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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reasons to celebrate

Carye seems pleased with the results of her surgery. I would love to get rid of my glasses so I was interested in what Carye had to say in about it. She told me I could share with the rest of you. This is what she had to say...

Lasik was was amazing. They did the laser, then I sat up and the doctor said --- "look at that clock, what time is it? " it was 9:43. I could read it perfectly. I doubt I could have seen the numbers without my glasses before the surgery. I walked back to the recovery room and could see stuff I wasn't seeing with my glasses already. My site is getting better and better. Saturday when I had it, it was slightly blurry, kind of like a foggy day, but still able to see well. I took my nap and that foggy had cleared.

I haven't really lost my near vision as I thought I would. Yep, I'll need reading glasses I'm sure for things like taking out splinters, but right now I can still read prescription bottles and stuff. Oh yes, And the computer even more clearly than with/without my glasses before! So it is still good! A little less than before really really up close (like under 6" away).

By Sunday I could drive and did without any glasses and I see really well! It is amazing. I know this sounds weird, but after a big nap Sunday (doctors orders), I exercised. I really was excited I could see the TV easily and my glasses weren't covered in sweat and falling down! It was so nice to not have any on!!!! I haven't gotten used to how I look without glasses. I am a little dizzy because I'm not used to seeing peripherally. It is weird to see things to the side and it makes me a little dizzy when I turn quickly. That I'm sure will go away too! PS is such a dream he has taken care of everything this whole weekend as I've been just a dishrag most of the weekend.

Today (Monday) I got my eyes tested and my card that says I can drive without a glasses restriction! My eyes are now 20/20 in my left, and 20/15 in my right! YEA!!! They are expected to still improve for the next month or so! The near vision is not expected to decline any more than it already has! The aftercare and drops and stuff aren't any big deal, and I am finding I'm not having trouble sleeping in goggles! So life is good! :-)

I also want to say a big Happy Birthday to our friend Terpsichore! I love her comments and I have enjoyed getting to know her better through emails. Her husband is slowly coming around so I can imagine what her birthday wish is. So this is for Terpsichore -

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Terpsichore!!

Happy Birthday to you!


  1. PK, thanks for posting this, I've seen their ads and wondered.
    I'm very happy for you Carye, I've worn specs all my life, I've had several ops which improved things briefly, my Ophthalmologist says there is very little that can be done for me, I can still read and write, so its not so bad.
    Happy birthday dear Terpsichore, may there be many more happy ones.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I am happy that Carye's surgery went so well. I have thought about it over the years but never pursued it. I have a bit of cateracts that will have to be dealt with sometime. Good for you Carye for going through with it!

    Terpsichore! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your wished come true!


  3. Carye, I am so glad that the eye surgery went well...must be so amazing to finally see things not in a haze.

    And thank-you for the birthday wishes! :-)


  4. I'm so glad things are looking more CLEAR for you!!! LOL Sounds like PS is doing a great job taking care of you.

    Happy Birthday Terps! I hope you get EVERYTHING you deserve...I mean WANT!!!


  5. Glad the surgery went well and Happy birthday Terpsichore.

  6. Anonymous6:32 PM

    How wonderful, Cayre! It must be a whole new world with such changes!

    Happy Birthday, Terpsichore! No how many spanks was that??

    Thanks for posting all news, PK!!


  7. Thanks everyone! It is truely wonderful! :-) Wow, there are images with the postings hehe!! Just kidding! I could see those (of course I had to take my glasses off and have the screen about 10 inches from my face) :-) I am so very happy!

    Happy birthday Terpsichore!!! May it be filled with everything you could wish for and more!!



  8. Congrats, Caryagal! I can relate. While I've not had Lasik, I had cataract surgery about 5 years ago. The freedom from wearing glasses for 33 years to only needing them for reading occasionally is so powerful, I just love it.

    So, I can tell you with all of my heart, congratulations.

    And PK? If you get a chance for Lasik, do it. It's worth it.


  9. :-) It will be 35 spanks but who's counting?...we're waiting till the weekend when we can have some time to ourselves... Thanks again for the birthday wishes, it was lovely! Hugs, Terpsichore