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Friday, February 01, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Game

It’s Friday again and once again we have a wonderful story!! I am constantly amazed at all the wonderful writers we have out here and all the many aspect and angles we find to write about concerning out favorite topic. Enjoy

Felicia sat in her living room on a very sore and satisfied bottom remembering how she spent the previous night. It was New Year’s Day and she shifted in her seat as she remembered how she spent the night before ushering out the prior year and looking ahead to the year to come. It was unusual for Felicia and her husband, Jake, to spend New Year’s Eve anywhere but at home. This year Felicia and Jake decided to get someone to watch their three kids and have an adult night out. Felicia set up a date in which she and Jake would go to a comedy club and then spend the night at a nearby four-star hotel. As the parents of three active kids, Felicia and Jake did not usually have a great deal of private time for intimate moments. Complicating matters was Jake and Felicia’s
preference for erotic spanking play. This pursuit tended to be loud and did not lend itself to frequent indulgence in a house full of children, asleep or awake.

With the promise of many hours of rare unencumbered private time, Jake saw an opportunity for some serious spanking play. Determined to make this night memorable, Jake started making plans a week before New Year’s Eve. Being of the same mind, Felicia went out shopping and bought some sexy lingerie. As she made her purchases, she thought of the night to come and shivered in anticipation.

The week wore on and Jake dropped little hints about his plans. Felicia tried to act nonchalant while she counted the days to New Year’s Eve, but she was definitely beginning to feel butterflies in her stomach every time she thought about the spanking day to come. Not only that, but the amount of time Jake was spending to plan their night was beginning to cause Felicia a bit of concern. What did he have in Mind? Could there possibly be any more fantasy bombshells that need to be dropped between them? If there was, what could it be?

Felicia casually quizzed Jake about their date; “Does it involve you in lingerie?” Felicia was not on to judge, but she wasn’t sure if that was for her.

Jake laughed, “You’ll see. You don’t want to ruin the surprise, do you?”

Felicia was not very good in the patience department. The suspense was becoming a nagging thorn in her side and she would much rather have a stinging pain in another part of my anatomy.

At long last, the day arrived. Organizing three kids for a night with a baby-sitter had proved to sap Felicia’s strength. Driving to the hotel, she tried her best to get out of harried mother mode and into the submissive wife role. She had the characteristic martyr mom look on her face and she was having a hard time melting the emotional wall of ice surrounding her. Jake must have sensed the problem because he said, “I went shopping and picked up a few things.”

Felicia didn’t skip a beat. She retorted with a snarl, “What do you mean?” She really knew how to try to spoil a good time!

Fortunately, Jake knew that he would have the last laugh very shortly and he responded to Felicia’s rude tone with a perfectly pleasant one. “Well, I needed to have sixteen implements to play the game I have devised.” Felecia’s attention immediately snapped to husband.

“Sixteen?” she said in a suddenly humble and sweet tone of voice.

Jake smiled “Yes, and there are three dice you will roll to see how many swats you get with each implement.”

To this comment Felicia responded with silence. She started to do the math in her head and thought, “Okay, 16 x 18 (the max roll of three dice) equals, oh my, 288 swats.” Felicia’s attitude abruptly jumped from cocky to submissive and she looked at her husband demurely, “You wouldn’t give me that many swats, would you?” She asked.

Jake smiled, “Oh no, I figure that we will be able to play the game three times, once before the comedy show, once after and once in the morning.” Felicia’s stomach and jaw dropped simultaneously. “Oh” she said, after all, what more can be said?

At the hotel Jake and Felicia decided to have dinner and a couple of drinks. The meal was very pleasant and the drinks were strong. Although it was New Year’s Eve, the hotel bar was pleasantly quiet. Most of the holiday revelers were taking the hotel’s shuttle to a nearby community celebration. The nice meal gave Felicia time to relax and re-connect with Jake. They talked about all of the topics they could not discuss in front of the children. The conversation invariably veered towards their favorite adult subject, spanking. Jake and Felicia flirted and teased each other throughout dinner. As the night wore on, both Jake and Felicia were beginning to shift in their seats as they began to feel a familiar tingle in their bellies.

After dinner Jake reached for Felicia’s hand to help her up. Felicia rose with mixed feelings and trailed slightly behind her husband on the way to the elevator. Jake tapped Felicia lightly on the bottom and told her to walk next to him as he wrapped his arm around her waist. When they arrived to the room, Felicia went into the bathroom to put on her sexy new lingerie and Jake went about setting up his game. As Felicia wiggled into her fitted teddy, she felt warmth between her legs imaging her husband slowly baring her bottom to spank her. When Felicia exited the bathroom she noticed quite a line-up of things with which to punish her backside. As she examined the playthings laid out before her, she felt her stomach turn over in a slow roll. At the same time the shameless moisture in her panties betrayed her real feelings about the night to come. Felicia didn’t have a chance to take a complete inventory of the toys before Jake started reciting the rules. In his hand he had a list of sixteen different spanking positions. On the bed were sixteen folded pieces of paper. Each piece of paper contained the name of one of the evil tools on the bed. Felicia was to roll the dice to determine the number of swats. Jake took pity on Felicia and decided to play the game with two dice instead of three, but he declared the minimum number of swats to be five.

At Jakes’s prompt, Felicia reached for the first folded paper and revealed the instrument of pain: small belt, over the knee on the edge of the bed and the count on the dice read six. “Oh come on” Jake complained. His disappointment led him to vow that the next game would definitely be played with three dice. Getting down to business¸ Jake helped Felicia over his knee. He folded the belt in half and raised it high. Felicia sucked in her breath as the six firm blows to were delivered to her backside in quick succession. Felicia let herself breathe. The belt was one of her favorite toys and though her bottom was stinging she was having fun so far.

The next roll of the dice revealed six again, yay! Felicia was to lie over his knee while he sat on a chair this time and the implement would be…a computer-type wire. Crap, Felicia thought it looked brutal! She eased body across Jake’s lap and braced herself. One, two, three, four, five, six, “Yeeow!” Felicia yelped and wiggled. Hey, it was brutal, Felicia thought. She rolled the dice again and got …. eleven. The position was to be over the chair with a ruler. “Ooo, bad, painful” Felicia whimpered to herself. She draped herself over the chair and Jake laid into her with the ruler. The fire on Felicia’s behind was quickly becoming intense. By eleven she was gasping and yelling and kicking her legs. After he was done, Felicia stayed over the chair for a minute to catch her breath.

“Enough stalling, come on up here” Jake said casually. Felicia obediently reached for the next paper to determine her fate. The next set was to be kneeling on the floor, with her head and chest in the chair with the wooden spatula and the roll of the dice was 12! “Oh!” Felicia cringed to herself. Jake’s spatula was really called a turner; it was shaped like a spatula, but much thicker. Felicia had felt this toy before and it was very wicked. One, two, three, pause, four, five, six, her legs were kicking and she was really starting to howl now. Jake showed no mercy. He administered the last six with plenty of force.

The next source of pain: the hand. Felicia silently thanked God. The next round almost felt like a massage. Having a moment to recover she thought she could take the next roll of the dice with a dowel rod, eight strokes. Jake had purchased this tool especially for their game tonight and Felicia did not think it looked too bad. Wrong again! It was light enough to swing with a lot of force but heavy enough to send stripes of fire across her posterior. Felicia began to rub her behind in earnest. She contemplated her fate. How many more to go? Could she do this?

Felicia looked at the bed where the toys yet to be used sat. She took a deep breath rolled the dice and prepared to submit to the rest of the game. The next tools to warm her bottom were the big belt, a length of rope, a switch, a slipper and the small hairbrush. These spankings were dispensed in various positions with whatever number of strokes the dice dictated. One of the more interesting positions included the use of scarves for binding Felicia’s hands above her head. Felicia was starting to float into submissive land, subspace or some other slightly altered level of awareness. At last the items left on the bed were the spanking strap, the bath brush and the large hairbrush. Felicia knew that these last swats would be very difficult to cope with. Despite that, she was determined to accept the gift that Jake was about to give her.

Up first was the hairbrush, lying flat on the bed for 8 strokes. “Ow, ow, ow”… and swat number eight with a stinger that caused Felicia to scoot forward on the bed. Next in play was the spanking strap. It was surprisingly heavy when it fell across her cheeks. Jake administered ten strokes without holding back. At that point Felicia was out of breath and glad that this game was coming to an end.

On her hands an knees, braced for a new sensation, Felicia was to receive 8 strokes with the bath brush. Jake let go and put and exclamation point on the final round. “Owww. The bath brush hurts” She panted, whined, and cried out.

Jake smiled and said, “Spankings are supposed to hurt.” All Felicia could think was, Damn the internet and all of the stories Jake has read expressing similar sentiments.

As Felicia recovered and regained her composure, Jake began to rub her sore bottom and massage her back. Felicia thought that Jake must be moving on to Act II. Felicia’s reaction to the intense spanking play made her randy and ready to go. Jake produced some more toys meant for different games other than spanking. He applied lubricant to Felicia’s backside liberally and began to explore her rear entry point while moving his other hand to fondle her clitoris. Felicia moved in rhythm with her love’s attentions and the lower half of her body throbbed in time with her racing heart. Felicia’s need was beginning to reach critical mass as her body gathered to its impending release. Whoa! Felicia shook, cried out, gasped, clenched her jaw and had a full body orgasm. She shuddered once, and again and one more time and then ….. stillness. Jake gave Felicia a moment to pull herself together and then released Jake Jr. to claim his reward. Smiling with the afterglow of a powerful orgasm, Felicia was eager to demonstrate her gratitude to her man. As she took her lover into her mouth and she gently caressed Jake Jr.’s two friends eliciting a guttural groan.

As Felicia’s mouth concentrated Jake Jr., Jake grabbed the large belt and began swatting her bottom. It did not take long before Felicia was starting to build to another release. This time Jake pushed her onto her back, plunged deeply into her flower and pressed himself tightly to her groin. “Oh yesss!” breathed Felicia

Jake kissed Felicia deeply and worked his way down to her breasts. He took her nipples gently into his mouth and licked and sucked until she was breathing hard once again. Jake continued to thrust while his hands replaced his mouth on her breasts. As the tension built, Jake abruptly stopped and rolled Felicia onto her stomach. “Up on your knees with your head and arms on the bed,” Jake ordered in a husky voice. As soon as she was in position, Jake Jr. entered Felicia’s love canal from behind. Jake handed Felicia a vibrator and told her to use it on her clitoris. She happily complied and the strength of the sensations was overwhelming. Jake increased the intensity and the speed of his thrusts. Felicia could hear skin slapping on skin. She could feel Jake’s hot breath exploding on her neck as he grabbed her tightly, grinding his hips into hers as they both plunged over the edge together.

A few moments of silence passed before Jake and Felicia both began to breathe again. Jake released her from his grip and rolled to her side. Felicia was just thinking that they didn’t need to go to the comedy show after all. What could be more fun than this? At that, Jake presented Felicia with the small butt plug and some lubricant. “Put this in and wear it to the show tonight,” Jake ordered.

“Oh,” said Felicia and she took the next toy that signaled the beginning of Act III. As she entered the bathroom to follow Jake’s instructions, she reflected on what is to come. “Happy New Year,” she thought to herself. It looks like Jake and I have found a new tradition for New Year’s Eve. I think I like this tradition! Welcome 2008!

As soon as I catch my breath and cool off for a minute I need to give you your choices for possible authors. First off you have to decide if it is a blogger you are familiar with or one of those hidden talents out here who you only know in comment. Your choices are my talented twin Eve – it would be about time! C.C who has a sparkle in her eyes these days and fantasy on her mind. Your next choice is Sara, maybe she is the one with a special New Year’s celebration in mind. Or could it be Jessica a new commenter who decided to throw her hat into the ring. Whoever wrote this wonderful fantasy I thank them! Please leave a comment to let the author know you like it. And please vote!! Whether you know or not throw a vote in there watching the voting is a lot of fun for me!!

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  1. That was a great Fantasy Friday :) It gave Shutter and i some ideas hehehe. it was nice to check the blogs out before going to bed and finding a fantasy friday post up already. Thanks for the promptness of your posting :) I'll be keeping you in my thoughts over Feb 5th as well - hope you will be feeling better.

  2. PK, lovely story, whoever wrote it knows her onions?????
    I've voted, I wonder if I can repeat last weeks success.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Fun story...I might have to share that game idea with my honey someday :-) Terpsichore

  4. Now that's a great way to spend a new year's eve..

  5. I wonder why I am getting votes? I'm the new kid on the block!

    In any case, it sounds like a fun game to play. Do you think Milton Bradley will publish it?


  6. Well I might just have to try this game tonight since youngest son is out. Sounds fun but I do believe Joe would use 4 dice. Cast iron buns, ya know. I voted.

  7. What a way to celebrate a holiday.,gfrmbmipsgpksn nn c;'x That was Pk sending you her love.

    Hugs and grins*

  8. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Enjoyed the story very much... and we aint buying Jessica's "what, me?" line either.

    Todd & Suzy

  9. Anonymous10:13 PM

    What a great story, plenty of great action and I just loved that game. Very nice.