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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Reveal - The Salvage

Update: For those of you still confused let me try to explain. To amuse herself my twin decided to play and sneaky and dastardly trick on a sweet and innocently trusting soul (me) just trying do a public service here in blogland. This evil genius enlisted the aid of poor little Grace to do her dirty work. Of course once she agreed she quit being ‘poor little Grace’.

And now … now what are they doing? They are trying to blame me – the innocent party! (Hang on a minute; I am trying to whip up a few tears for effect) This is the email I got from Grace –

Hi! So believe it or not, I found enough time to write you a new story.

I hope you like it.
Let me know if this will work for FF.


And they are saying I jumped to conclusions? Come on lets see a show of hand, who think Eva and Grace need a good, hard spanking? Thank you, you can put your hands down. So girls keep looking behind you, you may see this...

I enjoyed Fantasy Friday this week. Well I always do but this story was one I could relate to completely. Just wanting someone to take control… yep, I can relate! I had several folks (Mthc!) wanting to know, before reveal time, who wrote it. Not me I don’t post and tell before time. (Okay well occasionally I tell Eva, but not every time.) Grace got 44% of the vote, I came in next with 31%, Eva got 14% and C.C had 11% of the vote.

Every week I just wait and see if I am going to get a good a story submitted for the upcoming Friday and sure enough my friend came through for me this week. She even suggested who should go up as the possible choices. I liked that, so feel free to make suggestions when you send in a story. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you who wrote it did I? The author of ‘The Salvage’ was the lovely and talented Grace!!! I loved the story, I love her. Go by her place and tell her if you liked it!

Thanks to everyone who read and commented and voted. I am looking for one for next week. Everyone one reach deep into your fantasies and write me one!! As always everyone is welcomed to send one – bloggers, commenters, lurkers, or passerbys. Send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com .


  1. Alright don't blame this pack of lies on me. You all better talk to Grace and then Eva. I am not sure I am talking to either of them! Go on go to their sites. I have never been a switch but I am leaning that way at the moment!

    RPK (really Pissed Kitty!)

  2. I'm sorry to lead you all astray, but I am NOT the author!!!

    Stop by Eva's. She is the true auther of this very wonderful story.

    (anyone seen that REALLY PISSED KITTY around? I've heard she's really angry and carrying a belt!)

    I love you PK!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, you! Please forgive me!

    Now, I'm outta here...

    Think she'll find me if I hide under the bed?


  3. Now listen here it's not nice to confuse a male on a Monday morning.

    It was a nice story.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. PK, a really good story, even if I didn't guess right.
    And PK, it is much too early for a mere male to untangle the web that any woman can weave, oh and drop the R.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Great story! Such jokers you are Eva and Grace... :-) Did I mention I guessed right...who knows when that will happen again... :-)

  6. AHH It is just like old times! Great story whoever wrote it.


  7. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Twin~ I don't know what Grace was thinking. I think she drugged my coffee then broke in here and stole the story I was planning to send to you THIS week. What a theif!!!


  8. Anonymous9:07 AM

    PS ~ that's my story and I'm probably not gonna stick to it very well. ROFLMAO

  9. All i can say is HA! HA!...and what ago ladies!

  10. Eva, you did a nice job on the story. I enjoyed it.

  11. Actually, if you want to know the REAL story, I'll tell ya.

    See, it all started with Eva, sleep e-mailing. She was e-mailing in her sleep and she e-mailed me this GREAT story!

    I just did what any upright citizen would do....I sent it in for FF.

    Can I help it if PK thought I wrote it?

    Sheez People, lets put the blame where it belongs.....right on PK's shoulders!!!!


  12. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hey!!! That's right!!! Grace did you ever say the words "I wrote this story" to PK? I didn't think so!!! She just assumed which no one should EVER do. It leads to trouble darn near every time. So I stand with you Grace, my sister. The blame rests on PK's shoulders. It's all her fault.


    That's my story. And I just might stick to this one.

  13. It's now Monday evening and I'm still a confused male about this situation.

    Come to think of it. If Pk thought Grace wrote it and Eva really did isn't this whole thing Pk's fault?

  14. Anonymous8:43 PM

    See? Even David sees who is at fault here!!


  15. You'll have to get them back PK!!! :-) Don't tell me you don't have a sneaky bone in you! I won't beleive it! Wonderful story from Grace AKA Eva! :-) I still thought it was you so I was wrong all around!



    I don't think I can pull that one off. :-)


  17. Wow! This IS a shocker (in more ways than one)... Eva (and Grace), you've seriously outdone yourselves! I admit to it not even occurring to me to vote for you, Eva. Surprise, surprise! Or Grace, either, for that matter...

    Great story, great manipulation, and I hope it is all followed up by GREAT spankings for both of you!

    Hugs to RPK!!!!