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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Bed, part 2

Today we have the second part of a 3 part Fantasy Friday. If you haven’t read part one or if you would just like to go back and refresh your memory go here to read it. This is a great story and the best part is that we will have one more part next week!

Part 2

Dan woke to the welcome sensation of his wife nestled in his arms, feeling sure that they were on the right track. The underlying air of tension and discontent had vanished and the lovemaking after the punishment had been amazing. To think he had married this woman, lived with her for years, and there was a whole other side to her he had never even suspected. Of course, who knew he would find the whole process so satisfying. He had no idea how she got started with this, good question for later, but they would be doing a lot of reorganizing in their relationship, and discipline was going to be a big part.

Dan recalled a professor from college who lectured on economics saying that every successful organization had undisputed leadership, something about “one hand on the tiller is the only way to sail forward”. He smiled at the thought of his hand on her tiller and gathered her closer, watching her sleep.

Kerry woke to a beautiful day and the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Excited to remember that Dan was home for the day she jumped out of bed, wincing at the soreness in her backside, and hurried to shower and get ready.

Dan surveyed the table with a critical eye. Coffee, juice and fresh fruit, with muffins warming in the oven. He wanted everything to be just right; a nice breakfast would put them both at ease before they settled down to discuss making some changes.

Kerry could smell breakfast but she took her time getting dressed. Several outfits lay discarded on the bed and she stood in front of her mirror in her favorite lacy panties checking out the faint, but telltale stripes across her bottom. Slipping a soft sundress over her head, she felt a strange shyness at seeing Dan this morning. It would have been nice to have some time to figure out how she felt about last night.

"You look especially beautiful this morning, love." Dan put her fears to rest, greeting her with a soft kiss and pulling her chair out for her. Following his lead, they chatted about things that had happened while he was away, discussed the need for some new landscaping and plans for a rock garden. It was as if last night never happened, just a regular breakfast at home. When everything was put away and dishes cleared Dan took her by the hand and led her into the living room.

"I think it is time we had a talk about what has been going on while I am away."

Kerry tried to hide her face, and the sudden blush of color his direct approach caused. Dan tipped her face up to his and kissed her gently.

"This is important, for both of us. Starting right now there will be no more secrets between us. You have been hiding a large part of yourself from me for a very long time. I have felt as if I was losing you but I didn't know why. You have been distant and moody, difficult to talk to and I didn't have a clue what was going on with you."

Stopping to wipe a tear from her cheek he realized she was trembling. "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, but I know how it must look to you, I am so ashamed, and I will understand if you want to leave."

Pulling her onto his lap he held her close, rocking her in his arms and whispering his love for her. He couldn't believe she thought he was leaving.

"That doesn't mean there won't be some big changes around here. I have let you run wild for far too long. From now on there will be rules to follow and consequences to bear when you break one. I admit I am hurt that you didn't feel you could talk to me about the things you needed from me. However, now that I understand, I am more than happy to provide you with that kind of structure."

"You mean you're not upset?"

"Of course not. But things are going to be very different, are you ready to accept that?"

This seemed like a fairytale come true, Dan was acting just like her fantasy, being the take-charge husband she had always wanted. Kerry nodded eagerly, about to tell him how he should go about fulfilling her fantasies when Dan continued.

"I think the list of rules you posted last summer is a very good start. To make sure that we get off to the best possible start I have decided that each of the punishments that you have posted will be administered. Each was for breaking a rule, and each involved telling a rather large lie. We will begin by setting aside every Saturday night as our punishment time. If there are infractions that need to be addressed then we will do so at the time. Meanwhile there are quite a few things you have to answer for."

"What do you mean? We don't need to do that, maybe just a little hand spanking now and then, but not like in those stories, that's too much."

"Did you do the things you wrote about?"

Kerry started to say no, he would never know for sure, but something in his voice made her straighten up and admit that she had indeed done each of the things she had written about.

"I thought so. So this is merely a matter of catching up with what is already earned. Once we get to the end of that list, we will decide what is the best way to go forward. Since there are more than a dozen stories that I have seen, we will take advantage of my being home tonight to get started."

Kerry didn't know what to make of his announcement. Part of her was secretly thrilled that he was finally going to set some limits. Part of her was thinking about how much her spanking last night had hurt. Her bottom was still sore; he couldn’t mean to spank her again so soon.

"Oh sweetheart, we never get to have enough time together. Let's go out somewhere special and celebrate our new beginning. We'll have plenty of time to work on the other stuff later." Pulling his mouth down for a deep kiss, Kerry was certain she could convince him.

"Once a punishment is set there is no negotiation. You will be spanked tonight. If you argue, you will also be spanked now. Any questions?" Taking her silence for assent Dan handed her a copy of the new rules he had posted on the refrigerator. "Please read these out loud so I know we are both clear on just what it says."

1) I will not endanger myself.

2) I will be accountable for all of my actions and choices.

"That may not sound like much but I have thought about this carefully. I feel that this covers anything that might come up. Just ask yourself if your choice would be the one you would make in front of me, then ask yourself if it is worth being punished for."

It all sounded simple enough. All she had to do was behave when Dan was in town. Kerry agreed to the rules. It was all kind of exciting, like they were both playing the same game now. Then he dropped the bombshell.

"Of course I expect you to convey all of this to your online friends. It is up to you to tell them that you have been lying to them all this time and to let them know that you will be receiving each of your punishments. Whether you choose to share what happens between us in the future is up to you, but you will tell them the truth, starting with last night. You can take care of that while I wash the car and run some errands. And remember, I am a member of that list, I will see what you write."

"You can't be serious. I will not humiliate myself by telling a bunch of total strangers the details of our life."

"You decided that months ago when you first started posting, I am simply making sure you set the record straight. I expect you to have it finished by the time I return." And off he went, just like nothing had happened, leaving a seething, frustrated wife behind.

The sound of his car pulling out of the drive set her off. Throwing pillows, kicking furniture, stomping her feet, she rampaged through the house. It was out of the question. She would not humiliate herself that way. What could he do if she refused? That thought stopped her mid-tantrum. The memory of his belt cracking against her tender skin sent her flying to the computer. Nobody knew who she really was, who cared what a bunch of strangers thought.

Dan spent a leisurely afternoon running errands, picking up flowers for no reason, and choosing wine for their evening together. He considered taking her out, but decided a quiet meal at home was a better choice. A quick stop at his favorite gourmet deli and he had the makings of a romantic picnic. The house was quiet when he returned. He found a copy of a very brief, non-descriptive post lying on the kitchen counter. None of the sizzling details of her fantasy stories, just a quick I am sorry, I am being punished for deceiving you. He had to laugh at the difference.

Kerry was taking a bubble bath when Dan returned. After posting her apology to the group she was a bundle of nerves wondering what would happen later. She finally ran a hot bath to soothe her worries. Dan wandered in and sat on the side of the tub, trailing his hand through the bubbles and telling her about his shopping. The everyday chatter took her mind off of her coming punishment and she relaxed. It was so good to have him home.

A lovely dinner on the patio followed by wine under the stars, side by side on the porch swing. It was the best evening they had had together in months. Dan hated to spoil the mood but he had to follow through. Taking her hand he led her upstairs.

"I'll be right back, get into your nightgown and get into position under the rail. I expect you to be ready and waiting when I return."

Dan gave her a few minutes to collect her thoughts and do as he had asked. He printed a copy of one of her stories and returned to their room. The sight of her, bottom wedged under the bed rail, open and waiting for him, was one he would always remember. Never had she looked more beautiful. Stepping quickly to her side he rested a hand lightly on her silky skin, feeling her tremble at his touch.

"It pleases me to see you this way." he said, his voice husky with emotion. Sliding his hands over her bottom he began spanking her lightly. Slow gentle blows to bring heat but not pain, gradually producing a pink blush on her creamy skin. He continued until her soft moans and the glistening wetness between her folds gave away her pleasure.

Taking the paper from his pocket he began to read,

"D caught me rubbing myself, it is so embarrassing to admit that he will not allow me to touch myself. He paddled me until I was on fire then turned me over and began rubbing my juices over my pussy and between my cheeks until he was rubbing my asshole. How did he know? I have longed to feel his touch there but was ashamed to ask."

Matching actions to words, Dan slipped his fingers through her folds, marveling at the way she was held open and exposed to his touch. Letting his finger dip lower he massaged the juice running between her cheeks into the tight rosebud. Smiling at her low moan and seeing her shiver he slipped a finger inside her tightness and flicked his thumb over the hard nub buried in her curls. Rotating his finger and working it deeper he teased her to the edge of orgasm before continuing to read.

"He has discovered my dirty secret. Not only am I being punished for touching myself but the humiliation of him seeing how his finger in my ass makes me tremble with need gives him even more power over me. I wish I could see his finger-sliding deep inside me, rubbing against my scarlet cheeks, the contrast of pain and pleasure keeping me poised on the edge of an orgasm he denies me until I am ready to scream. I beg him to take me."

"Oh my, I have left out a very important part. Your cheeks are barely pink."

Kerry is devastated when he slides his finger free, then the paddle falls. Hard and fast over her stretched tight bottom, covering the backs of both thighs. In moments she is sobbing, begging him to stop. To her surprise, he does.

"Do you touch yourself when I am out of town Kerry?"

Embarrassed, she closes her eyes, murmurs,” yes".

"Is that something you would do in front of me?"

She shakes her head, unwilling to answer.

"Do you deserve this punishment, Kerry?"

Again she shakes her head, sobbing when the paddle descends with lightening speed. He waits until her skin is deep red to ask again.

"Do you deserve this punishment?"

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry, I'll be good, I promise I'll be good." Kerry gasped, trying to make him hear her words between sobs.

Once again the paddle lights a fire on her bottom, several strokes to the backs of her thighs producing squeals, until her entire backside is a deep, mottled red. Satisfied that he has now gotten it correct according to her story, Dan returns to stroking her, sliding his fingers deep inside her ass as he leans down, inhaling the fragrance of her arousal.

Dipping his head he tastes her sweet juice, dragging his tongue gently through her folds then circling her hard nub as his fingers plunge in and out. The force of her orgasm took them both by surprise.

Watching Kerry's eyes flutter open, red-rimmed from crying, her face glowing with satisfaction, Dan was struck by how much he loved her. Helping her slide out from under the railing he knew this was the right thing for them. Kerry needed someone to take charge and he planned to enjoy every minute of doing just that.


I am still looking for suggestions as to who you think wrote it. You will be able to vote next week!


  1. Pk, Your just plain evil and cruel. How could you write such a hot, steamy story and force us to wait three weeks for the ending.

    I can't take this I tell you not another week aahhhh!

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, whoever wrote this knows how to keep the pot boiling, Kerry may not immediately think she is a lucky girl, but she will. Excellent. Thank you.
    I think that I'm going to haunt you until next Sunday.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Who? I have no idea! Thanks for bringing it to us PK. This is very hot. I can't wait to hear the ending!


  4. Anonymous5:14 PM

    PK, I put my guesses in last week but if I didn't say CC then add her too. :)

    This is a great follow up to the first and I can't wait for the third installment. Well done to the author.


  5. WOW Great great story! I am thinking a guy wrote it.. Hmmm.. maybe Marcus? David? maybe even Nick!


  6. I'm with Paul..i'm going to haunt you until next friday!! Great story...

  7. David,
    I only have one thing to say "Ha! So what you going to do about it?

    You can haunt me any time you want to!!

    Glad you are enjoying it.

    Thanks for coming by. I think it's fun too.

    I agree! The author is great!

    So that's what you are thinking. Hmmmm...

  8. Mthc,
    You and Paul just haunt away!

  9. Pk this story is too hot! I think Theresa wrote it.


  10. I'm with Theresa on this one. :)

  11. I think Eva wrote it. Then again, I don't have a clue. It's a great story though. You need to be spanked for making us wait for the ending!