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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Toys, Toys, Toys


Sigh... Grace you are a lot of trouble. I told you this was some not all of our toys. Here is some we forgot...

Enough spoons for you girl????

Eva got me thinking about toys the other day. She had to look around and get all of theirs together. I love seeing all her stuff. Ours are together all in a locked brief case under our bed – we need a bigger case. Here are most of our toys, there are a few missing.

Nick was the one who laid everything out for this picture. And I was the one discussing what we needed to add to our collection. Nick pointed to the toys and said “Look! We have plenty! We don’t need anymore toys!!” What a silly man! You can’t be too rich or too thin or have too many toys!

I told him to realize how lucky he had it! Think about it! Some women go out all the time and buy shoes – expensive shoes! I am happy getting a wooden spoon or a spatula! Some women want jewels and flowers I would be thrilled if he came home with a new fly swatter or a 5 gallon paint stirrer! Shoot I might be happy with a switch once in a while (but not too often!)

But one of my little friends claims not to have too many toys. Poor little Grace is stuck with backscratchers. So Grace this is specifically for you and Bossman – I say that even in the little town where we are meeting there is bound to be at least one adult store!! I think we need to plan to budget both time and money for a toy shopping excursion, Eva, C.C you with me?? We will all need a souvenir from our trip!


  1. Yes, Poor Grace needs new toys!

    I do have more than the BS, but that seems to be the only one he uses! *pout*

    I have a brush, a ping pong paddle and a spoon and a paint stirrer. All stuff that has NOT been bought in a "toy" store!

    Now, am I brave enough to venture into a toy store with the likes of you, Eva and C.C?

    I'll get back to you on that!


  2. PK, there is one implement that is absolutely essential with this thing we do.
    You and Nick have it in spades.
    The love in your hearts makes everything possible.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. I thought we had toys. You have us beat. I do know how to use the ones we have heheheh

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    oh, yeah baby!! I'm in!!! Surely we can find her SOMETHING in that little town even if we have to find a walmart!!!

  5. Grace-Aw heck!Go for it! My Hubs dragged me into one of those places several years ago-He said I needed to "get over it". This store wasn't too far from our house either! I was absolutely certain that I was going to run into one of the moms from school as I walked out of the place! I survived (and enjoyed) the experience and have even gone toy shopping by myself lately! Trust me, you will be amazed by what you see!

  6. I agree... you can't have too many toys. You can't be too rich either. But you can be too thin. For some reason, that thought still scares me, since I've known women and girls who have that exact thought.

  7. Yay! Shopping! Do we get to try before we buy?

    Come on, Grace... it'll be fun!!


    **the woman who has bought seven pairs of shoes in the past three days. I was shoe addicted long before I was implement addicted!

  8. I vote for more leather. :) And is that really a play/wooden sword??

  9. After a second look at the picture, I've realized a few things.

    1. A feather duster? Yeah, like that's gonna hurt!

    2. A sword? That has to be the the most unique spanking toy I've seen! Is it wood or leather?

    3. Where are the wooden spoons?

    Talk to me when you experience the wooden spoon! Until then...you've got NOTHING!


  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    And trust me, Grace... she ain't usin' those spoons to cook with!!!

    (at least not in the kitchen)

  11. Grace,
    We will talk to Bossman about using more variety but you HAVE to go shopping with us. I will even hold your hand. Of course that may get us a different kind of stare!

    You are right about that! We do have our share and I am so grateful!

    See the update picture. You seem to have enough to keep Mthc very satisfied!!

    They have Wal-Mart in that country too?

    LOL! We are more alike than you know! But the stores are so much fun! I still hope you will email!

    You really are right about that that but it will never be one of my problems.

    Of course we can try before we buy! Anything goes in CA (or so I hear).

    But now you have me worried. When we meet promise me you will not look at my feet. I am afraid you won't want to be friends with someone who only wears flip-flops or tennis shoes!

    That sword came from Disney it is a very hard foam/plastic material. I like it!

    1. Its fun and it tickles, plus the darn plastic handle hurts!

    2. See above.

    3. Check the update, we have plenty!

    Sometimes Nick really cooks with them in the kitchen!!!!

  12. Alright FINE! You've proven that you have wooden spoons!

    I'm still having trouble with the feather duster. A spanking toy?

    I guess it's not being used for cleaning....so...why not?

    Love the update!
    Still thinking about shopping...


  13. So i'm late getting here..we have thta wooden spoon set..wehave one that's bamboo too..they really carry some power behind them. You're like me.Every store i go into i'm thinking of toys..

  14. Rosie Dee7:11 PM

    I have some questions for you. Is a five gallon paint stirrer more substantial than a regular one? They seem too flimsy. Is that dark rectangular paddle made of leather? I like the idea of one of those, I think. Also, what do you think about the strap with a handle thing that's at the top of your site? I looked at some similar ones on a site I saw on one of your posts--all beautiful leather implements. A regular belt is kind of hard to control for my hubby. Maybe because he doesn't use it often enough? Does a handle make it easier? These are really personal questions but I think I can ask after reading this post....