I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

For Grace - the belt

There is a great Fantasy Friday post up. If you haven't read it yet or voted go here. I am very interested in how the voting is going! LOL!

Grace asked a while back for a post on the belt and why, for so many of us, it is our favorite. Where to begin? I have fantasies about the belt since I was a teenager but I am really not sure what started it. The idea just held such power for me. It was probably 15 years ago that I really began noticing Nick’s old soft leather belt. This was way, way before I ever dreamed of coming out. I liked the feel of it as I caressed it. I liked the weight of it folded in my hand. I loved the sound and feel of it hitting the bed when I tried it out. I couldn’t get it out of my mind!

When we first started spanking the belt was something he never used and I was embarrassed to ask him. It was the writings of Cassie that pushed me nearly over the edge in wanting this experience. With Cassie’s permission, this is the first thing she wrote about the belt …

When we got back to the hotel I couldn't stand it another it another minute. I went into the dressing room and stripped when I came back into the bedroom in the nude Tom was still fully dressed in his formal suit. I felt electricity in the air as Tom stared at me. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable as he stood looking so handsome and confident. Without taking his eyes off me he began to undo his belt.

Tom rarely uses a belt and when he does I am usually already across the bed so I had seldom watche
d him remove this instrument of pain and pleasure. I guess if you are not one of us -a spanko- I cannot explain the feelings that coursed through me as I watched. To the rest of you, you know the feelings of excitement, fear, longing, anticipation, dread and pure lust that this sight can stir with in us. Tom led me to the bed and I lay across it and reveled in the hard swats that rained down on my backside and thighs. I was clutching at the bed cover, I wanted him to stop, I wanted him to never stop! The sound, the sensation was completely overwhelming.

The first time I read that, I felt like I had crawled right it to the computer and was standing there watching the whole thing. It made me long to try the belt even more. After we had been spanking for a little while and just after I started blogging (my second post actually) Nick decided to show me what a ‘real’ spanking would be like. Up until that point I wanted to shake him and yell “Harder damnit!” But that day he took his belt and whipped my butt, but good! It was hard, it was unexpected, it hurt like hell and I LOVED it!!!! I bruised for the first time and could have cared less. We went out with friends that night and my butt throbbed every time I moved. I could not keep the grin off my face! I think I had just realized that what I had hoped for and longed for all of my life had just come true!! Our future had never looked brighter. All of those feelings were wrapped up in the first time he used the belt.

But it is really Cassie that can write about the belt so I will have to include one more excerpt from her fantastic writing…

He just shook his head at me and reached to undo his belt. Now you have to understand what this does to me, most of the time I really don’t think of myself as a submissive. I have an old fashion husband and we have an old fashion marriage. I mostly do what ever I want and if he doesn’t like it I often get my bottom warmed. But when I watch him remove his belt something happens to me. I think it is what some of you have talked about going into sub mode. My knees get weak, I have a hard time breathing and I absolutely ache with desire.

Tom knows this and can sometimes take full advantage of it!
So as I watched him slowly (it seemed to me) remove his belt as I was standing on the floating dock I felt very unsteady. I didn’t move or say a word. Tom folded the belt in his hand and came to me. His free hand went to the back of my neck and he pulled me to him and kissed me. Now Tom and I kiss a lot but let me tell you this was some kiss! I felt a tingle clear to my toes and several other interesting places along the way! I still never said a word as he led me to one of the heavier chairs and bent me over the back. I gripped the arms tightly as Tom lowered my shorts and panties.

The first crack of the belt brought me back somewhat to reality. We were in the deep shadows and with the house closed for the A/C I did not fear any of out guest hearing or seeing anything but it flashed through my mind on this still night how far the sound might carry across the water and I did wonder if anyone was out there to hear. By the fourth or fifth stroke I wasn’t really thinking about anything but his belt! Now you all know my feelings about the ivory hairbrush. It is evil and should be destroyed! But the belt, now that is different. It has the duel quality of bring such sweet pain and pleasure together, it is a lovely implement. I wasn’t counting but I probably got no more than a dozen strokes. They were slow, yet powerful. He didn’t lecture at all and when he stopped and rubbed my bottom and between my legs I think I could have stayed right there all night.

So Grace you have heard it from me, Eva and Cassie and maybe several others. Convinced yet?? Let me know. If you try it and don’t like you can ask Nick to take the belt to me for encouraging you – please!


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I have only had the belt once but I agree there is something about it and it felt fantastic.


  2. Ok, that did it. All this talk about the belt and I just couldn't take it anymore. Joe and I have a date with this wonderful instrument of leather tomorrow. He was more than willing to comply with my plea. My anticipation and excitement is already mounting. I'm going to bed now so that tomorrow comes faster.

  3. PK, now you have done it, I may have mentioned before that we loved leather.
    When Mel was given the choice of toys, my Sam Brown, my old Belt, a Tawse. this could make her so excited.
    I'm not going to make a post here.
    Just say that leather was such a turn on.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Thank-you for all of your thoughts about the belt, I am quivering with excitement just thinking about it...it confirms my fantasy of the belt which I have had forever and I do long to try it someday...when it happens I will let you know... :-) Have a happy day, Terpsichore

  5. I need to try this belt thing out with Mthc. She has never asked for the belt.

    *hugs and grins*

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    OMG! Weak-in-the-knees indeed! For play.... on the top of our list! He can also make it quite punishing should he have a point to make. But mostly... it is used for good :-) Whew... Lilly, off to find Paul!

  7. OK, I read Grace's post, and commented, now I've read this one and am really in the mood for the belt. Yes, there's nothing better!

    I bought a well-used one at a thrift shop, folded it in half and taped it with vet-wrap to make a nice easy grip handle for my husband's convenience. I must get it out of the toy drawer and leave it in plain sight as a subtle hint for later on today. Yeah, I miss that sliding through the loops sound, but a girl has to think of her top's comfort.


  8. Ok..i can honestly say i've tried it.But that's all i'm saying


    I'm convinced! I'm convinced!

    Between Lori, Eva, Cassie and you, I have decided that the belt is HAWT!

    Now, I just have to convince Bossman.
    Oh, and Mthc? THAT is ALL your saying???

    You better say more, I want as much detail as possible. GIVE ME MORE!


  10. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Cassie is a wonderful writer. You're preaching to the converted here though. The belt is a great implement. It's very masculine, and there is something unique about a spanker unbuckling it and pulling it from the loops of his pants.


  11. Ok..you want details..how about throwing me on the bed..on top of a bunch of pillows..stripping me..taking his belt off..making that snapping sound..oh yeah him undressing..then doubling the belt..the gentky smacking me with it..then not so gently smacking me with it.All i could think of is i wanted more but those darn endorphins stared making themselves known and well the rest is history..WICKED EVIL GRIN..How's that Grace..Pk..?enough details..

  12. I feel so important being quoted! LOL! Grace I hope you love the belt as much as I do!


  13. Mina,
    Here's hoping you get to experience it many more times!

    I sure hope you got your wish!!

    I sure would love to hear about a few more of these 'dates' that you and Mel had.

    I will be happy to post the story of your first experience when it happens!

    I'll speak more to you in a minute.

    I hope you found him!!

    You are a sweet woman to do all that for him. I hope you are well repaid!

    I am glad you kept talking! LOL!

    I will be interested to hear what Bossman says when you ask him. And of course we will want a full report of your opinion of this wonderful implement!

    Todd and Suzy,
    I think we are all 'preaching to the converted' here. We ought to do PSA!

    Mthc & David,
    We all thank you for the effort as well as providing the details. Was that enough details? Did you make a video?

    You ARE important!!! Thanks for letting me use your words!