I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More trip talk

Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places. It is beautiful, peaceful and interesting. I love to go into the different craft shops. Besides the shoe maker we visited the gunsmith, the printer, the silver smith, the cabinet maker, the blacksmith, the saddle maker and of course a stop by the bakery.

The weather made our trip even more special since Eva and Adam were there from the land of ice and snow. Suddenly they were surrounded by flowers and warm breezes. We could walk around without jackets and the guys wore shorts. It was all part of my overall plan to get them to move south!

I just love being with them because we can relax and talk about everything! We talk about regular stuff work, kids, pets – the same kind of thing you discuss with any of your friends. But it is so relaxing to be able to discuss spanking and tease about it. For one thing Adam kept accusing me of trying to steal the beautiful soft leather straps they used to block off areas of the exhibits. It was a pretty good idea! Being around Eva and Adam is relaxing for Nick too he seems to open up and tease more. It all just makes for a great atmosphere.

Meal times tended to be a lot of fun. One night Nick had us in stitches. Nick is a fairly reserved guy – very funny but usually it is a dry sense of humor. He is less likely to fall into the crude humor that Eva and I thrive on. But one night at supper he began telling us about going to the grocery to buy ginger. The check out lady was very enthusiastic about her love of ginger.

“Oh this looks like a good piece. I just love ginger, it has so many uses!” Nick said he was able to keep a straight face and just let her ramble. He did mention that he was glad I was not with him as I would have been blushing and laughing the whole time. Well we were laughing at the table but still maintaining some decorum. When Nick said with all appearance of seriousness “I just kept wondering what I was going to say when she asked me what I was going to put it in?” Alright forget decorum! But at least we didn’t get thrown out!


  1. Colonial Williamsburg was an annual visit for me when I lived in Maryland. I have to say, I never once thought about taking the leather straps they had there in any shape or form-- even though I was already something of a spanko.

    My goodness. You have colored my memories with what ifs!


  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    OMG !!!! You were in my town. Well you and your twin did not get into to much trouble because the town is still standing. =-) Glad you like Williamsburg, it is a wonderful place.


  3. And Nick's honest reply could have been... "I'm going to use it in one spicy dish!"


  4. Pk, What have you turned innocent Nick into? To see Williamsburg decorated at Xmas time is something you would remember always.

    *hugs and grins*

  5. PK, I like C C's suggestion for Nick's answer, one spicy dish, indeed, what is happening to our C C, or. come to think of it, innocent Nick. WEG!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. I love it! Too Funny!!! :-) It is so much fun loosing decorum at places! I just love the all out giggles and laughter!


  7. We've been to Colonial Williamsburg, and I still wear a silver ring that I bought at the silversmith's shop.

    The demonstration I enjoyed most was the two children learning to dance the minuet.


  8. I'm with David, what the heck have you done to Nick?

    Nice reserved man like him, and after 20 something years of marriage his wife turns into.....

    Well, you gotta give the man his props. Sounds like he's coping quite well....LOL


  9. Ginger..hot spicty dish..decorum..YOU AND EVA RUDE! Whoever would have thought!

  10. I'm so glad y'all had such a great trip! We went there when I was a small child so I don't remember much, but y'all make it sound like it's worth re-visiting!


  11. Peel one thumb sized piece of ginger, quick work can me made of this job with a spoon. Prepare the rump with a wooden spoon. Once toasty, warm, and rare shade of pink, insert ginger finger, and baste until completely done!


  12. Oh yeah....what dish did Nick use the ginger in!

    (wink, wink)

  13. Marcus,
    The future is wide opened. I wish now I have asked for a good piece. Although stealing it was fun too.

    We would have waved if we had known you were there! You really have a beautiful town. I'll be back some day.

    ROFL! It could have been a very strange conversation!

    I didn't currupt him! We would love to see Christmas there.

    You are C.C are a pair! And why does everyone think Nick is so innocent?

    Trust me the giggling and laughing did not stop!

    It seems that many of us have been to Williamsburg. Maybe we can all meet there one day.

    You guys act like I am the only kinky one. It takes two you know! You guys act like I held a gun to his head. LOL!

    You better believe it.

    You really do know us very well don't you?

    You would love it. It's just a great place!

    Oh Theresa,
    Ever the cook. He used it in a nice southren dish!