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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fantasy Friday -The Long Day

I am so lucky to get to be the first one to read these stories. But all of you are lucky too that we have such wonderful writers out here that are willing to share their talents. I love today’s story but it comes with a warning – if you don’t have time for a little loving this morning maybe you should wait and read tonight. Whenever you read it you will enjoy!

The Long Day

Amanda awoke alone. Her husband, Ian, was already up and about. He had always been a morning person. Amanda stretched lazily and snuggled under the blanket to try and coax her body back to sleep. Though her mind was still foggy with sleep, she could not ignore the warm tingling sensation she felt between her thighs. Recently she had been experiencing a heightened sense of sexual awareness and today seemed to be no exception. She was undeniably aroused and her mind was consumed with the dull hum she felt in every nerve ending. Rather than feeling energized by her desire, she was tense and irritable. She had trouble focusing on anything and despite her best efforts, her mind repeatedly drifted to sexual daydreams. As exiting as her sex life with Ian had been in the past few months, she had no patience for the tension and frustration she felt when there was no immediate outlet for her pressing needs.

Resigned to the fact that she would not be sleeping any more, Amada rolled out of bed to start her morning routine and ready herself for the day. As she performed the mundane tasks necessary to make herself presentable, every sensation became excruciatingly sensual. She pulled on jeans and a tee shirt leaving her jeans unbuttoned while she moved into the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up. Standing in front of her bathroom vanity with the top of her panties and her flat stomach peeking out from under her jeans, her tee shirt rode up on her belly when she lifted her arms to style her hair. The soft cotton fabric of her top brushed lightly against her skin. Amanda imagined Ian’s fingers brushing against her body as they drifted down over the front of her hips to rest on the crease where her pelvis and her thighs met. Her eyes closed thinking about his hands caressing that union of skin at the thigh and lower abdomen sometimes, moving gently down to her inner thigh and allowing his hand to graze the outer edge of her labia as he did. The heat began to build in her center and she allowed her own fingertip to slowly glide under the waistband of her panties and move back up to her belly button. She slid her hand into her panties straying down to the top of her mound. She exhaled slowly and took her bottom lip between her teeth thinking of her lover’s hands exploring her body.

Suddenly Amanda snapped back to reality with a start. “God” she muttered. “I can’t seem to get myself together today.” She wanted to scream with the intensity of her desire. She set her jaw and clenched her teeth and focused on the task at hand; getting her hair and make-up done. Taking a deep breath to clear her head, she picked up her mascara.

Amanda leaned forward to see her eyelashes in the vanity mirror more closely. Resting her elbows on the countertop to keep her hand steady she felt cool and smooth granite tile against her abdomen. She leaned forward even further and her jeans dropped a couple of inches exposing the flesh where her lower back met her bottom. Amanda became aware of her partially uncovered backside in the open air while the rest of her remained warm inside her jeans. Unconsciously her bottom rose to strain against the fabric of her clothing. The crotch of her jeans rubbed gently between her legs and Amanda floated into another fantasy.

Ian’s warm hand opened and pressed against Amada’s back. He moved his hand tenderly along her skin and under her shirt. The familiar texture of Ian’s rough palm was comforting against her body. He knew just how to touch her to make her writhe. He dragged his fingers down her back teasingly and eased his finger under the waistband of her panties. He stroked the flesh just under her panties slowly and deliberately. Amanda drew in a stuttering breath as she imagined Ian hooking his finger in the waistband of her jeans and slowly lowering them along with her panties. She began to rock gently back and forth causing her jeans to rub against her crotch delicately. She could almost feel Ian’s hands caress the curve of her bottom as he eased his hand lovingly between her quivering cheeks. He continued to stroke her rear end until she pleaded out loud, “please, spank me.”

Snap. She pulled herself abruptly from her fantasy and cursed. “Damn it, get it together Amanda,” she chided. This was going to be a long day!

Two years ago Amanda and Ian were in a rut. There seemed to be an emotional chasm between that widened each passing day. With the demands of every day life heavy on their minds, Ian and Amanda did not take time to nurture their relationship. On an impulse, Amanda confessed long-held secret fantasy. She had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and her desire to be spanked slipped out. Ian was surprised but not shocked or repulsed. In fact, Ian was eager to try spanking as soon as possible. Amanda was not disappointed. The spanking Ian gave her opened up a depth of ecstasy that Amanda did not know existed. Since that time, Amanda’s sex drive had exploded and Ian incorporated spanking Amanda into their lives effortlessly. He enjoyed the newfound sexual inhibition in his wife and he had more confidence in himself as he took responsibility for leadership in their lives. Now Amanda was insatiable and Ian knew it. The power in their relationship had clearly shifted to Ian; only he could deliver the release she craved day and night.

Now that Ian and Amanda enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling love life, Amanda found herself in this state of intense arousal more often than not. Amanda was relieved that it was Saturday today. She would have plenty of time alone with Ian to touch, tease and play. Amanda hoped that Ian would start the fun early and make it last all day. In her hypersensitive state, she had high expectations. As Ian and Amada cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, Amada asked, “Is this how men feel about sex? I think about us all day long several times an hour, at least. I find myself fantasizing constantly and the slightest provocation sends heat waves through my body.”

Ian gave a wicked grin and said, “Yes it is.” Amanda cocked her head and returned his smirk, “Now I know why you can be so mean if you don’t ‘get some’ regularly.”

Ian pulled Amanda into a hug from behind and rocked her gently. He began to kiss the side of her neck slowly. Amanda tipped her head to give him more access. Walking Amanda across the room, Ian pressed her to the table as he continued to kiss her neck. His breath was hot on her neck and she could feel his rock hard length pressed against her bottom. Ian softly dragged his fingers down Amanda’s side, to her hip and then slid his palm over her full cheeks. Amanda sighed as Ian continued to stroke her bottom until the fondling turned into light smacks. He gently pushed his wife onto her stomach on the kitchen table. She felt the cold wood on her abdomen and breasts through her thin cotton shirt.

Ian unbuttoned Amanda’s jeans and slowly lowered them to her knees. He resumed spanking Amanda with his hand letting the sting build slowly over her panties. As Amanda’s bottom began taking on a nice pink glow, Ian lowed her panties and caressed her bottom enthusiastically. His hand strayed between Amanda’s cheeks and his finger glided down her sensual cleft to brush over her rosebud and rest between her legs. His thumb grazed her jewel and Amanda drew her breath in sharply. Ian leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Stay here.” And he left the room.

When Ian returned, he noticed that Amanda was quivering slightly. “What’s the matter baby, are you cold?” he asked, his voice dripping with mock compassion. Crack. Amanda felt the sting of the leather paddle against her backside. “Maybe this will warm you up a little” Ian drawled. Crack, crack, crack. Each successive swat built in intensity and Amanda breathed harder as her bottom raised to accept each blow with the paddle. She could feel the heat rising in her center and moisture started to drip between her legs.

Ian continued to paddle her after she started to cry out between strokes. She alternately cried out and raised her bottom as the paddle continued to fall. Ian concentrated on one cheek and then the other causing Amanda to jump and buck. “Bend over Amanda or I will get the wood paddle.” Ian scolded. She pressed her body to the table and grabbed the edge to help stay in place. Ian’s pulse quickened at the sight of Amanda’s backside growing redder. He dropped the paddle and pressed his hand firmly between Amanda’s legs. She felt his length pressed against her rear end.

Ian lowered his trousers and boxers and let them fall to the floor. He entered Amanda to the hilt in one long stroke. Amanda groaned and pushed back with her bottom to accept Ian’s thickness. Ian rocked back and forth slowly at first, reaching around to finger her nub. Amanda was shaking with need, each stroke felt as though it was creating a small fire inside her. Her breath quickened as Ian pounded into her from behind and continued to work with his fingers from the front. She gasped, called Ian’s name and pleaded for release. Ian growled in her ear, “Ask me to make you cum baby.” Amanda wailed desperately, “Oh my God Iiiaannn, pleeeaase make me cum.” With one last thrust, she shattered from the inside out. At the same moment, Ian released his gift.

Ian collapsed on top of Amanda breathless and spent. Amanda felt sated; the insistent sexual tension was quelled for the time being. As their breathing returned to normal, Ian rolled off of Amanda and helped her up. He took her hand and led her to the couch in the living room. Amanda followed Ian like a docile lamb and sighed as Ian sat on the couch and pulled her into his lap. They lay on the couch with their limbs entwined and gently kissed each others lips. Amanda tipped her head back and smiled at Ian, “I really like Saturdays.” Ian smiled back, “Me too.”

Excuse me while I cool off! I told you it was good! So do you think you know who wrote it? It’s time to vote. It might be Carye we already know she writes great stories. Jessica has been commenting more and more maybe she wanted to try her hand at writing. Could be Mina from down under helping me out again or maybe it was Reesa. Now we know she writes books and is fantastic at it but maybe she did a short story for a friend! What do you think? Please join the fun and vote even if you have to guess. The reveal will be Monday.

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  1. Ok, Pk you could cook a steak on my monitor screen right now.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, what a great way to start the week-end.
    This story is not only hot, but it has a certain something!!!!
    I hope that these fantasy stories inspire Nick to practise his artistry on your willing canvas. WEG!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. nice...wonder if I could get my hubby to read that... :-)

  4. PK,
    Thanks for bringing us another great story!

  5. Wonderful story. Kudos to the author. I voted but I really have no idea.

  6. yeah..that's pretty hot..have to think on this one!

  7. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Not a bad Saturday! This is not what we were expecting to read. Very hot!

    Todd & Suzy

    we like our chances with this week's guess.

  8. Darn I just told Will I thought the soy milk had cured the hot flashes. Apparently NOT!

    Loved it..Huggs!

  9. Whoo, mama, that is one hot story!

    I have NO idea who wrote it. But whoever it was, they need to write MORE!!!

    MORE I say!