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Sunday, April 27, 2008

And then the paddle exploded…

Maybe I should start at the beginning. We had a Wednesday afternoon to ourselves again. I went to the gym but I can’t say I was enthusiastic about the idea. It has seemed tough to drag myself in the past few weeks. When I got home I was not in a great mood either, not for romance or play. I just felt blah. But Nick was in a good mood and invited me to the bedroom for a massage – so that is what they are calling it now.

But I did get a nice massage – feet included. I swear a good foot massage ranks right up there with a spanking for how good it can make me feel. So not wearing much I snuggled down in the bed only to have a deck of cards suddenly handed to me with the request “pick six”. As I picked my cards I saw that 6 of our implements had been laid out beside me. He went by the number on the card and stated that face cards were 20. I know I drew a 6 for the leather paddle, nice warm up. And then I remember for sure the crop was used for a while- I remember especially what a nice sound it was making as well as a wonderful sting. I believe it was around nine with the piece of leather from the Williamsburg shoe shop and a fantastic face card (20) with his belt! I do like it doubled – more thud than sting and I love it.

But for one implement I drew a two. That was fine because I drew it for the bath brush, who needs much with the bath brush after all? But evidently he felt that with only two each one should count. OMG!! He must have been holding back when we have played with it before because this made an impression like no other! My hat is off to Lori because I know Joe uses this weapon of ass destruction often. If much of this thing was in my future I think I would weigh 100 pounds and have an immaculate home!

But once the cards ran out Nick was looking around for a few implements we hadn’t used in a while. He got out the big mean paddle he made for me but with the first swat part of it broke away. I am not sure exactly what happened, it didn’t exactly break. I think it can be repaired but I still thought it was funny. I think that is 2 for me lately but when Nick reached down under the bed he brought out an old ping pong paddle – I mean OLD ping pong paddle. He gave me one good pop and then the paddle exploded! Or anyway it appeared to. The thin covering of rubber had dry rotted and with one good whack the rubber nearly disintegrated into confetti and flew all over the bed! Well that was the end of the spanking but the fun continued. Until we tried to get all the little pieces of rubber up. What can I tell you, it was a great afternoon.

Now by my count that is THREE implement that lost to my butt in recent months. The paddle ball paddle, the big mean paddle and the ping pong paddle! Doesn’t that mean I get to go implement shopping?


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  1. does one need an excuse to buy new implements??? :-) Glad you had a fun day!

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    PK, How fun! Implement shopping? Try Ebay! :)

  3. I just took the rest of the rubber off ours and still use it on Mthc. Come to think about it I used it on her yesterday hehehe

    *hugs and grins*

  4. So my guess when searching for new implements is, you would not be looking for another bath brush of any kind? LOL It does make one behave. Great game and great afternoon. I wish you many more foot rubs and spankings.

  5. New ping pong paddles aren't that expensive, though, if it's just the rubber cover of the old one, I don't think your old paddle is unusable.

    I think that one is a tie between your buns and the paddle.


  6. PK, dear girl, does this make you a "mean ass machine", Grin.
    I can recommend several toy makers who guarantee their toys, so every time Nick breaks one on your titanium buns he'll have it replaced, aren't you the lucky girl.
    Love nad warm hugs,

  7. Woman..i can testify that the bath brush is evil as i found out yesterday...now the ping pong paddle..bring it on..AS DAVID HAS ALREADY MENTIONED USING THAT YESTERDAY AS WELL!

  8. What a DAY! All that working out has given you "buns of steel!"

    I'm with Terps, does one need an excuse?

    Oh, stay away from backscratchers, bathbrushes and woodenspoons!

    Way to go Nick! Nice swing and nice delivery!!!!


  9. Those bath brushes are gorgeous!!

    OK I know, I don't like bath brushes.


  10. Anonymous4:10 PM

    PK - sounds like a great day of fun! Paul peeled the rubber off of a ping pong paddle and used it on me. We thought it was so LOUD!

    Sara has a good suggestion - LOL! You just might find something in a nice ebony after all :-)


  11. Terpsichore,
    You are absolutely right!!

    I saw that wicked brush you got! OMG! I don't think so!

    I love to know your wife is getting plenty of attention.

    Strangly I saw a beautiful bath brush and I want it WHY I don't know! I am hoping for more foot rubs too.

    This paddle is ancient. The wood is rough and coming apart. Time for that one to be trashed. But we will find something.

    I am the luckiest of girls!! I would love to have your suggestions on craftsmen to buy from.

    I wonder why bath brushes are so horrible - but they are.

    I wouldn't have ANY backscratchers if it weren't for my twin. Talk to her!

    The new one I saw that I want is like those but in dark purple. It was so cool!! But even patting it against my hand made me hesitate. But I may go back and get it.

    I have never been a real fan of ping pong paddles but I am willing to try most anything.

  12. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Twin, do you need us to pick you up a few more gifts? hehehe

  13. Thank anyway Twin, you have done quite enough to increase our toy collection!

  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    PK, we shall start referring to you as Iron Butt. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Nicely done.