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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Bad Girl

This weeks Fantasy Friday is a little different. I can tell you it is from something that really happened. The implement pictures are the real thing. And it is written by someone who hasn't written a Fantasy Friday for me before but does do his share of reading out here. The author is a great guy who is working on fulfilling the desires of his spanko wife – whether he always understands or not.

Bad Girl

Well, I just wanted to you that "our girl' has gotten herself in bit of trouble today. It all started yesterday though as we had plans for this weekend. We are having a small super bowl party and needed to go shopping. We went out to breakfast and then hit Wally world and the dollar store. The dollar store had a back scratcher that is about 3 feet long. We already have a well used one but nothing like this. It's quite a weapon.

After a visit to the grocery store for some goodies - steamed shrimp..hot wings..chips.. veggie tray..fruit tray..dip..all the good super bowl items. We won’t worry too much about the diet this weekend. We came home to a house full of our children and their friends. Kind of ruined Saturday's plans as they stayed most of the day and night. This morning I was joking around and asked her if she felt neglected. She replied yes and asked what I was going to do about it.

I playfully said 'since you have been complaining you just get to suffer'. That didn't go over too well and she went to take a shower and replied she would be waiting. Apparently I wasn't fast enough, I was reading blogs. So... she locked me out of the bedroom. I didn't say anything at first but took a shower myself. But this time she was really mad. She said I was wasting time and so on.

We both came into the kitchen and she had lots to say. Finally she tore my journal up. Yes the one I'm supposed to be writing in. My wife can be quite a fiery when provoked or not provoked enough! Reminds you of Cassie a little. She went back to the bedroom and I followed. This time I told her to get on the bed, no clothes. She did as she was told as I picked out some implements from our arsenal. The wood paddle, flogger and newly purchased back scratcher. Last but not least the hairbrush Santa had brought her for Christmas. It's about 6 or 7 inches long, angled and about a half inch thick and apparently is rather brutal when used correctly.

So I started with it, not really a warm up either and switched to the other things as well. She kept trying to get away but this time I wouldn’t let her. Finally I put her otk and went to town with my hand then the brush, paddle and the back scratcher and she kept trying to get up. After 192 whacks and none of them easy and she had to count out loud. She was at the point of almost being in tears which is a first for her.

I finally directed my attention to other things which she seemed to appreciate. Heck, she seemed to love those other things! It's those endorphins I suppose. Now she was already starting to bruise and had a sore spot she will remember for a while. Did I mention those other things I was doing to her yet? I poured some lotion over both her cheeks and slowly massaged each one then both and let my hand slide between her legs.

As my hand roamed freely I took several detours and found her wetness seeping out and her lips growing with desire. A soft moan coming from her mouth told me she was enjoying this and the pain she had just endured was slowly becoming just a memory. My fingers entered her and she raised her ass into the air to meet them. Then she shivered and moaned as she had the first of several orgasms that were to come. As my fingers pushed deeper inside her and then out again. She started to ride them like there was no tomorrow and I decided to pleasure her G Spot. Her moaning told me she was about to orgasm again and then she bathed my hand with her juices as she started to cry out and pull the sheets towards her.

I was hard and the tip of my penis was wet from what I had just witnessed. I told her to get to her knees I could wait no longer and pushed all of me deep inside her. In and out slowly at first and then my thrusts became quicker as my balls slapped against her. I wanted to go as deep as I could inside of her. Then both of us started moaning and she fell on to her elbows as we both exploded together. We curled up in each others arms and I kissed her softly and told her this was going to happen every time she was a bad girl from now on.

So now it is you turn to vote. Which couple spent their Super Bowl week in this special way? Was it Grace and Bossman (A Day in the Life), Eva and Adam (Nothing Random...), Mthc and David or Joe and Lori (Switching Gears)? It sure has been fun reading the male point of view! Come on now – everyone vote!!

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  1. Fantasy Friday, a hot cup of coffee nothing is better except the one you love over your knee.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Yay! Go the men. A fine story and it is good to read from that point of view.

    Well done.

  3. PK, so are you feeling better, I hope so.
    I've voted, I really think that I know who wrote this.
    Great story *******, nice to see one from our P O V.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Mmmmmmmmm, I voted to, and I also think I got it right *grins*

    loved this story, ohhhhhh yes, nothing like a good spanking... mmmm, well perhaps needles or the violet wand... grinnnnnnn

    have a great weekend...

  5. Another hot story..like the man's point of view too..

  6. Sorry...apparently I messed something up and the computer put my comment in twice...only voted once though! :-)

  7. I was sure I knew who wrote this but then I started thinking which always leads to trouble and now I am torn between two. In either case I should have already know about it. Someone is holding our on me!!! I need to send some emails!! Then I will come back and vote!

    Any way I really like the story!!


  8. I liked the story and the point of view form which it came! Thanks for sharing PK!

  9. Wow great story, but its just not fair to write these in the winter...cold showers are no fun.
    Purple Angel

  10. Thanks for the great comments guys! I loved this story. Maybe because I love the couple that inspired it.

    And thanks for checking up on me. I am feeling great, like nothing happened. I was back at the gym this morning so I guess I can't complain anymore.

  11. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I liked the story, and that it was from the other side.

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, PK, but that's all I can say for now... that and, WAY TO GO David!!!!!!!!!

    Love you,