I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About my Wednesday...

Let me tell you about Wednesday. Maybe I should go back to Monday. After work Monday I went home, got my gym clothes and headed out to exercise. I got to the gym and sat in my car for a bit just dreading going in. Really most of the time I don’t mind but I was tired. I knew I had an hour there and I needed to go by the drugstore to get some stuff for the kids Easter baskets (I don’t care how old they are, as long as I am around the Easter Bunny is coming.) I just didn’t want to exercise so I blew is off and just went shopping. Who was going to know?

So when I did get home Nick gave me a hug and asked “Did you work hard at the gym?” I didn’t really want to admit I just hadn’t gone and it didn’t really matter so I just said “No not really” and left it at that. It wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t think anymore about it that night.

I went to the gym the next day and all was find but it was actually bugging me that I had sort of lied to Nick. I emailed Carye about it. She and I are close on how our diets are going and how our husbands usually react. After we talked a while I decided maybe I should just go on and tell him because it was bothering me.

So I finally sent him the following email.

I don't know if this is my assignment or just talking but I am feeling a little guilty about something. In the grand scheme of things I guess it’s no big deal and to be honest I am a little surprised that it is bothering me so much. I didn’t go to the gym Monday and I let you believe that I did. I know if I had just told you that I wasn’t going you wouldn’t have really cared. And if I had just said I didn’t go you wouldn’t have really cared but I did feel bad for just acting like I went and not saying anything. I did actually go but I just couldn’t make myself go in. Maybe I really am changing. I don’t think this would have bothered me in the past. But I feel that we are close now and it was bothering me. So I wanted to tell you and let you know I won’t do it again. I am really am sorry.

I felt better after I sent is because I realized I felt relaxed and did really worry about what he would say. I didn’t really think he would spank me because we don’t do a lot of discipline. He doesn’t ‘make me’ go to the gym that is my choice. But when I read his response a little later he really said exactly what I needed to hear. Here is what he said.

Maybe it wouldn't seem like a big deal normally. But if we are working together to get you shapelier and healthier and you are to be held accountable for your actions and progress then it's a little different. If you are supposed to go to the gym and just can't make it we at least need to discuss it (and talk about motivation). I do appreciate you feeling that you needed to set things straight. I expect with next week coming up you plan on going to the gym every chance you get between now and then! I also expect you to be eating smart. Enough for now, but we may need to revisit this topic.

Although I always want it to be so I loved hearing that he felt we are truly working together on this together.

That afternoon I took Mollie to baby-sit and then I went to the gym. Nick was here when I got home and the first thing he asked me was if I had made it all the way into the gym. I laughed and assured him I had. He didn’t seem upset about what I had told him and we talked a little. I told him, "As Cassie would say, I didn’t exactly lie – I just didn’t correct his assumption."

Then Nick asked “And what would Tom have done?”


This wasn’t a question I would ever have expected Nick to ask.

“Well you are always holding them up as an exemplary couple.”

So I hedged “I think he would tell her not to do it again.”

“Anything else?”


Nick went on “I think he would get out the hairbrush.”

He held out his hand and when I took it he led me back to the bedroom. He did get out the hair brush – I have to agree with Cassie on this too. That thing is no toy.

He sat on the bed and put me over his lap. He started with my jeans on but it still stung and didn’t seem like a good thing. The jeans weren’t on long. Panties may add a psychological barrier but not much more. Of course it wasn’t long before they were history too. I know many of you like OTK but I really like snuggling down on my bed when I am being spanked. But that day it wasn’t to be.

Nick soon stood me up and said “Come with me”. You know I have gotten pretty comfortable being nude in front of Nick these days but somehow having only my shirt on was a little embarrassing. He headed back to the living room where he sat in a straight back chair and pulled me over his lap again. “Now this put thing at the right angle” he observer. Then he really went to town with that brush! Dang, that thing hurt!! And he wasn’t kidding around. It was the hardest spanking I have ever had and he didn’t stop until he was finished!

He finally stopped and started rubbing then he let me up. We went back to lie on the bed. He looked at my bottom and mildly observed that there might be some bruising. I think lying there with him right then I felt as close as I ever had to him. My bottom was still on fire but I felt wonderful – connected, cared for, secure, loved. And really is there anything else we are looking for in life?

But if we ever do have another situation like this I think I'll leave Cassie and Tom out of it!


  1. PK,
    It sounds like Nick had the perfect response all around. Very HOH in his email response and his talk later. It gave me shivers... :-)


  2. Anonymous3:40 AM

    PK, I can understand why you felt loved. It is really wonderful to feel the growth, to realize the closeness is not worth the small deception, and for Nick to get that, and to hold you to your agreements. Good for you both! Sara

  3. You know this is what you really wanted. You have been wanting a DD man forever. I think you now have one.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. PK, this post pleases me no end.
    Great that your small deception made you uncomfortable enough to tell Nick.
    Great that Nick took you properly to task, and corrected the situation.
    Your final reaction was excellent also.
    Well done both of you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Chchchanges.....I think it happened, PK! Dreams can come true (clicking my heels hoping mine will, too!).

    Yea for both of you.

    Warm hugs,

    Debbie :)

  6. It is so wonderful how you are working everything together with such closeness...really nice! :-)

  7. Wow..i'm glad you getting what you NEED AND WANT...

  8. Sometimes we get what we want, and sometimes what we want isn't exactly what we thought it would be.

    Was it everything you thought it would be? Or was it better?

    Good job Nick! I guess you know how to make a point!


  9. Hmmm an old proverb comes to mind..."Be careful what you ask for!"


  10. Tsk! and double tsk!
    Have I taught you nothing? First... hairbrushes are meant for hair, not one's bottom.
    Second... admitting guilt? (Practically fainting here!) The first rule of survival is NEVER admit guilt!
    Third... if you want a spanking, ask for it but don't ever fess up to telling him you might have made a poor decision. Men are soooo guilible!
    Eating a box of twinkies to get that hairbrush event out of my head.
    Have I said tsk?

    Hugs, kiddo. Whatever floats your boat!

  11. Awwww, there is nothing better in the world than to feel safe and cared for. Nick has a greater appreciation for you now that he knows you will be honest in all things. You have a greater appreciation knowing he will take care of you in a way you've always wanted him to. I'm so tickled to read this post.

  12. Hi, PK, He got it, he got it! That's what loving discipline is all about. His caring enough to do something about the situation and heal the small but noticeable dent in the relationship. Y'all are truly connected and growing more closely every day!


  13. Jess,
    It worked out good for me!

    I am just happy that Nick see that he is a big part of why I have lost weight!

    Yep it looks that way!

    I have always envied you and Mel.

    Well, changes do happen! I like it.

    I think it was the feeing of closeness I wanted.

    Made my day!

    Mentally it was just what I wanted, as for my butt it may have considered it overkill!

    You got it!

    I love hearing from you! And I do know you are right in what you say, really I do. But it does take all kinds. Have another box of twinkies on me for your nerves when you read such, but please keep coming back! LOL!

    It is a good feeling!

    Yes we are connecting in every way!

  14. PK,

    Very happy for you. Glad to see that Nick is getting comfortable in his role and took that initiative. It probably helped with your guilt, too. I think you guys are really going to achieve that bond you both so desire.


  15. Anonymous6:16 PM

    PK, Nick obviously adores you and that alone is so special but that he is taking such an interest in you in this way and how you are working together is delightful to read.

    All the best on your trip.