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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Conversations with my daughter

Fantasy Friday is really great this week! If you haven't had a chance to read it click here now. And please vote - it may only be a stab in the dark but I can tell you from experience it is fun for the author to watch the way the voting is going.


Since I work with children it seems I spend most of my days in some way combating peer pressure. I try to encourage my students to think for themselves and make their own decisions. I have always encouraged LJ and Mollie to do the same. And I have always felt comfortable with the friends they have chosen. Although Mollie is only 15 I can tell she truly has a mind of her own. She may not always do the right thing but it will be her decision and not because she is following the crowd.

All this made for an interesting conversation with her the other day. I am not sure exactly how it came up but I was expressing a desire meet with some of the folks I talk with daily out here. Nick jokingly made the comment that he didn’t think that would be safe and that if I ever did that I would be liable to come home with a tattoo or something. Although that is not in my realm of reality I paused in thought for a moment. I am extremely close to many folks out here. And suddenly I pictured several of us together getting a small matching tattoo on an ankle or something.

I couldn’t help thinking “Would I?” It wouldn’t be peer pressure but rather a bonding experience. Now understand this isn’t going to happen but these thoughts were floating around in my mind. Apparently Mollie was watching me and the next thing I heard was


“What?” I asked with just the tiniest bit of guilt.

“You were thinking about it weren’t you? Are you telling me you would think of getting a tattoo?”

“No” I answered truthfully “I would never get a tattoo! You know that!”

“Then why did you have that look on your face? You were actually thinking about it! You cannot get a tattoo whether your friends do or not! If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you? I am not going to someday be telling my daughter she cannot get a tattoo only to hear her say ‘Grandma PK has one’!

This was such a backward conversation with my daughter that I couldn’t help laughing at the serious look on her face as she scolded me. So girls, should we ever have a chance to get together I just want you to know – NO TATTOOS! At least anywhere Mollie will ever see!


  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Hmmm, but what matching tatoos would we all get??? That is an interesting thought. Maybe sorority paddles, hand imprints...lol


  2. I'm the lucky one here. Since I'm not one of the girls I won't worry about it.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. That is so sweet...daughter taking care of mom...she sounds like a great teen! :-) Oh, and no tattoos...I will remember that...unfortunately all my children will have to do someday when I say no tattoos is say "But Daddy has one..." It is small and on his ankle but still... :-)

  4. That conversation shows how well you've brought your daughter up. My son often scolds me and I get embarrassed at the role reversal.

    About the tattoo...I'd have to get one where JOE wouldn't see it. Since there is no place he does not see, I think I'd have to pass. But I'll watch the rest of you.

  5. Michael has also never given in to peer pressure. He marches to the beat of his own drummer, and this makes me the proudest.

    Michael also scolds me now that he thinks he is all grown up and taller!

    Okay PK if we all did ever get together and get a tattoo it would have to be a bullseye on our tushies! Or maybe just a little pink heart!


  6. PK, you have a wise daughter and one who can read you.
    When Mel was at Uni, all her friends were getting tattoos, wild she was but not stupid, so she checked with me, my answer, "you are far too beautiful to spoil with inferior art", but, "if you get one, I'll light such a fire on your backside, the entire London Fire Brigade couldn't put it out."
    Needless to say I never had to carry out my threat.
    I have many friends with tattoos, but for myself or my girl, no way.
    Love and warm hugs,


    I REALLY want to get a tattoo!!!!

    When you come to Ca, (and YOU WILL come to CA someday...this I promise) you will have to get a tat. I've been told that not only am I in a foreign country, but that we talk funny and wear weird clothes. So a tattoo will fit right in.

    By the way, there is this great cliff that I've been wanting to jump off, would you care to join?


  8. I'm sure you daughter is avery smart young lady and you had just better listen to her. You could always get a"spank Me" tattoo..for Nick's eyes only.

  9. I'm all for the rose tattoo! :-) As in Cassies story! :-) Somehow I think that pappa shreks response to me would be the same as Tom's was to Cassie! I hope my kids turn out as wonderfully as yours!


  10. C,
    Those are two good suggestions! I like the idea of the hand print.

    Where would you like Mthc to put hers?

    She does like to take care of me and tell me what to do. I am just trying to get my two grown without too many piercings or body art. So far, so good!

    No I think we can count you out I have a feeling Joe checks you out pretty carefully!

    I wasn't expecting her to try to start mothering me so soon.

    I like the pink hearts better than the bulls eye!

    I think that was a pretty good advice to Mel and I am very glad she took it.

    You live in CA I though sure you already had tons of tattoos. I was going to come out sometime and read them!

    Strangly enough I do often listen to her.

    Cassie's rose has always stayed in my mind! What a concept.

    I just want to state that I have no intentions of getting a tattoo now or ever. But I was just wondering, does anyone know the Greek letters for OTK?