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Saturday, February 16, 2008

My comment to my twins post...

I have really been having fun with Fantasy Friday this week. Several people have asked who wrote it (like I am going to tell early) so I am curious about who you are guessing this week. Email me and let me know. If you haven’t had a chance to read yet click here!


I have a little or this and that to talk about. I had a very rough day Friday. LJ (I guess Tobias will just have to get used to this) called Thursday night very sick. It sounded like he had the flu. I don’t like my baby being sick so far away. He called the next morning worse than the night before. He was missing an exam and had to have a doctor’s note to be able to take it later. He could barely stand up and couldn’t drive himself to the doctor. (Since he had just this week gotten his fifth ticket for a moving violation in the past 3 years we know he also can’t drive for crap when he is well either, but I digress). I am sure most of you with grown children have experienced this; it is an awful feel to know you need to be there and can’t be.

Of course I am so very lucky in one way, my sister work on LJ’s campus. I called her for her suggestions and she immediately got off work and went and picked him up took him to the doctor and then got him back home. He didn’t have the flu just a horrible cold. Dee went to the drug store and got him everything he needed. So my suggestion is when you are looking for a college for your kids look for one that comes with an aunt on campus. They are wonderful!!!!


Mollie was dying to go shopping today so off we went to the next town over, about 20 miles away – Mollie at the wheel. It really turned into a wonderful trip. We just talked and talked. We discussed parenting styles and she told me she liked mine. She says that she likes the fact that I let her do most of the things she asks to do and go most of the places she asks to go. She says lots of her friends parents say no to a lot of things for no apparent reason. She says that I always give her reasons when I do say no. She says she doesn’t always agree with my thinking but she at least knows I have thought about it.

I told her that the reason I said yes a lot was because she usually showed good judgment herself and didn’t ask to do ridiculous things. I told her that the more she showed good sense herself the more she would be allowed to do.

When we got to town she suddenly lost interest in shopping for her clothes and spent all her time looking for new things for me. She did find a few good things for me but I declined the lime green horizontal strips (I did try it on to humor her) and it looked better than I thought. I laughed as we walked in the mall and told her she was fulfilling the destiny to which she was born! When Nick and I were discussing whether or not to have a second child (I was humoring him to call it a discussion, I always knew I would have at least two) but I told Nick that if we didn’t have a daughter he would be the one who had to shop with me after my mom was gone. He was thrilled and relieved when his little girl was born!


We had a wonderful time playing this morning! The best thing about having a teenager in the house is the fact that if you can ever get them to go to bed at night nothing will wake them up in the morning. It is a pretty safe time for a little spanking fun! I got to pick three. (Like I am going to get to pick for Eva once I win our challenge) Only I picked fun ones for me!! I picked the leather paddle (furry on one side), the bath brush and the belt. He did a pretty good job with each one!! That bath brush feel so deceptively smooth and cool when he rubs it on my butt. Not the same feeling as being swatted with it! It hurts like heck when he is using it but it’s good for that ‘later’ feeing. He also used the plug and let me play with the vibrator. Some great olde fashion loving followed! A very, very good morning!!


  1. *waves at you from Hollywood*

    Sorry to hear about the crappy Friday. Turns out the wildchild has the same crap. Fever and all, and ON our TRIP!!

    We wanted to stay home, but she insisted we come. I'll explain later, but bless her little soul, she's been hanging in there.

    We are having fun, but I'll be glad to be home.


    P.S. Did I mention I have a new laptop!?


  2. I know how LJ feels I had it last month and so did Mthc. Come to think about the boys had it as well.

    The Demon has requested more information from Bridgewater and Western Carolina. It's hard to realize he has grown up and will be off to college in two years. Then I guess I will worry like you when he gets sick away from home.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. I guess the Lord knew to give me boys because shopping isn't my favorite thing. I hope LJ is doing better. It is hard to have a child so far away. You are very fortunate to have your sister there with him.

  4. It's always nice when your child shows that they are thinking about you. Sick..don't even want to go there other then to say i hope LJ gets better quickly.
    For the record David and i love to shop and so do the boys (when it's for them) but their interest is Clothes,shoes.Cd's..video games..football..Well, you get the picture!

  5. PK, I love posts which tell me more about you as a family.
    Hope LJ feels better soon, great that Mollie is so sensible.
    Nice to hear that Nick knows what a good girl needs, mind you if he ever needs lessons, I'll be happy to tutor him. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    So does this mean when we move down there that you're gonna drag me shopping? Isn't that kind of a girly thing to do?



  7. You've done such a terrific job with your two kids! I hope LJ gets better really soon and as for Molly, she is a shining example of your great parenting!

    And even better, you still find time to play! I love catching glimpses inside your house!

    Love ya,

  8. Sounds just grand, PK, except for LJ being sick. I read with relief that your sister works at the college. Thank goodness!

    I had a nice weekend as well. Not quite as lucky as you, my friend, but nice all the same!


    Debbie ;)

  9. Boy oh boy do I know how you feel about a child away at college.

    We must parent alike. I let Michael do most of what he wanted. Mostly because I trusted his judgement.

    Sounds like a lovely play date you had!


  10. What a great way to start a morning! :-) Glad you had a nice shopping trip with your daughter...and sorry to hear your son is sick - hope he is feeling better really soon. Take care!

  11. Grace, Sorry the Wildchild is sick but glad you are there to look after her. Hurry home I have a word or two to speak with you!

    It will seem like about 2 weeks before he heads to college.

    I am not a big shopper but it is nice to have a company when I want to go.

    I do like being the first one he thinks to call when he is sick. Of course when I am really sick I still want my mom and she has been gone almost 5 years.

    It was a good weekend with the family. I am happy that Mollie and I are becoming closer!

    No I won't drag you shopping. We will be too busy putting up our hair, doing our nails and talking about boys!

    The kids are doing pretty well but they are going to have to be grown and settled before I'll believe I was a great parent.

    I would love to hear about your weekend. And yes I love having my sister on campus!

    I would love to brag on my parenting skills but I think I got easy children.

    I would loan you my sister for Michael's campus but I might need her again.

    I talked to him yesterday and today and he seem to be doing better. I just hate not being there for him.