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Monday, December 17, 2007

Weight loss challange

I really wanted to post tonight but instead of sitting curled up with my laptop I have been making a volcano. I love motherhood. So this will be short. Anyway I wanted to tell you about the weigh challenge. We pretty much let it go in an official way. But knowing that Eva was right on my heels really helped me out a lot this last six weeks.

Eva and I each had some advantages and disadvantages in this challenge thing. When it comes to cheating, with all the wonderful Christmas goodies out here, she had the true advantage. She just can’t eat this junk with out getting very sick or if she does eat a bite it is just a bite. I on the other had am struggling every minute to keep from stuffing my face with all the goodies brought to work.

I have the advantage in a short term sprint to really cut back on what I am eating and increasing my exercise to drop a little extra weight at one time. When Eva stalls in her weight loss there is just not much she can do differently I mean she can’t possibly eat less. She loses when her body decides to.

So in the final outcome I held her off until after my birthday which was my challenge to her and she will definitely pass me by Christmas which was her challenge to me. In fact she might be passing me today! We both won! Of course if we are losing and getting healthier we have to be winners!

But just in case Adam is reading here, and just in case he wants to give me a birthday present anyway, I will tell him the three items I was going to ask him to use on Eva if I won. I was going to chose the crop because I know Eva really likes it, the tiger maple also because Eva likes it (because you picked it out for her) and lastly the hair brush because I hate it but I think every true spanko should be spanked with a good old fashion hairbrush!! Okay, okay I know you have a full house now but I am willing to wait. Now just when does #3 head back to school??

But twin regardless whether or not Adam comes through for me I want to thanks for helping me lose this last month and a half and I am thrilled to know that any day now you will truly be my little sister!

If no more volcanoes are in my future I will try to write about my birthday tomorrow.


  1. Your both weight loss winners in my book even if you did sneak some Xmas goodies. Congrats to you! I just happened to pick up a wicked looking brush for Mthc for her Xmas stocking. Now can I wait to Xmas to use it on her hehehe.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. Congrats to you and Eva! Oh,and that hairbrush..he made me wrap it!!!!

  3. PK, bit confused about the volcano, but I'm sure you'll explain.
    I'd agree you are both winners and you have every reason to be proud of yourselves.
    David it's cruel to make your girl wrap her own present and a hairbrush at that. :(
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. I think I am a bit late... but congratulations and a happy happy birthday!

    hugs & kisses...


  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    And you want me to show him this?? But now wait... when I pass you by christmas... wait.. originally I believe I said I would CATCH you by Christmas... at any rate, when that happens, I get to pick three also, yes??

  6. Congrats! Sorry about the volcano, kids can be infuriating, right?

  7. Thanks David! I am trying to control my eating. I like the idea of a hairbrush much better than I like it's actual use! In very small doses it's kinda nice.

    Oh now that is just wrong!

    It is not unusual for science teachers to assign a a student to 'make a volcano'. We have made them before with clay and such but last night we cut one out of a styrofoam block.

    Thanks, I think we are both proud of ourselves!

    Thanks Lessa, you come by anytime.

    I would never go behind your back and email Adam directly (unless I really had to) so yes, I want you to show him this!!

    Now the idea of you choosing three for me... well... you mentioned some pretty rough things when you were threating. How about you can pick from the things you have seen that we have.

    The teacher really didn't give much time for this assignment and she wanted to do extra so I helped.

  8. Awwww! I'm so glad this challenge turned out well in the end!

    With all this talk of weight loss, you'd think I'd get motivated!

    You think.


  9. Grace,
    We would love to have you in the diet group at A.S.S. There is nothing like knowing your hubby is going have you over his knee for that extra piece of cake to make you think.