I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Who is this woman?

I think I am having an identity crisis. I have known who I was for 20 years or more. I wore my hair in a short curly perm. As I got heavier I dressed for comfort. I raised my kids. I avoided touch. I wasn’t wild about sex. I liked many people but I didn’t have really close friends. You know most of this changed when I came out to Nick about spanking.

After changing my feeling about being touched and sex completely I guess the first physical change was letting go of the perm. My hair is not long or anything but much better and I have had more complement on the change than I could ever have imagined! The weight loss had been slow but steady so that people are really beginning to notice.

I have friends now. I mean real friends. People I would trust with my deepest secrets and are there for me when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am mad – any time. Lately Nick has begun calling all of you my dotcomrades!

But what I did yesterday takes the cake for wild and crazy changes. I am no teenager like I said I dress for comfort but lately I have been paying a little more attention. As I have lost weight I have wanted to look a little better. After all I can’t let Eva (who is now officially the little sister) get too far ahead. I get to see pictures and she looks good!!!

Let me show you the shoes I wear to work all the time and most every where else for that matter.

When I would get fancy I would wear these shoes to church.

Remember folks I go for comfort!

But yesterday Nick to me to the mall and what I came home with – well I just can’t believe myself!! LJ called while we were shopping and asked me what we were doing. When I told him what I had just bought he said “I gotta see this!” and came to the mall to join us. So I wanted you all to see just how much I’ve changed. Who is this woman?? Scroll down


  1. Sexy boots PK. I know what you mean as I lost weight I too found I wanted to take a little more care of myself. It feels so good to go out and know you look good and are happy with yourself.

    You go girl!


  2. PK, I swear by the magic of spanking, and of course this involves, LOVE, TRUST, and COMMUNICATION.
    These are what makes the Fairy Godmother that changes a tired middle-aged mom into a loved and beautiful middle-aged mom.
    You and Nick are to be congratulated on this transformation. I'll bet that LJ and the Wildchild are wondering at the magic.
    May 2008 continue the magic and bring you and yours all of what you need and some of what you want.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Great boots PK!It is wonderful you are feeling like 'coming out' and good for you!

  4. There kinky looking. You are going to look so hot in that new bikini this summer!!

    *hugs and grins*

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Oh oh, Pk! Cute boots. This could start a trend - more cute boots, cute shoes, cute sneaks and sandals.

    The boots are cute! Good for you. You deserve to have all the cute things!

    Have a wonderful new year!

    Debbie :)

  6. Wow! Next thing I know you will be buying a thong! You go girl!


  7. Awesome boots! Good for you! You have worked hard on the new you and should have what ever you want to wear!

    Hugs, Sally

  8. I can see you with your leather skirt and jacket ,gloves,whip...those boots are hot!
    You have a lot to be proud of and i bet you look great in them.
    Have lots of evil fun! Nick standing there looking at you telling you to unzip them While he grins holding a crop!

  9. Woah! PK!!!! High heels??? Are you crazy??? :-) Pretty cool! People won't know what ot say at school! They'd surely have a heart attack if they ever found me in them!

    Love it!!!


  10. Dove,
    It is strange wanting to look good but it's kinda fun too.

    I am happy that the Fairy Godmother put me on her list to visit. Sometimes I think of Bonnie as the Fairy Godmother, it was her wonderful blog that started all this for me. I am very grateful!

    Some time I feel 20 years younger than I am and that's fun!!

    When I get a pair up to my thighs then I'll look kinky!!

    It's been too long since 'cute' was in my life! Anyway I'm having fun!

    A thong?? I am not ready. Well maybe for playing, but never for wearing!

    It's been a long time since buying new things to wear was such fun.

    I like the picture you paint! Hope it happens.

    I don't think I am ready to wear them to school any time soon!

  11. PK,

    I just had to peek in here and say how awesome those boots are, but even moreso the "new" you... You of course know that this "you" was lurking beneath the surface all along, and Nick knew it, too, but it was up to you to bring her out.

    YOU are an inspiration to so many... you and your twin... for a million different reasons. But above all else, for the strength it takes and courage that comes from inside to open yourself up completely to all you've held in and to the possibilities... you're awesome and deserve cute boots, thigh highs and thongs galore!

    But more than that, you just deserve tremendous praise and congrats, to both you AND Nick!

    Love and hugs,

  12. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I really, really like those boots...very sexy! You inspire me to get my butt moving...thanks!


  13. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Very sexy boots. :)
    I've enjoyed reading your blog a lot this year. Best wishes for the 2008! Happy New Year PK!
    padme amidala

  14. Tigg,
    It's nice to see you out and about. Thanks, this women may have been in me all along but I really didn't know she was there. She has been a nice surprise.

    Thanks for stopping by! If you get moving let me hear from you. If you haven't read my post from 12-19 go back and check it out!

    Thanks Padme!! I hope your New Years is great too!

  15. OMG! Those boots are WAY too cute!

    You've inspired me. I want to find my inner woman!

    Now, when are you and the twin takin' that road trip to Ca?


  16. Grace I AM ready for a road trip but I think we should all meet in Las Vegas!! At least we have to keep it in mind!