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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Two for one, II

Not only is it Friday - Christmas vacation begins today! We have a great story for today that is also in a way a public service announcement! It's a repost but I the author is one of the best! I know it gave me lots of ideas and what could be better than a wonderful story that also gives you sexy ideas!

I know much of the south is expecting some winter weather this weekend. I hope if you are in that area you can stay home and enjoy a good Fantasy Friday - maybe even write one?? Well think about it anyway!

Enjoy your Friday and enjoy...

Two for one

Lana's hands trembled as she eagerly cut the packaging open. Her DVDs had arrived and she could hardly wait to pop one into the player.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, a couple of weeks before Christmas, she'd found herself home alone and bored out of her skull. Her boyfriend had been out of town all week and wasn't scheduled to return until the following Friday. 'What's a girl to do,' she thought, as she flipped on her computer and began roaming her favorite links.

'December sure is slow,' she mused. Nobody was posting anything she found very interesting. She clicked into a couple of new sites, only to encounter the same sense of flatness. 'Same old, same old,' she complained inwardly. She was still bored, but reluctant to stop surfing.

'What is the name of that site with all the spanking videos?' she wondered. After a few moments of thinking, she remembered. 'Oh yeah, Shadow Lane.' A google minute later, she was there.

The front page caused her to sit up and take notice. They were having a two for one sale! She quickly entered the site.

'Oooo, I really shouldn't be doing this,' she thought. The twinge of guilt didn't stop her from looking at all the wonderful selections and before she knew it, there were four DVDs in her shopping cart.

They'd arrived the same day Jon returned. He was upstairs, sleeping from his long flight and the busy two weeks he'd had away from home. She was certain he'd sleep until she woke him for dinner. Lana decided that watching just one of the movies would be a quiet and harmless way to spend the afternoon.

"A Lover's Discipline" had been her first choice when she shopped that snowy, lonely day. She was intrigued by the promise of anal discipline, combined with masturbatory punishment, hand spanking, paddling, and all the yummy things she dreamed of doing with Jon. Into the player it went.

Lana settled herself onto the couch to enjoy her guilty pleasure. Her warm-ups were cozy, but not enough to ward off the chill of the day. She covered up with a blanket and invited the cat to join her while she watched the story unfold.

'Wow,' she exclaimed as the movie started. 'Those two aren't wasting any time.' She watched as the couple moved through the discipline. She flinched when the spanking started and began experiencing a growing need when the anal discipline ensued. Her hand found its way under the band of her pants until her fingers came to rest against her hard, aching clit. She slid down in her seat a bit to accommodate her wandering fingers. As the action continued she was aware of nothing around her, only her own pleasure and the scene unfolding before her eyes.

"Where did this come from?" asked a masculine voice behind her, close to left ear. Lana shrieked, pulled her hand out of her pants, and sat upright in one swift motion.

"Not so fast," Jon said, taking hold of her right wrist, pulling it up over her head. "Where has that hand been?" He gave her finger tips a quick lick. Lana blushed to her toes.

"Um, I was bored last Sunday and went online," she responded. "Shadow Lane was having a two for one sale, so I ordered some."

"How many is 'some'?" Jon inquired. Sheepishly, Lana admitted that she'd had difficulty stopping at two, ordering four because she couldn't make up her mind or resist such a bargain.

To her relief, Jon chuckled. He walked around the sofa to join her. "Please, start it over," he instructed her.

Once the film began he slid under the blanket. "Hmmm, it's pretty hot under here," he observed. "You're probably too warm with those pants on. I know you'd be a lot more comfortable if you took them off, so, take them off." Lana hesitate a moment too long. "Do you need some help, young lady?" he inquired.

Before Lana could comply or answer, Jon had her across his lap. The blanket had tangled between her flailing legs keeping her from jumping to her feet. Deftly, her pants were pulled to her knees.

"Looky, there," cooed Jon, "Lana, where are your panties?" Lana growled, Jon laughed. "Is my girl horny?" His strong right hand rubbed her bared backside, while his left arm kept her pinned to his lap.

"So, you look at porn while I'm gone. Is there something you need to tell me?"

Lana blushed. "No, I was just bored. Bored and curious. OK, bored, curious, and horny. And hopeful." She looked over her shoulder at her captor. She watched him raise his right hand high over his head.

"Does this satisfy your curiosity?" he asked as he brought his hard hand down against her naked flesh. Lana yelped. "How about this?" he inquired as he spanked her once again.

The blows rained down faster and faster. Lana bucked and squealed at the relentless onslaught of Jon's firm hand. She could feel her bottom burning and stinging, and then she felt the wetness between her legs and on her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she wailed. "I was lonely! I was horny! I missed you," she cried out, "and I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry!"

Jon's deluge slowed with her words. Reluctantly, he stopped spanking Lana's flaming orbs. Rubbing them tenderly, he bent over to deliver a gentle kiss to her rosy right cheek.

"It's OK, baby," he assured her. "You don't usually do things like this, and I understand. Two weeks apart was way too long." Lana nodded her agreement, then reached up to dry the tears off her cheeks.

"Can we finish watching the video?" she asked. "It's really pretty good."

"Maybe some other time, Sweetness. I suspect you're wet in more places than just your lovely face. We have lots of lost time to make up for."

~~~~~ (#|#) ~~~~~

The author this week is one of my best buddies! CeeCi wrote this wonderful story for us and I know she has enjoyed a few videos herself. CeeCi is one of the best writers I know. Friend, I thank you for letting me use your story!

I not only enjoyed this Fantasy Friday I learned from it too. This story first got me looking for videos at Shadow Lane. Although I haven't seen any academy award winning movies I can say that I do enjoy them!

If any of you are finding the time to write a Fantasy Friday this holiday season please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. CeeCi sure is a great writer, sure glad she let you use the story. Your post sure did set my mind to wandering. I can relate to how Lana was feeling, since I have to wait now til Jan for my sailor ro come home. Oh well , ship happens we deal with it and move on. Merry Christmas PK to you and yours
    Hugs Lil Sam

  2. PK. yep,CeeCi sure can write.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Ty PK for story. Inticing excitement always welcome to the edge of my seat endeavors.

    Sincerely, Fab

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Love it CeeCi. Try to write more when you can! KayLynn

  5. *g*

    I started reading this story, and thought about how my sister called me Lana when she was little because she couldn't say my name.

    As I read on, the story started sounding familiar. Duh!

    Thanks for re-posting it. I still watch the videos I ordered, and I agree they won't win any awards, but I guess that's not the intention.

    *Hugs and Happy Vacation!*

  6. CeeCi this was a great story now I know what to do tomorrow in our 20" snow storm. Pk now behave tomorrow in that storm and will try to as well. hehehe

  7. Lil Sam,
    CeeCi is one of the very best and I appreciate her letting me post some of her stories. I hope your sailor can come home to you soon. And Merry Christmas back to you.

    Don't we know it!!

    Glad you liked it, hope you'll be back often.

    I hope she will. I always love her work!

    I usually email to let someone know when I'm reposting their story but visiting with LJ and Colin and I was late getting it ready. Glad you didn't mine. Funny that it took you a minute to realize it was yours.

    Thanks again friend!!

    Love seeing you here! Me behave, now get a grip. You guys stay warm!

  8. Great read CeeCi, now PK has re-posted this, could we tempt you to write more please :)

    Thanks PK.


  9. Great story! Thanks to CeeCi and PK for letting us read it! Meow