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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Fantasy Friday, but ...

This isn't a Fantasy Friday, well it is but it isn't. At least it is not a new story. It appeared over at A Spanking Good Time when Tiggr (who originated FF) was hosting. But even though some of you might remember it it will be new to many. I chose this one because my dear friend Grace seems hesitant about doing a little toy shopping with friends. I am hoping that this story will calm her fears by letting her know more what to expect from the experience. You won't be voting today. I will tell you who wrote it when you are all done. Enjoy...


Since my wife, Dawn, came out as a spanko I’ve had many new experiences to understate the obvious. One interesting evening involved a little shopping trip for a birthday gift. Never before did I go birthday shopping at the nearest ‘adult store.’ My wife had been hinting that she wanted to try a new ‘spanking toy.’ It was with some misgivings that I entered the store in search of the new spanking implement. I scanned the fellow shoppers and was relieved not to see any familiar faces. I wandered around trying to discretely scope out the possibilities while being invisible.

I saw a couple of interesting possibilities and was wondering about the relative merits. One appeared to be a leather paddle while the other was more strap-like with a handle. I was lost in thought and imagining the proper use of the items in question when suddenly I was shocked to hear someone right behind ask, “May I help you?”

I haltingly tried to explain that I was something of a beginner to these things but was trying to find something appropriate for my wife. The shapely clerk was all smiles as she said she was certain that we could find something that my wife would enjoy. But how to make the best choice?

The clerk told me her name was Kristin and that she loved seeing customers find something to spice up their lives, and asked what characteristics were important. I couldn’t believe I was carrying on such a conversation as if I were shopping for a pair of shoes.

I swallowed and managed to say that I like a good sound but a good sting seemed to be desirable for my wife. Kristin heartily agreed and said the two items I was looking at were both great choices. It sounded like the voice of experience.

She then took both items from the rack and asked me to follow her. She led the way through a doorway behind the counter telling her fellow clerk she had to step into the storeroom for a moment. When we got to a secluded corner of the storage area she stopped and smiled again and said “I love to see satisfied customers” and that for sound effects I might wish to hear for myself. With that said she turned around, lowered her jeans and leaned over a desk. She said, “Remember, this is just business.”

She suggested that I try these to see how they sounded when being used. Well, how could I turn down such a generous offer! I tried the paddle and then the strap. The paddle had the better pop. She asked if I paddled my wife on the bare bottom as well. I admitted that yes that was frequently where things wound up.

Kristin then lowered her panties just enough to reveal her beautiful bottom with a couple of fresh pink marks. I took this as an obvious invitation for further product testing and tried both items again. Both produced very acceptable reports on the bare skin and also created an increasing and pleasing red glow.

I thanked her for her assistance and concluded that either would be acceptable based on information gathered. I asked her if she had further thoughts or recommendations based on the ‘feel.’ She had by this time righted herself and straightened her clothing. She took me by the elbow turning me away from her. She reached around me and I felt her breasts pressing against my back. “What the heck was happening?” I thought. Before I had a chance to even ask what she was doing she had unfastened my belt and lowered my jeans.

At this point I was sputtering “what are you doing?” She replied, “You are interested in the comparison by feel, but that’s hard to explain. Bend over the table and we will see what you think.” This wasn’t what I had in mind but after her impressive cooperation in my shopping research, my pride would not let me balk at this point and in truth this was kind of erotic.

She administered a few with each, discussing the comparative nature of the paddle and the strap. She then lowered my boxers and repeated. By this time I was more than familiar with the feel of each and was trying to hide my growing interest! She smiled and said she felt confident we would be happy with either but understood it was hard to choose (what a salesperson!)

She asked “Well what’s it going to be?”

I replied, “I think we’ll take both.”

The sacrifices I make for my wife!

Meanwhile back home Dawn was in a foul mood. For weeks she had been hinting to Andy that she wanted a new spanking toy for her birthday. But he acted like he didn’t even hear her! Since her birthday was tomorrow she knew how Andy was spending his shopping time. Searching the aisles of Wal-Mart for yet another box of bath powder! No more!! If he had no imagination she would buy for herself!

As she headed for the local adult store, sure enough she passed Andy, no doubt coming from Wal-Mart so wrapped up in his own dull shopping experience that he didn’t even see her pass! After a quick look through the window to be assured she recognized no one she marched into the store. It didn’t take her long to spot the items she liked: a beautiful leather paddle and a strap that looked liked it would feel delicious! She checked the price tags. Damn! Money was so tight these days. She couldn’t possible get them both, but how to decide??

A half hour later Dawn sat gingerly in the car, her heart still pounding! Kenny, the hot young salesman had helped her decide on both. But she didn’t feel guilty. She knew the new toys would spice up her and Andy’s love life. She also didn’t worry about the money. Kenny had offered her a job as a new salesperson; he said she had just the personality and eagerness to learn that they were looking for. So she was going back to work.

Dawn sighed to herself and thought “The sacrifices I make for my husband!”


Since this is a re-run I will go ahead and tell you. But if you want to guess for yourself I will tell you it is someone who has written for us before. Got any ideas? Well scroll on down...

The author was my very own Nick!!! I am truly married to a man of many talents!! He said I could punch it up any way I wanted to so I did add the wife's part at the end. Nick and I make a great team!!

I sure hope some of you are writing and hopefully we will have something for next Friday! Meanwhile hop over to Cassie's to enjoy Mthc's birthday party!


  1. Way to go Nick see you at the party.
    Thank's for doing this Pk.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, to quote a line from My Fair Lady, "Oh yes, I remember it well".
    Are you sitting comfortably, if you are, you need another visit.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. That story was GREAT! I don't remember it from before. But....uh....

    I hope the clerks aren't QUITE that helpful when we get there.

    This story did NOT help me with my fears! Nope, certainly did NOT!


  4. PK,
    Thank you for recycling. It was new to me! Very hot. Your man has many layers! ;-)


  5. Rosie Dee7:26 PM

    I can't believe this post is right after the comment I just left on the previous one! I need someone who could hep me decide what to buy too.

    Your Nick is a very good writer! I remember one about two couples on the porch at a cabin, I think, that was terrific too!