I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A designer is born

I love my vacation! I wish I had been given the ability to slow down time whenever I want. I didn’t get that but I did get some wonderful gifts. I wanted to show you a few of them.

This one came from my sister.

I had only see this picture once before. This is a picture of my grandmother – taken sometime near when she got married in 1900, my mother wouldn't be born for another 19 years! It’s amazing to see this picture and realize that I knew this woman very well. She lived with us and passed away when I was 8. Now I know a great many of you still have your grandparents but our family spread it generations out nearly as far as we could, this lovely lady would have been 130 in 2010.

Mollie gave me this next gift.

We had been shopping once and I had said that I really like this figurine, she remembered. When she gave it to me she commented “You know if you had gotten this when I was a kid I would probably have drawn faces on them.” I had to laugh, she right. I know she would have done that very thing! This made me think of LJ and Mollie from the first time I saw it and I just love it!

But my most interesting gift came from Nick. Now I know he is a man of many talents. But I never realized designing and creating lingerie was one of them. Now you see Nick has an engineering background. He’s a practical man so when he sees a need his mind works on a solution. He came up with a great one for one little problem I had.

You see I love sleeping nude – I have ever since I came out to Nick over 3 years ago. Now for the most part Nick keeps me nice and warm. We spoon and we snuggle and he is happy to rub anything that might be cold. All is toasty except for one place – my shoulders! Often I’ll move Nick’s hands up to my shoulders, because he has the warmest hand in the world. But it’s not the most comfortable position for him. Scroll down to see a drawing of his wonderful solution (no making fun of my artwork)…

It’s basically a black tee shirt altered to just keep my shoulders and upper arms warm. Nick said he was worried it would get cold enough to send me back to my flannel night gown – which he didn’t want and he said he had much better places to put his hands than my shoulders!

I had to laugh when I saw it! How perfect!! I knew it was kinda a joke but I like wearing it. It does keep my shoulders warm without tangling or twisting when I turn and all the parts I to give Nick access to are still available. So what do you guys think – should we go into mass production? And if we do, what should we call it? Please send your suggestion for a good name for this lovely lingerie!

I have had a wonderful year. I guess New Years is the time to take a deep breath, forget the bad and be grateful for the good in the past year. That’s my plan. I still enjoy all the friends I’ve made here and I thank each and every one of you that come by each day. I really hope some of you that don’t comment will make it your resolution to come out and visit some in the new year – that means leave a comment folks!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Um it actually already has a name though they are usually crocheted or knitted. What you have there is a SHRUG. Oh and I am a crocheter,so that is why I know. :) I once crocheted a penis complete with fun fur balls!

  2. Hi PK
    You have a very clever hubby.Scunge it is cool to know there is someone else that has crocheted a penis with fun fur balls. The best to all, Have a Save and Happy New years
    Lil Sam

  3. Great pictures of your grandma! That figurine does look like LJ and Mollie! What a go Nick!

  4. PK: Have a Happy New Year. You certainly seem to have ended this year on a high note. And how thoughtful of Nick to come up with the idea to keep your shoulders warm while he warms the rest of you.

    And it's nice that you have such good memories of your grandmother.


  5. PK, old family picture are a joy aren't they.
    I can see why a child might like to put a face on those figures.
    But they are best left blank, then they will fit anybody you happen to be thinking of.
    Nick is clever and he probably never realised it already existed.
    You and yours have a wonderful
    Love abd warm hugs,

  6. PK, I love the picture of your grandmother, what a lovely present. LOL at Mollie saying she would have drawn faces on them.

    Now tell Nick I will be his first customer, I'm the same as you, sleep nude and my shoulders get cold so would a good present for me. Have to get back to you on a name.

    Hope you have a good New Years Eve and love and best wishes for 2010.

    Thanks for your support this year.


  7. PK, Loved the picture of your grandmother. My mom just sent a picture of my great grandparents that came from Italy, never got a chance to meet them. I love the figurine, and great idea Nick came up with.
    Have a great New years!

  8. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Happy New Year PK!! I just like love old pics! Even if they aren't related to me. Love ya! KayLynn

  9. Scunge,
    I have seen scrugs before but most of them tied on or lay over your shoulders. I like this one for sleeping because it does stay in place well. LOL! Your crocheting sound very interesting!!

    Lil Sam,
    I think I am going to have to start crocheting; I seem to be missing out on something here. A very happy New Year to you too.

    Hey Mthc,
    All three of these gifts are very special. Two of them I keep on the mantle – can you guess which two?

    Nick and I have had a great year – including this morning so yes it is ending on a high note!

    I’ll have to show my grandmother to my students. They really do think ‘old’ is over 40!

    I will always think of my children at the age this represents so it’s great for me and my grandmother’s picture is something that can’t be replaced. Nick is just great! Now I’m warm and toasty all over!

    Mollie would have drawn on the little statue, on the cabinet door, the wall – she was something else when she was little! I’m sure P keeps you plenty warn but this little thing is nice. I have enjoyed getting to know you this year have a great 2010!

    Thanks Katia!
    I’m glad you got to see your great-grandparents. Those old pictures are special. I have been thinking of you this New Years. I hope it is a good one for you!

    I love old photo's too. I hope your new year is great!

  10. pk, You got some really nice gifts. Nick is very talented