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Friday, July 11, 2008

Fantasy Friday "Sir, yes Sir"

Here is our Fantasy Friday! This is one like we have never had before. Lines are clearly drawn and the feeling of someone else being in controlled is great! Enjoy this great story …

“Sir, yes, Sir!”

Lauren Booth and her roommate Marie Ross had just finished basic training. Lauren was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Marie from Monterey, California. They had just spent 8 weeks melting in southern Texas, so it felt exceptionally cold when they got off the bus in Rantoul, Illinois in late November. Marie shrilled with excitement when she saw the snow. “I have never seen snow”, she said to Lauren. “Wait until you have to shovel it for a few hours to get anywhere, you won’t be so enthusiastic” explained Lauren. As they took their turn exiting the bus with the other 10 girls, they noticed hoards of young men in uniform standing around staring, laughing and talking. The girls quickly discovered that they were the object of attention. They were part of a monthly ritual referred to by the men as “fox call”.

They were ushered into the auditorium to await further instructions. As the commander entered the auditorium everyone immediately stood at attention. The commanders’ name was Major Johnson. He was a handsome muscular man in his mid 30’s. He resembled a younger Burt Reynolds. The way he looked when he appeared in the movies The Longest Yard and Deliverance. A real mans’ man. Marie whispered to Lauren that she thought he was cute and he looked like Burt Reynolds. Major Johnson was followed into the auditorium by 5 staff members, most of whom were STA’s (student training advisors). Their demeanor was serious and deliberate. They seemed to look right through you with a glare that most certainly commanded attention. It was military bearing at its finest. Their uniforms were meticulously ironed to perfection. The cleats on their shiny black boots clicked uniformly as they walked across the stage with military precision and took positions near Major Johnson. Each one of the STA’s was introduced. Marie and Lauren were given multiple instructions: when and where to eat; the times for lights out and quiet hours; where to meet for inspection; who would be their STA; when and where to meet each morning in order to march to class. Then finally, after being awake for over 24 hours, they were given their room assignment.

Luckily they got to be roommates. They quickly changed in to their civilian clothes. Sleep or no sleep these girls were not about to miss a chance at their first night of freedom since joining the USAF. Besides like most military bases in the early ‘80’s the boy: girl ratio was around 25:1. They had such a great time dancing, drinking and meeting guys. They did not realize how late it was. Besides no need to get too worried, the next day was Saturday and they were really looking forward to the luxury of sleeping in.

Saturday morning at 0500 (5 am) there was a very loud knock on their door. It scared the daylights out of Lauren and Marie, waking them both out of their deep 3 hour sleep. “Airmen you both have 15 minutes to get dressed and report to headquarters”. Before they could even answer, the messenger was gone. “Was that someone joking around?” asked Lauren. “Of course it was” answered Marie. So, they both rolled over and went back to sleep. It was not long before they heard that distinct sound of boots with cleats on the bottom walking down the hall. Once again there was loud knocking at their door. “Airman Booth and Airman Ross since your 15 minutes are up, YOU NOW HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO REPORT”.

“Let’s go, hurry!” shout Lauren. They jumped up put on their uniform, boots and hat, then high stepped it as fast as they could towards headquarters. When they entered the building Marie forgot to take her hat off. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) indicates that “all hats must be removed immediately upon entering a building”. Marie and Lauren ran into the office and quickly stood side by side at attention. They were scared to death and both afraid to move or speak. There to greet them were two of Major Johnson’s STA’s- Sgt. Davis and Sgt Kedron.

“AIRMAN! ARE YOU GOING TO REPORT LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO? OR DID YOU FORGET EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED IN BASIC TRAINING? WHY IS YOUR HAT STILL ON?” shouted Sgt Davis as he leaned in 6” from their face. The girls frozen in fear, in unison said “Sir, Airman Booth/Ross reporting as ordered Sir”. Marie fumbled around and quickly removed her hat. “It’s about time” piped in Sgt Kedron. “Now for outright disobeying an order you have 2 choices… You can either take non-judicial punishment that Major Johnson will enforce or you can have a letter of reprimand placed permanently in your file? It is your choice”, explained Sgt Davis. It was a no brainer to the girls. Who wants something negative following them around for the rest of their military career? Both girls agreed they would rather face Major Johnson and receive his non-judicial military punishment.

“Right then, both of you go stand outside his office, AT ATTENTION, while we call him at home to come in and deal with you two” said Sgt Kedron. Lauren and Marie stood for what seemed like hours waiting anxiously for Major Johnson to arrive. They really wanted to speak or at least make eye contact with each other. Standing at attention means --eyes straight ahead, arms at your side, legs together, bend your knees slightly (so you don’t pass out), shoulders back, no slouching, no smiling, and certainly no talking (not even a whisper). Twenty minutes later Major Johnson came storming into the office. “ATTENTION, OFFICER IN THE BUILDING!” shouted the sergeants in unison.

“So where are these two airmen who think they are too good to follow orders?” asked Major Johnson. “They are standing outside your office Sir” answered Sgt Davis. “Right then! You two are dismissed” Major Johnson said as he opened the door allowing Sgt Davis and Sgt Kedron to leave. The girls awaiting their fate were literally shaking in their boots. Airman Booth remembers her dad’s words of advice as she was leaving for basic training, “Whatever you do Lauren, keep a low profile and do what you’re told. If you do that you have nothing to worry about”. Great, Lauren thought, only 2 days out of basic training and already blew that advice. As Major Johnson approaches the girls they can’t help but notice how handsome he is and how great he smells, and Marie thought for sure she saw him smile(ever so slightly). “I want you to come into my office one at a time” Major Johnson told the girls.

Lauren was called in first. “So Airmen Boothe you are willing to take the non-judicial punishment are you?” “Sir, yes Sir”, she answered while standing at attention. “Then young lady, you will receive 20 of my best from the board of nonjudicial education two days in a row!” “Sir, yes Sir” Lauren replied. “So assume the position” ordered Major Johnson. “What position Sir?” asked Lauren. Bend over my desk and pull down your pants and panties!” Lauren was mortified. No way he can’t do that to me, she thought. But she did not want anything marring her records- so she obeyed. She got 20 of the Major’s best. She tried to maintain her military bearing and not cry, remain still and stoic. It was all to no avail. After 6 whacks she was sobbing and barely able to stand still for the remaining 14. “You may go. But I expect to see you at 0600 tomorrow” he said. “Sir, yes, Sir” she answered.

Since Marie was standing just outside the Majors’ door she had heard everything, and was already quietly sobbing. I have never been spanked in my life. I am from California - no one spanks in California, she thought to herself. She reported and assumed the position just as Lauren did. Major Johnson gave Marie 20 whacks on her bare bottom. When he was finished he walked the girls to the door. “Airmen I expect to see you both in the morning precisely at 0600. I expect you both to be waiting on me. After that your record is wiped clean. Do you understand?” “Sir, yes, Sir!!” answered the girls in unison.


This is the first time I have ever felt the desire to join up! I loved this story. I believe these women will learn to take orders as they should and that they will make fine soldiers! But who wrote the story?? Was Jessica getting into the military spirit? Could it have been Emilie who wrote this one? Zelda is new around here and she is a good writer. Or maybe it was Italian Gal who spun this tale for us. Click on their name and check out some of the writing of those who have blogs.

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  1. Oooookay... that's a bit different than any military training I ever got. I just have to say, I'm glad it's them and not me.


  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    If it is your twins birthday it must be your's too :) Oh, so Eva is older and therefore much wiser than you.
    I wonder how old is too old to join the military? Have a great weekend PK, I believe I'm going to go see a recruiter.
    I Gal

  3. A nice story to start the last work day of the week. When do we get to give Eva her birthday spankings?

    *hugs and grins*

  4. PK, great story, there were no gals in any canp that I was posted to.
    Do you think Adam needs a hand?
    I voted.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. I love the military too! Guess it's the uniform. And the discipline, of course!


  6. I love this story! I have always thought Tom would have made a good general! I just wish he had more troops to command, these days I seem to get all the orders!

    A very well written story. I'll go vote!


  7. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Oh, this was a hot story. I hope it's true so I can press the author for more details :) I'd be tempted to get out of uniform for Mac in a uniform...lovely fantasy.
    I vote Commander Johnson for president.