I hope every one who reads this listens to the message you are sending
    Hugs Lil Sam

  2. Hi PK,

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  3. Happy to hear things went well PK. I couldn't eat after mine.

    Thanks for sharing PK and I agree it really isn't so bad so I hope everybody who reads your post who has been umming and ahhing about having the test changes their mind and books an appoointment.


  4. Yes, PK, it's not really that bad as I know from having one. I also urge all your readers on the fence to have it done because it can literally save your life.

    Our insuraance company even pays for the whole thing because they how beneifical it can be.

    Now I just have to take my own advice in the next few months because I'm due for another one.


  5. I am glad that you went and that everything went well...

  6. Three more years until my first one is required. I watched my dad go through the process about 3 months ago, and like you, he said the only annoying part ever is the prep part. He didn't have the nausea, but he gets the hunger, because now that he's not worried, it means he can think of other things like... "I haven't eaten in what seems like DAYS!"

    Glad to hear your procedure went well.


  7. PK,
    So glad to hear all went well. You made it sound not so bad, because I know my time will be coming soon. Maybe, I won't put off going to the doc's.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  8. Congratulations on the excellent results. I wish aj could do that but he can not: as a cancer survivor he has to take a PET scan. The prep is more exacting and so is the radio active injections. After this 4 hour ordeal he is hungary and on a limited diet--salad or fish. All of you are very lucky to this once a year or so.
    We have to do it every 6 months. Again congratulations.

  9. You brave girl! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I'm so glad what they found was removed and not significant.


  10. PK, thanks for letting us know the results, I had no doubt that you would be ok.
    Love and warm hugs,

  11. PK you can even make a colonoscopy sound good. I can't wait to have mine done!


  12. I'm glad it went well and hope the results are negative. I get my colonoscopies regularly since both my parents have had colon cancer. I don't take chances when the test is really so simple! Meow

  13. Lil Sam,
    I hope so too. It’s just too important to ignore.

    I’ve updated the link. This is a very good idea and I appreciate your efforts. I always got a lot of hits from The Spanking Universe. Thanks for including me.

    I could eat my burger and fries like a champ. I know really hope all those over 50 will just go ahead and do it.

    If insurance is willing to pay the whole thing then it really must save them money in the long run to help so many people avoid cancer treatments. So I’m waiting for you to let me know your appointment date – soon!

    Thanks Treps,
    You’re not old enough to have to take the test yet. Maybe it will be even easier when you have to do it.

    I was really surprised that I didn’t feel all that hungry. It was like knowing I couldn’t eat and I just didn’t. I’m trying to use this as a jump start for more weight loss.

    When you need one I really hope you’ll remember this. And then you can encourage other too.

    I’m sorry it has to be done so often but happy AJ is a survivor. Actually most doctor are saying we only have to do this every 10 years and that’s fantastic!

    It sure does ease my mind. I hadn’t really been worried but as it got closer I couldn’t help getting a little nervous. It feels great to know all is well.

    You are always one holding a good thought for me and I really appreciate it.

    LOL! I wouldn’t put it on my top 3 things I want to do again next week but I can think of tons of stuff that I would consider worse.

    I can see you have more than enough reason to be vigilant about testing. I hope your scans remain clear forever!

  14. pk, So glad it went so well for you.

  15. pk, So glad it went so well for you.