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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weigh in tips

There is a wonderful Fantasy Friday this week please go here to enjoy it and you still have all day to vote!!

Alright! Picture it – crunch time! Weigh in was Friday morning. I watched what I ate this week. Since last weigh in I had been to the gym four times. I had not snacked in my chair. But did I make it back to, or below, my pre-Christmas weigh? Later…

First I was just wondering if you would like to know about how I get ready for an important weigh in. Who knows maybe one day these tips will help you too!

The night before –
• Eat light
• Shower, scrub hard – no dead cells need to be weighted
• Wash hair - dirt weights
• Shave - everything you feel comfortable shaving
• Trim your nails- they can only drag you down
• Remove nail polish – who needs extras on the scale
• Pluck eyebrows – you don’t think hair weights?
• Scrub the scales – you never know something could have spilled and stuck

The morning of –
• Dust the scales – something could have drifted down during the night
• Strip – this should go without saying
• Pee – let’s eliminate anything from the body that is willing to go
• Comb hair – brush away all loose strays
• Remove all jewelry – look good later
• Clean wax from ears – the better to hear your screams, either in joy or agony
• Remove sleep from eyes – can you tell I am getting desperate?
• Blow your nose – no telling what’s up there
• Remove glasses or contacts – you may not want to see what the scales says anyway
• Spit – it’s nearly all you have left
• Take a deep breath, then let it out! – Air has to weigh something
• Pray

So, did it make it??? Check out the diet update at Todd and Suzy’s Tuesday!!


  1. Oh you brat!! I read all that to see if you lost or get spanked and you don't say! Now I have to wait until Tuesday?? That is so not right!

  2. Great strategies. I never thought of the ear wax, nails and spit. That must be where I went wrong last week! You can bet that my prep for weigh in will be better this Thursday!


  3. Pk, Your just plain sneaky making us wait. All that done you had to have lost weight.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    ONLY YOU would think of all that. I mean I do the obvious... strip, pee, remove glasses, scrub hard.. but ear wax? Sleep in the eyes?

    And the fact that you scrub your scales... the thought of you scrubbing anything makes me laugh and know that you are lying through your teeth. I think Nick needs to spank you for lying!!

    So it's Sunday.. no where near Friday. Go eat a handful of oreos or something.

    Love you twin!!

  5. PK, and if you are really desperate, try half an hour in in a hot Sauna, believe me it works!
    I agree with the consensus, you are an old meanie not telling us the result.

  6. PK, I forgot the,
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I thought of two more....

    dry your hair if it's wet - the saturated version of anything weighs more than the dry version


    Don't put on deoderant, perfume/cologne, hairspray etc until after weighing in - those things weigh a ton!!

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    i learned quite a few things today
    on how to prepare for
    "weigh in" thanks for the info hard to do that though if your in a Doctor's office
    as they weigh you everytime you visit them

  9. thanks for the useful pieces of information... :-) Thinking of you, Terpsichore

  10. I always leave here thinking I've learned something.

    Thinking, is the key, because in reality, did I really learn anything?


    Your funny!


  11. Lori,
    Learning to wait builds character!

    You can't over look anything!! There are consequences to excess weight!

    Hmmmmm... could be.

    I know how to scrub when it might save my butt!! And I agree about the wet hair, that is why I shower the night before. I will remember about the deoderant and such. Good suggestion!

    I am glad you came back for the warm hug. I love that part!

    If Nick spanked me for every misspelled word we could sell my chair, I'd never be able to sit!

    I always try to help!

    If you are looking for education catch me on my day job!

  12. Ahhhh you keep me hanging...but thanks for the great tips! I'm praying for you. I am not waiting til the big day, I am getting an early start!


  13. You are so funny. When I have a doc appointment and know I'm going to be weighed, I slip 2-lb weights into my pockets. When the giant squid weighs me BEFORE the appointment, my mastiff leans on the scale. I need all the help I can get. Funny how we all have our tricks.

    Warm hugs,

  14. This was hilarious - thanks, PK!