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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Acting and a Reveal

Before I get to the reveal I have to tell you about my boy. We went to see LJ this weekend. He was in a series of short plays for the sophomores. In one short he played an awkward, nerdy guy on a first date, when the girl says "This stinks, let's just go back to my place and have awkward stranger sex and call it a night". In the other one he was a paranoid, cocaine sniffing, drug dealer who shoots his partner, two wonderful parts – just the ways every mother to see her son! But he did show a wide range of acting ability. At least I hope all that was acting!!! LOL!

But now the big reveal. I just love the story this week. Payback Time was not only so very hot, but it made such wonderful sense!! The voting was so very close! The Anonymous writer got the most votes! So for all of you out there that really would like to send a story just to see what everyone would think – send it!!! You will always have an open invitation and as you see I will post as much or as little information as you would like. But no, this week it was someone you know!

The master craftsman of this wonderful story was none other than Todd from American Spanking Society. Please leave him a comment here or over at A.S.S. to thank him for participating!! There are two more wonderful stories coming up these next two weeks!! But after that the cupboard is bare! This is a busy season but if you have a story that just won’t wait – send it to me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thanks again Todd!!!


  1. Glad you had fun going to see LJ in his plays.It was a nice story for FF day.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. Anonymous6:06 AM


    How wonderful for you to see LJ doing what he loves!! He must have loved knowing you were in the audience!

    Great story, Todd, loved it in fact!! Thanks for writing and sharing!


  3. PK, great to see LJ acting, you will probably see him in lots of roles that aren't him, hay that's acting.
    Thanks Todd, great story, I guessed right, I had an advantage as I knew it wasn't me.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. SEE! I KNEW it was Todd!

    I should always follow my instincts. When will I learn?

    Great Story Todd!


  5. P.S.

    Glad to hear that LJ is doing great!

    My daughters school suspended all funds for plays! No plays this year and she's a SENIOR! Stupid schools.

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    You are welcome, PK... and thank you for continuing Fantasy Friday! It's a wonderful idea and you do a great job with it.


  7. Great Story Todd...I loved it! Please send PK more!

    PK LJ's acting parts should make you appreciate even more the job you did and the man he has become! I mean he could have been like the characters he played! Michael's last play he was a Nazi! Sounds like LJ is quite the actor!


  8. I'm sure that you are enjoying LJ's acting and that he enjoys you being there.Broadway or Hollywood bound perhaps
    Congats Todd..great story!

  9. PK I can truly identify with your feelings about your son. I am an amateur actress and always loved watching my son on stage. I am sure your son loved having you there as well.

    Many thanks Todd for a terrific story. It was quite a concept and I loved it.
    Purple Angel

  10. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Great story, Todd, and intriguing concept. Of course, we can't condone anyone manipulating the courts just to get a spanking :)

    PK, I guess LJ will be breaking a leg for many years to come. Congratulations to him and to you.

  11. David,
    I am dying to see him on Broadway!

    He does seem to like us coming.

    He really did show a wide range. He is a small man and looks young. He could play a teen for a while yet. There could be lots of parts for him.

    How dare they cut funding for the arts! That really stinks!

    You did great and I think you so much.

    He is doing well mostly I love to see him in comedy.

    LJ want's to head to Broadway! He wants live theater.

    So you like the stage too? It does seem to get in people's blood.

    It makes me look at speeding differently!!!