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Monday, March 31, 2008

Two important reveals

Before I get to the reveal for Fantasy Friday there is another reveal I have to tell you about. I found out something shocking about my twin on our trip. I think of her as honest and straight forward and in that vein I would never have imagined she would have withheld such important information from Adam.

We were waiting for a table at a restaurant one evening when I mentioned something about the holiday earlier in the month only to have Adam ask “What holiday?” He didn’t know, Eva had not told him anything about March 14. So with a slight dirty look from my twin I got up to step around her and tell Adam that he has misses ‘Steak and Blow Job Day’.

Adam had never heard of this important holiday! I was just stunned and as I sat back down and said to Eva “I can’t believe you didn’t tell him!” To which she answered “I can’t believe you did!” As we all discussed the holiday the conversation rapidly became adolescent but in the end it was decided that I will email Adam next year to be sure he won’t miss it again. I am such a pal!

Now on to Fantasy Friday. So I put up a brat story and the vast majority thinks that it was written by Cassie. Ummmm….. Cassie does this tell you anything? Second highest vote getter another resident brat – Lori. What do you think of that Joe? The votes were stair stepping down with the least votes going to Anon with only 13%. But that was it guys! This story was another anonymous contribution. And to the author a big ‘Thank you!’ Not only for the fantastic story but for showing everyone that their stories will be most welcomed and appreciated.

Now readers I need you. The story cupboard is getting very sparse. I know several of you are working on stories so please as soon as you finish send it on. And if you think you might be willing to give it a try now is the time to jump in! Send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Hehe, I thought I was right with Cassie. It was a very good story, thank you Anon.

    I haven't heard of that holiday, March 14 huh? Will keep that in mind I mean is it a strict holiday or can the 'oral' part be for either party? *wink*


  2. PK, so Adam missed out, but not any more!!
    Excellent story Anon, I guessed Lori.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. How could Eva not tell Adam about such a great holiday. Anon a good story. Thank you for sending it in.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. A brat? Me??? Hey wait, Paul voted for me? How come everyone thinks I'm a brat?? I'm so innocent! LOL Well, at least I got the guess right. I did vote for Anon.

  5. Anonymous6:01 PM

    That was a great story, Anon!! Loved it! Thank you, Lilly

  6. Me! They thought it was me? When have I ever acted like a brat? Well anyway the story was wonderful and I hope Anon writes many more!


  7. I got it right..good story. Eva you should be ashamed of yourself!!

  8. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Ah... steak and blow job day. One day, two servings of meat. Fine day indeed! Hadn't had a chance to read the FF until today, but it was an excellent one. Perfect time of year too.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  9. Hey well it is Adam's own fault. He should be reading blogs, or at least writing special dates on his calendar.

    I would offer to send reminders and cards, but I have yet to find any BJ Day cards on American Greetings.

    I have officially resigned as a FF voter. I have lost 77 times out of 78. The one time I guessed right, was my own story!!! Don't worry I'll keep reading. I love it. FF makes Fridays worth looking forward too!


  10. Oh yeah sorry Cassie great story.. Love you!


  11. Mina,
    All brat stories sound like Cassie!
    And I like the way you think about the holiday and all.

    I think Adam is the greatest and I don't want him to miss out on anything!

    I have no idea how she could have kept this from him.

    I loved it too.

    I think you are beautiful. I saw your picture in the dictionary beside BRAT!

    That was a great story and now how about one from you!

    I am so sorry, I was mistaken you have never, ever acted like a brat. I can't imagine how anyone could have thought it was you.

    Yes shame, shame Eva!

    Todd, Suzy,
    It was a good story. I hope I keep getting more stories.

    Maybe we should go into the card business.

    You better no quit voting! I love the wrong answers too. It keeps things interesting.

  12. Great story Anon, you really captured the brat in us all!

    Take Care,

  13. I just got the time to read this amazing story!

    I absolutely LOVED IT! Whoever wrote this story needs to write more! Stop teasing us. Tell us your name, make up a name...I WANT a name!!!!

    Did I say I LOVED this story? Cuz I did. A LOT!

    Speaking of Baseball, Bossman is playing baseball right now....boy will he be surprised when I jump his bones tonight...he better not be to tired...LOL


  14. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Now wait.

    S & BJ day happens to fall the day after Adam's bday. Isn't that enough for one woman to handle??

    Seriously, folks. I'm worn out on the 14th after celebrating his birthday. Give me a break.



  15. Excuses, excuses! Why don't you just combine the two? Steak and BJ's ON Adams b-day...I'm sure he won't mind a bit!

    Love you Adam!


  16. Jess,
    You think there is a brat in all of us do you. I guess you might be right.

    That's what I like about hosting FF. I get to know and you don't! I can tell as little or as much about the author as they would like!

    Do you think it is nice or appropriate to discuss how much you get to handle? Are you trying to make other jealous?

    I am sure you are right!