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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My boy

My son is one lucky boy/man. We went to the play this weekend. I liked about as well as I expected to like seeing my son on stage, in his underwear, with a blue mohawk, telling his mom in the play to F-off. But at least I now know that he is a good actor. He was very believable in the roll and none of his own sweet personality came through at any time!

He seems so happy at college. He is in a house with three other theater students. For decoration they have up several life size posters of, you got it – themselves!! Theater students are truly an interesting lot. Lack of self esteem is not usual a problem. He seems surrounded by friends and that makes me happy. They house is very neat and tidy for college kids. I think this is mostly to Sally. She is the only girl in the house and seems to keep the guys in line pretty well. LJ met Sally when they were both in Governor’s School 3 years ago. They have stayed fast friends. The guys kindly gave her the downstairs room with the private bath. If you are my age you could probably guess that when we were 19 our families might have objected to one girl living with three guys. If my mom were alive she would not approve. But it seems very natural now.

When we walked outside he led me around to the back yard. They had a picnic table inside a small fence area with wonderful smelling wisteria growing all around. Ancient, gorgeous rose bushes were along the side of the house. This is an old neighborhood, stately at one time I am sure. Now it is mostly college student. He pointed out the neighbors. On one side two more theater students live. Across the way are 5 students (not theater) that have parties from 3 on Friday afternoons until the wee hours of Sunday morning. On the other side of LJ live the two old ladies who call the cops every weekend.

Next year the 5 rowdies are being thrown out and some more theater students are moving in. Again, friends of LJ’s from Governor’s school. The landlord likes theater students the best because having audition, rehearsals or performances nearly every night cuts way down on the partying. When they do have a party they always take a couple of plates to the ‘cop’ ladies along with their phone number and ask them to call them if the noise becomes a bother. So far, so good.

I am happy for my boy. He is in a college program he loves, he is surrounded by friends he loves and who love him. Is there anything that could make a mother happier? Okay, I guess a better driving record would be nice. Oh yeah, he could quit overdrawing on his checking account, and a job for the summer wouldn't hurt. But you get the idea.


  1. Excellent post...it's nice to see a proud mom..

  2. It sounds very good, mom-lady. Sounds like you have lots to be proud of.


  3. I am the old lady across the way who calls the police. I am not ashamed. My last neighbor married a cop. I introduced them. Well I called them on her one night, and they met and fell in love.

    The night manager here is a resident who is a cop. I called him on the head bangers upstairs this weekend. His music is now a low dull resonance!

    Anyway, I know how you feel. Michael stays in touch with friend's from Govenors school. One lives here.

    Mine is also so happy at school. It is so nice to see them happy and well adjusted, isn't it? LJ sounds like "good people" and well on his way. I bet one day I'll see him on the big screen. I'll be screaming "hey I know that guy's mom!"


  4. What is Govenors school?

    Sounds like LJ is doing just great! I have a drama queen around here and pictures of her a abundant. If she could have a life size one of herself, she would. Hmmmm, great idea for a graduation gift!


  5. So sweet. You have many reasons to be proud of your children. They sound delightful! :-)

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Lori said...
    Awww, you sound so proud. I do love seeing all the friends my son has at college too. LJ sounds sweet, likable and well mannered. Good idea about the telephone number and cookies before a party. Very responsible to take into consideration the noise level.

  7. Ah yes! I hope mine turn out as well! :-)


  8. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Your son is very lucky to be around those that care about him. As for overdrawing his checking, most banks offer overdraft protection in the form of a credit card. Apply for the card and when he gets it in the mail, cut it up if he doesn't trust himself to use it. That way he doesn't get those high fees and just pays off the credit card

  9. You got a son that sounds like he is on his way in life.

    *hugs and grins*

  10. PK, your boy sounds pretty special, considering others is so important in todays crowded world.
    Like Grace I too would like to know what Governors School is.
    It's an unusual collage boy who can deal with money straight off, I'm sure that he will get it.
    Nice post dear girl, you have every reason to be proud.
    Love and warm hugs,

  11. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Aren't boys wonderful! My son is 25 and is in a Docotral program at the University of Iowa majoring in saxophone performance. It just makes me smile to read your comments about LJ, your love & devotion just shine through! We love to visit Jason at school, to see how he lives (away from parental guidance), we teasingly call him 'Martha Stewart' because he is such a neat freak. They grow up so quickly don't they...thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm with Grace. What is Governor's school and how does Theresa have one, too?

    It was a nice post, PK. When the kids lives are going well, our lives do the same.

    Happy spring. wisteria. Roses. I have no smelly stuff growing here yet! hehehe

  13. Mthc,
    You dog gone right I'm proud!

    Thanks Marcus

    it sounds like when you call the police good things happen. Both of our boys are really good people and I can't wait to see all that they do with their lives.

    I had to laugh when I saw those pictures! Really! What egos! I am going to post about Governor’s school soon.

    I think my kids are the greatest.

    College is so interesting. We really see how our kids are in real life when not under our thumbs. Evidently we have both done a good job.

    I have talked to their mother. I am sure your kids will turn out great!

    Good advice. We have the over draft protection and a credit card for him too but I still want him to pay more attention!

    I just hope his career is as good as his college.

    I think spending so much time with his grandparents taught him to think of other and not just himself. Governor's school post coming.

    A son in a doctoral program - you must be very proud! You are right, seeing how they live away from us is so interesting. Looks like they might have learned something growing up after all!

    My mom used to tell me a mother can be no happier than her least happy child. I really know what she meant now. I hate it when one of my kids is really unhappy.